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Chapter 353


In the vast and starry skies, stars were twinkling with a dazzling brightness, and sparkling flashes, like silk ribbons, were spread out from the south end of the Galaxy to the north end .

In the North Area, a wandering planet that was hiding in the darkness far away from the radiant stars was slowly orbiting .

It was extremely cold on this planet, and there was no oxygen in the atmosphere because all the oxygen had turned into a light blue liquid flowing on the ground . There were no traces of living beings here because any being coming here would instantly turn into ice .

Somewhere on the planet, rumbling sounds could be heard, and the various frozen complex gullies and ice valleys were accompanied by strong tremors . Suddenly, the huge ice beams and upended icicles could no longer bear the pressure and began to collapse, ending their lasting state of thousands of years .

In a huge sunken basin, if one took a closer look, it would be discovered that it wasn’t actually basin; instead, it was an enormous crater tens of thousands of meters wide!

At the center of the crater, there was a silvery-grey ball that was a dazzling as the sun .

This was a small figure, whose entire body was white like a polished stone . The person was short and had cold, scarlet eyes like that of a demon . At this time, this person smiled, and a frenzied aura once again spread out in all directions with him as the center . The imposing momentum sweeping out in all directions made the whole planet tremble .

The short figure revealed a cold smile on his face . His skin was covered with a faint layer of bright white light .

“Seven years… This king has finally broken through the existing level . Hahaha, this is a completely new power . This king’s current strength is now a hundred times greater than it was previously . Just wait, ancient warrior, when this king grasps this power completely, I will be sure to return all the humiliation you brought me!”

The bright white figure, no, bright-white Frieza shouted arrogantly, seemingly venting the seven years of depression and unwillingness .

In these seven years, he had been hiding here, training till he forgot to even eat and sleep, so that he could exact revenge one day .

“Humph, in a few years, this king will return to take back his former Forces . By then, the whole universe will be in this king’s bag . But before that, this king will continue to train on this white planet . This king can certainly still continue to break through,” Frieza’s expression was cold as he leisurely said, seemingly full of confidence .

Frieza’s potential was astonishing; it far exceeded Cooler and King Cold’s potential . He could be rated as a genius in the Frost Demon race .

Perhaps, because his new breakthrough had restored the arrogance of the “Universe Emperor”, Frieza was now confident that he could defeat anyone .

At this time, in another unknown starfield .

Xiaya brought along Xiling and Myers, after departing the God of Destruction’s Planet, and returned back to the big universe first .

“Xiaya, aren’t we going back to Planet Hongshan?” Myers asked as she held Xiaya’s hand, her eyes filled with confusion .

“No, I’ve brought you out to stroll around,” Xiaya said . Then, he pointed to a blurry nebula not far away and continued, “Look, there are a few life planets there . Let’s go and take a look . ”

After saying that, Xiaya held the slender waist of both women, and instantly teleported to the life planet ahead .

It was a galaxy with three life planets . The galaxy was not large, but there were three planets of almost the same size and mass, orbiting in a crisscrossing trajectory . It was well known that a planetary system was very orderly and complex, and any difference in mass would cause chaotic changes in the orbit .

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The three planets in front of Xiaya were arranged in harmony, and their respective orbit almost overlapped into one, which was a nearly impossible feat in the universe .

Xiaya brought Xiling and Myers to one of the powerful planets which had the most powerful living creatures on it .


The three of them appeared on a dark-green planet . This planet was very interesting; although it was a low-level planet, Xiaya could actually feel a strong aura on this planet .

“Almost 10,000 kilometers to the east, there is a signal of 720 energy intensity,” Xiaya pointed and said .

The living beings on this planet were very weak, and Xiaya realized this after sensing for a little bit . The average Battle Power of the creatures on this planet didn’t exceed 10; precisely, it was almost fluctuating between 3 and 4 . Such low Battle Power was even inferior to those found on Earth . At least, experts with a Battle Power in the dozens or even over a hundred could sometimes appear on Earth .

However, on a planet with an average Battle of less than 3, an energy signal reaching 720 Battle Power had suddenly appeared, just like a bright lamp on the vast sea; it was enough to attract Xiaya’s attention .

So, they immediately flew toward the energy source .

As they approached, the planet’s settlements came into view . From the surrounding tall skyscrapers and colorful LED lights, it could be seen that this planet had primarily taken the technological route, and its civilization was not less prosperous than Earth’s, maybe even better .

“This civilization is quite developed, but the lifeforms on the planet look really ugly . ” Myers curled her lips in disgust and pointed at the native beings passing by .

Seeing them, Xiaya was also speechless . He didn’t know if he should criticize Myers for judging people by their appearance, or if he should praise her for having an old-fashioned way of looking at things . Although it was very uncultured to casually evaluate the appearance of people, Xiaya really didn’t know how to evaluate the lifeforms in front of him!

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They were very small, having a height of less than one meter, and on top of that, they had a round, white head; they looked like cotton dolls .

Different civilizations having different aesthetics was not wrong, but Xiaya couldn’t convince himself to acknowledge the lifeforms on this life planet as being “not bad” in appearance .

Just like how it was difficult to have earthlings acknowledge that slugs were good-looking creatures .

“They are too weak . If such a planet was discovered by evil aliens, they basically won’t have the ability to defend themselves . ” Xiling shook her head disdainfully . Her focus was on the Battle Power and self-defense awareness of these aboriginals .

“Similar to them is the technological civilization, the Feidaya people, who also learned to research powerful Bio-warriors for self-defense, but look at this planet’s peaceful environment… I am afraid that they have never thought of getting in touch with the outside world . ”

It was a miracle that this civilization could survive till now .

Xiaya looked around and shook his head . “Let’s go and look at the most powerful energy source . Achieving 720 Battle Power on this low-level planet, this person is most likely not a native of this planet . ”

“Yeah!” Both women nodded and said .

Then, the three people sped up, flying towards the place with the strongest energy source . Suddenly, three light-golden beams streaked across the sky, leaving behind three long wake turbulence like ribbons .

Forests and mountain ranges flashed by them . Soon, the hills and forests gradually became plains, and later became plateaus . On the unending mountain ranges that stretched across the north and south for thousands of miles, the clouds and mist rolled over continuously, changing into various shapes . It was like a paradise on Earth .

“It’s just ahead . ” After saying in a low voice, a small log cabin appeared in front of them . The snow-capped mountains covered the side of the foothills, and several cedar trees covered in snow stood upright .

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The altitude here was very high, and the temperature was very low . The white snowy mountains were like a dragon horizontally lying on the continent, cutting off the swapping of water vapor between the north and south .

They landed in front of the log cabin, and pushed the door open . A bonfire was burning inside, making cracking sounds, and a black-haired boy was lying on a rocking chair, sleeping soundly .

“This boy is the most powerful person here . ” Xiaya nodded . This boy did indeed possess 720 Battle Power . After noticing the clothes worn by the boy, Xiaya was slightly surprised .

Xiling leaned over and whispered, “This is the Battle Armor of the Frieza Forces . ”

“Yeah!” Xiaya nodded . The boy in front of him was wearing the standard Battle Armor of Planet Vegeta . Xiaya and Xiling also had one before .

“This boy looks completely different from the living beings on the planet, so he must be an outsider . ”

At this time, Myers noticed a brown tail behind the boy and said in surprise, “Ah, this guy is a Saiyan! Could he be someone who was wandering outside when Planet Vegeta was destroyed?”

After slightly considering for a moment, Xiaya shook his head and said, “No, if he was someone wandering outside, Frieza would have definitely sent someone to kill him . I think he was deliberately placed here by someone . ”

“Who are you?” While Xiaya and others were talking with each other, the Saiyan boy woke up and saw three strangers in his wooden house . He vigilantly took a few steps back and asked .

“You are a Saiyan of Planet Vegeta, so why are you alone on this planet?” Xiaya took the lead and inquired first .

The boy was startled, his face abruptly changing . He looked closely at the three people in front of him, and when he saw the tail behind Myers, he shouted in surprise, “You are also Saiyans!”

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