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Chapter 407

Once Meifei’s matter was resolved, Xiaya could finally put down the boulder on his heart . Afterward, he and the others returned to Planet Hongshan, after which put Meifei back inside the incubation chamber, with his own hands . Looking at his three children floating in the nutrient solution, Xiaya felt very satisfied with his current life .

Although Dragon Ball World is a world containing those with top-level Battle Power, it is possible that someone unknown that has heaven-destroying ability could pop up at any time, but as someone who had a top-level fighting ability, Xiaya is not afraid of this . His time of being weak was already over, and the future would only favor him!

Looking at his three children in the incubation chamber, he was somewhat expectant in his heart about how his children will grow up .

Later, Adri’s family came over, and when they learned that Meifei’s problem had been resolved, their hearts relaxed .

Xiaya suddenly remembered that he had to go to Universe 6 for training . “Oh, by the way, Vados and Whis told me that after I am done using the super dragon balls, I have to enter Universe 6 for real combat training . I may be gone for a while . ”

“Ah, are you leaving?” Xiling frowned, disappointment written on her pretty face .

“It may take several years . ”

“Can we go together?”

“I’m afraid not; the level is different . You’d better train in Universe 7 . ” Xiaya shook his head as e explained . If Xiling and Myers can also go to Universe 6 to undergo training, that would be for the best, but Xiaya had asked Vados for this but was rejected .

Vados agreed to train him in the past, which was already as much as she could tolerate .

“Okay, then we will also have to try hard when you go for training; otherwise, we will be left too far behind you . ” Myers, who was already mature, did not pester Xiaya like she used to . Rather, she made a smart move .

Xiaya nodded and said, a bit embarrassed, “When I am not here, I’ll entrust the children to you . ”

“Um . You can go train without any worries . We will take good care of everything here!”

They know that their strength was not near Xiaya’s . A Saiyan’s natural instincts compelled them to pursue strength . These genes were buried deep in their bones . Even Xiling and Myers yearned to become strong .

So, they straightened Xiaya’s collar in understanding, and let him leave without any worries .

After eating lunch with Xiling and Myers, Xiaya teleported to Vados’ side .

Xiaya was not worried about Universe 7 . At this stage of the original work, Planet Hongshan’s strength was enough to deal with any trouble it might encounter . If it encountered a really powerful enemy, although it was useless to hope that Whis would help, Xiling and the others could still pass a message to him though Whis .

I believe that I can hurry back in time .

After Xiaya left, Xiling and Myers also began to exercise, in a bid to recover their physical strength . After spending some time to adapt, they began regular training and gradually increased the intensity of physical exercise .

…… .

Time flew by; the years passed like a river .

The boring days went by .

On a certain early morning on earth, a rustle rang out from the grass on Mount Paozu . A kid wearing a golden costume and a crimson-colored hat rushed out of the grass, running here and there, stirring up a cloud of dust .

When the light purple-haired kid spotted the birds flying in the sky, his violent eyes went wide, and the corners of his mouth curled up as he ran around happily .

On the other side of Mount Paozu, Piccolo, who was wearing a white cape and a hat, was seated cross-legged atop the mountain, as a gentle breeze blew . Suddenly, Piccolo opened his eyes, and a vigorous, icy aura burst out of his body . His aura turned into a whirlwind, causing his cape to make a booming sound .

“Who is it?”

Piccolo coldly snorted, and his eyes emanated a cold light . His arms made an arc in the void . Suddenly, a violent hurricane was produced, the atmospheric pressure abruptly changed, and the tree branches and grass bent to the side .

Whoosh, a little guy with a brown tail got out of it .

Sure enough! TPiccolo’s eyes flashed before they closed as he resumed his meditation . Although he did indifferently say, “Gohan, why are you here again?”

“Hee hee, Uncle Piccolo, come play with me?”

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Piccolo firmly refused . He had to spend a lot of time to surpass Goku . Where would he get time to fool around with this stinking brat?

Gohan grumbled when he realized that Piccolo would not play with him, so Gohan went to lay down on him .

Several blue veins appeared on Piccolo’s forehead, and he opened his eyes angrily . He gritted his two demon teeth and bellowed, “Scram!”

He grabbed the little demon’s small feet and tossed him off the cliff, but some time later, Gohan climbed up again .

“This Goku, you actually allowed your son to come and bother me, King Piccolo, to conquer the world . Hateful!!” Piccolo roared angrily .

On the other side of Mount Paozu, Goku, who was wearing a weighted training suit, was exchanging pointers with Krillin . When they both heard Piccolo’s angry roar from atop the mountain, they stopped what they were doing .

“Goku, Gohan ran to find Piccolo again,” Krillin said helplessly .

“Yeah, it’s really a headache . ”

Goku scratched his head . “Bulma urged me not to let Gohan approach Piccolo, but that brat doesn’t listen at all . ”

“Hey, where has Bulma been in the past two days? Wouldn’t she come over, as usual?”

“She went on a trip with Tights . ”

“Oh . ”

“Oh, and by the way, will you participate in next week’s World Martial Arts Tournament?”

Krillin, who had just remembered the day of the martial arts tournament had arrived so quickly, hurriedly asked .

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The current atmosphere of practicing martial arts on earth was very heavy . The World Martial Arts Tournament, which took place every three years, attracted the attention of countless people .

Many youngsters and martial artists dreamed of showcasing their skills in the martial arts tournament to achieve instant fame . As the number of participants rose, the structure of the martial arts tournament also changed . Starting from the upcoming tournament, the number of people in outdoor matches had increased from eight to thirty-two .

“I’m not going . My sister, Elise, said that she will come with a few of her friends . I plan to compare notes with them,” Goku said as he shook his head .

If he had the chance to fight against an expert like Elise, where would Goku find the time to participate in the World Martial Arts Tournament?

Krillin grinned . “So, only I and Yamcha will take part in the competition this time? The champion is almost certain . ”

“Don’t forget there is also Tien Shinhan . What if he comes back?”

Krillin’s face turned stiff, and he replaced angrily: “Wouldn’t that be too much of a coincidence?”

“Haha . It’s hard to say . ”

After his first participation in the World Martial Arts Tournament, Tien Shinhan disappeared for several years . I wonder where Xiaya took him to train .

“I really want to fight him again!” Goku sighed with emotion .


Deep in the universe, at a location not far from Earth .

An oddly-shaped spaceship was traveling at high-speed, from planet to planet . It moved helter-skelter as though escaping from something .

“Boss Ayer, we have escaped really far . They shouldn’t be able to catch up, right?” An ugly purple lizardman asked the boss sitting on a seat .

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The eyes of the boss, who was called Ayer, flickered, but he was still not relieved and urged, “Go in a remote direction some more . This time, Frieza Corp will spare no one . We are not safe until we escape far away . ”

The purple lizardman rolled his golden vertical-pupils but nodded, after which it hurriedly searched for a more remote place .

This incident was caused by something that happened two years ago .

When Frieza returned and rebuilt the Frieza Corp, the good days of all the rebel corp members and leaders of every Force in the North Area came to an end . During the Frieza Corp’s dragnet expansion, they spent all day in anxiety, worried about Frieza Corp’s encirclement and annihilation . In the past two years, a lot of starfields fell into Frieza’s hands . Other than some remote starfields that were still calm, most of the planets had become restless .

The lizardman called Ayer was the boss of Star Pirates . In his prime, he ruled more than ten Intermediate level planets and held immense power .

However, after Frieza began purging the Forces, Ayer’s good days came to an end . Now they are being chased by a guy named “Cui”, who was a powerful being in the Frieza Corp with more than 15,000 Battle Power .

Ayer considered himself a strong expert, but he was nothing compared to Cui . After Cui snatched a few planets from him, Aya and a thousand plus subordinates boarded a spaceship and fled .

“Boss Ayer, look! There is a low-level planet called ‘Earth’ that is two-months ahead of us . It is in a remote place . Other than water and living beings, there is nothing of value there . If we hide there, we definitely won’t be found . ”

The subordinate lizardman pointed at a water-blue planet on the screen .

“Earth?” Ayer’s golden vertical-pupils glanced at the screen .

People like Ayer that had been overlord for a while did not like hiding on low-level planets, but being targeted by Frieza and being chased by bad guys gave them a hard time .

Moreover, there were numerous low-level planets that could also serve a good cover . After thinking about it for a bit, Aya made up his mind . “Let’s go there . Although the planet does not have much value, we will capture it first . ”


Upon receiving the order, the spaceship immediately changed course and flew towards Earth .

Many organizations like the Ayer Star Pirates had been forced into exile . Within the North Area, there were no more stable Forces . They had either surrendered to the Frieza Force or had been completely wiped out .

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