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Chapter 410

Xiaya walked over to Universe 10’s little Angel, Kusu, and bowed, thanking her . “Miss Kusu, thank you for pointing out my body’s defects . ”

At this moment, Xiaya realized that obtaining pointers firsthand was more useful than reading a book for ten years .

Kusu was standing on tiptoes with her little hands on her hips as she nodded with satisfaction and said, “Humph, I am also very powerful, but Sister Vados and Sister Marcarita feel that I am too young . ”

Xiaya laughed . Although Universe 10’s Angel was small in size, her method of teaching people was not lacking .

“Oh, by the way, I almost forgot the purpose of my trip . ” Kusu suddenly remembered something and said to Vados, “Sister Vados… in recent years, my Universe 10 hasn’t been very stable, so I need your help . ”

“Negative forces are eroding your place again?”

Vados gracefully stepped forward; her chilly voice was like a glacier’s water, soaking everything .

Kusu nodded and said, “Umm, negative energy has been increasing in the past two years . It cannot be resolved by relying only on Rumsshi-sama’s ‘Energy of Destruction’ anymore . ”

After listening to Kusu, Vados was lost in thought .

Xiaya was listening by the side and vaguely understood .

Every universe in the process of evolution and development would be in such a situation were the rules and regulations were in disorder, such as the rebellion of hell’s forces, the destruction of a galaxy, etc . These were the results of negative forces . One of the duties of a God of Destruction was to eliminate these negative energies . Erase everything via the God of Destruction’s skill “Energy of Destruction”, and then create it again with the help of a Supreme Kai .

The God of Destruction and Supreme Kai were respectively in charge of destruction laws and creation laws, complementing each other to establish balance in the universe .

Thus, both sides formed a complete set and both were indispensable .

Of course, sometimes, a God of Destruction was also not all-powerful, and there were many neglected places that they couldn’t deal with in time, which would evolve into huge disasters . Sometimes, a God of Destruction might not have the time to take action, and will then end up disappearing because of a Supreme Kai’s death . The probability of such an “unusual thing” happening was small, but it wasn’t impossible .

If a situation occurs were a God of Destruction isn’t able to take action, then they can only rely on the protection from a higher level by having Zeno-sama intervene .

However, the price for such protection would be too high!

Zeno intervening was synonymous to resetting, or the direct erasure of a whole universe .

Compared to other universes, Universe 6 and Universe 7 were fortunate because they had the Super Dragon Balls which were bestowed by Dragon God Zalama . When the universe was in chaos, they could make a wish through the Super Dragon Balls and reduce the negative energy .

The most unfortunate of these universes was Universe 10 .

This was so because the angel of Universe 10 was a young angel who was not very mature, while God of Destruction Rumsshi did not like to use his brain, opting to use his body to solve problems instead . With such an angel and God of Destruction at the helm, one could imagine the situation of Universe 10 .

Thus, Angel Kusu came to Universe 6 to request for help .


The white clouds drifted in the sky as a gentle breeze blew .

God of Destruction’s world had many stars, so it was illuminated by the sunlight all day .

Vados had no solutions, so she said to Kusu, “If you want to destroy the negative energy, then the ability of Universe 11 is the strongest . You might as well look for Marcarita; she might have a solution . ”

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Kusu, who was a little disappointed, had no choice but to nod .

“Oh, by the way, if the negative energy in the universe increases, you should also pay attention to the situation of Gods . Don’t let the gods become corrupt because of the negative energy . ”

Vados reminded her . It’s not as if gods getting corrupted and becoming demons because of negative energy had not happened before .

Most of the demons in Demon Realm were born from negative and dark energy .

“Umm!” Kusu repeatedly nodded . “Then I will go have a look at Sister Marcarita’s place… She is too fierce . ”


Kusu lightly lifted her sceptre and pointed towards the ground . A colourful brilliance wrapped around her whole body, and then a colourful band pierced the void . The colourful brilliance disappeared as if it had entered into a wormhole .

Kusu headed towards Universe 11 .

After the little angel left, Xiaya asked, “Miss Vados, what is negative energy? Is it so frightening?” Xiaya had roughly guessed the nature of negative energy, but he didn’t understand the specifics of it .

Vados sighed and said, “Negative energy is an important triggering factor that can cause disorder in the universe . The Gods of Destruction regularly destroy unnecessary planets to suppress the proliferation of negative energy…”

Vados explained . After listening to her explanation, Xiaya had a little understanding of negative energy . Simply put, negative energy was more dreadful than purely evil living beings like demonic creatures, demon beasts, and demons . It was formless and without any traces; oftentimes, when it has been discovered, it would’ve already eroded large planets .

It can only be eradicated by relying on the Gods of Destruction’s Energy of Destruction .

Legend has it that there were a total of 18 universes in the Multiverse before the ancient times, but presently, only twelve remains—6 universes disappeared for reasons unknown . All the angels were being tight-lipped about it, but it seemed to most likely be related to negative energy .

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Anyway, these big matters were far away from Xiaya . He felt that it was fine to have a little understanding of them . Xiaya didn’t need to ask about them in detail .

What he was now concerned about was how to break through to the Super Saiyan 3 realm, and by relying on Super Saiyan 3’s strength, he would solidify the Ultimate State and reach one step closer to a higher level—Super Saiyan God State .

However, when Xiaya perfected Super Saiyan 2, he could feel that the barrier of Super Saiyan 3 would not be so easy to breakthrough .

For the time being, XIaya decided to train in Universe 6 .

A few months later, Earth .

The curtains fell on the bustling 24th World Martial Arts Tournament a few months ago . In this tournament, experts had come in large numbers . Many different martial arts schools emerged, as hundreds of schools of thought contended, but among them, the most outstanding one was the Turtle School represented by Krillin and Yamcha .

When Krillin and Yamcha took action, they scared everyone and defended the Turtle School’s high status in the world of martial arts with absolute power .

Moreover, because Goku didn’t participate, and Chi-Chi had assumed Kami’s position in the Heavenly Realm, the fight for winner and runner-up was between Krillin and Yamcha . Finally, Krillin had his wish fulfilled as he obtained the seat of World Martial Arts Tournament’s champion .

Time moved on, flowing like a stream of water from the mountains .

After the martial arts tournament, Krillin and Yamcha trained together in the wilderness . This place was blistering-hot and lacking in water, with few animals around . It was a barren region . The sun shone directly on it, and one’s line of sight would become somewhat distorted due to the heatwave .


Krillin and Yamcha were moving rapidly through the wilderness .

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Their intense fight left behind blurry afterimages in every place . The fierce fight caused the sky to shake and earth to tremble as sand flew about and stones hurtled through the air . The violent forces collided, and a powerful momentum rose to the skies, causing the living organisms within several kilometres to not dare approach .


The centre of the fight was full of energies and chaos, as wind blades that had been strengthened by “Ki” swept against a cliff, leaving behind numerous crisscrossed scratches of varying depths .

Krillin sighed and wiped the sweat from his forehead before he waved his hand and said, “Okay, we are done here for today . I will go back and meditate over it!”

Yamcha also stopped from exhaustion and leaned against a rock to rest .

“Krillin, you are growing more powerful… I will be left behind if I don’t work hard . ”

“Hee hee, you flatter me!” Krillin scratched his bald head and laughed heartily . Suddenly, his expression froze, and his sharp eyes gazed into the sky .

“Yamcha, can you feel it?”


Yamcha’s expression was somewhat ugly . He sensed a large number of powerful auras approaching Earth, and the strength of these auras made him tremble .

“One, two, three…Ssss! So many auras!!”

“There are about a thousand sinister Ki……Who the hell are they?”

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