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Chapter 4 Planet Selma

Planet Selma was a low-level planet in the southern part of the Northern Milky Way Starfield. So far, there have been only a few primitive races on this planet, with no traces of civilization.

Because Saiyans had pledged allegiance to Frieza, all the tasks assigned from Planet Vegeta are to serve Frieza Force.

This time is naturally no exception, Xiaya and Xiling’s task is to exterminate the primitive races on Planet Selma, and then the planet will be handed over to Frieza’s Planet Trade Organization.

To put it plainly, the Saiyan race is just Frieza’s hired thugs, and also the kind that can be abandoned any time.

It is said that every millennium, a golden hair super-warrior will be born among the Saiyan people. And this kind of rumor could not be trusted at all, as even Saiyan’s do not believe in it. But there is indeed such concern in Frieza’s heart, so the best method is to keep the Saiyans under his watch and in passing research Saiyans habits and characteristics.

However, so far there has been no sign of any strong warrior appearing among the Saiyans, or else, Frieza will be the first one to exterminate Saiyans.

In the face of the upcoming task, Xiaya was very excited in his heart because he was about to leave Planet Vegeta, and that would be the first step in his journey to become strong.

As for the task assigned to him, I think it is entirely possible to slow down as there was nothing to worry about after leaving Planet Vegeta. As for when to hand over the task, he can’t say?

“Well, I can first go to the Planet Selma and temper myself for some time. And after waiting a few years to get strong then can go to other places in the universe. At that time I can first go to either Earth or Planet Namek, as both are not a bad choice. ”

Xiaya with his heart bubbling has already begun to think carefully about what to plan for the next time.

Soon, Xiaya and Xiling’s departure date had arrived.

On this day, the Rebecca couple personally sent Xiaya and Xiling to the Planet Vegeta’s Spaceport on the other side of the Imperial City.

It is a modern Spaceport which is few kilometers in radius and is the primary gateway to the outer space of Planet Vegeta. On the several square kilometer lands, a towering building similar to a lighthouse was located at the periphery of the Spaceport. Around the walls of the building, there was an open ground where hollow caves made of rubber were distributed everywhere, and every cave had a spaceship landing site.

Just a few moments after they entered the spaceport, several dozens of spherical spacecraft landed or rose off from the spaceship landing site, one after another.

“Xiaya, when you arrive at Planet Selma pay attention to safety, Don’t relax your vigilance just because it is a low-level planet. When you run into danger escape as soon as you can and don’t recklessly fight .” Adri looked seriously at Xiaya and stated.

Adri’s point of view of tasks and living has changed since his team was annihilated.

Seeing Xiaya nodding, he also exhorted his daughter Xiling: “Your strength is not as good as Xiaya. If a time comes when you are in danger, then don’t be naughty and listen to Xiaya’s words.”

“I know!” Xiling blinked her little eyes while grinning.

“Little Aya take good care of Xiling, and return soon after finishing the task.” Rebecca looking reluctant, approached the two and embraced them.

“I’ll take good care of Xiling.”

Xiaya nodded earnestly and then stepped into his spacecraft.

It was a small spherical spacecraft. After Xiaya lied down inside, the cabin door automatically closed. Through the blue-green glass, Xiaya saw Rebecca couple standing not far away, waving at them.

Xiaya could not help but get emotional in his heart due to leaving on a long journey, his eyes turning somewhat hazy.

After waving outside, Xiaya pressed the start button on the spacecraft. Suddenly, a downward force acted on his body, and the whole spacecraft rose upward in a straight line as if it received a tremendous push.

Within a moment, they left the atmosphere of Planet Vegeta, into the starry sky of the vast and dark universe.

Due to the lightning-fast speed, a long white light was left behind the spacecraft.

Through the glass of the spacecraft, Xiaya saw that due to the lightning-like cruising speed, the dark-red Planet Vegeta was soon left behind and became a small point of light, disappearing.

Not far away from him, there was a similar spherical spacecraft following closely which is naturally Xiling’s spacecraft. At this time, Xiling’s entire body was stuck to the glass of the ship, and her small face was looking around while her eyes involuntarily glanced at him.

“It seems the little girl is somewhat nervous.”

Xiaya smiled, and sent a message to Xiling through the spacecraft’s communicator, then entered hibernation mode.

Planet Selma is very far away from Planet Vegeta, as it takes seven months for the spacecraft to reach it, whereas the distance between Planet Namek and Earth only needs one month of travel.

Planet Selma is just a low-level planet. According to the classification of planets in the universe; st Battle Power of below 1000 is a low-level planet, 1000 to 10000 is an intermediate planet, and more than 10,000 is a high-level planet.

Therefore, the Battle Power of living beings on Planet Selma should be below 1000. With Xiaya and Xiling’s 410 and 370 Battle Power, as long as they are careful they will not be in any danger.

According to estimates, Xiaya only needs few years time, and his Battle Power will totally exceed the Max Battle Power of the Planet Selma.

In the vast endless universe, countless stars were twinkling in the pitch-black starry sky like an enormous picture scroll slowly unfolding.

In the darkness, two bright lights rapidly flashed and disappeared, they were the two milky white spherical spacecraft.

In an instant, seven months have passed since they left Planet Vegeta, and the destination, Planet Selma, was almost within reach.

‘Di’ Spacecraft automatically lifted the hibernation mode, so Xiaya slowly woke up from his sleep.

And reflected in his eyes was a huge reddish-black planet.

“That’s Planet Selma?”

Xiaya was surprised to think that Planet Selma’s color was much more elegant and beautiful than the dark-red color of Planet Vegeta.

Planet Selma was located in a 2-star system as it has two stars. For most of the daytime, the unique position of the planet gives a different scenery to Planet Selma.

Planet Selma’s atmosphere was reddish black color, and the ocean area covered less than 40% of the planet, while leftover all is dry land. Except for the snow and ice in the north and south pole, the rest of the area is verdant with vegetation, is a Beautiful green planet.

Today, a sudden roaring sound broke the silence in the sky of Planet Selma.

After which two floating red and shiny spherical objects suddenly fell down from a high altitude one after another as they made two consecutive loud “rumbling” sounds. The violent impact sprayed sand and stones all over the sky and filled the air with dust making the view hazy.

A large area of the forest was destroyed from the impact while a violent shock wave spread on all sides from the impact site, and countless towering trees were bent to the ground, and an entire tree was also uprooted.

Gradually, the smoke formed from sand dust dissipated and what appeared in front was close to a 100-meter square bared of sand and stones that had changed beyond recognition.

In the middle, bared of sand and stones, there were two 30-meter square ring-shape craters which were upto five meters deep, and at the center, two spherical spacecraft were half-buried below the sand and stones, while continuously emitting blue-green smoke.


The spacecraft’s cabin door opened, and a child wearing a combat suit with a tail behind it got out.

Lightly patting his body which was muddy with sand dust, Xiaya softly coughed twice and then moved to the other spacecraft. Hitting on the partition of spacecraft’s cabin, he discovered that Xiling’ spaceship had smashed upside down, and cabin door was pressed below, so he turned the spaceship around exposing the cabin door.

‘Ka’ the cabin door opened, Xiling also got out from the spacecraft.

“Brother Xiaya, this is our destination?”

Xiling covered her lips and dispersed the surrounding smoke and dust while frowning with a dissatisfied expression.

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