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Intermission 2
Character Information Sheet

Kusuhara Meru (楠原芽榴)
Straight black hair that falls to around her shoulders..
Her bangs are cut above her eyes, but they aren't straight-cut bangs. If they grow a little bit, they part into around a 6:4 ratio.
She has an average appearance, but her eyes are large and her complexion fair.
She wears her uniform according to regulation. Most of her personal clothing has an emphasis on functionality.
She is 158cm tall. (This is about 5'2".)

Kamishiro Hayate (神代颯)
His red-tinged black hair is kept in a relaxed hairstyle. It's the fresh, short hairstyle that is popular with many people.
His red-tinged eyes look out from behind his bangs that slightly brush them.
He wears his uniform according to regulation. His personal clothing is more on the formal, well-kept side. He often wears a dark blue trench coat during winter.
He is 175cm tall. (This is about 5'9".)

Rengetsu Fuuga (蓮月風雅)
Light brown hair in a relaxed perm. His bangs don't reach his eyes and the hair at the back of his neck is also short.
The bridge of his nose is clean-cut and his eyes are slightly deep-set.
At any rate, he is a good-looking guy (ikemen) with a handsome face.
He wears his uniform loosely. From autumn to spring, he doesn't usually wear his blazer inside the school and instead only wears a navy vest that opens at the front over a shirt with its sleeves loosely rolled up. His personal clothing is generally relaxed and up-to-date with the current fashion trends.
He is 178cm tall. (This is about 5'10".)

Katsuragi Shoutarou (葛城翔太郎)
His hair is the same deep blue as his eyes. Because his bangs are long and reach the bottom of his eyes, he parts them randomly when he wears his glasses. His hairstyle is a little wavy and suits his glasses.
He has almond-shaped eyes and his eyelashes are actually long.
He wears the shirt of his uniform with only its topmost button undone. His personal clothing is similar to Meru's with an emphasis on functionality.
Since he is tall, even if he wears something like a jersey, he still seems stylish.
He is 183cm tall. (This is about 6'.)

Aidou Yuuri (藍堂有利)
He is, overall, lightly colored. His eyes and hair are both a natural brown inherited from his father. His hair is silky in a natural hairstyle that doesn't need any shaping in particular. His ears protrude out and there's a sense of freshness.
He has a delicate build and, from his looks, a quiet, neat and tidy feeling overflows. So to speak, he's a good-looking young boy (shota ikemen).
He wears his uniform like Hayate, strictly according to regulation. For personal clothing, he has a lot of Japanese clothing and among his western-style clothes has a lot of casual items.
He is 168cm tall. (This is about 5'6".)

Hiiragi Laila (柊来羅)
His real hair is a beautiful purplish color in a bob that falls longer in front than in the back.
His wig is chestnut-colored hair close to blond (caramel brown). The bangs are short and curve cutely. It's usually styled in twintails, but there are also many times when it's styled differently.
He has drooping eyes with a mole by his right eye.
He wears his uniform similar to Fuuga, not wearing a blazer inside the school from autumn to spring and instead wearing a caramel-colored cardigan. When it becomes cold, he wears knee-high socks, but when it's not cold, he wears high socks. *TN Note: Knee-high socks cover over the knee and partially up the thigh while high socks don't quite reach the knee.
His female version of personal clothing is of the frilly white dress style. His male version is similar to Hayate's.
He is 170cm tall. (This is about 5'7".)

Kotokura Seiya (琴蔵聖夜)
Jet black hair in a fashionable undercut.
Has very adult-like features. His image is fundamentally looking diagonally downwards with his chin rested on a hand. His appearance gives off a cool, distant feeling, and it's difficult to start a conversation with him even when he's simply walking.
He wears either the standard La Faust uniform or a suit. The personal clothes he wears on occasion largely follow a theme of tailored jackets.
He is 176cm tall. (This is about 5'8".)

Minohara Shin (簑原慎)
His hair is ash brown in color. He has a wolf cut that is a little longer around the nape of his neck, and his hair curls slightly all over. His bangs reach his eyes, and if they get in his way, he will pin them back with a hair pin.
Like Fuuga, he has a handsome face, but because he gives off a non-serious vibe, there is a clear line between those who like him and those who don't rather than him being universally loved.
He wears the La Faust uniform casually, and his personal clothing is similar to Fuuga's.
He is 179cm tall. (This is about 5'9".)

Reiryuu Academy Uniform
Girls: Black dress shirt with a red necktie fashioned into a ribbon shape. On the white cloth blazer and skirt, there are a few black lines. According to the regulation, the skirt should be 10cm above the knee (about 4 inches). Because the academy places more of a priority on studies, the rules related to uniforms and hairstyles aren't that strict.
Boys: Black dress shirt with a red necktie. On their white cloth blazer and pants, there are a few black lines similar to the girls' uniform.

La Faust Academy Uniform
Girls: A white, round-necked blouse with sleeves gathered at the cuff and a large brown ribbon. A red vest with several buttons that emphasizes the waist and a brown flared skirt. The blazer is a darker red than the vest.
Boys: White dress shirt with a brown necktie. Similar to the girls, they have a red vest with several buttons down the chest that have the school emblem on them. Brown slacks. Boys and girls share the same blazer.

Kusuhara Kei (楠原圭)
Refreshing short black hair. He's a little sunburned, but originally is fair-skinned. When it becomes winter, he naturally becomes white.
If the executives are the best of the best in terms of appearance, he is good-looking (ikemen) in the middle-top tier or the lower-top tier.
He is 177cm tall. (This is just under 5'10".)

Uemura Maiko (植村舞子)
Her hair is a black that looks almost brown when the light hits it. It's shoulder-length and she has long bangs. She's on the pretty side and wears her skirt shorter than the regulation.
She's 163cm tall. (This is about 5'4".)

Takimoto Kou (滝本浩)
He's darker-colored and seems like a monkey. He's a boy whose type seems likely for there to be one in every class.
He's 172cm tall. (This is just short of 5'8".)

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