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Chapter 316
As the seal broke, an evil wind fiercely blew, steadily increasing in intensity, and in a flash, the whole planet burst open . A dark gate appeared and slowly opened, seemingly like a gateway to hell, and at that moment, countless small and black hands extended out from it, letting out shrill demonic roars .

A soul-stirring sound was suddenly transmitted into the universe like an invisible ripple, and following that, a large and pitch-black mass of stinky matter shot out from the center of the planet . At the same time, a large cloud of green fog rose at the center of the planet . The fog and the pitch-black matter fused together into a ball, seething like boiling water, and soon, a man—over two meters tall—appeared in the starry sky of the universe .

The man wore a black headscarf, white trousers, and a blue cloak; the cloak hung down to the soles of his feet, and a black belt was tied at his waist, fluttering freely .

When the man appeared, he burst into fierce and insane laughter, and then he threw down an energy ball . The dark-red planet below instantly turned into ashes .

“Ha ha ha, I, Bojack have finally broken through the seal!”

An extremely evil and violent whistling sound spread out, and the entire Center galaxy sunk into a restless atmosphere .

Seeing that their boss had broken away from his predicament, Bujin and the others excitedly surrounded him, saying, “Boss, we have finally rescued you!”

Bojack nodded, looked at his former younger brothers and said, “Ha ha ha, this time I was able to get out of this predicament thanks to you . Hm? Why is Zangya not here… her injury has not recovered yet?”

Bujin shook his head and said, “Maybe, we met her a few years ago, and then, we separated to look for boss . She was in charge of the East Area, but afterward, we lost contact . ”

After listening to him, Bojack pondered for a moment and said, “For now, there is no need to be concerned about her . Tell me, what happened in these past few years . ”

“Yes, boss!” Bujin nodded and gave him rough details of the situation in the universe .

After he finished listening, Bojack muttered for a moment and said, “It seems that things have changed a lot . So, wait for me to first train for a while and recover to my peak . I must find those Kais and settle things with them this time!”

“Yeah, those Kais are really too daring . We should teach them a lesson!”

“Umm, this debt must be properly settled!”

“There are also those Super Saiyans; they are culprits too,” Bujin added .

“Of course, I will not forget them,” Bojack said with an evil smile .

Previously, when they met a red-haired Saiyan, they got seriously injured, and later on, Bojack was again attacked by a golden-haired Super Saiyan . Fortunately, Bojack didn’t perish; however, he bumped into the Kais shortly after and was sealed away by them for all these years .

Bojack gazed into the bright and vast starry sky and said, as the corners of his mouth slightly curled, “Of course, at that time the entire galaxy will be under our rule . ”

Meanwhile .

East Kai’s Planet .

The dumpy East Kai knew that Bojack had been released the moment the seal’s energy disappeared .

“Damn it, Bojack has gotten out! Later on, the mortal world of my East Area is going to suffer a disaster . ” East Kai was anxiously pacing around in circles . This time they wouldn’t have such good luck like before when they happened to run into the seriously injured Bojack; thus, his release from the seal was a very dangerous outcome for the Kais!

“I should quickly contact Grand Kai . Now, I can only get help from Grand Kai’s Planet and the Heaven’s warriors . ”

After pondering over it again and again, East Kai felt that only the Heaven’s warriors could contend against Bojack! In Heaven, there were powerful warriors of all ages . These warriors had achieved great merits during their lifetime, and they were able to keep their physical body to train in Heaven; there was no lack of powerful people amongst them .

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South Kai’s Planet, the tall and square-faced South Kai was also anxious .

West Kai’s Planet, West Kai, wearing a monocle, also began to contact Grand Kai .

North Kai’s Planet, North Kai, who never again observed the mortal world since the God of Destruction Beerus appeared on Planet Vegeta, was startled awake by the energy from the seal breaking .

“Aiya, what’s going on? How could that bastard’s seal be broken?” North Kai was shocked, and then, he used his antennas to observe the mortal world; however, the changes that occurred in the North Area left him stunned .

“Uhh, where is Frieza? And King Cold, Cooler, Slug… how did their Forces change so much? Uhhh… only Frieza is still alive…”

“Were they killed by Beerus-sama?”

“But if Beerus-sama killed them, then why didn’t he kill that bastard, Frieza, too?” North Kai was puzzled . In fact, he didn’t know that most of these people were killed by Xiaya .

While the four Kais were anxiously pacing around in circles, in the distant starry sky of the East Area, an area covered by a nebula .

Inside the Big Gete Star’s central experiment area .

In the huge cultivation containers, the emerald-green half-bio and half-mechanical Saibamen were continuously receiving energy from the outside world .
The 10,081 cultivation containers were neatly arranged in an orderly manner . The emerald MetSaibamen were almost formed . From their appearances, they were actually very similar to Frieza’s Final State .

“Sir Manuel, these MetSaibamen will soon be cultivated,” Maunder reported with great enthusiasm .

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Manuel smiled and said, “How is the energy of these Saibamen, and can you guarantee that they would be absolutely obedient?”

Maunder patted his chest and assured, “Please be rest assured, Sir . These MetSaibamen have biochips installed in their brains, so they will absolutely be loyal and devoted to Big Gete Star . ” Speaking of energy intensity, Maunder smiled again and continued, “The energies instilled in this 10,081 MetSaibamen have already reached an astonishing 170 million energy intensity, but it hasn’t reached the upper limit yet . ”

“We prepared a MetSaibamen for energy testing and found that a maximum of 1 billion energy intensity could be instilled in it!” Maunder said, his face showing an incredulous expression .

‘What kind of life form is that headless corpse which was obtained from Planet Bahert? The MetSaibamen that received his cells could unexpectedly withstand such a huge infusion of energy intensity,’ Maunder mused . It must be known that the most powerful Saibamen of Big Gete Star could only be infused with an energy intensity of 140,000 .

“Ha ha ha, increase the energy input; with this 10,081 MetSaibamen, the entire Galaxy will be ours! Also, the news coming from our sources that the Galactic Patrol organization has been destroyed is really a heaven-sent opportunity!”

Listening to him, Maunder roared with laughter .

‘Isn’t this an opportunity granted to us by heaven?’ Manuel mused .


A month later .

All the 10,081 MetSaibamen of Big Gete Star had grown . As the door of the cultivation container opened, the liquid inside poured out, and the thin cables connected to the nerves of the MetSaibamen fell off after infusion . The 10,081 MetSaibamen lined up in a square formation, looking spectacular .

These MetSaibamen belonged to the category of half-bio and half-mechanical lifeforms . They had taut muscles, and a slender build, looking like they were filled with strength . They also had blood-red gemstone-like eyes and a cold-hearted gaze, like gods looking down on all living beings .

“Maunder, first send 4,000 MetSaibamen to test their power . Let the targets be the several major planets in the East Area . ”

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Manuel coldly gave the order and selected four prominent planets from the East Area starry sky’s map .

“Oh, and send another thousand MetSaibamen to Planet Hongshan and wipe out all the Saiyans there!” Manuel ordered once again .

“Sir Manuel, sending a thousand MetSaibamen… wouldn’t it be a little too much?”

“Not too much! After conquering Planet Hongshan, you should also proceed to capture the surrounding starfield; after hiding for so long, it is time to show our existence!”

“Yes, sir! I will order Saibamen No . 1 to No . 5000 . ”


On Earth’s side .

Four months had passed since the end of the World Martial Arts Tournament . One year ago, the dragon ball had recovered, so Goku was looking for the other dragon balls using the dragon ball radar .

Goku got to know a red-haired little girl named Suno in frigid weather, broke through the Muscle Tower and rescued Android 8 from inside it . However, he inadvertently offended the Red Ribbon Army, and a string of plots targeting the dragon balls on Goku began .

As a result, Goku, at this time, had no choice but to go to West City to seek help from Bulma because of the damage on the dragon ball radar .

“Wow, Goku, you came to West City to see me . ” Bulma happily received Goku, and then proudly showed off her new invention .

“What is this?” Goku pointed at the watch on Bulma’s wrist .

Bulma wagged her finger and said, “This is my latest invention; the Micro Band!” Then she proceeded to test it in front of Goku, and suddenly, Bulma shrunk to the size of a fist after she activated the Micro Band .Please download our sponsor's game to support us!

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