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Chapter 415

Unlike Piccolo, whose excitement rose the longer he fought, Ayer’s countenance was somewhat gloomy . “Damn it! This tiny, low-level planet has such a powerful existence?” Somewhat annoyed by Piccolo’s pestering, Ayer cursed . He was regretting coming to this low-level planet .

Ayer’s eyes took everything that was going on, and he became very angry . His subordinates were dying, one after the other, at the hands of an earthling .

He had only come to earth in search of a temporary base, and not to consume the strength of Star Pirates!

Ayer, whose body had begun trembling, glared daggers at Piccolo . His feet were unstable, and the ground beneath them sank down; a shockingly great force had been transferred from his legs to the ground! With the help of the recoil, Ayer suddenly disappeared, reappearing in front of Piccolo .

Pff…a violent impact .

A mouthful of blood was spurted .

The enormous impact force caused Piccolo’s arms to bend, and he was sent flying in a straight line, like a cannonball . Then, Ayer quickly walked over a line parallel to Piccolo, and a cold light flashed as he clenched his fists and smashed downward .

A loud bang rang out . In the blink of an eye, a frightening force erupted, and Piccolo was struck to the ground .


The entire land sank by 30 to 40 meters, forced to form a flat surface, causing the area outside the impact zone to rise . A ​​several-hundred-meter long crack was formed on the ground . The rocks and soil at the bottom of the crater were forced together, instantly turning into splashing water . Large pieces of soil and stone shot out in all directions .

Ayer’s indifferent pupils flickered, and a cruel smile formed on his lips . As a sinister ball of energy was condensed above his palm, which he proceeded to push downward, instantly discharging energy balls!

“Damn it!”

Facing Ayer’s overbearing attacks, Piccolo suddenly jumped away . Barely standing straight, he gasped for air, after which he tore off the twisted arm . Numerous blue veins appeared on the top of his head, and he roared as a new arm grew out .

Piccolo’s body was stretched taut, and he looked at Ayer with anger .

“Hehe . Weren’t you very capable just now? Why are you at the door of death?” Ayer taunted with a wave of his arm . Without waiting for a reply, he stuck close to Piccolo and launched another wave of storm-like attacks .

Facing the attacks, which were like strong winds and swift rain, Piccolo turned around and calmly dodged, waiting for a chance to counter-attack .

But the disparity in power made him unable to find any chance .

Piccolo’s situation kept getting more dangerous .

“Piccolo, let me help you . ”

With a shout, an excited Goku joined the battle and immediately attacked Ayer .

Sensing the incoming attack from behind, Ayer sneered . He got even closer to Piccolo and stretched out a hand toward Piccolo’s chest, intent on meeting him head-on .

Bang! Piccolo was sent flying . Then, Ayer quickly turned around, and his tail wrapped around Goku’s arm . Ayer exerted some strength and flung Goku away .

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Goku and Piccolo collided but quickly separated .

Their feet landed on the ground with so much force, it sank once more . They stabilized themselves, leaving afterimages in front of them .

“Goku, this is my battle . ”

Piccolo glared at Goku .

Goku swayed his wrists and said seriously, “Don’t say that . This guy is very powerful; let’s deal with him together . ”

Piccolo turned his head coldly, but in his heart, he had agreed . Without wasting any more time, they both attacked Ayer .

“These two are pretty good!” Ayer stared at Goku and Piccolo while he attacked . In his hear, he was annoyed . The one person he was completely confident that he could defeat, had joined forces with someone else .

When he looked around and saw his subordinates dying, one by one, in the distance, Ayer trembled as anger rushed into his heart . “If I had known earlier, I would have looked for another planet to occupy . That would have been better than coming here . ”

He felt immense regret, but it was already too late . “Damn it! I’ll kill these two first, then kill all the earthlings to appease my anger . ”

After that thought crossed his mind, Ayer’s attacks became more savage .

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Bang! Bang! Bang!

The three lightning-like figures flew over from different positions and met at a single point . Goku, Piccolo, and Ayer were using all their skills, fighting hard without putting up any defenses .

In the ruins of the East City, three streaks of light kept flashing, and the sky trembled . The vast sky, which had been clear blue earlier, was now shrouded in dense, black clouds . Soon, lightning flashed and thunder erupted .

Affected by this, the pressure in the area within a few hundred kilometers increased . Everyone found breathing difficult as though a mountain had been placed on their hearts .

Krillin looked up at the gloomy sky and said in disbelief: “Goku and Piccolo’s battle… It is so intense, my heart has almost left my chest . ”

“Awesome, so this is their true strength…”

Yamcha had already stopped what he was doing . Sensing the powerful auras in the distance, his heart felt even more pressure .


The fierce winds whistled, and lightning traveled back and forth through the clouds .

The darkness between heaven and earth was pervaded with a somber and desolate aura . With the addition of Goku, the battle between Piccolo and Ayer had become a three-way fight . Although it was two against one, which was somewhat unfair, Goku and Piccolo only had a little advantage . However, the vitality of the lizardman was too tenacious . As time slowly passed, Goku and Piccolo’s Ki was fiercely consumed .

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“Hehe . You earthlings have really impressed me . You can battle me to this extent! Unfortunately, though, in the end, you are not my match . ”

Ayer was panting heavily . However, his words were condescending, and his face had an expression of regret . Then, Ayer out a tube of red medicine, and with a distressed look, he opened the lid and drank it .

“What is that guy drinking?”

“Don’t know!”

Goku shook his head, but for some reason, he became more vigilant . That could not be a stimulant, right?

Soon, Goku’s worries became reality . After drinking the red potion, Ayer’s body swelled, and his scales glistened . His muscles became more sturdy . His aura became even more powerful .

Goku’s expression turned grave . “His Ki…has increased by a lot after drinking the potion . ”

“Damn it!” Piccolo cursed .

“Haha! My current strength is far above yours; you can’t defeat me!”

Ayer laughed wildly . After drinking the potion, his Battle Power quickly rose to 13,000 . Although this strength was superficial, and drew from his life, he considered it a good price to pay for a quick end to the battle .

Enjoying the immense power flowing through his body, Ayer narrowed his eyes and roared in intoxication . The inexhaustible power took the shape of a windstorm and swept out .

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