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Chapter 450

Earth .

Although the aliens had been repelled and people celebrated Earth’s escape from another calamity, the inhabitants of the planet were faced with a troubling situation riddled with many wounds . Rebuilding could not be done in a day or two .

But, this was much better than the prospect of Earth falling into enemy hands .

Lookout .

As the center of Earth, this place was sacred and renowned, and ordinary people could set foot on it .

Only after the anxious-looking Bulma had learned from Mr . Popo that the enemy had been repulsed did her nervous heart calm down .

But, despite that, Bulma was still worried before even seeing Goku and the others .

Before, she was worried about the invasion of earth, but now, she was worried that Goku and others could be seriously injured . She stood at the edge of Lookout, waiting for them to arrive . After a while, several figures appeared from afar and landed on Lookout .

Bulma’s blue-purple eyes noticed Goku and Gohan coming back safely, and she smiled and greeted them happily . “It’s great that you guys have come back safely . ”

She looked over and saw that Xiaya had arrived, as well, so she gestured in a friendly manner . However, she did not see Piccolo .

“Uncle Piccolo…died in order to protect me . ” Gohan looked downcast, tears streaming down his face .

Goku said, “If not for Piccolo, Gohan would not have survived . ”

“Yes, it’s thanks to him!” Bulma sighed with emotion .

Although Piccolo had not been very pleasing to the eye, he had been their neighbor for so many years, and Gohan was taught by him . Besides, in the battle, if it was not Piccolo, Gohan would fail to survive before the reinforcements arrived . Thus, Piccolo’s death also touched Bulma a lot .

Truthfully, since King Piccolo died in Goku’s hands, the new Piccolo had not harmed a single human being . Instead, he had protected earth many times, and even Kami’s contributions couldn’t be compared to his . After death, he should be able to go to Heaven

“Actually Piccolo has a chance to resurrect,” said Tien Shinhan .


Everyone looked at Tien Shinhan, but Krillin shook his head and said, “There are no dragon balls on earth . What else is there to resurrect Piccolo?” In Krillin’s eyes, only dragon balls could bring people back to life, and Earth’s dragon balls had disappeared with Piccolo’s death .

On the other side, Xiaya looked at Tien Shinhan with an expression of surprise, unsure of what he knew .

Tien Shinhan looked at everyone and said, “Earth is not the only place in the universe that has dragon balls; there is also another place they exist .

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“Piccolo was not really an earthling . He is from another planet called Planet Namek, where the mysterious Namekian lives . There are magical dragon balls on Planet Namek . After I and Chiaotzu left Planet Hongshan, we accidentally lost our way and crashed onto Planet Namek, and then obtained great power with the help of Namekians’ Great Elder . ”

Tien Shinhan narrated what he knew in detail .

Xiaya nodded when he heard this . He now understood why Tien Shinhan was stronger than Goku . It turned out that he had had his potential unlocked by the Namekians’ Great Elder . In the end, an earthling’s potential couldn’t be compared with that of a Saiyan . Even after Tien Shinhan’s potential was unlocked, and he went through harsh training, he was only a little stronger than Goku . One could very well tell that the disparity in power would reduce if Goku and the others continued training .

“Great; Uncle Piccolo can be resurrected . ”

No one among them was happier than Gohan .

Bulma’s beautiful eyebrows knitted, and she asked where Planet Namek was . Tien Shinhan answered truthfully . The distance between Planet Namek and the earth is extremely vast . If an ordinary universe spaceship is used, it will need a month to get there, but if Planet Hongshan’s spaceship was used, the trip would only take four to five days .

“There is no need to rush; before that, increase your strength first . You may seem very powerful, but in the eyes of the universe-level top experts, you are too weak . ” Xiaya said, pouring cold water over their hopes . According to Bardock’s prediction from before and the current situation, Xiaya could perceive the danger of Planet Namek’s trip .

No wonder Bardock said that Goku would transform to Super Saiyan on Planet Namek . It looks like Frieza might already know about the dragon balls and is on his way to Planet Namek .

But, according to Bardock’s latest prediction, the person who will force Goku to become Super Saiyan is not Frieza, but someone else . This made Xiaya confused .

“Indeed; we are much weaker than those aliens . ”

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“But, if we don’t rush to Planet Namek, would others not rush over there before us?” This time, Yamcha was somewhat worried .

“Don’t worry; I will take you with Instant Transmission when the time comes . You can arrive on Planet Namek in the blink of an eye,” Xiaya indifferently said . This trip to Planet Namek was one he absolutely had to take, as well . After all, he had once promised Planet Namek’s Great Elder that when Planet Namek is endangered, he would step in to help Planet Namek .

Right now, he knew it was time to fulfill his promise .

“Then, we can rest assured . ”

They know of Xiaya’s Instant Transmission ability, so they all smiled as the pressure on their hearts disappeared .

Suddenly, North Kai’s voice rang in their ears: “Mister, you just spoke about ‘Instant Transmission’ move . Isn’t that Planet Yardrat’s unique skill?”

“Who is speaking?” Bulma jumped in shock .

“Relax, that’s Kai-sama,” Goku comforted .

Xiaya was not surprised by North Kai’s peeping, and he smiled . “Not exactly, but my Instant Transmission ability is similar to Planet Yardrat’s . ”

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North Kai said, “Then, I’m relieved . When you were talking about Planet Namek just now, I observed it and found Frieza taking subordinates over there . They will arrive at Planet Namek in about a month . ”

Xiaya’s lips curled slightly before his countenance turned serious . ” One month, huh? It’s almost the same time, then we will reach Planet Namek one step before Frieza . ”

“For the next month, I am going to train hard . ” Goku knocked his hands with a serious expression .

“By the way, I’ll hand Tagoma over to you . Let him accompany you all for training . It can be considered as making use of waste . I will let Saiyan squads watch over from the side . You can take advantage of this one month to train well, but the place of training cannot be earth…”

“Xiaya, we are troubling you . ”

“It’s all right . I also want to see how powerful Frieza has become . ”

Xiaya shook his head, and then borrowed Hyperbolic Time Chamber from Mr . Popo, intending to shut his three kids inside for training . Certainly, according to the rules of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, only two people can enter at a time, and not more than for two days; otherwise, the exit will be closed . However, Xiaya’s current strength was comparable to Super Saiyan 3 . The rules of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber had no effect on him . Even if the exit closes, he can break the dimension and rush out .

Just as Xiaya was about to enter the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, North Kai stopped him . “Mister, can I ask you a question? ”

“Ask away,” Xiaya said .

“Well, I don’t know why but I can sense a mysterious aura on your body . Your dimension seems to be different from other Saiyans . Can you tell me why?” North Kai was puzzled . He could actually see a dimension that is not weaker than his on a mortal . Although the aura was very faint, it was still sensed by him .

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