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Chapter 371: 371
“I should first take a look at Korin Tower . Since the world has already been created, its creator must want to have a certain level of understanding of the world through observation, meaning that the person must be hiding . ” Xiaya thought for a moment and decided to first head over to Korin Tower .

Xiaya knew that for such a person to be capable of manipulating the red crystal to create a fragmented world, then he/she would certainly not be weak . However, Xiaya did not sense any powerful aura on this Earth .

“Maybe this person is hiding or has entered a dimensional space like the Demon Realm . ”

Xiaya didn’t ponder much and directly flew towards Korin Tower .

The distant Sacred Land of Korin . In the current era, the world of martial arts was flourishing . In just a few years, several people had already climbed to the top of the Korin Tower, and some people had even been recognized by Korin, thereby gaining entry into the Lookout to train .

Xiu! Xiu! Xiu!

Xiaya pushed aside the frigid wind with his aura as he flew towards the top of the Korin Tower, reaching the peak in a matter of seconds .

At this moment, Korin sensed a powerful aura approaching the Tower’s peak; however, his whole body was locked by the strange aura, leaving him immovable .

“Who has come to Earth? He is coming over here… Here he is!” Korin’s voice just fell when a golden figure came into his view .

As he sensed the vast aura emitted by Xiaya, Korin’s forehead dripped with beads of sweat; he cautiously asked, “Your Excellency, who are you?”

Xiaya scrutinized Korin as he mused, ‘Even if it is just a fragmented world, the earth seems to have its system, and it does not appear to be in chaos because it is a small world . Whether it is the Underworld’s reincarnation or Demon Realm, both seem to have been revised along with the size of the world . ’

‘This must be because worlds with incomplete rules and regulations cannot be born at all, and even if they are born, they will collapse in an instant . ’

’This is the mystery of the rules and regulations of the universe… how wonderful!‘

“Immortal Korin, have you sensed some strange or evil aura appearing on Earth at the top of the tower?”

“Uhh… no!” Korin answered honestly .

“No?” Xiaya knitted his eyebrows and suddenly looked up at the second floor of Korin Tower . There was another person training, a martial artist that had climbed Korin Tower .

“Who is that above?”

Korin immediately answered, “It is a martial artist who just climbed the Korin Tower called Master Mutaito . ”

Xiaya was surprised and nodded . He mused, ‘Since Master Mutaito is here, he can confirm the current era . As Master Mutaito is still young, I don’t know when King Piccolo will appear . ’

“Oh, by the way, hasn’t Earth’s Kami been replaced?”

“Uhh, not yet… but currently, there are two successors who are competing for Kami’s position . ” Korin didn’t know why the person in front of him was asking something irrelevant, but he didn’t dare to be neglectful .

“There are two successors? Alright . ” Xiaya nodded .

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‘Before King Piccolo appeared, the Namekian had not yet inherited Kami’s position . It seems that someone is competing with him for Kami’s position . ’

‘He seems to be called Garlic, but after he lost, he degraded to a demon and threatened to come back for revenge after three hundred years . However, Garlic died a natural death three hundred years later, and his son—Garlic Jr . —led his subordinates to attack the Lookout; but in the end, Goku and Piccolo forced him into the Dead Zone he created and permanently sealed him inside . ’

‘Wait…’ A bright light flashed in Xiaya’s mind as if he had grasped something .
‘The person who used the red crystal to create a fragmented world wouldn’t be Garlic Jr . , right?’

’As a high-end demon, Garlic Jr . ’s strength should be sufficient to activate the red crystal!’

Xiaya’s eyes narrowed, and an icy aura erupted out from his entire body . The boundless and majestic aura turned into a whirlwind churning above Korin Tower . As a result, the objects in the surroundings were blown away .

Korin’s mouth opened wide in amazement . The air chilled as if tens of refrigerators had been turned on together, causing Korin to shiver .

After a long while, Xiaya realized that his aura was too strong, so he restrained it and said, “Train Master Mutaito well . Maybe, in the future, a catastrophe will occur in the human world . ”

Xiaya gave a little warning to Korin, and regardless of whether Korin understood or not, he took a step and flew even higher, above the Lookout .

Heavenly Realm, Lookout .

As always, except for a few clouds floating in the vast and empty sky, there was nothing else here .

Xiaya penetrated through the clouds and landed on a slab . In the distance, he saw two strangely dressed people sitting upright on the ground, meditating . Among the two people, one had greenish-blue skin and the other was the familiar Namekian .

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They were Garlic and the Namekian who hadn’t separated into King Piccolo .
This young Namekian was as good as Nail; his talent was extremely high, and he was currently even more powerful than the Kami of later generations .

‘In order to be a Kami, he divided into two, wasting such excellent latent talent for no reason . Is it worth it?’ Xiaya only sighed with regret and turned his gaze to another person . ‘He is Garlic, Garlic Jr . ’s father . As long as I watch him, Garlic Jr . will surely appear sooner or later . ’

At this time, Mr . Popo came over and said to Xiaya, “Mister, do you have Korin’s token?”

Xiaya felt amused . Mr . Popo was taking him as Kami’s challenger . Xiaya shook his head, sat directly on the ground and said, “I have not come to challenge Kami… I am just waiting here for someone . ”

“OK!” Mr . Popo nodded and stopped caring about him .

Mr . Popo’s mission was to guard the Lookout and look after Kami . Since Xiaya had not come to challenge Kami, unless he creates trouble, Mr . Popo wouldn’t care at all .

Xiaya waited on the Lookout for three days .

Three days later, Kami appeared . He was an old man with a long beard who wore a divine robe . He looked kind and energetic . Xiaya glanced at Kami and closed his eyes again . A being with a Battle power around two hundred was not enough to arouse Xiaya’s attention .

“Garlic, go back . There is a lot of darkness hidden in your heart… I won’t choose you as Kami,” As he said this, Kami glanced at Xiaya . He couldn’t see through the blonde-haired and green-eyed youth in front of him .

Then, Kami turned to the Namekian and said, “You, come with me… You’ll live in the Lookout from now on . ”

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“Yes!” The young Namekian responded sincerely .

Garlic’s face was gloomy as rage accumulated in his heart; he snarled, “Kami, why did you choose this nameless guy? Only I qualify as the best successor!”

The human Kami stopped and said indifferently, “The darkness in your heart has already affected your personality . Also, why haven’t you left yet?”

After saying that, a powerful aura pressed down on Garlic, causing his complexion to alternate between green and white; meanwhile, Garlic’s rage continued to accumulate, on the verge of erupting .

However, this place was after all the Lookout, so Garlic did not dare to be reckless and chose to give up .

“Humph! You’d better bear in mind that sooner or later, I’ll be back . Kami’s position can only be mine…” After spitting out fierce words, Garlic immediately planned to leave the Lookout .

However, at this moment, an indifferent and dark voice echoed in the vast space, as if it was accompanied by a low whisper from the abyss purgatory, giving out a very oppressive feeling .

“Father, you are giving up so easily? This trifling Kami’s position, let me—Garlic Jr . —take it!”

Sensing that an immense dark aura had arrived on the Lookout, the human Kami’s countenance drastically changed; he shouted in a stern voice, “Demon Realm vermin, you dare to invade the Lookout? You are not afraid of the wrath of the gods?”

“Gods? Hahaha… Just by the Kami of this little world, you want to scare me, Garlic Jr?”

The sound just fell, and a greenish-blue colored shadow carrying a sinister and bloody aura stepped onto the Lookout . The moment Garlic Jr . landed, the entire Lookout fiercely trembled .

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