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Chapter 333
Following the direction from where the aura had come, Xiaya, Xiling, and Myers were getting closer and closer to where Bojack was hiding . In order to prevent any accident, Xiling and Myers chose to fuse into Meiling on the way, and then the duo continued to move towards Bojack’s lair .

After a few minutes, the shadow of a planet appeared in their line of sight; however, It had a weird shape .

They saw an emerald-white star lying on a green life planet . Looking from the outer space, a small lump was protruding out of the green planet . The emerald-white star was like a parasite, absorbing the life essence of the planet .

“That is the wreckage of the Big Gete Star!” Xiaya recognized the emerald-white star at a glance as the smaller version of Big Gete Star .

“So, Bojack might have also transformed into a metal body?” Meiling asked doubtfully .

This guess was very likely to be real . This time even Xiaya and Meiling were feeling the pressure . ‘Bojack was at the Full Power Super Saiyan level before he underwent this transformation . Now, once he successfully transforms, I am afraid that he will attain a level of power similar to Super Saiyan 2,’ Xiaya’s expression was solemn as he mused .

“Most likely,” Xiaya said in a gloomy voice .

“Then, wouldn’t we be able to fight to our heart’s content?” Meiling, however, was obviously excited .

She was greeted by a whack on her head . “Thinking about it is useless at this time . We can talk about it later… quickly destroy the wreckage of the Big Gete Star . If we allow Bojack to become strong, whether you and I would be his match is still not sure… ”

Xiaya angrily rebuked her . There were too many people behind them, so If they don’t handle this situation properly, the glorious Planet Hongshan might be ruined .

“Oh oh!” Meiling sobered up . Just now, she had only acted crazily due to her habits .


Xiaya shouted angrily . He was without any reservations at this time . Suddenly, an energy of the highest quality erupted out, and his smoothly spread out hair instantly fluttered . Meiling was also ready; she flung her arm forcefully and transformed into Super Saiyan 2 mode as silver electric arcs crackled .

At this moment, with the duo as the center, billowing energy raged, and the bright light rays in the starry sky became distorted . Like two gorgeous and dazzling stars, Xiaya and Meiling were ready to attack .

“Space-time Breaking Punch!”

“Stars Rampage!”

The two energies containing heaven destroying and earth decimating might intertwined and turned into an ice blue thunder dragon . These were Xiaya and Meiling’s big moves . The blue rampaging electric rays surged out, surrounded by glittering flashes . Soon, the ice blue thunder dragon opened its gaping maw and whistled towards the green planet not far away . To be precise, it was directed at the emerald-white star above the green planet…



The ice-blue thunder dragon, carrying along a frightening might which could destroy everything, collided with the emerald white star and exploded with a deafening sound . As the blue rays of light of an explosive nature flashed, the emerald-white star sunk into the bottom of the planet .


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A serene and distant aura erupted, and for a moment, time and space seemed to freeze .


The shrinking and expanding space fiercely shook, and the boiling energy was unexpectedly bounced back by enormous pressure . For a time, the chaotic and disorderly aura recklessly spread out, and gradually formed a huge storm . Outside the atmosphere, Xiaya and Meiling bore the brunt of it, their bodies swaying in the raging waves .

“Not good!” Xiaya suddenly cried out in alarm, and Meiling was startled by his yell .

“What’s wrong?” Meiling asked in a low voice .

Soon after, she sensed the changes that had occurred on the planet below, and her countenance turned ugly .

“Bojack has already completed the merger… his current aura is several times that of before,” Xiaya had a grave expression on his face . Although Bojack’s Ki was strong previously, Xiaya still had the certainty to suppress him, but now, he was not so sure…

“Ha ha ha, I haven’t yet gone to look for you, but you ran over to me to court death . Very good, you came just in time for me to test my strength!” Bojack’s arrogant laughter was transmitted through the air, and then a blurry green figure flashed twice and he appeared in front of Xiaya .

“Fast . ” Looking at the suddenly appearing Bojack, Xiaya’s face sank .

Bojack’s appearance hadn’t changed much from before, but his body’s composition had been reconstructed from the inside out . The original bluish skin had turned into a greenish white color like that of the MetCoolers, and his twined muscles became smooth like glass, full of metallic texture . The only thing that remained unchanged was his ruthless dull-blue eyes .

Bojack laughed out loud and said, “If not for the case that you pursued me relentlessly, I wouldn’t be so fortunate enough to ram into the remains of Big Gete Star and thus obtain this powerful body . As a reward, I will personally send you both to hell . ”

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Bojack roared, and undulating ripples continued to spread out with him as the center .

Xiaya and Meiling’s face condensed as they felt the pressure on their bodies double .

On Grand Kai’s Planet, the Grand Kai’s entire face had astonishment written on it .
Before this, he never thought that such a dangerous person would appear in the mortal world . Even in the countless years of his life, there were few people who could be a match for the current MetBojack .

‘Forget about Pikkon in the Underworld, even the two Super Saiyans in the world of the living are probably not MetBojack’s match . ’

East Kai frustratedly lay down on the ground .

To be honest, what happened in the past few days had gone far beyond what she could endure .

The appearance of the MetCoolers, the Galaxy Soldiers, Bojack, and others had caused her heart to break down . With great difficulty, she waited for the experts from Grand Kai’s Planet to come down to the mortal world . In her administered area, two Super Saiyans with extraordinary strength jumped out, and when the MetCoolers and Galaxy Soldiers’ matter was satisfactorily concluded, she thought that the Galaxy would return to peace and she could sit back and relax; however, she didn’t think that an even more frightening MetBojack would appear .

MetBojack’s strength was several times more frightening than before .

East Kai was feeling sorrowful in her heart, her vigor withering . As a Kai of this era, she really needed a strong heart .

“The great Grand Kai, this MetBojack is made using high-tech materials, so is there really no way to defeat him? Can we find his weaknesses through technology?”

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East Kai carefully passed this news to Grand Kai .

Grand Kai closed his eyes and pondered, sighing, “In the universe civilizations, Ordinary Saibamens are made using technology, and naturally we can find their weakness from a scientific point of view, but that MetBojack…”

He paused for a moment and then continued, “MetBojack is different from an ordinary Saibamen . The technology of Big Gete Star was originally very advanced . Plus, he has both Bojack and Cooler’s cells in his body, so he is not made up entirely of machines . If we want to annihilate him, we can only use absolute power… perhaps, only the Great Supreme Kai would have such ability!”

“The great Supreme Kai?!” East Kai suddenly screamed .

“The great Grand Kai, Supreme Kai’s existence is not just a legend, right? Do they really exist?” East Kai asked in a low voice, her expression full of excitement .

Grand Kai sighed and said, “The great Supreme Kai naturally exists, but I have only seen him several times, while you have no chance of seeing him at all . It is said that even quite a few Supreme Kais were sacrificed because of a frightening devil who had thrown the entire universe into chaos . That would be a real dark age!”

“Since then, it has already been tens of thousands of years ago and the Great Supreme Kai has not appeared in this world again . ”

This time’s matter will be difficult to handle . Besides, the Supreme Kai’s status is extremely high, and he will certainly not step in because of the Galaxy’s trivial matter . If that MetBojack is really comparable to the Supreme Kai, then I’m afraid that his strength is very formidable!

Terrified and powerless, East Kai felt bitterness well up in her throat .

The Supreme Kai’s prestige imperceptibly elevated his position in East Kai’s heart . In fact, apart from the ancient times Grand Supreme Kai and South Supreme Kai, the current surviving East Supreme Kai’s strength was even inferior to Dabura, King of the Demon Realm .
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