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Chapter 351


While people all over the world were paying attention to the battle between Goku and King Piccolo and spiritedly talking about it, the tempo of the battle was getting faster, with afterimages appearing one by one . At the same time, the scale of victory was slowly tilting towards Goku .

King Piccolo was strong⁠—stronger than most of the martial artists on Earth; however, his body was old and decaying . In front of Goku whose strength and vitality was far greater than his, King Piccolo gradually couldn’t endure, and after a few hundred rounds of battle, he was on the verge of being defeated .

“How can this be!? How are you so powerful?” King Piccolo’s eyes widened and he shouted in disbelief; his wrinkled face was completely distorted .

When Master Mutaito used the Evil Containment Wave to seal him in the past, King Piccolo didn’t mind; after all, it was a fraudulent skill . ‘But… who the hell is this kid? He is actually able to defeat me…’

‘I’ve waited for three hundred years… Could it be that another strong opponent has sprung up?’

Fuelled by rage, King Piccolo seemed to have lost his rationality as he recklessly attacked Goku . ‘If you wish to destroy someone, you must first provoke them,’ Goku mused and sneered . Goku moved at high-speeds, and after several afterimages flashed, he arrived before King Piccolo .

As a pair of icy and pitch-black eyes stared at him, King Piccolo’s body trembled, and a sharp pain came from his abdomen .

King Piccolo lowered his head in disbelief to find, in shock, a big hole on his chest .

King Piccolo bitterly smiled . Suddenly, he spat a white egg from his mouth and threw it into the depths of the sea far away from West City . “Hehe, no one can defeat King Piccolo, much less you humans . One day, we the demon race will rule this world!”

With a violent explosion, King Piccolo turned into a ball of fire in mid-air .

People all over the world froze momentarily before erupting in cheers; it was as though dawn had finally arrived after a night of despair .

“Great, King Piccolo is dead . ”

“The world is saved! That boy is the Saviour…”

“Martial arts are so powerful! We have been looking down on it all this time; maybe, we should also study martial arts in addition to technology . ”

“West City doesn’t have to be destroyed; the world doesn’t have to be in fear anymore…”

The time interval between King Piccolo spitting out the egg and his self-detonation was too short, so even Goku did not notice King Piccolo’s hidden action . The chaotic flow generated by the explosion achieved the purpose of covering King Piccolo’s actions .

Half a day later, Master Roshi and Hasky arrived at West City on an aircraft . Originally, Master Roshi was prepared to fight to the death with King Piccolo, but he obtained the news that King Piccolo had been defeated by Goku .

Master Roshi was momentarily stunned, and huge waves churned in his heart; waves that refused to grow calm for a very long time . “So, Goku has already grown so powerful . Now, it is really the time of young people . ” ”

Master Roshi sighed with emotion, but he was very pleased in his heart .

After King Piccolo’s annihilation, Master Roshi also stayed at Bulma’s home to celebrate .

On the Korin Tower…

Krillin and Yamcha stood silently in front of the water jar, and the scenes displayed on the surface of the water were exactly the battle between Goku and King Piccolo .

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“Goku is actually so powerful . If it wasn’t for King Piccolo, we really wouldn’t know,” Krillin’s voice was somewhat trembling as he said . Not long ago, they were still on the same starting line, but the gap between them had grown farther apart before they knew it .

“I will definitely catch up to him . ”

Yamcha also looked on silently, but it could be discerned from the trembling fists of the two people that they were both extremely restless at the moment .

Korin narrowed his eyes and consoled them, “The reason why Goku is so strong is that he has trained little by little . If you both train seriously, you can also reach his level . ” In order not to give the two young human talents in front of him a crushing blow, Korin didn’t inform them that Goku was actually a Saiyan .

“Umm, we will train well . ”

“We request for Immortal Korin to give us pointers . ”

After being in low spirits for a short time, Krillin and Yamcha quickly became full of fighting spirit . They vowed to surpass Goku in the next martial arts tournament .

“Korin, after you are done training them, have them come to the Heavenly Realm’s Lookout . Mr Popo and I will train them personally . ” Kami’s voice rang out in Korin’s ear .

Korin was stunned for a moment, and then he nodded calmly .

“Oh, by the way, a girl named Chi-Chi is also approaching Korin Tower . Let her come over too . That girl is smart and very pure; she can be cultivated . ”

“Okay, I will properly train them . ”

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Korin walked to the guardrail at the top of the tower with the help of a cane and, with a calm demeanor, looked down at the thin clouds below; Korin couldn’t help but sigh with emotion as he mused, ‘This era is really a gathering of talents… So many people have appeared who can be chosen as a candidate by Kami . ’

A month later .

The recovery phase of West City was completed, and the widespread panic ushered in by King Piccolo to the world was slowly disappearing . Furthermore, after the battle between Goku and King Piccolo, people gradually realized the importance of martial arts . After training in martial arts to a certain level, not only will people be capable of withstanding guns, but just like King Piccolo, they can wield a nuclear bomb-like frightening power with the rise of a hand and stamp of a foot

“Martial arts have to be learned on a large scale on Earth . ”

This was the latest policy set by the King of the Central City .

Meanwhile, a novel with Goku as the model had quietly entered the public’s sight .

The author, called Tights, was always at the forefront of producing works of fiction . She had depicted a story of the magnificent North Area’s civilization, and the various strange aliens living there in her previous work, with various new and fascinating settings of Battle Armor and Battle Power . However, her new novel was based on Earth, and it also implemented the Battle Power setting . The two novels were systematically and inextricably linked .

At a glance, people could see that the setting of the new novel was entirely based on real life . Like the Korin Tower and World Martial Arts Tournament, it had signs that could be followed, which couldn’t help but cause people to ponder, ‘Is the previous novel also based on real-life?’

‘Frieza, Saiyans… Do they really exist?’

Of course, no one really believed that there were such people in the universe, and even if they existed, how would a puny human author possibly know about them? However, the novel had more or less left an impression in the hearts of all the readers .

With Tights’ two novels selling like hotcakes, her work caused a stir, and the setting of the various civilizations of the universe became popular on Earth .

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One day, a black man arrived on a woolen Carpet before Goku and Bulma . He wanted to talk to Goku .

“What? You want me to train on the Heavenly Realm’s Lookout?” Goku pointed at himself and asked in disbelief .

Mr . Popo said with indifference, “This is Kami’s order; because you defeated King Piccolo, Kami has specially permitted you to enter the Lookout to accept his instructions . ”

“Is Kami very powerful?”

“Yes, Kami is the most powerful being on Earth . Moreover, only those who have obtained the approval of Korin can see Kami . At this moment, several of your fellow apprentices, Krillin, Yamcha, and Chi-Chi are receiving Kami’s pointers on the Lookout, preparing for the next World Martial Arts Tournament . ”

“So, they are also on the Lookout . ”

Goku was very interested, and he couldn’t help but feel eager . He turned around and looked at Bulma .

Bulma’s mouth twitched . She knew that anytime Goku hears about learning martial arts, he would ignore everything else, so she sighed and said, “Goku, go if you want to . Unfortunately, I can’t go to the Lookout, or I would’ve come over to see you . ”

Goku laughed, stepped forward, patted Bulma’s shoulder, and said, “During the next martial arts tournament, you have to cheer for me; I must win the championship . ”

Bulma gave him a blank look and said, “That would have to wait until you defeat Launch; plus, there is also Tien Shinhan . Don’t be a runner-up again at that time . ”

“I won’t . I will absolutely train well in these three years!” Goku beat his chest and promised .

After that, Goku sat on Mr . Popo’s Magic Carpet, waved at Bulma and disappeared from her sight . Bulma stared blankly into space for a while, laughed and went back into her house .

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