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Chapter 38 Almost completed

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The sun and moon turned and time passed. In the blink of an eye, seven days had passed.

During these seven days, Xiaya flew over to every mainland on this planet. Almost no powerful living beings discovered by him could escape the fate of destruction. If he went to Other World, then he would surely go to hell. Ah, this doesn’t conform to his original intentions.

Still, that dried up riverbed, the seven massive craters made by the spacecrafts landing were still there. Xiaya moved up the leg support and sat on top of the white chassis of the spacecraft and waited for a while, as the team members had not assembled yet.

Under the scorching sun, the air’s temperature had reached fifty degrees. Therefore, he send a signal to every of his team member using the communication device. He then entered the spacecraft alone to rest, as the temperature inside was constant.

About ten minutes later, all six team members returned to the riverside.

After returning, several people greeted Xiaya and then they continued to chat. It seemed that they had also discovered that the aboriginals use of energy here was rough. Especially Bailey and Lydia, their faces were glowing while dancing with joy unceasingly. It could be seen that their mood was very good.

When they had received the intermediate mission, the two of them were the most nervous among everyone. But after fighting for several days, they had obviously recovered their confidence.

“Lydia, I am telling you. I had single-handedly killed a lot of primitive aboriginals this time with Battle Power up to 800, at least twenty or thirty. He he, Uncle Bailey really is not to be underestimated.” The tall and sturdy Bailey brandished his clenched fist around, feeling complacent about his victory.

Lydia, who was relatively thin, curled his lips and disdainfully said: “Tch, only you would be satisfied with such small achievements, as expected of the useless Bailey… I think if it were not for Anastasia’s protection at that time, you would have long been scared witless!”

“Who, who said that, I had personally killed an aboriginal of Battle Power 850 at that time, 850 ah! If you don’t, believe me, you can ask Anastasia, right?” Bailey face turned red and retorted before asking Anastasia.

Anastasia turned away, not looking.

“Ha ha ha, look, your secret is revealed!” Lydia laughed as if winning over Bailey was something amazing.

Bailey spat out unconvinced and angrily said: “No need to say anything about me, haven’t you also relied on Angeline, what’s so great about that. A few years ago, your uncle was able to beat you black and blue.”

“Humph, it’s not the same. I am evenly matched with Angeline’s Battle Power. We can easily coordinate with each other and that is called cooperation, as for you, you are just a hindrance.” Lydia proudly said.

At this time Shaque somewhat couldn’t stand it anymore. In any case, as they are acquaintances who came out from the same batch. They are simply making him lose face in front of the new captain. So he snorted and coldly said: “Do you think you are so amazing, ah. You lot still haven’t matured a little. You are simply a disgrace among Saiyan’s. ”

At this time, both Bailey and Lydia didn’t say anything. Shaque’s prestige was built up from the training camp, and as long as he spoke, they didn’t even dare to breathe.

Anastasia’s eyes flashed with a bright light, her beautiful eyes looked towards Xiaya: “Captain, what are we going to do next, are we going to exterminate the primitive tribes here at one go?

After thinking for a moment, Xiaya said: “Well, obviously the aboriginals of Planet D

alia have not mastered the use of energy. This is our biggest advantage. Even Bailey can kill opponents single-handedly who surpasses his Battle Power. We need to make good use of this. ”

“But why did Mission Administration Office assigned this mission as a mid-level mission? I do not think it is up to standard!”

Angeline was a relatively gentle and quiet female Saiyan with a very flexible mind. She will usually not speak much, but often could grasp the crux of the topic.

“He He, it is very easy to understand since the Aliens probing the levels of the planet will likely not enter the surface of the planet personally. They only use energy detectors to probe from outer space and will naturally not know the detailed information of the planet! Hence, the mission level was set so high. We are really lucky this time.”

Anastasia mischievously smiled, at this moment the young girl’s delicate and adorable side was clearly visible without a doubt. But if someone really regarded her as an ordinary weak girl, then the Saiyan’s violent side would certainly make it unforgettable for him for a lifetime.

“Xiaya, what to do next?” Xiling stared at him and asked.

Xiaya propped his chin on one hand and said: “At the moment it seems we have the absolute advantage. A few days ago we had destroyed the vast majority of lone aboriginals and small primitive tribes, followed by some big tribes. But the difficulty level of carrying out the mission will comparatively increase by a lot from now on. ”

“How about this, I’ll be a group with Xiling, and you five will be a single group. I want you to destroy all the primitive tribes on Planet Dalia within five days!”

Xiaya coldly issued the mission instructions.


All the Saiyan’s seriously accepted the orders, and then proceeded towards the direction of the few primitive tribes gathered in large numbers, from the data shown on the energy detector.

After the five of them left, Xiaya and Xiling traveled together for a while before they separated. Previously, the two of them had divided into a group just to conceal their strength. But with their strength, they do not need to act together.

“Xiling, you will go to north, where more than 300 Auras are gathered together. Oh, right and if you’re going to use energy exceeding 1000 Battle Power, you’d better turn the detector off,” Before leaving, Xiaya exhorted, deeply concerned.

“Got it!” Xiling softly responded without turning her head and then accelerated towards north.

Looking at her disappearing direction, Xiaya laughed, and then also changed direction proceeding towards his target.

With regards to the difficulty level of Planet Dalia’s extermination mission’s, it had appeared huge, but when it was really executed, whether it’s Xiaya or Shaque both were pleasantly surprised.

So it turns out that this mission was not at all difficult ah! Xiaya’s heart was calm as still water, mouth slightly curling upward. Because he can save a lot of time all of a sudden and wouldn’t have to waste too much time on this barren planet.

Saiyan Squads execute their missions like this. They would first form a team and then the mission will be coordinated by the Mission Administration Office; select the team members, select a suitable person to act as captain, and after the mission, the captain will have certain autonomous authority for choosing missions.

Thus, Xiaya as the captain of a Saiyan Squad, can choose the appropriate mission according to his needs after completing Planet Dalia’s mission.

This is not much of use for normal Saiyan Squad’s, at most will have to issue strength and execution schedule once for executing missions. After all, every mission is not related to fighting ah! Saiyan’s only want to enjoy the pleasure of fighting when they can, but Xiaya is not the same, he has his goals to pursue, hoping to become strong as soon as possible.

And fortunately, there are several methods to become strong in his mind.

Chapter 39 Adri’s Squad Members

Translator- DM

After coming out from the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, Xiaya’s Battle Power had broken through to more than 12,000 and after more than one year of steady accumulation, he has already made his foundation extremely solid so it was time to release his potential again to break through.

Now he urgently needs a Gravity Machine, preferably which should also be able to change the parameters of temperature, pressure, gravity and more at the same time.

This requires the help of a high-tech civilization. Although Planet Vegeta also has many Alien experts in technology, he naturally doesn’t dare to use them, because they were not loyal to Frieza but instead to King Vegeta. Perhaps when the Gravity Room is built, the next moment they will sell me out.

“Gravity Room must be built as soon as possible, so I have to choose the next mission to a planet which has to do with high technology!”

Xiaya’s hand covered his temples, gently kneading and pinching few times.

With so many Senzu Beans in his hand, it would be too wasteful to not train in a Gravity Room. Senzu Beans coupled with a Gravity Machine and his Saiyan physique, Xiaya could already see his strength advancing by leaps and bounds.

Heart burning with a fervent desire, he couldn’t wait to immediately finish the mission and return to Planet Vegeta.

Five days later, the same place where the spaceship landed.

Several Saiyan’s looks together. At this time, they had already completed Planet Dalia’s extermination mission. Now, there was no living being left on this planet with more than 100 Battle Power.

Although only ten plus days have passed, they had gone through countless large and small battles. As Planet Dalia is close to intermediate level. The enemies Shaque and others faced were not much weaker than them. So after battling for numerous times, even though it was threatening but it was not dangerous, their Battle Power actually increased.

Bailey, who had the lowest Battle Power among them has also reached 810 Battle Power, increasing by 70. And the strongest Shaque also directly broke through to 1030 Battle Power which is mainly related to him choosing strong opponents.

A few days can have such an increase, the several Saiyan’s were feeling extremely good. Even Lydia and Bailey who were always competing, showing off and fighting with each other were joking like good buddies.

Xiaya looked at everyone with satisfaction. After seeing everyone’s glowing faces, and talking and laughing with each other, he couldn’t help but faintly smile. “Well, now that the mission was successfully completed and everyone’s Battle Power has also increased. We should return to Planet Vegeta! ”

“Yes, it’s time to go back.”

“Captain, ah! You have to choose a better mission next time, you know previously I was worried about dying … … afraid of not being able to complete the mission!” Bailey pleaded.

“He he!”

“I have no requirements for the mission. I am only looking forward to doing the next mission with captain.” Anastasia looked up with a smile, her beautiful hair fluttering in the wind and the slender figure caused the beautiful and seductive smile to appear somewhat mature.

Angeline quietly stood to the side, not speaking. The sweltering air caused her cheeks to sweat, but her glittering eyes, however, showed that she was also looking forward to the next mission.

“Hehe, rest assure, the next mission will certainly not make you feel disappointed.” Xiaya smiled and leaped to the spherical spaceship located in the center of the crater. The spaceships were half-buried amidst the slit, and as its surface couldn’t bear the roughness, it had burned black in some places.

“Let’s go! To Planet Vegeta!”

Xiling cheered and jumped down.

The rest of the people looked at each other, and also entered their spaceship’s one by one. Soon afterward, the seven white spaceships soared to the sky and within few seconds directly accelerated to high speed, and exited the restrictions of Planet Dalia’s gravity, flying deeper and deeper into the quiet depths of the universe.

A month later, Planet Vegeta.

Bright starlight, the sky was full of stars hanging high above.

At this time, on one side of Planet Vegeta amidst the dim light of night, Xiaya Squad’s seven people came out from the Space Port and went straight towards the nearest Mission Administration Office.

It was still the same hemispherical three-story building and the same vile mannered Jetonian. After submitting the mission report of Planet Dalia, the Squad’s members were intending to separate.

“Captain, I live in the northern part of the city district. If you wish to contact me, directly informing me with the communicator will be enough.” Before leaving, Shaque earnestly said. After completing this mission he was completely convinced of Xiaya being the captain, who was three years younger than him.

Not everyone in Saiyan race has leadership quality. The Saiyan, who is truly capable of being in command, not only has to reach some standard in strength but also has to be calm and cool-headed at least. It’s obvious that Xiaya had an extremely precise grasp of acting properly start to finish, and the captain who understands strategies is the key factor for a Squad to be long-lasting.

“Ah, Angeline and I live nearby, its very close to captain’s home!” Anastasia tidied up her Battle Armor and said, while reaching out her hand to hook around Angeline’s neck.

“En!” Angeline said in a low voice as usual.

Only Lydia grumbled and said: “Only I live the furthest. I still have to fly for a long time …”

“Haha, then goodbye everyone. I will contact you again at the time of the next mission.” Xiaya laughed and held Xiling’s hand before bidding goodbye to everyone, and then flew towards the house.

Because it is already nighttime, the whole residential area was especially quiet. Except the flickering of bright lights in the dark, it only has insects rustling and delicate humming sound.

When I got home, I was surprised to discover that the lights in the hall were still ON. In addition to Adri and Rebecca in the living room, there were also two men and two women, four Saiyan’s inside!

He recognized these several Saiyan’s, who were previous members of Adri Squad. According to seniority, Xiaya should call them uncle and aunt.

Rebecca looked in surprise at the returning Xiaya and Xiling and asked, “Didn’t you go to carry out the mid-level mission? Why did you come back so soon?”

“Of course, we had already completed the mission!” Xiling proudly said, and then shouted towards the four Saiyan in the room: “Uncle Brook, Aunt Lise …”

“Uncle Palladi, Aunt Alice, hello!”

Xiaya said hello to the four people. They used to be the members of Adri Squad and after it disbanded, most of them started working in the training camp. They were people who could be definitely be trusted.

Originally, Adri Squad had 13 members. But years ago, during a mission many years ago they were ambushed by hostile forces and suffered heavy losses, six members were killed and four were seriously wounded. The deceased Saiyan also included Xiaya’s parents. Squad’s casualties were more than half, so Adri disbanded the Squad later.

“Aiya, little Xiaya, and Xiling are already so big now. Ah, I had heard that you returned after completing the survival mission, and didn’t have the time to see you. I didn’t think that you both would have grown so big.” Alice walked over and hugged the two of them.

Alice is a petite female Saiyan with a slender body and had long hair tied in silk ribbon. As Saiyan has a long adolescence period, she still looks like a lively young girl in her thirties.

She seems to want to express her care, but she behaves in a straightforward and direct manner. If placed on earth of his previous life, she would naturally be regarded as a tomboy.

“Wuu, Aunt Alice!” Xiling cried unhappily. Pressed against Alice’s two soft meat on her chest was causing her some difficulty in breathing.

“Heh heh!” Alice laughed for some seconds and then let her go, while one hand still holding tightly onto her shoulder.

Other people also greeted warmly. Brook who was like an iceberg only nodded grimly which could be considered as his greetings towards them.

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