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Chapter 406

“Xiaya, you are back! Are these the remaining Super Dragon Balls?”

When she saw Xiaya appear, Myers rushed over and shouted while pointing at the seven glowing Dragon Balls in the void .

“Yes . ”

Xiaya gazed at the Super Dragon Balls arranged in a circle and said, “Go and bring Meifei over . I’ll prepare to summon the Super Shenron here . ”

“OK!” Myers didn’t hesitate and immediately teleported back to Planet Hongshan . A few minutes later, Myers came back with Meifei in her arms . Xiling also followed Myers . She stared at the Super Dragon Balls in surprise when she came over . She and Myers cooperated to protect the Meifei using Ki .

“Xiaya, let’s begin . ”

Myers said in a low voice and looked on from a distance together with Xiling . There was a hint of curiosity and a bit of nervousness on her delicate face .

Xiaya smiled as he looked at Myers, and then he had all the Saiyans move back before observing the huge Super Dragon Balls . Right now, in the vast expanse of outer space, the seven enormous Dragon Balls placed together made for a majestic scene!

Taking a deep breath, Xiaya shouted in the Divine Language, “Come out, Dragon God! Please, fulfil my wish!”

Xiaya’s voice passed through the void and transmitted out .


The Super Dragon Balls calmed down, and the earlier flickering suddenly stopped, as if they had fallen asleep . However, after a period of brewing, the peal of thunder resounded in the universe, and a vast and sacred aura instantly spread throughout the countless galaxies .

Similar to the first time when Super Shenron was summoned, the Super Dragon Balls quickly erupted out with endless brilliance like a star . The golden lightning between the Super Dragon Balls mutually pulled at each other and gradually spread out into outer space . The whole world’s colour suddenly changed, and a vast and sacred golden light caused a majestic scene to appear!


A roar came from the ancient times .

Super Shenron appeared, and then it grew increasingly bigger until each of its scales grew as big as a spiral-shaped galaxy . At this time, numerous, spiral-shaped galaxies floated around Super Shenron like dust, their size comparable to the size of a scale on Super Shenron’s body .

Super Shenron unfurled both of its golden wings, its appearance similar to a winged rain dragon . Suddenly, with a whistling sound, it swallowed the numerous galaxies .

Xiaya and others were also swallowed by Super Shenron along with the galaxies and arrived inside its body . There was a golden ocean underneath, and bright and colourful stars floating around . At this time, an illusory image of Shenron appeared .

“Human, speak thy wish!”

The golden Shenron spoke in the divine language, his loud and booming voice almost shattering their eardrums .

Standing in the distance, Xiling and Myers looked at it expectantly . The majestic Super Shenron gave them great confidence .

Xiaya calmed down and said in the divine language, “Golden Shenron, please let my daughter, Meifei, master the Legendary Super Saiyan’s power, so that she will not lose control because of it . ”

After saying that, Xiaya waited quietly . He believed that such a small matter would not pose a problem to Super Shenron . With Super Shenron’s power, even a Super Saiyan God’s body could be easily changed, so it should not be difficult to master the power of the Legendary Super Saiyan .

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Sure enough, after a momentary silence, Super Shenron opened his huge mouth and gave a reply which was to Xiaya’s satisfaction, “This wish is very easy!”

The casual words were like a clear stream, washing up the gloom and uneasiness which had accumulated for a long time in Xiaya’s heart . Worrying about his family had unconsciously become the biggest obsession in Xiaya’s heart . After giving Myers the gesture of “success”, they waited for Shenron to exert its divine powers .


Super Shenron’s huge dragon eyes suddenly lit up with crimson light, and like a laser, the light covered the entire Universe 7 in crimson colour . Shortly afterwards, a dense red light ray fell on Meifei’s body, and the little infant showed a serene smile . She woke up and giggled .

Myers saw it and couldn’t help but smile happily .

“Human, your wish has been fulfilled!”

After saying that, Super Shenron went silent, but it did not turn into Super Dragon Balls and disappeared like usual . Just when Xiaya was feeling deeply puzzled, Super Shenron’s huge maw suddenly trembled, and a different voice sounded, still using the divine language .

“Hey, Universe 7’s human, you actually can make dragon balls . I remember that only Namekians in Universe 7 have this ability . Oh… . so you used the power of the Super Dragon Balls . ”

This sound was similarly loud and clear, but compared to Super Shenron’s artificial voice, it was a bit more human .

’This voice… is someone controlling Super Shenron?’

Xiaya immediately realized this, and he felt extremely shocked .  ’Can even Super Shenron be controlled?’

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“Dragon God Zalama!” Xiaya’s mind shook and he involuntarily shouted .

“Hehe . That’s me . Human, are you interested in coming to my dragon world in the future? It is a paradise belonging to the dragon race . Huh… why do you have the power of the Time Realm?” The voice paused and said, losing interest, “Forget it! Supreme Kai of Time is already one step ahead . ”

While Xiaya was still absent-minded, the voice gradually became faint before disappearing .

After the control vanished, Super Shenron turned into sparkling light rays according to the procedure set in ancient times and disappeared in front of Xiaya’s eyes like an illusion .

After the golden ocean shattered and disappeared, all galaxies returned to their original position . The seven Super Dragon Balls rotated in the sky for a while before quickly dispersing, flying in different directions . Three of them pass through the universe barrier and flew towards Universe 6, and four remained in Universe 7 .

The dispersed number was just the opposite of the previous time .

Watching the Super Dragon Balls fly away, the shock in Xiaya’s heart did not subside for a long time . “Did Dragon God Zalama appear just now?”

Although it was only through Shenron’s voice, Xiaya found it hard to believe that he unexpectedly had the opportunity to hear the voice of the Dragon God .

’Dragon God Zalama wants me to go to the Dragon World in the future?’

’Where is that? And the Time Realm he mentioned… Does it refer to the level above that of the Supreme Kai of Time?’ Xiaya wasn’t able to come in contact with this yet .

Hence, Xiaya pondered about another thing .

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The super dragon balls were created by Dragon God Zalama in the Year 41 of the Divine Calendar, and then they were scattered in Universe 6 and Universe 7 . From the writings of the “Divine Calendar”, Xiaya did not know whether the so-called Divine Calendar indicated Zeno’s calendar system or if it referred to Dragon God Zalama’s calendar system .

’However, looking at the method of numbering in Zeno’s “Grand Calendar”, could it be that someone can have their calendar system after rising to the highest position?’

Xiaya was not clear . However, Xiaya shook his head and threw these irrelevant things to the back of his head, and then he turned his sight towards his daughter .

Whether it was Dragon God or Zeno, what Xiaya cared about most right now was his daughter . Seeing Meifei sleeping peacefully in Myers’ arms, Xiaya was in a good mood .

“Xiaya, look, Meifei is back to normal . ”

“It can be said that Meifei has profited from a disaster . A Legendary Super Saiyan’s strength is no joke . While growing up, she will not encounter obstacles until the Super Saiyan God realm,” Xiaya said while playing with the child .

According to Whis’s theory, a Legendary Super Saiyan was the low-level demonized version of the Super Saiyan God, and it belonged to the demonic state . At least, before growing to the Super Saiyan God realm, Meifei will have a smooth journey . As for whether she attain the level of Super Saiyan God in the future, it will depend on her efforts .

“Umm . ” Myers nodded in a cheerful mood and said, “We must properly train her!”

Xiling covered her mouth and said teasingly, “Since their younger sister, Meifei, is too outstanding, the pressure on Xiang and Xili will certainly be big . ”


After resolving their child’s problem, the boulder on Xiaya and others’ hearts dropped, and they could not help but happily banter .

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