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Chapter 359

In the Kamei forest, Xiaya, Xiling and Myers stood waiting for the Shaque squad to arrive; they had been waiting for a long time . After a while, Shaque and the other members of the squad appeared in their line of sight . Upon arrival, Lydia yelled, “Leader Xiaya, why are you looking for us?” After inquiring, he politely bowed to Xiling and Myers .

Xiaya calmly looked at him and lightly waved his hand, indicating for him to calm down, and then together with Shaque and the others, he landed on the ground . Xiaya regarded the seven members of the Shaque’s Squad quite well . Each of them had a Battle Power of more than 30,000, and Shaque—the most powerful member of the squad—had a Battle Power of 112,000 .

With such strength, they were worthy of being the number one team in the Special Battle Squadron!

Xiaya smiled and nodded slightly . He then calmly said, “I asked you to come over because I have an idea that I want to test on you . I call it the Super Saiyan God state . ”

Super Saiyan God?

Shaque and the other members of the squad stared blankly with puzzled expressions .

They knew about the Super Saiyan state as Xiaya, Myers and Xiling were all Super Saiyans . However, they had never heard of anything like Super Saiyan God . In fact, on the entire Planet Hongshan, perhaps only Xiaya know about the Super Saiyan God state, and he was only aware of it because of his previous life’s memories .

Then, Xiaya told them the meaning of Super Saiyan God .

After listening to Xiaya, Shaque and the squad members were astonished . At this moment they learned that in addition to the Super Saiyan state, Saiyans could still enhance their strength through other transformation methods . The Super Saiyan God state wasn’t similar to a Saiyan’s initial stage of Great Ape transformation; instead, it was an even more significant state .

“But Xiaya, although the Super Saiyan God state seems to be very powerful, we don’t know how to attain it!” The Shaque squad members didn’t even know what they should take note of, so how could they try it?

“Don’t worry!” Xiaya had already thought of this problem . There were seven crystal dragon balls on the ground which Xiaya had taken out from the dimensional space long ago .

“According to my understanding, five pure-hearted Saiyans have to inject their power and thoughts into the body of another Saiyan to create a Super Saiyan God . You can give it a try . If it doesn’t work, I can only seek help from Shenron . ”

If possible, Xiaya didn’t want to use the dragon balls, but the significance of the Super Saiyan God state was immense; so, he would have no choice but to rely on the power of dragon balls if their tests don’t produce fruits .

“Um? Shenron?” Shaque stared blankly . He didn’t recognize the object that Xiaya held in his hand .

The information related to dragon balls was only known to a few people on Planet Hongshan .

“In short, you should try your best,” Myers rudely interrupted their reverie as she said . She was eager to see what a Super Saiyan God looked like .

“Yeah!” The members of the Shaque squad nodded .

Next, under Xiaya’s guidance, Anastasia, Angeline, Lydia, Bailey, and Ewin stepped forward and began to inject their powers into Shaque’s body, but because they were not able to understand the trick of it, they failed one each attempt . Brief flashes of brilliance flickered a few times, and all the power fizzled out . Shaque did not transform into Super Saiyan God .

Xiaya muttered to himself . His brain was working overtime to find their faults . “There must be something wrong… You all should continue . ”

Super Saiyan God, as the name implied, referred to a “God” . The Saiyans who were responsible for merging their powers had to be kind-hearted, or else a “demon” would appear instead of a “god” .

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Another point was that when Saiyans merge their powers, their hearts must be connected, and their willpower had to be shared to increase the fusion and enhancement of their powers . In ancient times, Saiyans fused successfully because they worked together when facing powerful enemies, as well as many coincidences . Xiaya didn’t have too much information, so he could only experiment little by little .

“Not good, your beliefs are not merged . ”

“This time is a little better, but the strength is not enough . There are a few Tree of Might’s fruits here, so you should replenish your vitality first . ”

Shaque and the others experimented constantly . They were not aware of the number of times they had attempted the fusion . After experimenting from daytime to evening and from night to the next day, their faces were covered with beads of sweat .

Finally, after repeated failures, their experiment yielded result .

When Anastasia and the others poured their powers into Shaque’s body, a lightning bolt suddenly flashed in the sky, followed by a golden lightning bolt . Then, colorful rays of light penetrated through the clouds, and a mysterious aura shrouded the entire sky, washing away the golden light rays .

“Successful!” Xiaya shouted, and then stared at Shaque with an expectant look .

As the golden rays of light shone, Shaque’s body involuntarily floated into the sky, and a mysterious and sacred aura rushed in . Soon after, a light blue halo burst out, and unlike the flaming aura that appeared during the Super Saiyan transformation, this was more of a gentle flame which was like thin mist .

Suddenly, the light-blue halo began to take on a red hue, and after a while, it gradually turned into a red cloud .

Shaque’s appearance also changed . His hair and pupils turned red, and then, the powerful aura surrounding his body suddenly disappeared, making him seem like an ordinary human .

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Shaque’s state was also enhanced .

“Right, right… This is the appearance of a Super Saiyan God; no aura, no flames, and an entire body enveloped in a red halo,” Xiaya continuously screamed . There was uncontrollable excitement in his voice .

Xiaya knew that the current Shaque, who was in Super Saiyan God State, was in a very mysterious state . Shaque’s life level was rapidly increasing because he reached the realm of Gods with the body of a mortal .

After some time passed, Shaque completely adapted to the Super Saiyan God State and was pleasantly surprised .

“Shaque, let me test your strength!”

Xiaya called out to him and immediately transformed into the Super Saiyan state . However, he did not bring out his full power and only used strength similar to the Super Saiyan First Grade .

If he didn’t fight, Xiaya wouldn’t know the specific strength of a Super Saiyan God .

“Okay!” Shaque laughed and leaped towards Xiaya, and then begun to fight .

Bang! Bang! Bang!

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Golden flashes of light accompanied by red smoke continuously appeared in the sky . Besides Xiling and Myers, the rest could not see the fight clearly; a fact which left Anastasia and the members of the squad feeling even more astonished . It must be known that despite being strong before, Shaque was not much stronger than them; so, how could he fight equally with Xiaya in the blink of an eye?

The spectators stared, unblinking, at the battle with wide eyes; they were afraid of missing even a little detail .

In the clear sky, white clouds were drifting about .

Xiaya and Shaque were chaotically fighting one moment and streaking through the sky the next, as illusory afterimages covered the whole sky .


Shaque was sent flying, with blood splashing out of a wound that appeared on his body . However, dense flames suddenly burst out, and under a colorful glow, the wound surprisingly healed .

Xiaya’s eyes lit up, and he loudly shouted repeatedly, “Excellent healing power! That’s worth the title of Super Saiyan God!”

Then, Xiaya engaged Shaque in battle once again . After rounds of battle, Xiaya had roughly figured out Shaque’s strength in the Super Saiyan God state .

Right now, Shaque’s strength had not yet reached the threshold of a normal Super Saiyan’s Battle Power . After all, Shaque’s main body’s Battle Power was not high . According to his estimation, Shaque’s Battle Power in the Super Saiyan God state was about 77 million . This was about 700 times larger than that of his Normal State .

This was similar to the figures in Xiaya’s mind . The Super Saiyan God state was 400 times more powerful than the Super Saiyan 3 .

More importantly, the Super Saiyan God state scarcely had any burden on the body . Moreover, a Saiyan’s life level and state could even be improved by frequently entering the Super Saiyan God state . Compared to the Super Saiyan state, The Super Saiyan God state was much more outstanding .

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