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Chapter 319

The MetSaibamen’s invasion of Planet Hongshan quickly came to a halt with Xiaya, Meiling and Zangya’s overwhelming eradication, but this did not signify the end as the Big Gete Star’s actions had already angered Xiaya . Now, there was going to be a more violent counterattack .

As the battle came to an end, the horrifying energy also subsided . At this time, the guardian mechanism inside the nucleus of the planet began to exhibit its effect . In a few seconds, the land and rivers everywhere glowed like a beautiful aurora, emitting bright colors, and the golden energy inside the planet’s nucleus crazily operated—like a water pump—and delivered a great amount of life energy .

The mountains and rivers on the surface of the planet which were damaged got restored . The young and tender seedlings crazily grew as if they had been sprayed with a plant growth hormone, causing a large forest to emerge .

“Sir Xiaya, what should we do with all the wreckage?”

Duokela, the leader of Feidaya people, pointed at the wreckage of the shining green MetSaibamen . The wreckage was pressed together like an emerald-colored small mountain, and from time to time, there were flashes of electric current .

Xiaya stared at the small mountain for a while as he slightly pondered before instructing Duokela, “Study them to see if you can extract some useful things and try to make the best use of them . ”


Hearing what he said, Duokela was so happy that he could hardly suppress his joy . He stared at the wreckage of MetSaibamen with shining eyes as if looking at his lover .

Biological research was also the strong suit of the Feidaya people; otherwise, it would have been impossible to create such a powerful Bio-warrior like Zangya in ancient times . Although the Feidaya people’s civilization was somewhat lost, it was not impossible to research new Bio-warriors with the help of the wreckage .

At this time .

East Area, Planet Bakuf .

Planet Bakuf was a blue planet in a red-colored galaxy, and as a relatively peaceful area in the southeastern parts of the East Area, Planet Bakuf was a trading center where goods and services could be traded for the civilizations in the several nearby starfields . The trades dealt on Planet Bakuf included space transportation, tourism, entertainment, etc . It was a well-developed planet .

In a manor, which had mountains on one side and a lake on the other, the guardian of Planet Bakuf, Raiga, was leisurely standing on the balcony, while drinking alcohol and overlooking the passer-by crowd below; his life was carefree and comfortable .

It was a gentle and warm afternoon .

Suddenly, an alarm resounded . The serenity of Planet Bakuf was broken by a sudden unforeseen development, and then, it quickly fell into a panic .

“What the hell is going on?! Is someone invading Planet Bakuf?” Raiga’s expression slightly changed .  *‘As a trading planet, the alarm on Planet Bakuf will not sound for unimportant reasons, so once the alarm rings, it clearly signifies a major issue . ’

Thinking of this, Raiga did not hesitate for another second; he directly jumped down from the balcony and flew towards the office of the leader of the planet .

At this time, the leader of the planet was also anxious . When he saw Raiga coming, he hurriedly went forward and said, “I just got a report stating that thousands of objects with very strong energy reactions have appeared outside Bakuf galaxy . These people must have come with bad intentions… Planet Bakuf’s situation is not looking good . ”

“What is the specific energy level?” Raiga asked with a grave expression .

“It’s unfathomable; the planet-level energy detectors have all burnt down,” The leader of the planet said as he wiped the cold sweat on his forehead .

Raiga’s countenance abruptly changed and he muttered, “This is bad!”

The planet-level energy detector was enough to detect energy below 10 million . If even the planet-level detectors had burnt down, Raiga knew that Planet Bakuf was in trouble .

Raiga had experienced how formidable Slug was on Planet Bahert, so he knew that there were indeed frighteningly powerful lifeforms in the universe . However, it was beyond his imagination that such powerful lifeforms would enter Planet Bakuf .

Outside the galaxy, there were not many glowing objects except the red star at the center of the dark sky .

At this time, an oblate spherical spaceship entered the gravitational range of the Bakuf galaxy . Its hatch opened, and over a thousand metallic objects emitting fluorescent light rushed out like locusts .

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The MetSaibamen appeared with glowing red pupils, and under the fully activated state, they flashed with dark-red rays of light that could make one’s scalp numb in such a way that the danger would be felt even from far away .

As all the MetSaibamen were dispatched, they quickly spread out to others parts of the galaxy . It wasn’t long before various large and small gaseous and rocky planets in the Galaxy exploded into gorgeous flashes like fireworks .


The planet-level energy storms swept through the vast starfield, wiping it out .

Planet Bakuf suffered the greatest disaster in its history .

Planet Hongshan .

After Duokela left, Adri and Bardock came over . This time, Big Gete Star’s invasion of Planet Hongshan had made them very angry .

“We Saiyans haven’t taken action for many years, so there are already a lot of planets that have forgotten our cruel side . This time, we need to counterattack!” Adri’s dark face was full of anger, his eyes exuding a horrifying light like that of a ferocious beast from the wilderness .

“Yeah, Big Gete Star aren’t wrong because they are ambitious… They are wrong because they lack judgment and ended up attacking us . ”

Xiaya watched Adri and Bardock’s reaction and nodded, saying, “I will let Big Gete Star pay the price . But before that, let all the Saiyans outside come back and increase their strength for a while . ”

Obviously, the Big Gete Star had set its sight on the Saiyans, so the most effective way to solve this problem was to completely contain the source before the problem occurs .

When the Big Gete Star demanded the blood of Saiyans from him, Xiaya was clever to send an expert to tail their spaceship, but Big Gete Star’s people were also crafty and got rid of the tail .

“OK, I will have the Saiyans outside return now . ”

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“In any case, the Galactic Patrol organization has collapsed, so it’s fine even if some missions are not completed!”

“Any information on who destroyed the Galactic Patrol organization?” Xiaya inquired .

“It’s still under investigation, but according to the extent of destruction of the Central Galaxy, I’m afraid that the one who attacked them is not weak . ” Bardock frowned while thinking in his heart, *‘Is there any connection between the people who destroyed the Galactic Patrol organization and Big Gete Star that invaded Planet Hongshan?’

“Put this matter aside for the time being . First, we will deal with Big Gete Star using our full-strength . After all, they were able to take out 1000 MetCoolers at the same time, so they should have a lot of them stockpiled in their hands . ”

Xiaya was very worried . If the MetSaibamen were of the mass production type, then as long as there was enough energy, it could be continuously manufactured . At that time, if their large numbers swarm in like locusts, then no one in the entire galaxy would be their opponent .

“Sir Xiaya, a piece of news has come from Planet Bakuf . Planet Bakuf was invaded, and it has already been destroyed!” A Saiyan came forward and reported .

“Look, its Big Gete Star’s style . ”

“Planet Bakuf has a lot of our Planet Hongshan’s industries!”

“I think this is still not finished . Maybe there will be more planets which will get attacked . ”


East Kai’s Planet .

At the moment, East Kai was so angry that she was trembling . There was a saying that, “when it rains, it pours” . After Bojack broke out of the seal, the East Area under her jurisdiction was also attacked by the MetSaibamen .

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“Damn Big Gete Star, how dare they!”

“These MetSaibamen must have been made with the genes of Frost Demons… They look exactly like Cooler!”

Regarding the situation that had emerged in East Area, East Kai was a bit sad and also somewhat powerless .

One Cooler had already made her feel powerless, and this time, more than one MetCooler had appeared in the mortal world; also, these MetCoolers were a lot stronger than Cooler himself . They were in such large numbers that they gathered together like a beehive, so how would the experts in the mortal world be a match for them?

It seemed as if the balanced order of the world had been broken .

“Unfortunately, after the disappearance of the Galactic Patrol organization, the Galaxy has no regular army . As a result, things are repeatedly getting worse… I have already contacted the Great Grand Kai, and he said that he would arrange some experts from heaven to enter the world of the living . However, I wonder when they will arrive?”

East Kai inwardly prayed that Grand Kai could send more experts .

Before reaching the reincarnation age, the warriors of Heaven would train on Grand Kai’s Planet . As long as a psychic from the mortal world links a passage between the world of the living and the world of the dead, they can descend to the mortal world for one day .

To be honest, East Kai was actually somewhat doubtful whether the experts from Heaven could deal with Bojack and the MetSaibamen or not

The Dragon Ball World had an interesting phenomenon . Most of the experts who had reached the destruction level were not natural warriors, meaning that they more or less had artificially manufactured components . MetCooler, Androids, Galaxy Soldiers, and even Majin Buu, Janemba, Hirudegarn and so on, were not pure natural lifeforms .

The Heavenly warriors were all mortals before they died, so even if they had been training in Heaven for many years, no one knew what level of strength they could really achieve .

East Kai felt powerless at this time, and could only try everything in this desperate situation to gather as many warriors as possible for resistance .

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