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Chapter 355
Tarble, who was standing by the side, stared at all this with a dumbfounded expression . He knew his brother’s personality all too well . Thus, when he witnessed Myers speaking rudely to Vegeta, he knew that his brother would get angry, and what happened later confirmed his judgment . As predicted, Vegeta started a fight, but Tarble did not expect that his brother, the Saiyan Prince Vegeta, would be sent flying by Myers with one punch .

To Tarble, it felt like he got hit on his face!

“Brother, Miss Myers, please don’t fight!” Tarble reacted, and hurriedly shouted anxiously . However, would Myers easily stop this one-sided beating? As for the weaker party, Vegeta, his haughty nature also prompted him to not give up easily . He was sent flying repeatedly, and each time, he would still relentlessly rush forward just to be sent flying again .

“Mr . Xiaya… ” Tarble had no choice but to ask Xiaya for help .

Xiaya nodded and said, “Myers, don’t make trouble . ”

Myers laughed, skipped back to Xiaya’s side and said, “I was just teaching him a lesson . Who told him to be born with a talent higher than mine . ”

“So, should I also give you a beating?” Xiaya felt it somewhat ridiculous . Could it be that just because Vegeta was more talented than Myers, she was allowed to teach him a lesson? There were not many in this world with a talent higher than Myers, so would she teach each one of them a lesson?

Myers said in dissatisfaction, “You… didn’t you already spank me when we were on Planet Vegeta?”

“You still remember it?”

Xiaya joked with Myers as he recalled the first time he encountered, the God of Destruction, Beerus; back then, Xiaya ruthlessly spanked Myers, creating a scene which Myers remembered perfectly in her heart .

Just as they were talking and laughing, Vegeta heard Myers’ name and suddenly felt a sense of familiarity .

“I seem to have heard this name, Myers, somewhere . Maybe she was very famous on Planet Vegeta,” Vegeta frowned and muttered . He felt angry at the blatant disregard from Xiaya and others, but he did not act rashly .

The experience and instincts he gained from battling against various enemies for a long time prompted him that the strangers were extremely powerful . If he moved even an inch, it would bring about very bad results . Such a feeling left him feeling very depressed; because even under the terrifying Frieza, he still retained the pride of a Saiyan Prince .

Although Frieza’s subordinates often disdained him, beneath the surface, no one dared to disregard his existence . Vegeta also endured the little tricks of Frieza’s subordinates, and he did so not because they were stronger than him . It was only Frieza himself, and several core members who made Vegeta endure silently .

As for the other so-called ‘capable people’, Vegeta was completely qualified to directly challenge them!

However, in front of these Saiyans, he was disregarded . Not to mention that he possessed the identity of Saiyan Prince, his Battle Power was also not weaker than King Vegeta’s, and he was also taught not to tolerate such a thing .

However, the three Saiyans were very powerful, so Vegeta clenched his fist and endured it!

“Tarble, what are these people’s identities?” Vegeta walked over and asked his brother .

Tarble replied blankly, “They are also Saiyans of Planet Vegeta!”

“Idiot… Were the Saiyans of Planet Vegeta so powerful?” Vegeta berated him . Vegeta’s Battle Power of 10,000 could already be considered as the highest level during Planet Vegeta’s era, but these three Saiyans could still casually defeat him . ‘Perhaps, only the Warrior, Ginyu—who died long ago—would be a match for them . ’

Towards such experts, Vegeta remained vigilant, even though the other party were also Saiyans .

After speaking briefly with Myers, Xiaya glanced at Vegeta and slightly narrowed his eyes . ‘This person in an awful condition is the cold and prideful Prince Vegeta from the original work? His hairstyle is inherited and quite similar to King Vegeta’s, but unfortunately, his current Battle Power is still weak . ’

“Vegeta?” Xiaya called out to Vegeta with a smile .

“Who are you? There weren’t any powerful warriors like you among the Saiyans of Planet Vegeta . ” Vegeta’s body was tense, and he didn’t know why his body was trembling slightly . Of course, this was a result of the natural suppression felt when facing a formidable enemy . Vegeta didn’t like such a feeling very much .

“I still cannot tell you about our identity . I just want to inform you that your current strength is not satisfactory . A Saiyan’s bloodline is not so simple . Thus, I hope that you won’t be blinded by the so-called ‘latent talent’ . ”

“What do you mean?”

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Xiaya did not answer Vegeta; instead, he continued, “You should continue to carry out missions with Nappa and Raditz and train well . Sooner or later, you will understand what I’m talking about . ”


Vegeta’s face was cold as he raised his eyebrows . He didn’t like such puzzling words . If he wasn’t weaker than Xiaya, he would have attacked without yielding . ‘In the end, I’m still not powerful enough . ’ Vegeta clenched his fist; he felt an urgent thirst for power .

“Right, do you know the truth consigning the destruction of Planet Vegeta?” Xiaya suddenly changed the subject and asked .

“Wasn’t it destroyed by the impact from a meteorite?” Vegeta frowned .

While shaking his head disdainfully, Xiaya said coldly, “How can such a small meteorite destroy Planet Vegeta? Were the Saiyans living on it useless?”

“Uhh!” Vegeta was stunned, and his countenance suddenly changed . He had long felt that something was amiss, but at that time, he was still too young; thus, he didn’t harbour too many suspicions . However, as he grew older and his experiences increased, he increasingly questioned the theory of the “meteorite impact”, but there was no real evidence to back up his suspicions . As a result, he didn’t divulge his suspicions to anyone .

Now, as Xiaya lay bare the truth with one remark, Vegeta immediately felt all sorts of doubt deep in his heart . He was now finally sure that the explanation of a meteorite impact was too simple, and Frieza’s remark was simply not credible .

“It was Frieza!”
Vegeta gnashed his teeth and said .

“Smart!” Xiaya praised .

Vegeta was silent . At this time, Vegeta was like a powder keg . Anyone who touched him would burn his finger, and even Tarble, his younger brother, would not want to court trouble .

Saiyans, as subordinates of Frieza, had enjoyed a very high level of treatment . Since the destruction of Planet Vegeta, the position of Saiyans in the Frieza Force had drastically plummeted . Now, even some weaker races dared to brazenly ridicule them, referring to them as the remnants of a race that had lost their mother planet .

How could the prideful Prince Vegeta bear this?

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“It turns out that everything was a trick planned by Frieza . We Saiyans worked ourselves to the bone for Frieza without holding anything back, and he rewarded us like this?” Vegeta countenance turned sinister, and the more he spoke, the more his rage was stirred up .

After a moment of silence, Vegeta suddenly expressed his thanks to Xiaya . “Thank you for telling me the truth . ”

Xiaya chuckled . In his heart, Frieza and the other Frost Demons had already died by his hands, which was enough to accept Vegeta’s thanks .

“Currently, you are still working under Abo and Kado, so are you interested in following us?” Xiaya threw an olive branch towards Vegeta .

However, Vegeta flatly refused, “No need, I like to be alone . ”

Xiaya nodded and didn’t feel surprised . Pointing to Tarble, he said, “I am going to take Tarble away . It’s unsuitable for Saiyans to live on this planet . ”

Vegeta pondered about it . ‘Tarble’s nature is not suitable for combat . Plus, these three Saiyans are mysterious, so maybe, he might gain accomplishments in different things . ’ After musing for a bit, Vegeta agreed . Vegeta was also powerless to stop them . Xiaya, Myers and XIling’s Battle Power was far above his . If they had any evil intent, why would they need to talk nonsense with him for so long?

Next, Xiaya chatted with Vegeta . He found out that Vegeta was not as arrogant as in the rumours . Perhaps, it was because Xiaya’s strength was far above Vegeta’s . Although Vegeta’s expression was very stiff, he did not act arrogant and unapproachable .

Sure enough, only when one’s strength far outstrips Vegeta’s, would he converse with them as an equal .

“Xiaya, I would like to know how much disparity there is between us!” Vegeta suddenly said .

Xiaya glanced at him and said, “The disparity between you and me is too big . You still remember Frieza?”

“Yeah . ” Vegeta nodded coldly . “Frieza was known as the Emperor of the Universe, and he indeed had sufficient strength to hold this title!”

“But do you know that Frieza’s Battle Power in Normal State is 530,000!” Xiaya glanced at Vegeta and casually said .

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“Ah!” Vegeta jumped up with astonishment written on his face . This was the first time he got the information on Frieza so clearly . Originally, he would have been happy after attaining such info, but 530,000 was too big a number for him to stomach . ‘Frieza’s Battle Power in Normal State had unexpectedly reached 530,000!’ As he suddenly learned of Frieza’s Battle Power, it seemed like a huge stone had been thrown into Vegeta’s heart, raising raging waves . The raging waves in his heart didn’t subside for a long time .

‘Damn it! Frieza actually attained a Battle Power of 530,000!’ How could such a piece of information be easily acceptable to Vegeta whose Battle Power was only 10,000?

However, Xiaya’s next words immediately left Vegeta feeling dumbfounded .

Xiaya faintly said, “Frieza was very strong, but it would’ve still taken only one finger for me to kill him . ” Xiaya snapped his fingers, and the space around them suddenly became sticky . Then, a tranquil and distant but surging aura instantly gushed out . Vegeta felt as if he had fallen into a bottomless abyss as a frightening and icy aura shrouded him, leaving him immobile .

Vegeta’s aura disappeared, and he fell to the ground, paralyzed . There were beads of sweat on his forehead as he took deep breaths .

“Could it be that you are the legendary Super Saiyan?” Vegeta stared at Xiaya cautiously and asked unwillingly .

“The legendary Super Saiyan? Kind of!” Xiaya nodded in acknowledgment .

At this time, Myers jumped out and said with a lovely expression, “No no no, ordinary Super Saiyans are no match for us . ”

“Us?” Vegeta looked incredulous . “Could it be… you are all Super Saiyans!?”

“Yes, we are all Super Saiyans!” Xiling nodded seriously and said .

Vegeta felt like his whole world view had suddenly been shattered . ’Haven’t Super Saiyans always been legendary existences? How come three of them just suddenly appeared?’

Vegeta’s face was stiff, and he didn’t know what to say .
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