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Chapter 426

It shocked everyone how vast and unknown the universe was, as uneasiness clouded their hearts . At this time, the camera was aimed at Tien Shinhan; he was the only person that had ever gone out of earth .

“That’s right! Although we don’t have a clear understanding of matters in the universe, it is still the same as described in the novel, for the most part at least . After I participated in the 21st World Martial Arts Tournament, I left Earth with the teacher to train outside . I just want to say that the outside world is very dangerous and far more brutal than described in the novel . Earth is only a small planet in the corner of the universe .

“Since aliens have invaded Earth once, then there is no guarantee that there will not be a second time . When that time comes, no one knows how strong the enemy will be, or if we can resist them . After all, there are too many powerful experts in the universe; destroying planets is nothing out of the ordinary for them .

“I am not saying this to frighten you all, but to remind everyone that the martial artists of Earth need to work hard . As Shenron said before, ‘God only helps those who help themselves…’”

Tien Shinhan’s words made the situation of the earth simple and clear to understand, and it also completely destroyed some people’s illusions .

Seeing that the atmosphere was somewhat depressing, Goku said, “In the northern hemisphere of Earth, there is the Sacred Land of Korin, for martial arts . There is also the Korin Tower that leads to the sky . Those that succeed in the challenge can obtain guidance from Immortal Korin, who lives above it, and obtain incredible strength . Me, Master Roshi my martial arts teacher, Krillin, Yamacha, Chichi, and Yajirobe have all climbed the Korin Tower . ”

He paused and then said, “Moreover, if one can obtain Immortal Korin’s approval, it is possible to reach the higher Lookout and receive guidance from Kami . So, if you want to become strong, go and challenge Korin Tower! Of course, before you gain enough confidence to do so, I suggest you all first properly practice martial arts; after all, the danger of falling from Korin Tower is very great . ”

“Mr . Goku, you have said that Kami is on Korin Tower . Is there really a god in this world?”

The TV presenter raised the microphone and asked in surprise .

Goku replied truthfully, “Kami exists, and the people of the East City were resurrected because of the dragon balls created by the former Kami . However, the power of Kami and dragon balls is not omnipotent . To deal with aliens, we need the earthlings’ own power…”

He explained everything without rest, sharing a ton of details that only insiders knew . He also took the opportunity that live broadcast presented to gradually make known the great scale of the universe to everyone .

Later, Krillin and Yamcha’s scenes came on . They gave a brief account of their martial art experiences and encouraged everyone . While Piccolo considered it beneath to present himself to ordinary people, so he didn’t have any scenes .

The entire broadcast lasted only twelve minutes, but the shock it brought was no less than that of a powerful earthquake .

It grabbed the attention of a countless number of ignorant, ordinary people . It also shattered the hopes that many people had . Overall, however, the benefits of the live broadcast outweighed its disadvantages: it roused the people’s drive to learn martial arts, causing a lot of fresh blood to venture into the martial arts world .

After the live broadcast ended, various news reports appeared on TV .

“Where is the mysterious Korin Tower?”

“If humans do not strive to become stronger, then who can save them . ”

“DVDs of the previous martial art tournaments have been published . ”

“The plan is to construct Martial Art City and set aside incentives for martial artists . ”

These measures had been planned in advance . Before news of the official announcement of aliens reached the entire world, the coalition government had already formulated a future path for development .

The popularization of martial arts was inevitable .

Mount Paozu, Goku’s home .

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Bulma came to the dining hall carrying the dishes, glanced at everyone there—who were eating heartily—and smiled . “Your performance just now was very good . Asking my sister to prepare your speech wasn’t in vain …

The king and personnel of the coalition government had already left, and Mount Paozu had regained its peaceful atmosphere .

Before the TV interview, it was natural that a specialist polish the speech’s draft beforehand, and the person that did this was Bulma’s sister—Tights . However, as Tights was already at work on her latest project, she had prepared the script in a hurry . So, the quality was not satisfactory .

However, the live broadcast was a success .

“So there really is a god in this world!”

Gabriel muttered to himself after watching the live broadcast on TV . He suddenly understood something . He realized that from today, Earth would enter a new era; it had pushed the status of martial artists to a requirement needed for the protection of humanity’s peace .

In the future, martial arts would be a noble profession .

Earth’s martial arts went as far back as the ancient times . It is not know how many years in the past its specific source could be traced to, especially the schools . But, since ancient times, martial artists have always had their own circles, which outsiders were not able to easily enter . Only when modern society arrived did worldwide martial arts tournaments like World Martial Arts Tournament come into existence .

However, the number of participants in this tournament was not large, and the surface of “Martial Arts” was still covered in a mysterious veil .

That was the case until now, though . This situation was set to change . In order to protect humanity, it had become unavoidable for everyone to practice and respect martial arts . Even if the odds of producing a strong expert was extremely low, as long as the basic number is large, the quantity would be quite significant .

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For the next few months, the entire world was in chaos . Across many large and small cities, various signboards of martial arts dojo slowly sprung up, advertising the dojos of King Chappa, Nam, and the others . Among them, there were genuine dojo-owners and those fishing for fame .

The chaotic situation did not last long .

With the popularity of the earthlings’ Battle Power detector launched by Capsule Corporation, the famous martial arts dojos fishing for fame were closed down .

Earthlings Battle Power detector was created based on the universal energy detector . Considering the weak physique of earthlings, the detector was not suitable for aliens’ standard, so the numbers were quantified . “J” was the unit of measurement, and 100J was equivalent to 10 Battle Power .

Furthermore, Martial Art City was officially completed . It was more than one hundred kilometers away from the Sacred Land of Korin’s huge forest .

The training facilities within it were comprehensive, and the completed system was first-rate and perfect . It was designed to screen the people that wanted to challenge Korin Tower . Only those that reach 200J, i . e 20 Battle Power, would be eligible to challenge Korin Tower—so as not to cause chaos and unnecessary casualties in the Sacred Land of Korin .

As days passed, learning martial arts becomes more popular among the people, and martial arts of earth were flourishing in an orderly manner .

Tights was elated at this time, as her novels were again in great demand . The two novels written before were once again printed and published, yet supply did not meet the demands . Every one that practiced martial arts, or was interested in it, had one set of books with them, learning about the secrets of the universe in advance .

In the newly-built Martial Art City, a young man with an Afro hairstyle lifted up a sign and shouted, “People that want to take part in the Korin Tower’s qualification test, pay attention . Registration is now underway . Only ten people will be admitted today, and I will not wait after the time limit exceeds . ”

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Upon hearing the man’s words, a tide of people around him surged forward, rushing towards the registration site .

“Mr . Satan, thank you so much . Without your help, we would not know how to handle it!” The staff member greeted with enthusiasm .

Satan lifted his head and happily burst into laughter . “No problem; it was just a small matter . When I see these challengers, I remember my former self . ”

“Mr . Satan has also challenged Korin Tower?”

“Of course, but that was five years ago . I told you that I stayed on Korin Tower together with Yajirobe, for an entire year . At that time, I received guidance from Immortal Korin . ” Satan bragged .

“Ah, then is Mr . Satan very powerful?”

Satan’s face turned red . He was quite powerful, as Korin was almost driven to insanity by him .

Shaking his hand, he said, “Ordinary, I can’t compare to that guy Yajirobe, Korin … No, Immortal Korin regards ​​him very highly . ”

Satan still has a little bit of knowledge about himself . He knows that he had climbed Korin Tower by relying entirely on Yajirobe’s strength .

However, in recent years, Satan was not without any improvement . He was not as good as an older generation martial artist like King Chappa, but it was difficult for him to climb Korin Tower .

“Maybe, I should challenge it again . Well, by relying on my own strength this time . I also need to fulfill master’s last wish . ” Looking into the distance at the divine tower erected between heaven and earth, Satan was in high spirits .

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