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As Xiaya entered the Sacred World of the Kai, he did not hide his aura. The vast and majestic aura was like a beacon on a calm and dark sea, as a storm swiftly swept throughout a majority of the divine planet. Soon, two figures appeared in front of him, one tall and one short, wearing the Supreme Kai outfit.

"East Supreme Kai Shin and Attendant Kibito!" Xiaya smiled as he looked at the two people who had appeared in front of him.

The Attendant, Kibito, had always looked down on mortals, especially mortals who dared to set foot on the holy Sacred World of the Kai, so he scolded angrily, "Mortal, who are you? This holy place is not something that you can set foot on, so please leave immediately!"

Although Kibito didn't know how the mortal learned about the Sacred World of the Kai and how the mortal arrived here, he wouldn't allow the sanctity of the sacred Land to be polluted by mortals.

'Sure enough, he is really arrogant.' Xiaya shook his head.

Kibito's arrogance seemed to be the innate sense of superiority as a god, but this sense of superiority could not last long in the face of absolute strength as Xiaya held his breath in concentration, and he immediately transformed into his Super Saiyan form. At that moment, he exuded an imposing strength, which could be compared with Cell Perfect Form.

It was majestic and vast like a black hole, deep and frightening.

Feeling the endless energy exuded by Xiaya, Kibito was shocked for a moment and his expression became complicated as he thought, 'Did this mortal come to provoke The Supreme Kai?'

'When did such an expert appear in the mortal world?' East Supreme Kai Shin glanced at the human before him in surprise. 'The strength of this human is almost the same as that of Demon Realm's King, Dabura,' East Supreme Kai Shin thought in his heart.

However, because he did not sense an evil aura like that of King Dabura from Xiaya, East Supreme Kai was calm.

"East Supreme Kai, I have come here in hope that you would let me borrow Time Ring for use," Xiaya got straight to the point and stated his purpose for coming.

East Supreme Kai frowned and repeated it once, "Time Ring?"

"Impudent! How dare you be so rude to The Supreme Kai!" At this time, Kibito angrily shouted in a loud voice. 'This mortal dared to use such a tone to talk to The Supreme Kai,' Kibito cursed in his heart.

"Hm?" Xiaya glanced at Kibito; his calm green eyes were cold.

"Kibito, stand down!" East Supreme Kai shouted. As compared to Attendant Kibito, East Supreme Kai was not biased against mortals. What's more, he could see that Xiaya was not someone to be taken lightly. 'It won't be good to become hostile with him for no reason,' East Supreme Kai thought.

"Fine!" Kibito responded obediently and then withdrew to the side.

East Supreme Kai said to Xiaya, "This gentleman, although I don't know where you learned about Time Rings, I want to remind you that a Time Ring is a magical accessory that only Supreme Kais can use; so, even if you get it, it will be of no use."

Xiaya smiled and said, "I already know about that. To tell you the truth, I am not a human from this space-time, so I want to go back to my own world; however, I need the help of a Time Ring."

"You are not from this space-time?" East Supreme Kai was very surprised, his expression becoming solemn. "Time travel is explicitly forbidden. Gentleman, you can easily cause the destruction of the world by doing so," East Supreme Kai said solemnly.

Xiaya glanced at East Supreme Kai and knew that the Supreme Kai wouldn't lend him the Time Ring if he didn't come up with something useful, so he explained how he arrived on this world. "…I have a space-time ability, so when I was being sucked in by an enormous black hole, I jumped into a crack in time and space. I didn't actually intend to enter this world."

Listening to him, East Supreme Kai quickly discerned the authenticity of what Xiaya said and nodded, saying, "So you did not time travel, and only traveled across from a parallel universe; this will definitely not cause a disaster since you came from an already existing parallel universe. As you are not a human from this space-time, it is indeed not suitable for you to stay in this world."

After that, he lowered his head and muttered to himself, weighing the pros and cons.

Xiaya chuckled and knew that East Supreme Kai had already changed his mind. So, he decided to give him a piece of important information. "If East Supreme Kai is willing to lend me the Time Ring, I can tell you how to deal with Majin Buu."

"Majin Buu!" East Supreme Kai was shocked.

"How can you know about Majin Buu? Oh yes, you come from a parallel universe, so maybe the history of that world is a little different." East Supreme Kai muttered to himself, and raised his head and looked at Xiaya seriously, before saying, "If you can provide the clues about Majin Buu, there is no harm in lending you the Time Ring."

If there was anything that East Supreme Kai was concerned about most, it was definitely Majin Buu.

The existence of Majin Buu was like a thorn stuck in his throat. Many years had passed, and there was only one Supreme Kai left in the universe; this was all thanks to Majin Buu. If the problem of Majin Buu was not solved, he wouldn't have peace of mind.

Xiaya said, "If you want to deal with Majin Buu, there are two methods. One is to find a warrior in the mortal world that can defeat Majin Buu. For this, I can refer someone to you. There are a few powerful Super Saiyans on Earth which is located in the North Area, and after a few more years of training, they would be enough to help you deal with Majin Buu."

"How is this possible? How can the trifling mortals be the opponent of Majin Buu?" Kibito refuted in disbelief. It must be understood that in the ancient past, even The Great Supreme Kai was not the opponent of Majin Buu. How could then the mortals of the mortal world be Majin Buu's opponent?

"Is it really impossible for a mortal?" Xiaya looked at him with a smile and yet not a smile.

Kibito was silent for a while. The strange blonde in front of him had no less strength than the Supreme Kai. This fact made it difficult for him to refute.

"Kibito, don't be impatient!" East Supreme Kai told Kibito to stand aside and looked at Xiaya politely, and hopefully said, "Do the mortals of the mortal world really have such potential?"

"There are also Super Saiyans like me. The Super Saiyans on the Earth are not much worse than I am."

"Mhm!" East Supreme Kai nodded and noted down this information.

"As for the second method, it's actually very simple. It will not be difficult for you. You need to look for the God of Destruction, Beerus, who lives on Beerus' Planet!" Xiaya continued.

"Wait, what is Beerus' Planet? And who is the God of Destruction?" East Supreme Kai asked in confusion. Because the Great Supreme Kai and other gods died early on by the hands of Majin Buu, a lot of information—which was previously known amongst the highest gods—was now lost, and also, East Supreme Kai was still very young at that time.

"Beerus' Planet is a Sacred World similar to the Sacred World of the Kai. It is home to the God of Destruction Beerus and his attendant. A Supreme Kai is in control of creation according to the rules of the universe, while a God of Destruction equally destroys all living things according to the laws of the universe!"

Xiaya thought of how he met Beerus on Planet Vegeta, and even till now, it was a difficult experience for him to forget.

Xiaya stared at East Supreme Kai and said word by word, "The God of Destruction Beerus is much stronger than you can imagine. For a monster as powerful as Majin Buu, Beerus can pinch him to death with just one hand!"

"This… how is that possible?" East Supreme Kai's eyes widened, disbelief written on his face.

If there was really such an outrageously strong expert like the God of Destruction in the world, then what could Majin Buu be regarded as? East Supreme Kai didn't know what to say at this time, but after thinking about it for a second, he went silent. 'Right, in the universe, living beings experience birth and death, and plants flourish and wither. Therefore, since a Supreme Kai is responsible for creation, then a God of Destruction existing for the purpose of destruction could also be understood,' East Supreme Kai thought.

'However, is the strength of a God of Destruction really so outrageous as Xiaya is saying?' East Supreme Kai was slightly doubtful.

"Yes, the strength a God of Destruction has is really so outrageous!" Xiaya said affirmatively. "If you don't believe it, you can go look for Milky Way Galaxy's North Kai. He had once seen the God of Destruction Beerus."

"Thank you for telling me such important information!" East Supreme Kai suddenly thanked Xiaya with politeness. Whether the information given by Xiaya was true or false, he was able to judge.

Xiaya smiled and said, "So, East Supreme Kai, please let me borrow the Time Ring for use."

"Alright, come with me," East Supreme Kai affirmed; he did not refuse this time.

After that, East Supreme Kai brought Xiaya to another place on the planet, where he and Attendant Kibito lived. In a winding corridor-like spacious attic, East Supreme Kai took out an exquisite wooden box from a densely packed cabinet.

Xiaya guessed that there were tens of thousands of boxes in the densely packed cabinet.

East Supreme Kai placed the exquisite wooden box in front of Xiaya, opened it and said, "Here are the Time Rings; the white ring represents the original plane, while the several green rings represent the parallel universes."

Xiaya took the Time Rings and observed them. There were three rings in the wooden box, one white and two green.

The white ring represented the "Golden Flame Warrior's world", and the other two represented two other parallel universes. Xiaya knew that one of the two parallel universes was the "original world" of his life, and the other was the "main world" in the original work, which was the world that wasn't affected by him.

"Only if a Supreme Kai wears it, will the Time Ring be effective, however, you can study them," East Supreme Kai told him.

"Mhm!" Xiaya nodded seriously and then he found an open space to start studying them, while East Supreme Kai and Kibito couldn't wait to rush to North Kai's Planet to ask about the God of Destruction, Beerus.

The Time Ring was an accumulation of the laws of the universe, and Xiaya didn't have a clue as to the meaning of its existence. Speaking of which, there were twelve universes in a multiverse; one multiverse is equivalent to one space-time continuum. Each parallel universe could be said to be completely independent; they operate independently and do not interfere with each other because they are not a system in a timeline.

'Do Time Rings exist in order to make it easier to manage Time Travelers like me or Future Trunks?'Xiaya thought, but he also felt that this was completely meaningless.

'Each Multiverse has Zeno and Great Priest in charge. So, there is no need to interfere with other space-time continuums, because every time a new parallel universe comes into existence, there would be a new Zeno being created with it, so that the order of the universe won't become chaotic; thus, what is the meaning of the Time Ring's existence?'

'Is it just to know how many parallel universes there are?'

Xiaya felt that there must be some mysterious secret in the Time Ring.

"Forget it, I shouldn't be concerned about these things. I need to figure out how to get back to my original world." Xiaya laughed self-deprecatingly, then picked up the Time Rings and observed them carefully.

Xiaya didn't know what materials the Time Rings were made of, as they were exquisite and beautiful, and whenever he used his space-time energy to touch the rings, they would faintly resonate; it was as if the space-time energy within his body would suddenly jump out.

"These Time Rings are composed of compressed space-time. They seem to be microcosmic size multiverses, each corresponding to a different space-time continuum."

"Um? My space-time energy is being sucked in?" Xiaya was surprised to discover that when he picked up one of the green rings, the space-time energy in his body was resonating.

Xiaya's spirit shook, and he carefully observed the green ring, while mumbling, "This ring should represent the world I lived in before." He carefully studied it and continuously released his space-time energy.

Suddenly, something unexpected happened. When Xiaya released a lot of space-time energy, somehow, the Time Ring gave off a beautiful luster as if it was jadeite, and at the same time, Xiaya's space-time energy uncontrollably gushed out.

"What's going on? Why is my space-time energy going out of control?" Xiaya was shocked and quickly controlled his space-time energy, trying to sever its connection with the Time Ring, however, it was too late; a suction force—like that of a powerful magnet—came from the green Time Ring, and unceasingly absorbed his space-time energy.

"Not good!"

Xiaya felt that the situation was not right and tried to resist, but he was like a mantis trying to stop a chariot, yielding no effect.

Zi! Zi!

The silver-white space-time energy gushed out unceasingly. Xiaya's countenance became pale, as he gave a forced smiled and said, "This time, I have really made a serious mistake."

The Time Ring was still absorbing Xiaya's space-time energy, and soon all of Xiaya's energy was sucked away. At this time, the Time Ring had changed, and it suddenly burst into a bright and colorful brilliance, then it floated near Xiaya's forehead and transferred a colorful aura back into his body.

As this colorful aura entered his body, every cell in his body became active as if they had obtained moisture. A warm feeling rose from the bottom of his heart, and Xiaya's mind—after being replenished—was much more energized; his whole body also became energetic.

This process lasted for a very short time, and in less than two seconds, this strange phenomenon disappeared.

Xiaya pondered for a while and observed the changes in his body. One look and he was shocked. The former silvery-white space-time energy had completely disappeared. Ordinarily, if his space-time source disappeared, his space-time ability will also follow and disappear, but Xiaya knew that his ability had not disappeared, instead, it had upgraded.

Previously, he needed to rely on space-time energy and mental strength to power space-time ability, but now they were no longer needed because each of his cells contained colorful space-time energy. This was no longer an ability, instead, it was entirely part of his bloodline!

"My ability has completely transformed into an instinct, just like breathing. There is no need to manipulate it?"Xiaya was puzzled.

It was somewhat strange. Why would such a big change occur? His ability had completely disappeared and seemed to have become an instinctual part of his body.

Such an advantage was obvious. In the past, even though the space-time ability was strong, it had big restrictions. Space condition, time condition, and mental strength, these all affected the use of his space-time ability, just like when he was on the periphery of a black hole before; influenced by the powerful gravitational field, even though he wanted to use Instant Transmission, it was useless.

However, the current ability was similar to him being on a strategically advantageous position, occupying a commanding position. All the external interference wouldn't affect the use of his ability.

Because black holes, gravitational force, mass, and energy were all within space-time, every cell in Xiaya's body added together was like a Time Ring, integrating these effects at a higher level.

Xiaya's thoughts moved; he didn't use his ability, instead—just like an instinctual reflex—a long and thin earthworm-like crack appeared in the void of the stable Sacred World of the Kai.

"The new space-time ability consumes only physical strength, and it is completely unaffected by the outside world when used," Xiaya was a little surprised.

He knew that once he overcame the external influence, his space-time ability would become stronger.

"Alright, with this ability, I can go back to the original world," Xiaya said excitedly. Now, Xiaya was like a Time Ring, and he could now enjoy sightseeing the parallel universes that already exists.

In a sense, he had jumped out of the space level, but he still didn't have the ability to time travel; However, it was enough to make him happy.

"What an unexpected harvest," Xiaya thought happily, and then, he stood up and put the three Time Rings back into their wooden boxes; he didn't need the Time Rings anymore.

After that, Xiaya went around and enjoyed the sacred and green scenery of the Sacred World of the Kai.

The blue sky was crystal clear, and occasionally, a few round planets hanging in the sky could be seen, and the tender grass bent due to the occasional light wind. Next to the pond not far from Supreme Kai's Palace, blossoming golden flowers were swaying lightly in the breeze.

The space of the highest dimension had an extremely powerful restraining force, but Xiaya could still move as he wished, free from space's influence, just like the Supreme Kai.

Xiaya found the Supreme Kai's sword buried on top of a mountain, grasped its hilt and yanked, but he still could not pull it out.

"There is an old Supreme Kai that can unlock the potential in this sword, but it seems that I still can't pull it out." Xiaya shook his head and did not dwell on this matter. The reason for his failure was his inadequate strength which wasn't sufficient to pull out the Z Sword.

After about half a day, East Supreme Kai and his Attendant Kibito returned. From the smile on their faces, it seemed that they had verified about God of Destruction Beerus from North Kai.

After thinking about this matter for many years, they had finally gotten a solution. East Supreme Kai was in a very good mood.

"This gentleman, thank you very much." East Supreme Kai was extremely grateful, and his expression was much more gentle when looking at Xiaya.

'If it wasn't for this person, I still wouldn't have known that there was such a powerful god like the God of Destruction in the universe. As long as the God of Destruction is willing to take action, that Majin Buu will be nothing to be afraid of. Furthermore, there are a few Super Saiyan on earth, all of whom are very promising experts.'

He had already scouted them previously, through Supreme Kai's supernatural power. Although these Super Saiyans have no unconditional sense of justice, they still value the living beings in this world, which makes him very delighted.

Xiaya nodded and returned the wooden box, containing the Time Rings, to East Supreme Kai and said, "You can take away the Time Rings; it is time for me to go back."

"You are no longer studying them?" East Supreme Kai took the Time Rings and asked him.

"It's not necessary."

"Mhm." East Supreme Kai nodded, and didn't ask him anymore; then, he watched as Xiaya left.

After leaving Sacred World of the Kai, Xiaya again returned to Earth, said goodbye to Vegeta and others, and also told Bulma to stop her research on Interdimensional Travel Device; but looking at Bulma's—completely wrapped up in her work—attitude, it was highly likely that she would continue to research.

If she intended to continue her research, then she could do as she pleased; Xiaya didn't care much. After teleporting, he left Earth, and then, he prepared to launch his new space-time ability, which would enable him to travel between parallel universe.

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