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Chapter 309
“What are you doing here? I already said that you are not my match, so don’t come searching for trouble!” When she saw that Tien Shinhan and Chiaotzu had come again, Blonde Launch became irritated and spoke impatiently .

“Today, I am not here to look for you . ”

Tien Shinhan glanced deeply at the Blonde Launch before he headed towards Xiaya and said, “Mister, please accept us as your disciples and teach us martial arts!”

“Hah, you want me to take you in as disciples?” Xiaya felt it a little laughable, but he looked at them with interest .

“Yes!” Tien Shinhan said resolutely .

Master Roshi and others may not know and think that Xiaya was just a pampered son of a wealthy family because he had never exposed his strength in front of them, but Tien Shinhan knew that he was more powerful than Blonde Launch .

Eight years ago, Xiaya gave some advice to him which saved him a lot of detours .

‘If he is willing to accept me as a disciple, I can definitely become stronger,’ Tien Shinhan thought with a serious expression .

Xiaya suddenly saw Tien Shinhan in a new light . He touched his chin and thought about it for a moment and said, “I can accept you both as my disciples, but disciples are not casually accepted . You need to complete a few trials . After you have passed, I will accept you as my disciple . ”

In the original work, Tien Shinhan’s passion to practice martial arts was obvious to all . It could be said that he was a more diligent martial artist than Goku . He didn’t have any fun in life and was wholeheartedly bent on training . He did not give up martial arts in the latter stages like Krillin and Yamcha, focusing on a commoner life; rather, he kept moving forward, single-mindedly aspiring to surpass Goku, but because Goku had the Saiyan bloodline, the gap between them became larger and larger instead, such that he gradually got buried in the chapter of the times .

Tien Shinhan was pitiful, but his spirit was admirable . He was still a powerful warrior and had a unique charm .

Xiaya suddenly remembered that this Tien Shinhan did not seem to be a pure earthling, rather, he was a hybrid descendant of the Three-eyed people and earthlings .

“Tien Shinhan is worth training . Looking at his persistence, it would be better to fulfill his dream of becoming a strong expert in this space-time . ” Compared to Krillin and others, Xiaya found the ascetic Tien Shinhan more pleasing to the eyes .

Although the current Tien Shinhan hadn’t got rid of his evil thou yet, but so what? Saiyans were not some pure and kind-hearted people themselves .

Xiaya extended his finger towards Tien Shinhan and stated the content of the trial, “In the distant Sacred Land of Korin, there is a towering divine tower . My first trial for you is to climb the Korin Tower and get the approval of Immortal Korin up there . Of course, this is not difficult for you . The hard part is the trial of the soul . ”

“Yes!” Tien Shinhan agreed in a loud voice .

He had heard his master, Master Shen, mention the Sacred Land of Korin, and after hearing about it again from Xiaya, he was somewhat curious about it .

“The second trial!” Xiaya again extended one finger and said, “After six months, the World Martial Arts Tournament will be held; I want you to take part in it and get the championship . ”

“After you have completed these two trials, I promise to accept you as my disciple . ”

“Sure, it’s a deal then . I will definitely complete your trials!”

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Tien Shinhan naturally agreed without any hesitation . There were still six months till the commencement of the World Martial Arts Tournament, so he intended to first go to the Sacred Land of Korin and challenge Korin Tower .

He bowed to Xiaya and others and bade them farewell . Tien Shinhan and Chiaotzu set off again and headed for the Sacred Land of Korin .

“If I began to train Tien Shinhan from this stage, it’s not impossible for him to become a peerless expert in the future, and also Tien Shinhan’s bloodline is of the Three-Eyed People; thus, maybe once he can become strong to a certain level, something unexpected could happen . ”

“The future is not the stage for Goku alone . Whether you are a dragon or insect, it depends on your choice,” Xiaya chuckled .

At the same time, far away in the deep outer space, an area hidden by a nebula…

Few stars flickered from time to time, and in the dark environment filled with nebular debris, the stars were like bright lamps, making them particularly obvious . But if one viewed them at a close range, they will find that they were stout emerald-colored spaceships which were like squashed balloons .

These spaceships were scattered and orderly as if they were transporting goods somewhere following a certain operation style .

Located on the side of a gigantic star, a silvery and emerald-green colored behemoth was calmly resting in the quiet starry sky . Its size was enormous, and from far away, it looked just like a star made entirely of metal . Facing one side of the star, it was illuminated by light, giving off a green glow .


A stout spaceship flew to the front of the metal planet and then entered it .

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Inside the metal planet, colorful lights flashed constantly . In the core area of

the metal planet, there were crisscrossed buildings which couldn’t be clearly seen scattered around and densely packed like a hive, as small spacecrafts were moving in an orderly manner .

“Sir Manuel, those Saiyans refused our deal and are unwilling to provide their blood for our research,” A half-bio and half-mechanical life form arrived before a man and reported .

Manuel sneered and said, “These wild monkeys are very cautious . ”

“Sir, Saiyans’ area of operations have always been near Planet Bakuf, so how about we send a few Bio-warriors to capture a few Saiyans alive?”
“No need! The Saiyan race is just a race that is a bit more powerful than ordinary life forms . Heh, they really think they are some Fighting Race . ”

“But I heard rumors from East Area that the Saiyans of Planet Hongshan are somewhat powerful,” The half-bio and half-mechanical life form said .

“Powerful? Hmph! Maybe they are blowing their own trumpet . Mond, you have been to Planet Hongshan, how much was their Battle Power detected by the detectors? Have they reached the standard of the experiment?” On the surface, Monde’s departure to Planet Hongshan was to trade with them for blood, and another purpose was to secretly investigate them to see if they meets the criteria for the experiment .

The lifeform called Mond hesitated for a while and said, “Saiyans on the Planet Hongshan have generally around 3,000 Battle Power, and there are a few powerful ones that have reached 5,000!”

“Is that all? This is similar to the information collected from the North Area . Forget it, there is no need to pay attention to these Saiyans anymore . ”


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The lifeform called Mond responded, and then continued to report the materials collected from Planet Bahert .

It was the Big Gete Star’s space probe discovered six years ago . It was a corpse having a complete body but lacking a skull . Experiments showed that this lifeform’s energy level was frighteningly high beyond imagination before its death .

“We have obtained the initial analysis result of the composition of that strange lifeform . It is unbelievable that there was such a powerful lifeform in the universe . If its muscular structure is integrated into the new Metal-Saibamen, we can definitely produce more powerful warriors . ”

“How is the initial amount?”

“Please take a look, Sir!”

Mond laughed, and suddenly on the side, a huge screen rose in the void .

In the screen, spherical cultivating containers were uniformly arranged in order, one horizontal and one vertical; their large numbers were dazzling . Each of the container had an emerald green half-bio and half-machine Metal-Saibamen . They are immersed in a solution, and there were numerous thin tubular wires connected to their muscles .

“A total of 10081 basic-level Saibamen are being bred inside . Look, Sir Manuel, it is unbelievable that these half-finished Metal-Saibamen have reached a 1 . 2 million energy intensity, and it is still rising . At present, the whole Big Gete Star is providing energy to them . ”

“Good, good, continue to manufacture, and when the Metal-Saibamen are finished forming, the whole universe would be our Big Gete Star’s . ”

Manuel laughed heartily . Compared to these, Saiyans—who have less than 10,000 Battle Power—are insignificant . “

Manuel looked out at the deep starry sky . He was looking forward to the days when the entire universe would fall into the hands of the Big Gete Star civilization .Please download our sponsor's game to support us!

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