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Chapter 421

“You are looking for Sir Saonel? Sorry, he is sleeping at the moment, so you should go back . ” After learning about Xiaya’s purpose for coming, Moussa said calmly, as if he did not want Xiaya to disturb his so-called Sir Saonel .

Xiaya narrowed his eyes, knowing that this was Moussa’s excuse . Vados told him that Saonel was currently free, but the Namekian in front of him said that Saonel was asleep . It was most likely an excuse to prevent him from seeing Saonel .

“Can you tell me when he will wake up?” Xiaya didn’t mind and still asked calmly, but his tone became tough .

Moussa’s complexion changed, but he was still expressionless like an old monk sitting in meditation . Upon seeing this, Xiaya couldn’t help but increase his aura . Suddenly, the surging Ki waves turned into substance . A fierce wind erupted, causing the surrounding trees to bend . Moussa’s expression finally changed . Under the heavy pressure of Xiaya, he felt like he was in a freezer, and a cold wind was blowing around him .

The Namekian, Moussa, opened his mouth to speak, drops of sparkling sweat trickling down from his forehead .

“Mister, Sir Saonel is really asleep . ” Moussa was still impervious, not willing to tell the whereabouts of Saonel; however, he had softened a lot while speaking, clearly scared by Xiaya’s imposing aura .

“You are still not willing to say it!” Xiaya couldn’t help but admire Moussa’s determination . Although he released only a little of his aura, to Moussa, this was already a heaven-shrouding might . In such a situation, he could still insist on his viewpoint, and this courage made Xiaya admire him!

’However, I obviously cannot make the trip in vain,’ Xiaya thought .  ’Since he won’t speak up, I will have to force it out of him . ’

Then, the aura on Xiaya’s body continued to increase, and the sense of oppression became even stronger . Soon, it surpassed the Namekian’s tolerance threshold . At this time, the entire Planet Lefil buzzed, winds rose, lightning flashed and thunder rolled . The primitive aboriginals on the planet were so scared by this doomsday-like phenomenon that they lay on the ground with their palms placed together, bowing towards God .

“Wait!” Moussa shouted with an aghast expression .

However, Xiaya didn’t intend to stop . His aura continued to grow stronger, and then the corners of his eyes concentrated as he instantly transformed into his Super Saiyan state; thus, an even greater storm swept across the entire planet .

At this time–


A heavy sigh, one that seemed to have come from ancient times, could be heard; it was full of vicissitudes and desolate aura .

“Are you finally coming out?” Hearing the sigh, Xiaya knew that Saonel had responded, and converged the aura on his body . Immediately, the violent storm disappeared as if nothing had happened .

Then, Xiaya saw a middle-aged Namekian appear in front of him .

“He is Saonel?” Xiaya gazed at him seriously . From Saonel’s body, he felt a bleak aura . It had a kind of unique charm as if he had lived for years . He was mysterious, subtle, and very profound .

’The ancient expert, Saonel… He is an ancient existence that is older than the current Kais . ’ The information that Vados gave Xiaya was still echoing in his ears . The opponents that Vados found for him were all experts almost on par with him . In other words, this Namekian could fight against Xiaya .

’Majin Buu-level Namekian… This has never happened before, right?’ Xiaya inwardly thought .

“Are you Saonel?” Xiaya sized up Saonel in front of him and asked with interest .

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The middle-aged Namekian gave a long sigh, “Yes, this name has not been mentioned by anyone for many years . Where did you hear it from?” Saonel had been living in seclusion on Planet Lefil for countless years . There were already no legends about him in the universe .

“It was Miss Vados who told me to come to you . ”

“Vados? Oh… so it was the guardian angel who told you to come …” After thinking for a long time, Saonel recalled Vados’ identity and said leisurely . His words contained deep respect, but not reverence, as if he had seen everything in the world . The higher-level people and lower-level people were not much different in his eyes .

His black eyes stared at Xiaya, and after a moment of silence, he said, “Was your transformation just now the Super Saiyan state? It is a race which has been lost in history . Did the Saiyans of Planet Sadala rediscover the method to transform into Super Saiyan while I was asleep?”

Seeing Saonel muttering to himself as if he was deep into his memories, Xiaya said, “I’m not a Saiyan of Planet Sadala . ”

“Oh, then why are you looking for me?”

Xiaya opened and closed his mouth . “If you understand Saiyans, then you should know a Saiyan’s personality . I looked for you naturally because I want to fight and refine my strength . ”

Saonel laughed and said, “You want to fight? It’s really a Saiyan’s style . Ok then, let me see how powerful you present Super Saiyans are, and whether or not you are stronger than the Super Saiyans of old!”

“Ancient times Super Saiyans? I definitely won’t let you be disappointed,” Xiaya smiled and indifferently said . Although he did not know how powerful the ancient Super Saiyans of Universe 6 were, Xiaya was confident that he was not weaker than Saonel . After looking around, Xiaya said, “I’m afraid that this planet cannot stand our battle . Let’s go to outer space!”

Having said that, Xiaya took the lead and flew up like a swift arrow, and quickly turned into a black dot piercing through the atmosphere .

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Saonel silently raised his head, gazed into the distance, and followed .

Only Namekian Moussa was left in place, staring blankly at the sky .

In the empty and spacious universe, Xiaya had already transformed into Super Saiyan 2 . The golden aura was raging, making him look like a golden sun . The vigorous momentum spread out deep into the starry sky .

Saonel arrived beside Xiaya and stared at him with a surprised look . He suddenly found that this Saiyan was not simple . He was greatly different from the Super Saiyans in his memories . The intensity of Xiaya’s Ki was no less than that of his .

’Can a Super Saiyan also become this strong?’

Saonel’s gaze suddenly became sharp, and his entire body emitted glittering and translucent white light . His penetrating gaze seemed to see through Xiaya .

“Mister, you have traveled farther than your ancestors on the path of the Super Saiyan . No wonder Madam Vados told you to come to look for me . Umm, you have pure battle intent in your heart, so let us have a good fight! ”

“Okay, come!”

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Xiaya looked at Saonel with a smile, but the muscles on his entire body were already taut . Facing an expert like Saonel, Xiaya definitely couldn’t take him lightly .

Xiaya knew that Saonel’s strength was not inferior to his, but because Saonel had finely honed every fraction of his strength for a long time, he could use every fraction of it! Thus, if Xiaya didn’t go all out, he might lose very miserably .

XIaya adjusted his breath, keeping it at a uniform rate . He attentively watched his opponent, and then adopted a combat stance .

Saonel looked at the Super Saiyan in front of him with a grave expression . From Xiaya’s body, he could sense a dense vitality . This showed that Xiaya was not too old, maybe only 30 or 40 years old . It was difficult to imagine that such a young Saiyan already possessed strength not inferior to his .

Saonel adopted a stance as white Ki waves undulated out like splashing water, the magnificent momentum rushing out .


In the tranquil space, Saonel suddenly disappeared in front of Xiaya’s eyes . Then, when he reappeared, a green light flashed, and a fist suddenly appeared on top of Xiaya’s head . Xiaya’s eyes turned, and he raised his arm to hit back while his body dodged to the side, avoiding Saonel’s fist .

Then, Xiaya followed Saonel’s movements at a fast speed .

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Golden flashes of light burst out, raising colourful rays of light like a shooting star, and instantly disappeared in the dark universe’ starry sky .

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