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In the vast starry sky, Xiaya glanced at the negligible starlight at the end of his line of sight, and then, he slightly nodded and snapped his fingers. Suddenly, a colorful ray of light soared upwards; the brilliant colors were dazzling like fireworks. Xiaya stepped forward and instantly entered into a tunnel formed from colorful rays.

There was no front and back, and no time and space here. Various kinds of sparkling lights were flashing, like a silk ribbon and a roll of film; this was an indescribable space located outside space-time.

Xiaya looked around the surroundings. Opening the space-time tunnel was rapidly consuming his physical strength. Xiaya passed through the colorful tunnel. Suddenly, three huge deep-blue space appeared in front of him, and in each space, there were twelve huge transparent "water-polo" balls floating. The "water-polo" balls sparkled with a vast array of colors, and paired in groups of two, they formed 6 groups amidst the deep blue space, exquisitely balanced.

It was just like the scene that Xiaya saw from a very high position when he had his potential unlocked by the Great Elder on Planet Namek.

“The three blue spaces are three different multiverses,” Xiaya muttered to himself as the corners of his mouth curled into an arc, and then, he flew towards the world which resonated with him.


As if piercing through a bubble, Xiaya re-entered his multiverse. Since he had time-traveled from Universe 7, he directly appeared in Universe 7's starry sky.

Gazing at the dazzling and flickering stars around him, Xiaya smiled. He knew that he had returned to his space-time continuum. After that, he used Instant Transmission, moving towards Planet Hongshan.

However, Xiaya didn’t know that there was a fierce battle currently ongoing on Planet Hongshan. A petite woman with an orange hair and bluish skin was wreaking havoc on Planet Hongshan.

The woman was wearing a white jacket, similarly white-colored trousers, a pair of golden boots reaching half of her lower leg, blackguards on both of her arms and a purple scarf around the waist.

It was Zangya who had woken up on Planet Bahert.

After Zangya separated from her companions, Kogu, Bujin, Bido, and she began to search for the place where Boss Bojack was sealed according to the places assigned to each of them. The area assigned to Zangya was the entire East Area.

Over the years, Boss Bojack was not found, but she accidentally learned about the Saiyans.

This reminded Zangya of her experience when she was seriously injured by a Saiyan many years ago. If it wasn't for the red-haired Saiyan 200,000 years ago, she wouldn't have been seriously injured, and wouldn't have needed to go into slumber on Planet Bahert for 200,000 years; Also, Boss Bojack wouldn’t have been defeated by the hands of a Super Saiyan, and then get sealed by the four Grand Kais in an unknown place.

“Damn Super Saiyan!” Zangya’s pretty face revealed a fierce expression, her eyes glaring at the girl who was fighting her.

It was a Super Saiyan whose strength was almost on par with her.

“Unexpectedly, this Super Saiyan on Planet Hongshan is so strong,” Zangya took a deep breath as she mumbled. Apart from the female Super Saiyan in front of her, the male Super Saiyan she had encountered before was actually not worth mentioning. She had seriously injured him with just one finger.

Opposite Zangya, Meiling was surrounded by a golden aura, and her body was emitting an awe-inspiring imposing momentum. She was powerful and was also not outdone by Zangya.

Since the battle with King Davidow in Delan galaxy six months ago, Meiling knew well that her strength was lacking, so after destroying King Davidow’s Forces in West Area, Xiling and Myers began to train diligently on Planet Hongshan; however, Zangya’s arrival broke their tranquil days.

“Before Xiaya comes back, I would definitely not allow anyone to harm Planet Hongshan!” Meiling lowered her head as her beautiful golden hair danced in the air due to the energy waves.

Xiu! Xiu!

Beautiful figures soared into the sky, as Zangya and Meiling's silhouettes flashed swiftly like lightning in the sky. They occasionally collided from time to time, erupting with intense fight, and then, they would occasionally quickly separate, pulling apart the distance between them; then, they would start fighting again.

Meiling was so strong that she seemed to surpass the Ordinary Super Saiyan realm, but Zangya was even more powerful, actually suppressing Meiling.

When Xiaya appeared on Planet Hongshan, he stumbled upon Meiling and Zangya’s fierce battle. After discovering that the person battling Meiling was Zangya, Xiaya was slightly shocked as he said, “Why did this woman come to Planet Hongshan?”

“And even more unexpected is that Meiling’s Battle Power has increased to 2.2 billion. She must have been working very hard in this period of time,” Sighing, Xiaya narrowed his eyes.

It would have been very arduous to increase one's strength to 2.2 billion Battle Power in half a year.

At this time, the situation of the fight in the sky had undergone a tremendous change. After all, Zangya had the upper hand in strength. Gradually, Meiling couldn’t maintain the Super Saiyan transformation, and the battle changed from stalemate to one-sided attacks.


Xiaya took action at this time. An imposing strength descended from the sky, and an immense aura—which could cause people to tremble—rushed down.

“Ah! It's Xiaya’s aura!” Meiling yelled excitedly, causing the movements of her hands to briefly stagnant.

“Ararara… you dared to get distracted during the fight?”

Zangya sneered, a cold light flashing in her blue eyes; she had no intention of stopping her attacks, and directly charged towards Meiling.

Hua! Hua! 

A crystal clear brilliance sparkled at the top of her fist, and the violent energy emanating from it, caused the surrounding space to freeze.


Suddenly, Zanga's hand came to an abrupt stop.

A strong palm blocked her fist, and her delicate wrist was suddenly grasped by the huge hand. Zangya felt pain and her body writhed, but she found to her horror that her wrist seemed to have been caught by iron pincers, unable to move even an inch.

“How is this possible?” Zangya was horrified as she dumbfoundedly looked at the person that had suddenly appeared in front of her.

It was a handsome young man who stood straight like a mountain, and his body was emitting an awe-inspiring and frightening aura, highly oppressive. At this time, while one hand of the young man was firmly holding Zangya's wrist, the other hand was embracing the Meiling's slender waist. The female Super Saiyan was very cooperative, as her whole body seemed to melt in the arms of that person.

After clearly seeing Xiaya’s appearance, Zangya’s beautiful little face revealed her astonishment and her eyes widened, as she said, “How could it be him?! How could he become so strong?” At this time, Zangya discovered that the person holding her wrist was surprisingly the male Super Saiyan who was struck flying by her on Planet Bahert a few years ago.

'In just a few short years, how did he become so powerful?'

Zangya was standing timidly, as uneasiness began to rise in her heart.

“Xiaya, you are really back?” Meiling lay in Xiaya’s arms, greedily breathing his smell, as a peculiar feeling of peacefulness arose in her heart.

“Mhm, I am back. What’s up with this woman and why are you both fighting on Planet Hongshan?” Xiaya let go of Meiling's and asked.

Meiling was a fusion of Xiling and Myers. Xiaya could hug Xiling as he wished, but hugging Meiling seemed to be going too far.

Meiling glanced at Xiaya angrily; she seemed to be feeling dissatisfied with him for relinquishing his embrace, as she said, “Who knows what’s up with this woman. When she came to Planet Hongshan, she said that she wanted to get revenge on a Super Saiyan… Did you offend her?”

Chapter 291 Meiling and Zangya

Xiaya glanced at Zangya, and the petite woman couldn't help but back up several steps upon receiving his gaze. Seeing this, Xiaya shook his head and said to Meiling, "Why would I offend her? I feel that there must be some misunderstanding?"

After saying that, he walked towards Zangya. However, who would have thought that at this time, smoke would come out of the soles of Zangya's feet after which she immediately fled far away from them.

Seeing this, Xiaya couldn't help but faintly smile, feeling that the orange-haired woman was very amusing. He extended a sparkling finger towards Zangya, and a blue cage—which was transparent like marbles—immediately formed around Zangya, trapping her in.

No matter how Zangya struggled inside, she was unable to escape from the cage.

"Boo hoo, let me go!" After struggling for a while with still no means to escape, Zangya became anxious.

Meiling glanced at Xiaya with amazement and seeing that the woman was caught, she immediately felt her anger draining away, as she said "This move of yours is really very useful. Ask that woman if she has something to say; you have no idea how arrogant she was when she first arrived, and also, her attitude was as if she intended to exterminate Saiyans with a wave of her hand…"

Xiaya smiled and glanced at Meiling, and then together with her, he floated over to Zangya and asked, "Who are you? Why did you attack Planet Hongshan?"

When on Planet Bahert, Xiaya had used Spirit Eye to secretly observe Zanya and knew that she was an old monster that had lived for over 200,000 years. Moreover, she could recognize that he was a Super Saiyan at a glance, so from these, Xiaya guessed that perhaps she had some conflict with Saiyans before.

If the ancestors of Saiyans had offended her, then she could be pardoned for coming to settle accounts with Saiyans.

Zangya stared at the two Super Saiyans in front of her and knew that she couldn't escape, so she cooperated with them, saying, "When I, with the others—Bujin, Kogu, Bido—and Boss were dominating the universe 200,000 years ago, we encountered you Saiyans. Then, a red-haired Saiyan seriously injured me, causing me to sleep for a long time to recuperate."

"Thus, when I heard that Saiyans were here, I came to enact my revenge," Zangya raised her head and said.

"Red-haired Saiyan?" Xiaya muttered for a moment.

While Meiling on the side gave a surprised cry and said, "200,000 years ago?! How long have you lived?"

200,000 years! What a long time! An average Saiyan's lifespan was seventy to eighty years, and even though she drank the Fountain of Youth, Meiling's lifespan might only be several hundred years. Looking at Zangya's youthful and beautiful appearance, Meiling was a little jealous, feeling disturbed in her heart.

"What kind of race are you? How can you live for so long and still be so young?" Meiling asked in a loud voice.

Zangya honestly informed them of her background, saying, "My name is Zangya; the Super Warrior made by the Feidaya people…"

"Wait, Feidaya people? Is that the race that live on Planet Feidaya in North Area?" Xiaya suddenly interrupted Zangya and asked with a surprised look.

When he met the Feidaya people in the North Area, it was because the so-called ancient warriors had caught the attention of Frieza. If this woman was an ancient warrior made by the Feidaya people, then wasn't Frieza courting death?

Zangya nodded her head as if it was a matter of course and said, "Yes, it's Planet Feidaya in the North Area, but it doesn't exist now; maybe it was destroyed by someone."

"You just said that you also have a Boss… How many people are you altogether?"

"Five! In addition to me, there is also Boss Bojack, Kogu, Bujin, and Bido," Zangya replied.

After listening to Zangya's reply, Xiaya's face twitched and he could not help but exclaim in surprise, "You are the Galaxy Soldiers who stirred chaos in the universe a long time ago?"

When he heard the name Bojack, Xiaya suddenly remembered. In his past life, he had indeed seen these people appear in an anime movie. 'That Bojack's strength was similar to the Perfect Form Cell, and on top of that, his subordinates were also fierce characters. In the original work, if one doesn't have the strength of Super Saiyan 2, then it will be impossible to deal with them,' Xiaya thought.

At this time, Xiaya's eyes flashed, and the way he looked at Zangya slightly changed, as he thought, 'In the anime movie, Zangya was killed by Bojack because she didn't dare to fight Gohan, who had transformed into Super Saiyan 2.'

'But as North Kai is alive, Bojack should still be sealed.'

"Your boss has still not broken through the seal yet?" Xiaya asked.

"Mhm, we haven't yet found the place where Boss was sealed. Each one of us is in charge of one galaxy respectively. I am searching in the East Area…" Zangya was feeling regretful. If she hadn't come to Planet Hongshan after hearing about the news of Saiyans, then she wouldn't have gotten captured.

Meiling was somewhat baffled and asked, "Xiaya, how do you know her? Is she related to the Feidaya people?"

"This Zangya is an ancient warrior created by the Feidaya people. Have you forgotten how Planet Feidaya was destroyed? Frieza sent Zarbon to attack the Feidaya people so as to find the whereabouts of these warriors," Xiaya replied.

"Oh!" Meiling rolled her big, bright eyes and eyed Zangya, trying to find faults with her appearance.

Zangya had curly orange hair, bluish skin, and she was petite, with a height around 1.6m; her various features were quite similar to the Feidaya people. However, Zangya's ears were pointed like elves, and she also wasn't short like the Feidaya people.

Xiaya had just returned to Planet Hongshan, and his mood was good. Although he knew that Zangya was not someone easy to deal with, he would not kill her, seeing that she had some relationship with the Feidaya people. However, if he let her go, then her ending will inevitably be similar to what happened in the anime movie, which would be a pity.

Therefore, he said, "Zangya, today you have offended Planet Hongshan. If it were not for Meiling, I am afraid that Planet Hongshan's Saiyans would have suffered serious losses, so you have to take responsibility for this sin."

"Hmm, hmm!" Zangya nodded like a chick pecking rice. Her courage was very small. As long as Xiaya didn't kill her, then she would do anything!

Xiaya looked at her with interest and said, "From now on, you are my hostage. In the future, you can live on the floating island of Planet Hongshan, but in normal times, you will guard Planet Hongshan. Of course, if you dare to run away, you must consider the consequences. I have locked onto your aura, so even if you flee to the ends of the world, I can still catch you and bring you back with Instant Transmission."

"Um!" Zangya nodded with an ashen complexion.

'I'm finished! This time, I have really lost my freedom,' Zangya cried in her heart.

Speaking till here, Xiaya's countenance turned serious, as he said, "Also, don't contact your companions in the future. Besides, your boss, Bojack, is not a kind person, and you will definitely die sooner or later if you follow him." After that, his tone became amiable, saying "The former members of your race live on Planet Hongshan and Planet Meishan, so protecting Planet Hongshan is no different from protecting the Feidaya people."

"Are you saying that the Feidaya people also live on Planet Hongshan?" Zangya suddenly got excited as she asked.

"On Planet Meishan, but there are also some Feidaya people living on Planet Hongshan," Xiaya replied.

"Mhm, mhm, I understand." Zangya looked very willing.

After that, Xiaya waved his hand and undid the shackles on Zangya, letting Zangya fly away in the other direction alone. As for whether Zangya would abide by his rules to protect Planet Hongshan or not, Xiaya had plenty of methods to make sure she would be obedient and honest.

"You are letting her go just like this?" Meiling asked as she puffed up her cheeks, clearly dissatisfied.

Xiaya glanced at her and said, "As long as she is well-behaved… Besides, Planet Hongshan needs a permanent bodyguard, and no doubt, this Zangya is very suitable."

Chapter 292 You are my hostage

After a few minutes, Meiling’s Fusion time ended, and she once again split into Xiling and Myers. As soon as they separated, the two women—one on the left and the other on right—hung on to Xiaya’s body like a tree kangaroo. Two delicate and smooth bodies cuddled up to him, causing faint fragrance of girl to tickle his nose.

Xiling's eyes were filled with crystal clear liquid, as both of her hands tightly clung to Xiaya's arm, while Myers had a cheeky grin on her face as she continuously rubbed against his body.

They were silent for a while, but then, Xiaya stared at Xiling and seriously said, “Xiling, it has been many years… we should now get married.”

“Mhm.” Xiling's voice was quiet like a mosquito as she murmured assent. There was nothing that needed to be said about Xiling's relationship with Xiaya, as they had been living together from childhood, romantic and familial love having mixed together long ago.

“Ehhh!” Myers eye widened in astonishment as she asked, “Why so soon?”

Xiaya glared at her and said, “How is it so soon? We are both already 21 years old, and should have married long ago.”

“But, but…” Myers whimpered and lowered her head in distress.

“Why… You don’t want to see me getting married to Xiaya?” A fierce look floated over on her face, as Xiling's sparkling and big eyes stared straight at Myers for a while. Myers whimpered, angrily waved her hand and flew away alone.

“This Myers… What’s the matter with her?” Xiaya asked, feeling puzzled.

“I don’t think she wants to see us getting married,” Xiling said as she stared at Myers' receding back.


“Humph, think about it yourself!”

Xiling coldly snorted. As Xiling had spent time with Myers during every Fusion, how would Myers be able to conceal her inner thoughts from Xiling? So, even though she knew the reason why, Xiling was too lazy to explain further; after all, it would still happen sooner or later, so she had already prepared for it in her heart.

After Xiaya returned home with Xiling, Adri Rebecca and others gathered around them. They hadn’t seen Xiaya for more than half a year, and they had been very concerned about his safety. Xiaya told them about his experiences in the past six months, and when they heard that he had gone to another world, they cried out in surprise.

“It's no wonder that when we made a wish with Porunga, he didn’t know where you were; so, it turned out that you were in another world,” Xiling said with a 'So that’s what happened' expression.

“There’s Prince Vegeta in that world too. Sigh, and that Gohan is Kakarrot's son!”

Xiaya’s experience in another space-time continuum was equivalent to letting Bardock and others learn about the events of the future. Hence, they all sighed. Of course, they also sighed because there was no Xiaya in the other world, meaning—all Saiyans were exterminated in the hands of Frieza in the other world.

“The other world’s ‘me’ is actually… dead!” Myers waved her fist and said dumbfoundedly, but she recalled what had happened when Planet Vegeta was destroyed nine years ago. At that time, if it wasn’t for Xiaya’s timely appearance, she would have really died in the hands of the alien.

Her eyes couldn’t help but lit up as she stared at Xiaya, looking charming.

“In a few days time, I plan to hold a wedding ceremony with Xiling, so I need you to arrange it,” Xiaya held Xiling’s hand and announced the news to everyone.

“Finally! We have been waiting for this day!”

Listening to this, Adri and Rebecca were naturally overjoyed. Palladi and Brook also revealed a smile; they had been waiting for this day for a long time.

Alice excitedly patted her chest in assurance, and loudly shouted, “Great! We will properly make arrangements, so you can rest assured and leave everything to us!”

“The wedding is just a month later.”

Naturally, the wedding of the leader of Planet Hongshan would be grand, so a month’s time was enough for the Saiyans—those who were undertaking missions in distant places—to return. For this reason, the entire Planet Hongshan entered a festive atmosphere in the next few days, and even most of the Saiyans—those undertaking missions far away—finished their missions and prepared to return for the wedding of their leader.

“Oh, by the way, where is Launch? Why didn’t I see her?” As the wedding approached, Xiaya asked about the whereabouts of Launch.

Xiling was sitting on a sofa, fiddling with an ornament in her hand as she said, “She… urgh! She ran to Earth again to be a robber.”

Blonde Launch seemed to be addicted to being a robber. This year’s Senzu Beans plantation was just on the right track, so she bugged Xiling and Myers to send her to Earth.

“She is really… ” Xiaya shook his head; he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He turned to Myers—who was idling away on the side—and said, “Myers, I will have trouble you to bring back Launch.”

“Oh!” Myers, who was eating snacks, nodded in reply.

One month later, the wedding was held.

Xiaya and Xiling's wedding was very grand. Xiling was wearing the wedding dress specially designed by the Feidaya people—a light gold wedding dress with red edges, lengthy hemline, and exquisite hair accessories on her head. Xiling's beautiful and graceful body was even more attractive under the decorations of the dress.

Xiaya led Xiling by her hand onto a stage and greeted the guests.

“Captain Xiaya, I didn’t think that you would get married first!” A beautiful female Saiyan walked over. Her tall figure, dressed in Battle Armor, set off her bulging chest.

The person who came over was Anastasia, a member of Xiaya's former Squad.

Nowadays, the several companions of Xiaya— whom he had carried out missions with—had all entered the Special Battle Force which was lead by Shaque, and it was now a well-known elite team on Planet Hongshan.

“Anastasia, instead of talking about me, why don't you tell me when you and Bailey will be getting married, and Lydia and Angeline also…” Xiaya smiled and said teasingly. He didn’t think that the arrogant Anastasia would ultimately get together with the tall and stout Bailey, while Lydia got together with Angeline; this he had not expected.

“Anyway, Captain, you will be getting married today.”

Anastasia cutely snorted and greeted him and then went straight to Xiling and started chatting.

Xiaya stared at her with a smile, and then looked in another direction; he was suddenly happy as he spotted Blonde Launch and Zangya together, and when he saw how Zangya's eyes shone as she and Blonde-haired Launch gathered together, talking about the great career of a robber, Xiaya felt warm in his heart.

Xiaya's wedding ended in the morning, but the celebrations on Planet Hongshan continued.

At night, Xiaya carried Xiling into the wedding room in his arms. The whole villa was renovated by the Feidaya people, so the structure of the house had also undergone tremendous changes. The huge villa was divided into four floors. Beside the dining room and hall on the first floor, there was also an indoor garden and an indoor aquarium.

Xiaya and Xiling's room was on the third floor, while Myers' room was on the fourth floor.

After gently lifting up the thin gauze from her wedding dress, Xiling's snowy white skin was exposed before Xiaya, and even though he had already seen it many times, Xiaya still felt that she was very alluring. From now on, Xiling was his wife.

“Xiling, we should go to the bed!” Xiaya embraced Xiling’s soft body and softly whispered in her ear, while his palms were, however, wandering around her body.

“Mhm!” Xiling moaned and glared at him, her white face flushed red.


Xiaya got really tired during the day, so after a passionate time with Xiling, he embraced her and went to sleep.

Chapter 293 Xiaya’s wedding

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