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Chapter 308: 308
“This Tien Shinhan is a rare talent, his Battle Power has already reached 170… . ” Under the shade of the tree, Xiaya glanced at Tien Shinhan in surprise, stood up and intimately hugged Xiling’s waist .

“It’s only 170, and it’s also only in reference to Earth . ” Xiling glanced at him and smiled indifferently .

Tien Shinhan’s little Battle Power was naturally nothing in Xiling’s eyes, but for the Earthlings with an average of only two or three points of Battle Power, it was regarded as earth-shaking .

“I want to challenge you!” Amidst the raging energy, Tien Shinhan arrived before blonde Launch .

“Who are you, and why do you want to challenge me?” Blonde Launch frowned . She didn’t remember Tien Shinhan; to her, he was just an insignificant character .

Tien Shinhan countenance immediately turned ugly as if he was insulted .

“In the mountain village eight years ago, I lost to your hands . In the past few years, I have been training all over the world in order to become stronger and then defeat you with my own hands!”

Blonde Launch suddenly realized and burst into laughter, her golden hair fluttering in the air, “Right, right! Hahaha, so you are that three-eyed from eight years ago . It’s not that I am boasting, but on Earth, no one is my opponent; do you want to try?”

Her voice had just fallen when a loud bang resounded, and an aura more powerful than Tien Shinhan suddenly swept out . “You want to defeat me just by relying on such puny strength? It is far from enough!”

“Arrogant!” Tien Shinhan sneered, and said to her, “I admit that you are very strong . It seems that it’s not only I who has gotten stronger these past few years; you have also gotten stronger . However, I will definitely defeat you and wipe away this humiliation!”

After saying that, Tien Shinhan’s expression became serious, and without any warning, he attacked . He suddenly used his move to attack her, and he was very fast . In the blink of an eye, he arrived in front of Blonde Launch from several meters away and launched quick and successive violent attacks towards Blonde Launch .

Blonde Launch didn’t think that Tien Shinhan would suddenly attack her without any warning, causing her to feel a little angry . But now was not the time to be angry . Facing Tien Shinhan’s attack, she calmly leaned to the side and evaded the head-on attack . Then, she gracefully leaped, and before Tien Shinhan could react, she delivered a horizontal kick .


Blonde Launch kicked Tien Shinhan’s arm, producing a muffled sound . The huge force which transmitted from his arm forced Tien Shinhan to bend down as he continuously took a few steps back, before dissipating the force . Shockingly, beneath his feet, tiny cracks appeared on the ground .

‘Such great strength!’ Tien Shinhan’s wrists trembled from pain as he mused, still reeling from the impact .

While watching the battle from the side, Master Roshi’s countenance sank . He suddenly realized that the girl named Launch was actually stronger than he thought . This resulted in the thought,‘The new generation replaces the old generation’ to rise in his heart; he, the God of Martial Arts! As for the excited Goku, shocked Krillin, Chi-Chi, and at loss Hasky, it was unnecessary to go into details .

“I didn’t expect her to be so powerful!” Tien Shinhan’s face sank, and his forehead was sweating bullets as if facing a formidable enemy .

Just from this exchange, he immediately understood that he was not Blonde Launch’s match . Although he was unwilling in his heart, Tien Shinhan knew that he had to use his unique skill, otherwise, he might lose to this woman once again . He did not want to get tripped twice by the same hole .

After he finished deliberating, Tien Shinhan leaped a few meters backward and pulled open a certain distance with Blonde Launch, and then, he assumed an attacking pose . He clenched his hands into fists, slightly lowered his body and accumulated power in his body; the veins in his body trembled as he exerted his full strength .

“Four Supernatural Fists!”

Tien Shinhan gave a loud shout, and the muscles on his back squirmed as if there were countless small insects crawling under his flesh .


The muscles on his back suddenly deformed and two arms extended out . Suddenly, he had four arms, such that he could occupy a great advantage when facing an enemy, but when one looked at Tien Shinhan’s current fierce expression, it could be seen that this technique had extremely high demands on physical strength and spirit .

“What is this move which can unexpectedly create two limbs?” Looking at it, Goku eyes shone, and he was full of excitement as if itching to go up and fight .

Master Roshi said in a serious voice, “This move is called ‘Four Supernatural Fists’ . It is the unique skill of an ancient martial arts school in the south . I didn’t expect this Crane School disciple to have learned it . ”

Blonde-haired Launch seemed to be a little dumbfounded as she stared blankly . She had never seen such a strange move before .

“An opening!” Tien Shinhan loudly shouted .

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Suddenly like a loaded bullet, his body shot out and violently attacked Blonde Launch . His four arms were like those of an octopus, flexible and undulating, as they made lightning-fast and successive wave-like attacks . At this moment, Tien Shinhan had turned into a mighty cheetah, and in just one breath of time, he had attacked Blonde Launch several dozens of times .

In front of him, afterimages appeared which raised a whirlwind .

Tien Shinhan’s attacks were quick and ruthless, which could cause a person’s death, but Blonde Launch did not appear panicked like how he imagined; rather, she was indifferent and actually received all his crazy attacks without any mistakes .

‘How is it possible that the gap between me and this woman is so big?’

As Tien Shinhan attacked, he was inwardly frightened . Blonde Launch was perfectly composed under his rapid attacks; this was something he had never encountered as he roamed unhindered throughout the world in these past few years .

“Tian Shen!”

Chiaotzu saw that Tien Shinhan did not have an advantage in the battle against Blonde Launch, and couldn’t help but become a little anxious . He pondered if he should use his superpower to help Tien Shinhan, but in the end, he gave up this tempting plan .

In the battlefield…
When Tien Shinhan saw that he couldn’t occupy an advantage while attacking, he began to change his attack strategy . He lowered his body, with his four arms ready to attack .

“Dodon Ray!” Tien Shinhan suddenly exclaimed . Thick, dark-red energy rays simultaneously shot out of his four thumbs, but the attacks by Tien Shinhan did not stop; In the next second, he quickly placed two hands in front of his forehead and loudly shouted, “Solar Flare!”


A blinding light flashed as if another sun had appeared in the sky . Under this blinding light—except for Master Roshi who was not affected because he was wearing sunglasses—Goku, Krillin, Chi-Chi, and Hasky couldn’t help but close their eyes .

“Ah?! What the hell is this? My eyes!”

“My eyes hurt!”

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“I can’t see anything!”

For a moment, various shouts of surprise resounded .

“What a powerful kid, and a what a weird move!”

From the beginning to the end, Master Roshi watched the fight between the two . When he saw Tien Shinhan’s various and tricky moves, he was naturally astonished, but what surprised him, even more, was the girl named Launch . He saw that Launch didn’t move even a little, and even her eyes were closed as she fought Tien Shinhan .


Tien Shinhan and the Blonde Launch punched each other, and with both fists as the centre, a ring-shaped tornado spread out in all directions .

Blonde Launch’s body stood tall without moving, while Tien Shinhan was violently struck flying for more than a dozen meters by the powerful punch, slamming into the wall on one side . With a loud rumbling sound, the granite wall toppled over and shattered into small pieces of stone . Tien Shinhan’s whole body was sore as he struggled to climb out of the pile of rubble .

“Tian Shin!” Chiaotzu looked agitated as he anxiously flew over to Tien Shinhan .

“Damn!” Tien Shinhan punched his hand on the ground . He knew in his heart that he couldn’t defeat Blonde Launch, but he was unwilling . He had never been so powerless in all these years since he left his master’s school to bitterly train .

After eight years of training, not only could he not defeat her, instead, the gap had grown larger .

“So powerful!” Goku eyes shone as he stared at them . Although not too many moves were exchanged in their fight—with Tien Shinhan being easily defeated in the end—the impact of such a brilliant battle on Goku was huge .

Faintly, he could feel the charm of the battle!

Chi-Chi said, “Goku, did you got a clear look at their movements just now?”

“I couldn’t see clearly . ” Goku shook his head and said, “But if eyes are no good, then use the heart to sense . This is what my grandfather said before, but they were too fast; so, I could only vaguely sense a little . ”

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Krillin was shocked as he exclaimed, “They are all so powerful!”

‘The powerful ones here are not only Tien Shinhan of Crane School and the Blonde girl, Launch, but even my fellow disciple, Goku, is so powerful!’ Through this brief fight, Krillin shockingly discovered that compared with them, he and Chi-Chi still had a long way to go .

“Cough! Cough! Now you know that there’s always a sky beyond a sky . After returning, you should properly train . The disciples of the Turtle School are not much inferior to those of the Crane School, and you too can reach their level,” Master Roshi saw that his disciples were shocked, and in a timely manner, he spoke encouraging words .

“Yes, Master Roshi . ”

“Got it . ”

Goku and others nodded quickly . The shock that Tien Shinhan and the Blonde Launch’s fight had caused them was huge, broadening their horizons . Goku was staring at Tien Shinhan, as he inwardly encouraged himself that he would become strong .

“Chiaotzu, let’s go!” Tien Shinhan’s face was calm as his whole body exuded a cold aura .

He had nothing to say, and he also had no face to stay here .

Chiaotzu nodded, helped Tien Shinhan up and left together with him .

Looking at the receding figures of the two disciples of the Crane School, Master Roshi adjusted his sunglasses and inwardly thought, ‘Master Shen has good luck . If these two seedlings walk on the right path, they would definitely become excellent martial artists . ’

Then he looked at Goku, who was full of fighting spirit and mused, ‘However, this child Goku wouldn’t lose to them at all . ’

After the little episode, Master Roshi also brought along his disciples and said goodbye to Xiaya and the others . Xiaya did not urge them to stay and watched them leave . As for Blonde Launch, she looked at Hasky in a new light, probably because of their similar hobbies and appearance .

In the next few days, Xiaya’s days passed quietly . Occasionally, he would contact Planet Hongshan, while normally he would maintain Full-Power Super Saiyan mode to comprehend the method to break through Super Saiyan realm .

A month passed by…

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