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Chapter 342

After noting that Xiaya had listened to his words, Whis nodded and lightly waved the scepter in his hand . The material of the martial arts suit on Xiaya and others suddenly seemed to change, and it became very heavy . Dripping with sparkling beads of sweat, it was as if a mountain was pressing down on Xiaya’s heart .

Whis’ re-adjustment wasn’t just to simply increase their weight several times over, but more importantly, it was to increase the suppression of dimension .

“From today onwards, you will live in this environment,” Whis indifferently said .


“Please . ”

Xiaya, Xiling, and Myers seriously nodded . They knew that this opportunity was rare, so naturally, there were no complaints .

Next, as if performing conjuring tricks, Whis transformed the cabin by the lakeside, letting Xiaya and others move into it .

There were four suns orbiting the God of Destruction’s Planet, so there was no night . After about eight hours, Whis once again appeared in front of Xiaya .

Right now, Whis was more serious than before, solemnly entering the role of a teacher .

“Xiaya, you are the third space-time controller born in Universe 7, and putting aside the other two people of the Demon Realm, you are the first trainee ‘Time Enforcer’; so, the first step is to raise your dimension . Of course, this might cause your strength to improve slowly, but you must understand that the more the basics are tempered, the more powerful you will become in the future . Moreover, as long as you become a real god, your life will be extended indefinitely…”

Whis vividly explained to him the characteristics of a god .

Xiaya listened seriously and nodded from time to time .

The process of training gods mainly focused on the improvement of their dimension, but consequently, their power increase will become slower; however, the benefits were also extremely high . Xiaya naturally knew what to choose, as he was now walking on the path that the God of Destruction, Beerus, had once walked on .

Whis’ violet eyes turned to Xiling and Myers, frowning as he said, “The situation of the two of you is a bit special . Of course, because of Xiaya’s relationship, I can give you the same pointers . As for which level of dimension you can be promoted to, it would depend on your own efforts . ”

In theory, if someone receives pointers from Whis on the God of Destruction’s Planet, the highest level they could be trained to would be the God of Destruction’s level . However, Xiling and Myers were different from Xiaya and Beerus, as they didn’t have any god’s divine object, so by how much they could improve by would depend on their own efforts .

“Right, you both know Planet Metamor’s Fusion Technique?” Whis suddenly asked .

“Yes . ”

“When you train, try not to use the Fusion Technique . ”

“Why?” Xiling asked, puzzled . Xiaya pondered for a moment but still turned his gaze towards Whis .

Whis explained the reason unhurriedly, “Planet Metamor’s Fusion Technique is just like a Supreme Kai’s Potara earrings, which can produce incredible warriors, but there is also a drawback . If the Fusion Technique is used too much, it will absorb the two individuals potential; moreover, after the fused person trains, it will be more harmful to the original individual, especially . ”

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Sure enough, Xiaya thought in his heart as he got enlightened . Thinking of the damage caused to Xiling and Myers’ talent after Meiling’s emergence, cold sweat dripped out .

Since the emergence of Meiling, Xiling, and Myers have almost abandoned their own training, so although they both become Super Saiyans, they had remained at the very basic level of Super Saiyan until now . Furthermore, they were both only Super Saiyans, while Meiling was already at the Super Saiyan 2 level .

“You both are accustomed to training after fusing into Meiling, so it seems that her strength is rising faster; however, you both don’t realize how much damage it is doing to your own bodies . ”

“Unless you are willing to give up your own body’s power and focus on your Fusion’s strength!”

As Whis revealed the truth, it made Xiling and Myers’ back drip with cold sweat . Even though they were standing under the sunlight, they felt like they had fallen into an ice cave, their bodies trembling .

“Of course, if you focus on your Fusion’s strength, it is also not impossible to become stronger, but there is one thing that you need to be clear about . ”

Whis paused for a moment and said, “Whether it is Planet Metamor’s Fusion Technique or a Supreme Kai’s Potara earrings, once the strength of the Fusion warrior reaches the limit of the universe, it can no longer be increased . If it exceeds the limit, under the operation of the Universe’s laws, the Fusion mode will automatically get removed!”

‘This was tantamount to setting an upper limit for the Fusion!’ Xiaya shouted in his heart .

“So, if Xiling and Myers continue to train in Meiling state, one day they will touch the ‘limit’ of the universe?” Xiaya didn’t know if Meiling would have a chance to reach such a level, but no doubt, compared to individual training, the Fusion Technique had limits .

By then, it would be the same as losing the Fusion ability . In that case, Meiling would revert back to Xiling and Myers; By then, what kind of fighting force would both women have? Since they hadn’t improved for a long time, they would finally gain nothing!

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“So, I suggest that you upgrade your individual strength, and you can again use Fusion when you encounter strong enemies… Like this, although your strength will increase quite slowly, at least you can keep advancing forward,” Whis gave his advice .

Xiling and Myers nodded and then asked in distress, “Mr . Whis, our current potential seems to have been sucked away by Meiling, so training to Super Saiyan has already been our limit in recent years; thus, what should we do?”

If they were more informed early, they wouldn’t transform into Meiling to train .

Whis laughed and said, “It doesn’t matter if your potential has been exhausted . As long as your dimension is raised, your life level will change and new potential will be generated . ”

“Ok then, instead of saying so much, I will let you personally feel it through your training . ”

Whis shook his head, his soaring silvery long hair swaying slightly . He shook his scepter a few times, causing a giant pitch-black planet to suddenly fly over from the distant sky of the Divine Planet .

The planet was dark and blurry, like a huge black marble, but when it came close to them, Xiaya saw and mused, ‘how is it a spherical planet?’ It was clearly 1000 conical platforms, each of which had varying thickness, and the many platforms were stacked together from bottom to top . It was a planet as round as a ball .

Suddenly, Xiaya felt a feeling of familiarity after seeing these platforms .

“Ahh! ” Xiaya shouted as his mind shook, ‘isn’t this like the “Creating God Platform” that Vados arranged for me when I was in Universe 6? However, It’s just that Universe 6’s altar has 5-floors, but this one has a thousand floors!’

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“This black Super-planet is called the ‘Creating God Star’, and it is made up of a thousand floors of Creating God Platforms . In the God of Destruction’s Planet, this Creating God Star has great power, and under the operating laws of the Divine Planet, breaking through each floor will raise your dimension . When you pass through the entire 1000 floors, you can reach the level of Beerus-sama’s dimension . ”

“In the past, Beerus-sama had spent 10,000 years to obtain the status of a God of Destruction . ”

“Umm, Xiaya, you are now at the Super Saiyan 2 level . If your power level is compared with floors of the Creating God Platform, then it will be about two hundred floors, but this is not the same as the Creating God Platform you passed through in Universe 6 . At that time, my sister, Vados, didn’t have the core function for starting the Creating God Platform, so I suggest that you start to stabilize your dimension from the first level . ”

Xiaya stared fixedly at the black Creating God Platform and nodded hard .

Previously, only when he had passed through five floors in the Universe 6’s Creating God Platform did his Battle Power rise to 3 million . At that time, he thought it was the result of a one-time breakthrough due to accumulating strength for a long time . Now, it seems that the mysterious Creating God Platform had also played a great role .

Even if the core function had not been enabled, it was still a top-class divine object .

“Anyway, you just said that the God of Destruction, Beerus, has passed through a thousand floors; so, if it was you, how many floors can you pass through?” Xiaya asked Whis curiously .

Xiaya roughly knew that a Super Saiyan, perhaps, can only pass through one hundred floors, and he, a Super Saiyan 2 warrior that had gone beyond ordinary limits, could only pass through two hundred floors . He was very curious about the level of Whis’ strength .

Whis laughed, he extended his fingers and lightly swayed them, “If it is me, then about 1,500 floors, but this is already not something the Creating God Star of the God of Destruction’s Planet can calculate . ”

Therefore, there was still a Creating God Star of a higher level than the one on the God of Destruction’s Planet . Maybe, it was located on Zeno and the Great Priest’s planet .

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