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Chapter 441

“Piccolo and Gohan are fighting the aliens in South City . Furthermore, two evil Saiyans have descended somewhere in the direction of West City . Their target also seems to be South City . Anyway, the safety of earth depends on you all now,” Old Kami explained briefly .

Goku opened his eyes and patted his chest with a solemn look . “Don’t worry; leave it to us . ”

“Goku, you must bring Gohan back safe,” Bulma said, holding her husband’s hand .

Goku nodded and glanced at the others briefly, after which he jumped from Lookout together with Tien Shinhan and others, rushing towards South City . They were extremely fast . A few sparkling and bright light rays flashed, disappearing into the sky-blue horizon .

Bulma blankly stared, silently praying with both hands clasped .

Old Kami’s countenance had turned even paler, and he breathed heavily, beads of sweat dripping down his forehead . “I don’t know if Goku and others will be able to make it; I can feel that I don’t have much time left . I hope Mr . Popo can summon Shenron during this time . Otherwise… ”

A Kami could tell exactly when he would die, and the old Kami hoped he’d be able to hold on until the wish was made on dragon balls .

After about three minutes, the sky became dark . This was when Shenron was summoned after the dragon balls were collected . Old Kami looked at the sky, which had suddenly changed colors, and he couldn’t help but smile . Mr . Popo had finally summoned Shenron . But, suddenly, his body trembled, and an expression of surprise crossed his face .

“Sigh; it is too late . Piccolo has been killed…” After saying this, old Kami sighed in disappointment, and his body shattered into sparkles and disappeared .

“Old Kami?” The sudden tragedy caused Bulma’s brain to shut down . Some time passed before she could react .

The mortal world, a valley not far from the Sacred Land of Korin .

Mr . Popo stared blankly into the sky, which had turned blue again . The seven white balls lost their divine power and fell from the sky, creating seven craters on the ground .

“Kami…” Mr . Popo muttered expressionlessly, and after some time, his expression became downcast .

“Dammit! Piccolo’s aura has disappeared . ” An icy cold wind brushed his cheeks . Goku cursed as he sensed Piccolo’s aura disappear .

Piccolo’s death meant that the death of old Kami . Earth’s dragon ball had already disappeared .

Later, Tien Shinhan looked in the direction of South City with a grave expression . “There are two frightening auras approaching South City from another direction . They should be the two Saiyans mentioned by the old Kami . ”

“Everyone, hurry up; it’s just Gohan himself now . It’s too dangerous,” Chichi shouted anxiously .

The others nodded solemnly and increased their speed to the maximum .

… .

On the battlefield in South City, Gohan looked sadly at Piccolo, who had died to protect him . His whole body trembled, and his heart was filled with immense anger . “Ahhhh!” With a roar, a brutal aura erupted from Gohan’s body, and in an instant, numerous cracks appeared on the ground .

Rumble .

The surface of the ground sank, and almost immediately, the area that was sinking grew, until the crater became five meters in diameter .

At the center, Gohan stood proudly, his purple hair swaying in different directions amidst the violent whirlwind . Gohan expressionlessly walked over step by step, and the berserk aura surging from him left the aliens at a loss for what to do . They didn’t dare to approach him .

“Hm? Interesting; this kid has suddenly gotten several times stronger . ”

Tagoma was startled at first, but the corners of his lips slightly curled up as he stepped forward with interest .

“I’m going to avenge Uncle Piccolo!”

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Roaring with grief and indignation, Gohan crouched, and his feet exploded with power, causing him to shoot forward like an arrow, stirring up a cloud of dust . With a loud bang, the one-eyed alien next to Tagoma made to block, but it was unexpectedly hit by Gohan’s berserk karate chop, directly decapitating it . Immediately, sticky blood splattered on the ground .

Despite killing the one-eyed alien, Gohan’s anger had yet to dissipate, so he attacked Tagoma .

But, Tagoma, whose Battle Power was 420,000 was still not someone Gohan could deal with . With loud explosions, Gohan attacked again and again, but he was still sent flying . A few seconds later, Gohan, who was shaking with anger, seemed to have exhausted his strength, like a ball leaking air . His Battle Power sharply decreased, and soon, less than 10% of the original was left .

Tagoma sneered at Gohan, and the triangular rims of his eye flashed of cold light .

“Brat, I’ll now send you to Underworld to meet that Namekian,” Tagoma sneered cruelly, a black and gloomy aura surging out of his body like a demon that had climbed out of hell .

A sharp energy blade flashed, intent on chopping Gohan in half .

However, it missed .

Suddenly, two people wearing Frieza Force’s battle armor appeared in front of him . One of them, a pointy-haired short person, was carrying a purple-haired brat in his hand .

It was Vegeta and Nappa, both of whom had rushed over from West City .

“Huh?” Tagoma looked at the two in surprise . “You are also King Frieza’s subordinate . Why did you save this brat?”

Vegeta glanced at Tagoma indifferently but ignored him . He looked at Gohan’s body in his hand — or, rather, the tail at his back .

“Brat, you are also a Saiyan . Is your father Kakarrot?” Vegeta coldly asked .


Gohan stared at Vegeta with a vigilant expression, but he did not answer the question, as Vegeta was emitting an aura that made him feel cold .

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“Tch!” Clicking his tongue, Vegeta got bored and tossed Gohan to the side . Then, he turned to declare war on Tagoma . “Today, this prince Vegeta wants to see how capable Frieza’s general is .

“Huh? Look at you; you want to betray King Frieza? What a stupid group of people . ” Tagoma shook his head in regret at Vegeta and Nappa, after which he leisurely walked over .

Lookout .

Mr . Popo came back with the seven dragon balls, all of whom had turned to stone . “Kami is dead, so dragon balls are useless . Sorry; I don’t have any way to contact Planet Hongshan . ”

“Ah, then what to do? If we can’t contact Planet Hongshan, then the earth is done for . ” Bulma anxiously paced around in circles, grabbing her beautiful purple hair with worry .

“Is there no other way to contact Xiaya?” Mr . Popo asked in a low voice .

“Why would I have a way to contact them? I usually don’t get in touch with them — wait, I remember! My dad’s company has a connection with Planet Hongshan Corporation; it may have their contact information . ”

Bulma suddenly remembered the Hoi-Poi Capsule Corporation in West City . Since she was a child, Hoi-Poi Capsule Corporation had been in touch with the mysterious Planet Hongshan Corporation . Her father, Dr . Brief, may know a method to contact them .

“Mr . Popo, quickly go to West City and find my dad . He may know how to contact Planet Hongshan . ”

“Ok . ”

Mr . Popo nodded expressionlessly and flew the Magic Carpet towards West City .


The distant Planet Hongshan, the sun has just risen .

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On a spacious and desolate plateau, scorching air currents were lingering on the plateau . Since there were mountain passes everywhere, the aura was not spreading out . The plateaus here were like an oven as the temperature throughout the year is over forty degrees .

On a macadam ground with weathered and cracked rocks everywhere, three young children, seemingly about four years old, were training punching and kicking while dripping with sweat .

Not far away, a blonde-haired man was floating in midair, carefully examining every movement of the children below .

Nodding, Xiaya smiled with satisfaction . “Hmm, if these kids persist like this, they can grow up soon . ”

Xiang, Xili, and Meifei had inherited Xiaya’s, Xiling’s, and Myers’ bloodlines . They had far more potential than ordinary Saiyans . Although they were pure-blood Saiyans, their potential was higher than that of Gohan in the original work .

Just then, a Saiyan flew over from far away, bringing along news from earth .

“What? Earth has been invaded by Frieza Force, and right now, not only are there more than 10,000 aliens on earth, but two Saiyans have also arrived on earth . Goku and others will soon not be able to hold out? ” Xiaya said in astonishment after hearing the news .

He didn’t expect that even though Elise had brought Raditz back, the disaster on earth, which should not have happened, had still happened, and it was more tragic than the incident in the original work . The thought of more than 10,000 aliens’ wreaking havoc on earth… Such destructive power was much more difficult to deal with than Vegeta and Nappa alone .

Furthermore, it was Frieza Corp that did it first . Tsk! Earth is really plagued with misfortunes .

Xiaya propped his chin with one hand and said, “Besides Vegeta and Nappa — who arrived on Earth, according to the storyline — there are also more than 10,000 aliens . This is really interesting . ”

“But, didn’t I already kill Frieza? Why are his Forces still in existence? It looks like I’ll have to go to earth and take a look . ”

Xiaya couldn’t figure it out . In his awareness, Frieza was killed in space by him, but the real situation looked different from what he imagined . Not only Frieza did not die, but he had also grown more powerful after more than ten years of training .

“Olex, go and explain it . Set up an expedition army . We are going to Earth,” Xiaya explained to the Saiyan who had come to report .

“Yes!” The Saiyan called Olex shouted in great spirits .

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