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Chapter 437

There were not many planets in the universe on which a Kami exists, such that there were very few communication devices to contact a Kai . Therefore, throughout history, it had always been a Kai contacting their subordinate Kami; never had a Kami proactively contacted a Kai .

Of course, on one hand, it was because a Kai’s status was exalted; thus, an ordinary Kami wouldn’t dare to disturb a Kai’s rest . On the other hand, a Kai had to administer too many planets . Their main job was to ensure the stable operation of the universe on a macro scale; thus, they had no time to care about the survival or destruction of one or two low-level planets .

“Kai-sama, please inform Goku and the others that an evil force is headed towards Earth . Earth’s greatest crisis has come! Please tell them to return immediately,” On the other side, the old Kami said anxiously .

“What evil force . At present, the entire North Area is almost occupied by that bastard, Frieza . Wait, let me check…” North Kai paused the communication and pinpointed the position of Earth, and then, he used his antennae to link with the starry sky near Earth .


An icy and evil aura transmitted over and North Kai stumbled, almost falling . He angrily punched the ground and cursed, “Damn it! It’s that Frieza bastard again! They are targeting Earth?”

“Kai-sama, what happened?”

Goku walked over and said excitedly, “Kai-sama, the training method you taught us is really effective . I feel my strength has improved a lot…”

Goku wasn’t finished yet before North Kai interrupted him and said solemnly, “Goku, I have bad news for you . Frieza has set his sights on Earth… His army will soon reach Earth . ”

“Frieza?” Goku tilted his head, sensing a familiarity with the name .

At this time, Tien Shinhan walked over, and as he heard Frieza’s name, he asked, “Is the Frieza you speak of that terrifying demon who wreaked havoc in North Area?”

“That’s right, it’s that bastard . ”

“Oh, I remember . There’s something written about Frieza in Tights’ novels . Why? Frieza’s subordinates are about to reach Earth? I really want to fight them!” Goku narrowed his eyes with a serious expression, his body surging with fighting intent .

“Idiot, do you know how powerful Frieza’s subordinates are? None of you is a match for them,” North Kai jumped up and hit Goku’s head, yelling angrily .

“What happened?” Sensing the disturbance on this side, Krillin, Chi-Chi and the others gathered over .

Tien Shinhan briefly explained the situation, and everyone’s countenance turned ugly . “I have heard of Frieza’s name while travelling in the universe . He was said to be an evil guy, one that has committed all kinds of atrocities . Any planet he set his sights on is either sold or destroyed by him . Moreover, he is very powerful; it is said that he can destroy a planet with just one finger . ”

“So terrifying?” Krillin swallowed his saliva, startled .

Yamcha looked at North Kai and asked, “When will Frieza’s subordinates arrive on Earth? How about their skills?”

North Kai regretfully shook his head and said, “In half an hour, Frieza’s army will arrive on Earth . There are too many of them, and those amongst them with a Battle Power exceeding 10,000, aren’t few . From what I sensed, even if you use Kaio-ken, you may not be able to defeat the strongest amongst them . ”

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“Is the disparity so big?” Goku furrowed his eyebrows and asked unwillingly .

“Yes, even if you go back, I’m afraid that it will be useless . ” North Kai’s judgment was accurate . Even if Goku and the others could rush back in time, they wouldn’t be a match for the invaders .

At this time Chi-Chi said seriously, “Even so, we have to go back because that is our parent star . ”

“That’s right… we must go back!”

“In that case, prepare to leave immediately . Frieza is stirring more and more chaos in my North Area . I don’t know who will be capable of dealing with him!” As he recalled the appalling scenes of the devastation suffered by the planets under his jurisdiction, North Kai felt physically and mentally exhausted .

North Kai used his antennas to let Goku converse with Earth’s Old Kami .

The voice of the Old Kami sounded, “Goku, you all should come back immediately . I will pick you up in front of the palace door of the King of Hell . I have already asked Mr . Popo to gather the dragon balls… This time, the enemy is too strong, and by relying solely on Earth’s power, our safety can no longer be guaranteed; thus, I will beseech the Saiyans of Planet Hongshan to aid . ”

“Great, Earth will survive the crisis if Planet Hongshan intervenes,” Hearing this news, Tien Shinhan was relieved as said confidently .

He had spent several years on Planet Hongshan; no one present understood the strength of Planet Hongshan better than him . “As long as the Saiyans over there are willing to help, the Frieza Corp will be nothing to fear . ”

“Really? That’s great!”

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Krillin and the others were elated, and Goku was also full of smiles . Although they didn’t know the specific strength of Planet Hongshan, since Tien Shinhan was so confident, then there must be some basis to it .

“Wait, where is this “Planet Hongshan” you speak of? Why haven’t I heard of it?” North Kai asked in confusion .  ‘Why do these people look so relieved after hearing of this Planet Hongshan? Is there a powerful Force in the North Area that I’m not aware of?’

Tien Shinhan explained, “Planet Hongshan is a super planet in East Area . It’s home to a powerful Saiyan race . Even if I use Kaio-ken now, I am far from their match . ”

North Kai nodded after hearing that and said, “So that’s how it is . Planet Hongshan is home to that Saiyan which you spoke of previously, right? Indeed, I wouldn’t be able to sense it because it is located in East Area . ”

“However, are Saiyans really that powerful? I haven’t seen them before . ”

As the Kai of North Area, the antennas on his forehead could let him sense everything that occurred in North Area, but his authority couldn’t reach East Area’s starfields; thus, North Kai wasn’t aware of the situation in East Area .

Suddenly North Kai said, “East Area is very far from Earth . Even if you can contact the Saiyans there, I am afraid that it’ll be too late”

This was also what Krillin and the others were concerned about . If the Saiyans couldn’t rush over in time, then it would be useless even if they were formidable . However, Tien Shinhan’s following words made them feel relieved .

“Don’t worry . My teacher has learned a skill called “Instant Transmission”, so he can instantly travel across a long distance; thus, It will only take an instant to come over from East Area . ”

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“Is there such a skill?” North Kai was in a daze for a moment . Then, he thought of the skills of some strange races and wasn’t surprised anymore .

“That’s great!” Goku shouted in elation .

“You can now take off your weights and immediately go back through the Snake Way . With your current strength, it won’t take much time to pass through it; however, but you have to be careful when you get to Earth . I don’t want to see you next time with a halo on your head . ”

North Kai’s stout body moved as gave a joke that nobody understood .

Goku and the others nodded, and then they removed the weights on their wrists and ankles . After removing the weights, they immediately felt as lithe as a swallow . Then, they gave their farewells to North Kai and jumped towards the tail of the Snake Way a few kilometres away .

“Let’s return to Earth immediately!”

After saying that, their bodies shone with a white radiance .


They passed through the winding Snake Way like a beam of lightning . Below them, golden magical clouds and the winding Snake Way passed by, and in the blink of an eye, they disappeared into the horizon .

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