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“Let me do it,” Xiaya said as he stepped forward and lightly rubbed his fingers; a bright Energy wave shot out.


A hole was forcibly opened at the entrance of the cave, revealing a small corridor inside. As it had been neglected for years, it was messy inside the base. The various kinds of equipment were scattered on the ground as if a storm had passed through here.

Previously Bulma had gotten the blueprints of Android 17 and 18 from here.

“Let’s go in!” Xiaya looked back and called out to everyone, then took the lead and entered. Soon after that, in a remote corner of the base, he found another path leading to the lower level of the base.

Everyone climbed down.

Inside, computers were still making "buzz" "buzz" sounds. The colorful indicator lights were blinking, and in a container filled with a green solution, an infant-sized green cicadlike creature was curled up and floating inside. It was releasing bubbles.

“This is that dangerous Android?” Blonde Launch approached the incubator and stared at it curiously.

Green, and looks a bit like a cicada. Its color is a little like the Namekians, Xiaya silently ruminated.

“Yes, its this guy!” Looking at Cell, who was still an infant, Xiaya faintly smiled and said to everyone, “Cell is still in its incubation period. If no one had found it, then in a few more years, it would have become a huge disaster.”

“So let’s get rid of it quickly?” Blonde Launch immediately pointed a machine gun at the “larva”.

“There is no need to go through so much trouble!” Xiaya sneered. To be discovered by him, it could only be regarded as Cell's bad luck.


Xiaya shattered the incubation container and green solution flowed out. Cell's larvae fell on the ground, screaming, but shortly after, it was flattened by Xiaya's foot.

'There will be no Android Cell in this world.' Making sure that Cell couldn’t be any more dead, Xiaya thought in his heart.

“Mr. Xiaya, look… what are these?” Bulma discovered something in a corner, and her melodious voice rang out.

Xiaya heard her and walked over. In a room deep underground, he found a hibernation vessel that was two meters long and one meter wide. Quite a few hibernation vessels had been turned on. It should be the place where Dr. Gero put the Androids hibernation vessels. There were two hibernation vessels labeled “17” and “18”.

Besides the "17" and "18" hibernation vessel, there were also other hibernation vessels labeled “13”, “14”, and “15”, all of which were opened; only the hibernation vessel labeled "16" had been destroyed, and a large number of parts were scattered on the ground.

Xiaya knitted his eyebrows as he stared at it. This hibernation vessel labeled "16" should have been destroyed by Android 17 and 18, but the hibernation vessels labeled "13",  "14", and "15" number hibernation vessels were still intact, indicating that they left long ago before Android 17 and 18 woke up.

Did Dr. Gero let them out, or was it destroyed because the Android's production failed?

Dr. Gero was a genius scientist who was not inferior to Bulma’s father, Dr. Brief and Dr. Tokunoshin Omori. Every Android he developed was very powerful. When Goku was a child, he encountered Android 8 which was Dr. Gero's initial work, then later Android 13 to 18; each one of them was very powerful.

“Android 13, 14, and 15… they seem to be developed by a computer?” Xiaya vaguely remembered having seen a dragon ball movie in his previous life. It told the story of Goku being hunted by Android 13, 14, and 15. But it had been a long time, so he didn’t clearly remember the details of the plot.

“Bulma, did Goku encounter Android 13, 14, and 15 before his death?” Xiaya asked Bulma.

Bulma shook her head with certainty, denying Xiaya’s speculation. “No, we didn’t know that the Androids existed before 17 and 18 appeared.”

“Oh, this is strange!” Xiaya frowned. “So, the three Androids led by Android 13 don’t exist in this world? Were they really destroyed by Dr. Gero?”

“Everyone, come and take a look!” Blonde Launch called them over.

“Let’s go and take a look.”

Master Roshi and the others quickly walked towards her. Behind a computer mainframe, they found a very small secret passage. The secret passage was already collapsed, and it seemed many years had passed since it was excavated.

Xiaya was stunned and his countenance turned dark as he said, “Could it be that Android 13, 14, and 15 had already escaped when Dr. Gero was creating Android 17 and 18? And they never returned as they were afraid of the Shutdown remote in Dr. Gero's hands? "

Xiaya knew that he had guessed what very likely happened. If it turned out to be true, then it meant that there were still three cunning Androids hidden on earth. They stayed hidden for so many years and didn’t show up… I am afraid that their schemes are not small. On second thought, a lot of cities have been destroyed in these years, so were they all killed by Android 17 and 18 in the process?

He shared his thoughts with Master Roshi and others, and they were all also dumbfounded.

“Yeah, in the early days when the Androids had appeared, there were several cities that were destroyed at the same time. But at that time, everyone was thrown into disarray, so we hadn’t thought carefully about it. We thought it was all the doings of Android 17 and 18. Now that I think about it, Android 17 and 18 were only two people, and they wouldn’t be able to appear in different locations at the same time!”

Korin beat his chest as he suddenly realized this.

Changed… the storyline of this world has begun to change! Xiaya shouted in his heart.

He knew that Android 13, 14, and 15 hadn’t appeared in the original work. They should have been determined as a failed product and destroyed by Dr. Gero when they were just produced, but it had changed here.

Sure enough, as Bardock hadn’t traveled back to the past of the Dragon Ball World, although it was more or less consistent with the original work's world, many details were still greatly different.

"Now I am sure that there are other Androids on earth,” Xiaya said with certainty.

Hearing this, the expression of Master Roshi and the others turned unsightly. They thought that peace had already come to Earth, but who would have thought that such unforeseen circumstances would occur in the middle. If Android 13, 14 and 15 were not eradicated, it would really be dangerous!

On the way back, everyone's faces were not cheerful. They were deeply worried.

Androids had no traces of Ki. If the Androids intend to hide, they would have no method to find them.

Just as Xiaya and the others were about to return to the island, fiery red energy balls suddenly erupted ahead in their line of sight. A violent whirlwind struck their aircraft, causing it to sway. They could see that the aircraft was going to crash.

“Not good, the island was attacked!” Master Roshi cried out in alarm. From the destructive force of the explosion just now, perhaps the island had already been completely erased from Earth.

“Oh no! Chi-Chi, Videl, and those children are all on the island… How will we explain this to Gohan?!”

Bulma’s face drastically changed. Her lips protruded out as tears flashed in her eyes. Blonde Launch opened her mouth, but she didn’t know what to say.

“Damn Androids! They are like ghosts!” Master Roshi was leaning on a cane as his whole body trembled. His beard swayed, showing the anger in his heart.

The island had a very important position in his heart. The children on the island were all the hope of Earth, and now they were all gone.

Xiaya calmed down and looked at the distressed Master Roshi, Bulma and others, nevertheless he was frowning. Now it was obvious that Android 13 and the others had launched an attack. Is it really because I killed Android 17 and 18, and no one is left to cover up for them?

“I will send you to the new Planet Namek, as Earth’s situation is very dangerous,” Xiaya said.


Everyone was silent. Thinking of Android 13, 14 and 15's strength, it may not be compared to Android 17 and 18's, but their nature, Master Roshi didn’t fully know. If they had a childish nature like Android 17 and 18, then it would be fine, but if they were insane, then they could instantly destroy Earth.

They were really cunning as they were able to bear patiently for so many years.

Xiaya looked at them and smacked his lips, and then, he immediately launched Instant Transmission, sending them to the new Planet Namek.


In a faraway corner of the North Area, the new Planet Namek.

It was the same emerald-green enormous planet, and everything was extremely similar to the former Planet Namek. Right next to a light green lake, a wind blew past the grass, causing them to sway. At this time, a light suddenly flashed a few times for a brief moment, and Master Roshi, Korin, Bulma, Blonde Launch and others appeared on the new Planet Namek.

“Bulma, here is the new Planet Namek. You all should immediately go and look for the Namekians… North Kai has already informed them to collect the dragon balls. I am going to the Lookout to pick up Gohan and Trunks!”

After that, Xiaya again used Instant Transmission and returned to earth.

Chapter 281 New Enemy

“Sigh, troubles seem to be coming one after another. When will it all end!” Korin narrowed his eyes and observed the surroundings. “Let’s go and look for Namekians first. Our top priority is to seek their help.”

“That’s the only way!” Master Roshi sighed and nodded at everyone with a gloomy expression; he looked to be in low spirits.

At this time, Bulma spiritedly took out the dragon ball radar and said, “Planet Namek’s Dragon Balls are all located in a village. We can find the Namekians in the position shown on the radar.”

“Then, let’s go. Mr. Xiaya is already buying us time; we can’t drag him back!” Master Roshi said.


Therefore, everyone in the group hardened their resolve. Bulma took out a box of Hoi-Poi Capsules from her pocket and threw it down. A cloud of smoke suddenly appeared, and when it had blown away, Hoverbikes remained where the capsules had been tossed. Ever since Androids began to destroy the world, the production of Hoi-Poi Capsules had lessened.

They all mounted the Hoverbikes and began to move towards the Namekians' village.


Xiaya appeared again above the island. The island had now disappeared, and only a few stone pillars could faintly be seen poking out of the water surface, indicating that there was once an island here.

“The Androids are already gone. They are really cunning!” Xiaya cursed.

By now, the Androids' traces were no longer visible on the surface of the sea. It would not be easy to find them as they were frequently changing their locations.

“I should go to the Lookout first. Gohan and Trunks are still in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, so I can’t let the Androids destroy the Lookout.” Thinking this, Xiaya calmed down. To be honest, the life and death of this Earth had nothing to do with him. He only stayed here to help as much as he could.

If he really can’t help them, then there’s nothing he can do.

A light breeze stirred the surface of the sea, raising waves. Xiaya looked on expressionlessly before he headed towards the Lookout.

The Lookout…

The sky was clear and the sun was shining brightly.

The warm sunlight sprinkled down like fine quicksand. It was very mild, unlike the scorching heat at the equator. Numerous crisscrossed cracks were densely covering the Lookout's square, and the entire Lookout looked quite dilapidated. It seemed as if it wouldn’t even be able to stand a little bit of wind and rain.

Xiaya was hovering cross-legged above the Lookout, quietly waiting for Gohan and Trunks to come out of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.

Suddenly, a huge energy ball like a water polo ball was tossed out from the distant sky.


It was moving very rapidly like flowing water. This was a highly-pure energy ball. Compared with Energy Wave, it had less of a human's "Ki" feeling and was harder to detect.

“Are they finally attacking?”

Xiaya stood up and indifferently looked at it as the corners of his mouth rose into an arc. He slightly bent his fingers and snapped them a few times. The calm void suddenly distorted, and a few brightly colored Energy Waves suddenly appeared out of thin air, and swept out towards the energy ball that was heading to the Lookout.


Space trembled, and bright colored energy rose amidst the explosion, turning into a thin fog that quickly dispersed in his enormous field of vision.

Xiaya’s face was chilly, somewhat annoyed, but he simply couldn’t find any trace of the Androids. “These Androids… they are quite good at hiding.”

Androids do not possess an aura like humans. If someone wanted to find them, they could only rely on their naked eyes. In this vast space, it was easy to find the traces of Androids, but he was worried that it was a trick to lure the tiger away from the mountain*; therefore, he unwaveringly waited above Lookout, not even moving an inch.

[*To lure the enemy away from his territory. ]

“You’re lucky this time!”

Xiaya again sat cross-legged above the Lookout. He reckoned that Android 13, 14 and 15 were probably not as strong as Android 17 and 18. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have been hiding in obscurity when Android 17 and 18 were stirring up havoc outside for so many years.

Their patience was quite admirable.

After a long while, the sun gradually set, and the night arrived. The vast sky was clear, and numerous stars were flashing in the night sky; they like jewels carved in the dark night sky, exuding an enchanting and fascinating radiance…

Time passed little by little. Next day, the morning sun rose from the other side.

One day and one night had passed.

“Gohan and Trunks should be coming out soon!” Xiaya opened his eyes, a glimmer of light flashing in his black eyes.

Sure enough, before long, two vast auras suddenly rose from inside the Lookout. The auras were like raging divine dragons, having great might. The dilapidated Lookout trembled as if it would instantly crumble, but it was only for a small instant before the two auras suddenly calmed and converged.

“1.5 billion Battle Power and 400 million Battle Power… Gohan’s progress is quite huge, almost reaching the limit of an Ordinary Super Saiyan, and even Trunks has become a Super Saiyan!” Xiaya chuckled, before teleporting in front of Gohan.

After training for one year in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, Gohan had once again broken through and was now just a step away from the Ascended Super Saiyan level. However, according to his understanding, if Gohan intended to become an Ascended Super Saiyan, there was perhaps not much hope to do so in a short time.

“Mr. Xiaya, why are you here?” Gohan saw Xiaya appear outside and asked in surprise.

“It’s a long story…” Xiaya shook his head and told them the bad news about Android 13.

As Xiaya gave the detailed account, especially when he mentioned that Chi-Chi and others were killed by the Androids along with the destruction of the island, Gohan’s face became pale and his whole body trembled. His aura became unstable and finally, with a loud bang, raging energy erupted out. The sky's color began to change, and the whole planet trembled.

With a shattering sound, the dilapidated Lookout finally couldn't bear the huge energy emitting out of Gohan and collapsed with a loud "bang" sound. The crimson hemisphere broke into thousands of pieces. The tiny fragments continued to fall towards the ground, streaking through the atmosphere and emitting a falling star-like radiance.

“Calm down! Don’t be controlled by anger!” Xiaya coldly berated.

After being scolded by Xiaya, it was as if Gohan had suddenly awakened from a dream, and he immediately converged his aura and said, “Mr. Xiaya, where are those Androids?” Gohan calmed down, his ice-cold pupils full of killing intent.

Xiaya shook his head and said, “Those Androids don’t have an aura, so I can’t find them.”

“But we can use Planet Namek's Dragon Balls to find their traces.”

"Dragon balls?" Gohan suddenly understood and said to Xiaya earnestly, "Sir Xiaya, please take me to the new Planet Namek."

At this time, Trunks on the side also clenched his fists; his face was slightly pale as he said, “Mr. Xiaya, my mother, she…”

“Don’t worry, they are all on the new Planet Namek, and are collecting dragon

Balls at this moment!” Xiaya gently comforted them and then grabbed their shoulders before launching the Instant Transmission ability.

The calm sky suddenly became empty, and the Lookout, which had stood for thousands of years in the dimension high in the sky, finally turned to dust to be lost in history.

At the same time, Kai's Planet.

North Kai wiped the cold sweat on his face as he looked at the mortal world. Just now, he felt fear when Gohan angrily erupted out his strength.

“Gohan, that kid… after not seeing him for few years, he has unexpectedly become so powerful, and the young man beside him is also formidable; even Goku isn’t comparable to them. Right, I should tell King Yemma to search for Piccolo's and the others' souls. Earth still needs them…”

North Kai carefully thought in his heart. In order to completely eliminate the influence of the Androids, the Dragon Balls were absolutely necessary.

If warriors such as Piccolo are resurrected, it would also be very beneficial for him to manage the North Area.

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