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Chapter 385
In the starry sky of North Area, Frieza was advancing rapidly .

After leaving the frozen planet and shrinking his strength to Normal State, Frieza—who felt that unrivalled—was full of ambition as he piloted his spaceship to head toward his former Forces . Since he believed himself to be invincible, Frieza had reverted to his elegant and gentlemanly side, aimlessly wandering the universe .

Frieza’s third administration planet .

After Dodoria and Balfe got the news that King Frieza was about to return, they all returned from the remote planet . Not far away, the Abo and Kado brothers stood without any expression; they had been waiting there respectfully for a long time . In particular, after Dodoria obtained the news of King Frieza’s return, he was in a state of excitement .

He had been waiting for this moment for many years .

“Hehe, after his majesty returns, you are going to be sidelined . ” Dodoria, who took pride in being under Frieza’s command, looked at Abo and Kado brothers with sarcasm in his eyes .

As soon as King Frieza returned, Dodoria would be the second-in-command once again .

Regarding this, Abo and Kado did not express anything, appearing calm and indifferent .

After a long time, a disc-shaped spacecraft slowly pierced through the atmosphere and landed at the air traffic control zone . Following a grating gas discharge sound, the cabin door opened and Frieza’s white, sandstone-like, figure appeared in everyone’s line of sight .

“King Frieza!”

Dodoria, Balfe and others quickly stepped forward and greeted him with respect . Frieza indifferently smiled and alighted from the spacecraft like a demon coming from the abyss . His frightening aura made everyone on the scene feel cold .

’As expected, King Frieza has now become even more powerful… Frightening!’ Dodoria thought with trepidation .

“Mr . Dodoria, Mr . Balfe, you have worked hard these past few years,” Frieza looked calm as he said politely . People who didn’t know Frieza would think that he was an excellent aristocrat .

Dodoria and Balfe shuddered and excitedly said, “King Frieza, you are finally back . ”

“Umm!” Frieza smiled and nodded his head before his demonic blood-red eyes swept towards the Abo and Kado brothers; he said, “You have done a good job in these past few years . Oh, by the way, I heard that your relationship with Shisami is very tense; is that so?”

“We don’t dare; we don’t dare!” Abo and Kado brothers quickly denied .

Shisami was also a general under Frieza known as “Frieza Corps Strongest Warrior” . He was even more powerful than the dead Captain Ginyu .

Frieza nodded with a smile which was also not a smile and looked straight at them . This ambiguous attitude made the Abo and Kado brothers restless . Their backs involuntarily emitted a chill .

After a while, Frieza gently laughed and patted the brothers’ shoulders . “Since this king is back, give me a report on the situation of the Corps in these past few years . ”

The Abo and Kado brothers felt as if they had been relieved from a burden as bean-size beads of sweat oozed from their foreheads .

In front of Frieza, they were no longer the masters of the Frieza Force . Although the taste of being in charge was very good, they didn’t dare to feel an attachment to such a power . Since the rightful owner had arrived, they had to immediately give it up .

“King Frieza, in recent times, because of the obstructions from those defecting Corps everywhere, our Forces have not developed very well; furthermore, many jurisdictional planets have fallen into the hands of some barbarians…”

Frieza couldn’t listen to the report anymore as an icy smile hung on his face .

Suddenly, Frieza raised his head, his purple lips condensing into a cruel smile . “Those planets are the private property of this king . Since they dare to swallow them, then they have to pay the price . Well, Abo and Kado, you guys should re-establish the Frieza Corps together with Shisami and Tagoma . It is time to reorganize the entire Galaxy . ”

“Umm, let’s start with the North Area . I want those traitors to have a taste of living a life worse than death . ”

Now that there was no Cooler and King Cold holding him back, Frieza’s vision was no longer limited to the tiny North Area . In the future, he would attempt to conquer the surrounding galaxies!

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“Yes, King Frieza . ”

“We will complete this mission!”

Abo and Kado responded in a loud voice . If they could, they didn’t want to stay by Frieza’s side for even a moment because Frieza brought too much pressure on them! Instead, leading an army was the best choice . Thus, together with Shisami and Togma, leading the army to annihilate the traitors was much easier .

“Withdraw!” Frieza waved his hand and ordered .

After the two brothers left, Frieza narrowed his eyes and asked Dodoria indifferently, “These few years, were Abo and Kado well-behaved?”

Dodoria chuckled, “Your Majesty is putting pressure on them, so how will dare to not be well-behaved . ”

Frieza gave a hearty laugh and said, “It’s for the best . Let them take the lead . This king wants to pocket the entire Galaxy . Oh, by the way, how is the investigation of the ancient warrior going?”

Frieza suddenly changed the subject and asked about the ancient warrior .

As he thought of the blonde-haired ancient warrior, Frieza hatefully gnashed his teeth . He wished he could tear the ancient warrior into a thousand pieces, but it was also because of the defeat that let Frieza realize his shortcomings and train a powerful body .
So far, Frieza still didn’t know that his so-called ancient warrior was actually a Super Saiyan!

Dodoria shook his head regretfully, withdrew a few steps and apologized to Frieza . “Your Majesty, I still have not been able to find the whereabouts of the ancient warrior . After destroying King Cold’s territory, the ancient warrior seemed to have evaporated from the universe and never appeared again . ”


Frieza’s tail struck the reinforced floor, causing it to crack . Frieza coldly snorted and his voice became indifferent and full of killing intent . “Continue to look for him . Even if you have to turn the entire Galaxy upside down, you must find him,” Frieza icily commanded . The ancient warrior was like a sharp thorn in his heart, so if he doesn’t destroy him, Frieza would feel as if a fishbone was stuck in his throat .

Although he didn’t attach importance to the ancient warrior anymore due to the great improvement of his strength, Frieza would not allow any possibility of a mishap occurring because the ancient warrior will also likely become stronger .

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“Yes!” Dodoria’s expression abruptly turned stern, his pink skin trembling .


Somewhere else on an unknown planet .



A few energy waves rapidly shot out, converging together to form a blue lustre in the spacious sky . After firing the energy wave, Vegeta stomped the earth with great strength, causing a large hole to split open on . Meanwhile, Vegeta quickly appeared in front of the energy wave and put up a defensive posture .


The energy wave struck his body and produced an enormous explosion . After some time, the dense black smoke dispersed, and Vegeta appeared without any damage . The Battle Armor on his body had been charred black, and it was cracked in some places .

Vegeta stared at the protruding hill a hundred meters away .

Vegeta’s eyes flashed with a bright light, and suddenly, powerful energy erupted from his body, creating debris from the explosion .

Wave-like undulations suddenly appeared on the solid ground, and at the instant when the imposing aura was erupting, dark ravines suddenly split open the ground .


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The earth sank, revealing a shattered region ​​100 meters in diameter .

At the same time, Vegeta raised his hands over his head and gave a loud cry towards the sky, “Ah!!” As he screamed, energy burst out from his body and formed a huge energy ball; the energy ball glowed brilliantly . At this moment, Vegeta seemed to have turned into a dazzling new star . The debris on the ground slowly broke free from gravity and floated around Vegeta .

“Final Flash!”

With hands wide open, vigorous energy shot all around with Vegeta as the centre . A large airflow condensed together to form a circular vacuum field .

Huge energy balls were rapidly tossed out like a roaring dragon, mercilessly swallowing everything around it . The high-purity energy produced an extremely high temperature, immediately melting the lumps of iron on the surface . The powerful shockwaves swept across the rugged ground, causing grating noises due to friction .


A frightening mushroom cloud rose, and as if stars had exploded, the sun lost its splendour .

After a long time, the tyrannical energy gradually subsided .

Thousands of meters away from Vegeta, a giant ring-shaped crater with an unknown depth and a diameter of 1km had appeared . Inside the crater, molten lava was flowing, and wisps of black smoke were floating above it . In the surroundings of the crater, a devastated zone—stretching for several kilometres—appeared .

Looking at the land destroyed by his Ki, Vegeta laughed wildly .

Then, Vegeta calmed down and mused, ‘This is only one-tenth of my strength . It has no doubt improved a lot, but it is still far from enough when compared with Frieza . I’ll rest for a while then continue to train!’

Compared to Frieza’s Battle Power of 530,000, Vegeta was still far away, but even if he couldn’t compare with Super Saiyan at present, he is at least a step closer .

Thinking of this, Vegeta’s mouth curled into a smile . Then, he lay on the vast land and faced the sky .Please download our sponsor's game to support us!

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