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Chapter 389


Here, all the Saiyans did not need to wear an energy detector to sense the strength of an opponent . According to his sister Elise, they had learned a skill called “Ki” .

Raditz didn’t know how to describe his feelings . He only felt that he understood nothing .

“What is that?” Raditz asked, pointing at the towering buildings in the training area . The hemispherical shape was like an egg half-buried in the soil .

“That is the Gravity Machine, which is used to assist in training . ”

“What about that?” An area where a group of people, who cheered from time to time, were gathered around .

“Fighting Arena . Normally, after training, someone would go up and give an open challenge . There will be a lot of people watching . If you win, you can obtain certain bonus points reward . Although this cannot be compared to executing the missions outside, it is also a means by which one could exchange for ration . Of course, most people still go for the reputation from victory . ”

“That place?”

“Oh, that’s the leisure area . Life can’t be too monotonous, so people need to relax properly . ”

Raditz exclaimed in surprise . This was just like Granny Liu visiting the Grand View Garden Liu Wei* . Everything on Planet Hongshan was really novel and strange . Here, he felt too ashamed to show his face, because of his weak strength . Even his underaged little sister had more than 5,000 Battle Power .

(* This expression is from novel Dream of the Red Chamber, and modern Chinese people use it to describe someone, usually a simple unsophisticated person, who is overwhelmed by new experiences and luxurious surroundings . )

In comparison, he was much too inferior .

As Raditz bemoaned his fate—sighing about the disparity in power between his sister and himself—the duo arrived at the group of villas situated in the center of the city . Here, green trees and the strange pines and green cypresses were spread out on both sides, and a bunch of green leaves were intertwined together . Colorful flowers bloomed, giving a spring-like feeling .

“Let’s go; Mom and Dad have been waiting for a long time,” Elise said, urging him over . With a spring in her steps, she opened the door and entered .

Raditz nervously swallowed and stiffly stepped through the open door .

In the room, a delicious aroma wafted out of the kitchen . Gine, who was wearing an apron, was cooking in the kitchen . Her petite figure could be seen moving around in the kitchen . When she saw Raditz come in, Gine put down the wok she was holding, walked up to Raditz and held his hand .

“Raditz, it’s been hard on you all these years,” Gine’s said, her voice brimming with joy .


Raditz called out softly . He was no longer able to suppress his feelings . His gaze then shifted to the tall and mighty figure on the side . This was his father Bardock . Raditz shouted, “Dad, it’s great to see you all . ”

Bardock ‘hmm-ed’ and happily patted his son’s shoulder . “It’s good that you have come back . ” The force exerted by Bardock’s palm was so strong, Raditz almost fell to the ground .

Raditz grinned and persevered with difficulty .

Laret patted his stomach and spoke, “Uncle Bardock, can we eat? I am very hungry . ”

“If you are hungry, go back to your own home to eat!” Elise shouted unhappily .

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“Elise!” Bardock scolded before smiling at Laret . “Yes, let’s eat . Today, Raditz has come back . We should celebrate . Elise, talk to Laret in a friendly manner . ”

Elise’s black hair curled up as she pouted . “Hmph! it’s my fault? Laret never lets me be happy . ”

“Hasn’t your relationship from childhood been very good?” Gine asked doubtfully .

“That was before . Now, this bastard, Laret, always takes advantage of me . I am not happy,” Elise said as she glanced at Laret, who was seated at the dinner table, wolfing down food . This food was his favorite food, and this made Elise even angrier .

“Heh heh, I’ll give it to you!” Laret chuckled, holding out the half-eaten food, which was covered in saliva . When Elise saw this, she flared up instantly .

“Ha ha ha…”

Bardock, who had been watching his daughter and Laret with great interest, suddenly laughed out loud .

After the meal, Bardock frowned as he looked at Raditz . “Your training level has fallen so much . You will have to work harder to make up for it . ”

“Umm . ” Raditz nodded hard .

In the future that Bardock saw, Raditz’s actions really displeased him . As a Saiyan, he swaggered around thinking he was very powerful just because he had more than one thousand Battle Power; furthermore, he had even gone to earth to seek out Kakarrot for trouble . ‘Could he have forgotten that I personally sent Kakarrot to earth?’

He and Gine had given Kakarrot’s address to Raditz so that he could take care of Kakarrot .

He is good . He fought with his brother for a trivial reason .

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Just by staying outside, Raditz became really evil .

If Raditz was not his son, Bardock would have slapped him to death .

After a brief pause, Bardock said in warning, “Planet Hongshan is not like Planet Vegeta . Don’t do things that were done during Frieza’s period . Otherwise, you will suffer losses . In a while, you will come with me to carry out missions . ”

Although Saiyans were violent and addicted to war, they were not born evil .

His son followed Vegeta and others to serve Frieza Forces, and after that, he walked too long in the darkness . It would be difficult for him to adapt to life on Planet Hongshan at first, but it was for his good . Bardock knew that the death of living beings was not the end of everything . Even if it’s of no use to live a free and unrestrained life when one was alive, it was better than suffering in hell after death—a fate worse than death .

In order to plan for the future, Bardock needed to instill some sense into Raditz .

Raditz was visibly dumbfounded . “Father, do you want to carry out a mission with me?”

“It will be mostly you taking action . I will just supervise!”

Despite that, Raditz was very excited . He still did not understand his father’s rank on Planet Hongshan, but seeing as Bardock could send Super Warriors to find him, his father’s status must certainly not be low . Among Saiyans, an expert pursued respect, and one’s status was based on strength .

The thought of traveling together with an expert like his father made Raditz excited .

Days passed . Raditz had adapted to life on Planet Hongshan . Wearing a Battle Armor made on Planet Hongshan, Raditz looks a lot more relaxed .

Now, he had a rough idea of Planet Hongshan operates, and the more he learned it, the more shocked he was .

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“Planet Hongshan can dominate the universe!” This was Raditz’s first reaction .

I am actually one of them . Nursing this thought in his mind, Raditz felt as though an infinite amount of power resided within him . His strength was too much inferior to that of the Saiyans on Planet Hongshan, so he had to work hard in training .

“My Battle Power has increased by 200 . I will have to continue working hard!” Despite sweating, Raditz constantly worked hard on dodging in the gravity training room . He felt fascinated by his strength, which grew every day . For the first time, he understood why Vegeta always trained so bitterly .

One day, a handsome young man came to Bardock’s home .

“He’s Raditz?” Looking at Raditz, whose long hair cascaded down to his waist, Xiaya narrowed his eyes, carefully seizing him up . A little different from Raditz in the original work . The current Raditz looked completely new in spirit and energy, and his Battle Power also had had obvious improvement .

Xiaya smiled fainted and nodded at Raditz .

The gesture badly scared Raditz . Who is this person standing in front of him? It is the strongest king of Planet Hongshan—who definitely could look down every super expert in the universe—Sir Xiaya! ‘Perhaps, in front of Sir Xiaya, even Frieza was just an ant that could be casually pinched to death . ’

Raditz thought in his heart .

Visibly trembling, he bowed and nervously said, “Mr . Xiaya…hello…”

His courage was quite small, not at all like the other Raditz that could heroically say, “Your Battle Power is a mere 5, ah!” on earth! Xiaya looked at him with amusement, smiled and nodded . Then, he began to discuss Planet Hongshan’s matters with Bardock .

Raditz left the area, feeling somewhat dizzy . Even then, he could not believe that he had just met someone more powerful than Frieza .

“Sir Xiaya, the strongest person among Saiyans . The great person that created the Saiyan legend!” Raditz repeatedly muttered, his eyes filled with fiery worship!

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