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Chapter 370
Xiaya looked at the bright red crystal gem in front of him, furrowing his eyebrows as he mused, ’Can this unremarkable gem really create a fragmented world?’ Xiaya knew that creating a fragmented world would require meticulous operations . With a little carelessness, not only would the fragmented world not be produced, but space would also collapse .

Xiaya asked the Supreme Kai of Time, “What is this crystal? To think that it can produce a fragmented world . ”

The Supreme Kai of Time was silent for a while before a dispirited voice came . “I also don’t know what it is; maybe it was just created, but I am sure it can cause Earth to produce a similar fragmented world . ”

“Damn it! It must be the people of the Demon Realm who developed this crystal . ”

The Supreme Kai of Time’s voice was indignant and full of anger . The people of the Demon Realm do this not only to destroy the rules and regulations of the universe but also to increase her workload .

“Then I will immediately destroy it . ”

“Be careful, this crystal can create a fragmented world . If you find anything odd, you’d better be careful,” Supreme Kai of Time exhorted .

Xiaya nodded . He knew that the crystal could split a fragmented world from Universe 7 and even the multiverse, so the energy contained in it would certainly not be small . If it wasn’t handled carefully, the entire Demon Realm and even Earth could disappear instantly .

Xiaya carefully controlled the space-time ability and wrapped it around the mysterious crystal, and then, he exerted a little strength .


The crystal cracked, and as a result, the power inside the crystal seemed to have lost its equilibrium and suddenly began to erupt .

The power was like a torrential river, incessantly surging . Even with his current strength, Xiaya couldn’t suppress it for a moment .

“Not good!” Xiaya’s countenance drastically changed, and a cold light flashed in his eyes . Instantly, he transformed into Super Saiyan 2 mode . Silver-white electric arcs intertwined around his body, and the output of space-time energy in his hand suddenly increased by several times .

However, it could only suppress the energy that erupted .

“Such berserk space-time energy . ”

Xiaya muttered in his heart, his eyes staring at the red crystal not far away with seriousness; he summoned every ounce of his strength to send out energy . Finally, in the collision of power, the crystal gradually lost the battle and inevitably shattered into sand-like granules, before dispersing with the wind .

At this time, Supreme Kai of Time cried out in alarm, “This crystal is a special material that was formed using space-time energy… Do the people of the Demon Realm already know how to develop such a thing? It’s not good… if this kind of crystal can be mass-produced, won’t they be able to create fragmented worlds at will?”

“This is a serious violation of the rules and regulations of the universe . ” The Supreme Kai of Time was fuming with rage as if someone had destroyed her favorite toy .

Xiaya was shocked . He asked, “Creating a fragmented world at will! It shouldn’t be so serious, right?”

“Maybe it’s more serious than this . This incident may just be the first test of the crystal, but this is far from good . That Towa! She is creating a big problem for me again! Xiaya, I will give you the coordinates of the newly formed fragmented world . You need to go inside and have a look . Destroy anything dangerous inside while I go and contact the Time Realm…”

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A bolt of purple lightning came straight from the sky . Xiaya knew that it was the coordinates that the Supreme Kai of Time passed to him .

“Time Realm? Maybe it’s the Divine Realm in charge of Time?” Xiaya shook his head as he heard another unfamiliar term .

‘Similar to Zeno of the multiverse who stood at the peak of all the universes, but only for the Space department; But for the Time department, Time Realm may be the apex!’

‘The status of the Time Realm may be higher than the world in which Zeno is located . After all, every time there is a change in the timeline, it will create a brand new multiverse with a complete set of Zeno system . In the time aspect, Time Realm still stands above Zeno . ’

‘However, each of them performs their respective duties . Perhaps, Zeno’s world is on par with the Time Realm…’
‘Time and space, each has its existence, but they all exist in a unified way and are indispensable to each other . Maybe, at a higher level, Zeno is also an existence who is the only one in all the worlds . ’

‘In the later stages, Dragon Ball World is truly a unified and complete world,’ Xiaya speculated .

“But what does thinking about it have to do with me?” Xiaya laughed at himself . These things were still very far away from him . Moreover, he had to first finish his current mission .

Looking at the information in the Time Ring, Xiaya triggered the space-time energy in his body with his full strength and suddenly felt the urge to soar into the sky .

Xiaya’s body turned into a ray of light which suddenly passed through the universe barrier and entered the colorful space . There, three giant deep-blue multiverse space were close to each other . Each space had twelve colourful water polo balls which were grouped in pairs, dependent on each other .

In the Multiverse where Xiaya was located, he found the location of Universe 7, with large and small crystal fragments drifting around Universe 7; each fragment represented a miniature incomplete world .

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According to the coordinates given by Chronoa, the Supreme Kai of Time, Xiaya entered one of the very small worlds .


As if he were passed through a layer of water membrane, Xiaya found himself in another world .

Surrounded by pitch-dark outer space, the sparkling starlight was like the glow of fireflies in the summer night, blurry yet unignorable .
“This world is very small . ” Xiaya first determined .

The fragmented world was not very big . In his senses, Xiaya could only sense the existence of the solar system, and beyond that, all the starlight seemed to be embedded in a black spherical curtain, which was unreal . The starlight was the projection of Universe 7, and only the solar system at the center was real .

Xiaya stopped in outer space for a while and then flew towards Earth .

Earth was very close, so Xiaya soon landed on it . He looked at the people walking by but found that the earthlings in this time were very backward in technology . No, it was simply the ancient times .

“Is the Earth in this world still in ancient times? I don’t know how many years have passed since the beginning of the . ”

Xiaya leisurely walked on the muddy and hard road . His dress, which was out of tune with the times, made him stand out among the crowd, attracting the attention of the people around him . Xiaya ignored them and arrived at a restaurant . He ordered some side dishes and ate by himself .

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However, the cuisine of this era was very simple, far less luxurious than those of the future .

After eating a little, Xiaya began to attentively listen to the conversations of the people sitting on the table next to him, trying to determine the current era . Ordinarily, places like restaurants, teahouses, and others were the most suitable locations to gather information .

However, Xiaya did not get any useful information; perhaps, because of the backward era, the information was difficult to obtain . The people in the restaurant were talking about all the trivial things of their towns .

Xiaya was prepared to pay the bills and leave when a piece of news entered his ear .

“Hey, have you heard? The famous Master Nanlin climbed the Korin Tower not long ago, and after receiving guidance from Immortal Korin, he now plans to open a school in Orin Mountain . ”

“Oh, I know about it, it seems to be called Orin Temple…”

“Master Nanlin is a great martial arts master . His school will definitely be very prosperous . ” As the people in the restaurant talked about Master Nanlin, they talked non-stop with their eyes filled with reverence .

“Master Nanlin, Orin Temple?”

Xiaya was stunned as he muttered, “Orin Temple has just been founded . It seems that there are still some years before the start of the storyline!”

Xiaya knew that the Orin Temple was founded three or four hundred years ago, and perhaps, even Master Mutaito had not yet grown up in the current era .Please download our sponsor's game to support us!

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