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Chapter 432

Frieza’s palace…

The traces of technological advancements could be found everywhere in the main part of the white building which was glowing under the bright light .

On a more than ten meters tall platform, Frieza sat proudly on an egg-shaped spacecraft with his white tail hanging down from one corner of the spacecraft, swaying lightly .

Frieza was leisurely gazing at the scenery outside, holding a goblet filled with a dark-red liquid . His cold, purple lips, were curled into an icy and wicked smile .

At this moment, the alien from the communication centre hurriedly ran in .

“What happened?” Frieza’s spacecraft turned around, and a pair of blood-red pupils stared at the jittery alien . The boundless pressure made the alien’s heart palpitate .

Swallowing his saliva, the alien said while trembling, “King Frieza, Sir Cui’s life signal has disappeared . ”

“Cui? Who is that?” Frieza asked coldly and narrowed his eyes, the piercing coldness seemed capable of freezing one’s soul .

Dodoria—who was standing to the side—said, “King Frieza, in recent times, Cui is the guy that often contributes to Your Majesty’s colonization of planets . Oh, and in the last few years, he had conquered 23 low-level planets for Your Majesty .

“Oh? This king had such useful talents?”

Turning his gaze to the alien that gave the report, Frieza gave a smile—which also didn’t seem like a smile—and said, “You are saying that his life signal has disappeared?”

“Yes… yes . This is the last communication signal sent by Sir Cui . ” The alien panicked as he promptly passed over Cui’s communication recording .

“… Damn it, how is this a low-level planet? It’s clearly a high-level planet!” Cui’s recorded sound played . Besides his resentment with the aliens who marked the planet’s level, his words also held reverence for Frieza .

“… Besides functioning as an energy detector, the device on my ear can also be used as a communication device . King Frieza will be aware of that occurred here!”

“Just wait… the great King Frieza will definitely not let you off . ”

After listening to Cui’s recording, Frieza tapped his fingers on the armrest and sighed in regret, “Ho ho, I didn’t expect that there were such loyal and devoted subordinates in my Frieza Corps . It’s a pity that he died . ”

“Oh, right, what Cui said… that “Earth” is a High-level planet?”

“Yes, Sir Cui’s murderer has attained a Battle Power of 24,000,” Dodoria added .

Frieza’s eyes lit up, his blood-red pupils shining with a bright light . He mused, ‘It should be worth it to conquer a high-level planet . ’ Then, Frieza said to Dodoria, “Mr . Dodoria, get someone that’s available in the Corps and send them to Earth to conquer for this king . ”

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Dodoria thought for a moment and said, “Your Majesty, we are currently lacking in manpower . The Abo and Kado brothers are stabilizing the situation in the northern and western part of the North Area . Shisami is still on an expedition in the eastern part . As for the southern part where Earth is located…”

After speaking to here, Dodoria shook his head . The North Area has an extremely vast starfield, containing countless planets . In recent years, The Frieza Force had expanded crazily, capturing almost 90% of the North Area . Territory expansion, however, was bound to create a shortage in manpower, and with the frequent emergence of rebel forces in the area under their jurisdiction, they really cannot afford many experts .

“Didn’t Tagoma come back from his training? Why not let him go?” At this time, Balfe—who was standing by the side—spoke, his frog-shaped face staring .

Balfe, the staff officer in charge of the high-tech support staff in Frieza’s camp, had participated in the rescue of Frieza and brought him back to life . Therefore, he and Dodoria were now Frieza’s most dependable and trusted subordinates .

“Tagoma… Do you mean Shisami’s partner, Tagoma? Isn’t his Battle Power only around 20,000? Will he be able to conquer that High-level planet?” Dodoria’s understanding of Tagoma remained from the past . When Tagoma joined the Frieza Corps, his Battle Power was not even as good as Dodoria’s or Zarbon’s .

Balfe said, “Hehe he, Mr . Dodoria, your information is outdated . Tagoma is a genius . After working together with Shisami for more than ten years, his Battle Power has skyrocketed by a lot . Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to resist when the Abo and Kado brothers joined hands . ”

During the seven or eight years that Frieza was not present, The Frieza Corp was not united . The internal division was very serious . The Abo and Kado brothers were opposed to Shisami and Tagoma . Although Balfe was hidden behind the scenes at that time, as the staff officer, he knew everything happening in King Frieza’s Corps .

Dodoria stroked his head and smiled in embarrassment as he asked, “I didn’t know this… So, how much is Tagoma’s Battle Power?”

“His current Battle Power is 420,000!” Balfe grinned as he said .

“What?” Dodoria jumped up . His eyes widened like a ball, and the fat on his entire body began to tremble from shock .

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Dodoria asked in disbelief, “Did you make a mistake? How can Tagoma have 420,000 Battle Power?”

“It’s not a mistake . Tagoma has a special constitution . Every time he is beaten till he is on the verge of death, he uses a regeneration machine to recover his strength, which rapidly increases his Battle Power, especially his resistance,” Balfe explained in detail .

Tagoma was of a strange race which came from a special planet . The surface of his body was covered in ash-grey skin, looking like an earthling . In the following main storyline, Tagoma trained with Frieza who had returned from hell . As his training partner, he was beaten up by Frieza during the day, while he used the regeneration machine to recover his strength at night . In four months, he was reborn and had Battle Power far beyond that of an ordinary alien .

“Ho ho ho, there is such a capable person among this king’s subordinates, eh? Not bad…” Saying in appreciation, Frieza pursed his lips; his blood-red pupils were filled with madness .

Tagoma was strong, but in Frieza’s eyes, he was still an ant that could be pinched to death at any time; thus, Frieza didn’t need to be afraid, and just like with Captain Ginyu, Cui was only a subordinate .

Frieza said, ” Transfer 10,000 warriors from the Frieza Corps and have Tagoma lead them to the southern region . ”

Dodoria was startled . He said in disbelief, “King Frieza, there shouldn’t be a need for so many people for just an insignificant planet like Earth, right? Moreover, there aren’t enough people in the Corps to withdraw . ”

“Don’t worry, Mr . Dodoria . This King is sending Tagoma, not just for the sake of a single insignificant planet like Earth . Further south in the North Area’s southern part, isn’t that he Central Area of the universe? How can this king hole up in the small North Area? This king aims to conquer the entire universe . ”

Frieza said calmly as if taking over the universe was only a trivial matter .

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Dodoria was in deep admiration of Frieza, his pinkish-red body trembling in excitement as he said, “Yes, yes! Your Majesty has a brilliant vision . Transfer, they must be transferred . Even if there is insufficient staff, we can gather from the colonized planets . ”

After understanding King Frieza’s intentions, only Dodoria—who had been following Frieza for a long time—knew when to flatter and when not to . After all, wouldn’t Dodoria enjoy a higher position if Frieza ruled a larger territory?

“Hehe, oh, that’s right, Mr . Dodoria… . “ Frieza smiled, and then ordered coldly, “Inform Tagoma and have him lead 10,000 Corps warriors to attack Earth; after conquering Earth, continue all the way south and enter the central area of the Universe . ”

“Understood . ”

“Hehe, your majesty is wise . ”

Dodoria and Balfe responded before ordering the aliens next to them to pass on King Frieza’s orders .

Once the enormous ‘Corp’ machine was up and running, its power was very frightening . In just five or six days, more than 10,000 aliens gathered . They all had a Battle Power of 1000 or more, and among them, there was no lack of powerful warriors with a Battle Power of 10,000 or more .

Then, led by Tagoma, an army riding in spaceships embarked on the journey in a mighty manner, flying towards Earth .

The disc-shaped spaceships were gathered in groups . Their fierce appearance looked as if they were giant behemoths from primaeval times with their ferocious mouths opened wide, exuding unparalleled and terrifying might .

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