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Chapter 434

The next day, the sun rose .

In the early hours of the morning, the rain, which had accumulated for a long time, pattered down, washing away the dust in the air . When it was almost dawn, the rain stopped .

The sky was blue, and the sunlight penetrated the white clouds . A thin fog gradually rose on the path in the forest . Sparkling and translucent dewdrops hung on the green leaves, reflecting a colorful and beautiful scene under the sunlight .

In the bedroom, Xiaya lay quietly on his back, hugging Xiling and Myers .

Rustling sounds outside the room suddenly caught his attention, and the corners of his eyebrows rose slightly, as his expression turned to one of amusement . “These little guys are really naughty . ”

Xiaya shook his head, chuckling .

Three sneaky little kids poked their heads in and entered their parents’ room with watercolor pens in their hand, attempting to play a prank . They had restrained their auras, thinking that they could conceal themselves from their parents, but how keen are Xiaya’s senses? How could these children, who are around three-year-olds, fool him?

When they thought they would pull off their prank, Xiaya smiled .

With a wave of his palm, the window in the room opened, and the stunned kids watched a Ki wall appear and push them out the window .

“Xiang, Xili and Meifei, I’m going to spank you next time you make so much trouble . It seems you are all very free . Do you want me to train you all?” Their father’s imposing voice sounded in their ears .

Feeling bitter, Xiang could not help but frown . “What to do? We were discovered . How is dad so powerful?”

“It’s all your fault . You said you wanted to sneak in . ” Xili threw away the watercolor pen and pushed over the blame .

Xiang turned his gaze to his little sister, and he saw Meifei calmly staring at him, her innocent eyes shining brightly as she said in a child-like voice, “Dad is said to be the most powerful warrior . I had long since said that it is impossible to escape his notice . ”

Xiang was stunned for a moment, and his immature brain worked for a long time before he reacted . Both of his younger sisters had actually pushed the blame on him .

“Dad, we’ll stop making trouble . ”

At breakfast, Xiang led his two sisters to admit their mistakes . Xili and Meifei curiously looked at their legendary father . This was the first time their family had gathered together for breakfast .

Launch was seated on the side, and she filled the kids’ bowls with rice .

Xiaya sat there with a smile on his face, watching his children admit their mistakes . “I see that you have been very active; 3000 Battle Power is not bad . From tomorrow, let me properly train you . Also, avoid going out and causing trouble in the future . ”

“…” Xiang stuck out his tongue and stared at his mother, Xiling, and then Myers with innocent eyes . However, he did not get a response, so he turned to Aunt Launch, who pampered them the most .

“Aunt Launch …”

Launch responded with a smile gentle enough to melt glaciers . “I think Xiaya made a lot of sense; you should train properly . ”

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“Dad, we’ll receive training from you . ” Xili and Meifei patted their chests and declared .

“I’ll receive it, too,” Xiang raised his head and said, eying the allies that had just betrayed him .

Xiling said, “Okay, eat first, and then talk about the training . You don’t know that the people on Planet Hongshan who want to receive pointers from Xiaya can form a long line . ”

“Um . ” The children nodded vigorously and then began to gobble their food .

Naturally, they knew of dad’s prestige on Planet Hongshan . Moreover, Saiyans matured quite early, and already three years old they have begun to know a lot of things . They were mischievous only because their dad hadn’t been by their side for a long time, and they had wanted to get Xiaya’s attention .

Xiaya also knows this, so in order to make it up to them, he let them cause mischief .

After breakfast, the three children entered the training room, under Xiaya’s lead . Xiling and Myers watched from the side . The gravity in the training room was not turned on . Xiaya had to first understand the basic situation of his children .

“Use your full strength and attack me . Let me see how much you have grown . ”

“Yes . ”

With a loud shout, Xiang was the first one to erupt his full strength . His aura suddenly increased by several times, 3000, 6000, 9000 … and finally stopped at 12000 Battle Power .

Xiaya nodded slightly, with a hint of astonishment secretly flashing in his eyes . However, this was not beyond his expectations .

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These children were born with extraordinary latent talent, like his oldest son Xiang and second daughter Xili, who had more than 800 Battle Power when they were born and it could be said to be unprecedented in history, and even the once-renowned Saiyan Prince Vegeta was not comparable to them when young .

This could be related to the fact that Xiaya and Xiling, their parents, are both Super Saiyan . Even in the original work, Goten and Trunks were able to transform into Super Saiyan within a few years of their birth . Of course, this is also because in the later stages they had the know-how of mastery of Super Saiyan transformation . But, I will bluntly say it, although Goten and Trunks possess Super Saiyan form, they do not have Super Saiyan’s mental state and level, and their martial arts skills were even messier .

They could be considered as the weakest version of Super Saiyan at best .

Xiaya could conclude that his son and daughter would definitely be able to transform into Super Saiyan in the future very easily, after all, they have their bloodline’s potential . So in order not to repeat the mistakes of Goten and Trunks in the original work, he must equip them with martial arts skills and spiritual levels corresponding to Super Saiyan from an early age .

“Xili, use your full-strength . ”

Xili nodded cutely, but how could a Saiyan’s child be a well-behaved person . They are very frightening when they go crazy . A formless energy was released and following that Xili kept releasing her energy, as a fierce wind swept out, blowing her black hair, causing them to flutter in the wind .

In the end, Xili’s aura stopped at the strength of Xiang .

12000 Battle Power!

This is the Battle Power of the twin siblings .

After that, Xiaya looked at his youngest daughter Meifei with anticipation . Regarding his youngest daughter, Xiaya was full of expectations . If someone can surpass him in the future, it would undoubtedly be this daughter of mine .

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Meifei’s physique is the legendary Super Saiyan . Her Battle Power when she was born reached 10,000 points, a frightening number . Of course, at that time Meiifei was in an unconscious violent state . Her real Battle Power was not that strong, but Legendary Super Saiyan has a characteristic, that is, their Battle Power would continue to improve without training .

However, such a result would inevitably lead to the mental state not being able to control the upgraded power, and eventually, their rationality would be gradually eroded by the violent power, becoming a pure killing machine . Broly, from before, was an example of this .

Fortunately, this problem has been improved by Xiaya through Super Shenron’s wish . Although Meifei’s perfect control over Legendary Super Saiyan’s power would surely be suppressed during her growth, this is undoubtedly the most perfect solution .

At this time, Meifei began to grow, her beautiful black hair fluttering a little, and the ground began to slightly tremble . On this little girl of less than one-meter height, a terrifying power awoke as if she was a ferocious beast from primeval times . The violent power was full of chaos, and a faint Ki flame was burning, making the Saiyan present feel an innate suppression .

Meifei’s expression changed, from the previous innocent look to indifference and ruthless . The corners of her mouth curled upward, and the black eyes were shining like black pearls .

And this is the constitution of Legendary Super Saiyan . Even if restrained, the chaotic power in her body would cause the mental state to change .

The current Meifei was absolute rational . Following the complete release of her power, his daughter’s Battle Power value settled .

“Dad, how is my Battle Power?”

An arrogant child-like voice, and black hair spike upward, Meifei looked a little like Super Saiyan .

“80000 Battle Power!” Xiaya nodded slightly . From the mastery of aura, he could see that her Battle Power was not the result of natural growth, but was gained by Meifei after going through training .

Despite the fact that Meifei’s overall strength growth multiplier is not as high as Xiang and Xili, that is because their starting points are different . Meifei’s actual increase is far ahead .

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