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The same day…

Xiaya and Gohan returned to the small island. Master Roshi, Bulma, and others had been anxiously waiting for them on the island. Seeing them come back, they gathered around them.

"How was it? Just now your aura suddenly soared. Did you encountered the Androids?"

"And what was the result of the battle? Did you defeat them?" Everyone started talking simultaneously. Seeing that Xiaya and Gohan had come back safely, they at least knew that the Androids weren't at an advantage in the battle just now.

"The Androids have been wiped out," Gohan nodded and said in a relaxed tone.

It was a brief silence; the crowd did not seem to react for a few seconds, before they suddenly burst into wild cheers, "Great! The Androids are finally dead!"

"The evil Androids are…dead?!"

"It is finally going to be peaceful. Humans no longer have to live in fear!"

Bulma wiped her tears with joy written on her face. Oolong and Puar were also happily jumping around. The reign of terror brought upon by the Androids had been pressing down on them for more than ten years. Now the clouds had cleared, and they could finally see the blue sky*. They all sighed with relief. Soon, sumptuous dishes prepared in the kitchen were moved out. Now was the time to celebrate to their heart's content.

[* after much hardship, one is able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. ]

"The Androids are dead, and the next step is to rebuild." Master Roshi was excited, his beard fluttering in the air. As he rarely drinks strong liquor, his old face was flushed red. "Well, if we can get the help of the new Planet Namek's dragon balls, the flourishing earth can quickly get restored."

Xiaya smiled and picked up a dish before sending it into his mouth. He nodded and said, "Later I will go to North Kai's Planet and get the coordinates of new Planet Namek from Kai."

"Thank you!"

"Just a small matter!"

For Xiaya, it was just a small matter, just one Instant Transmission, but for Master Roshi and the others, it is harder than ascending to the heavens.

Instead, Xiaya was more worried about Bulma's research progress on the Interdimensional Travel Device. He understood that the invention of such a device couldn't be done overnight. It involved a lot of profound problems. It was quite difficult to solve them suddenly, but Xiaya didn't have much time to wait. The time flow rate of Golden Flame Warrior's world had been synchronized with his original world since he traveled here.

Right now, Xiling and Myers must be anxious.

Looking at Gohan and Videl sitting shyly together, Xiaya suddenly missed Xiling and Myers a little bit.

Eating and drinking to their heart's content, everyone became intoxicated. They slept for the whole day. When Xiaya woke up, he felt his head hurt a little. The feeling of a hangover was very unpleasant.

After he freshened up, Xiaya went to the training ground of the island. The hundreds of young boys and girls were training persistently. The light of the sun shone through the clouds; It was scorching hot.

Interested, Xiaya walked over, lay down on an armchair, crossed his legs, and watched the earthlings training martial arts.

After a while, the sun had risen high in the sky, causing the temperature to rise by a dozen degrees.

At this time, he saw Gohan and Trunks come out. They were wearing orange and blue martial arts suits, and It seems they intended to go out to train.

"Where are you going?" asked Xiaya.

"Mr. Xiaya!"

Gohan politely greeted him and stated his objective, "It's like this… Although the world is now peaceful, no one is certain whether there will be new enemies in the future. In order to prevent a crisis like the Androids from appearing again, I need to become stronger, and Trunks has also not broken through to Super Saiyan yet, so I plan on taking him to the Hyperbolic Time Chamber for training."

The last time he came out with Xiaya from the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, Gohan realized that he had gained a lot and that it wouldn't be a problem to deal with Android 17 and 18; plus, Master Roshi and Korin were worried that for every day that the Androids lived, countless lives would be in danger, so they didn't allow Trunks to enter the Hyperbolic Time Chamber to train.

Now that the Androids had been wiped out, it was time for Trunks to break through.

"Did your mother have no objection to your training?"

In the past, Chi-Chi was very much against her son learning martial arts. On this point, Bulma's rules were much more relaxed. Perhaps, because of her identity as the daughter of the richest person, Bulma did not need Trunks to have much talent. Instead, she herself had been adventurous from a young age and does not reject learning martial arts.

"Well, my mother has also thought things through in these few years, so she doesn't object to me learning martial arts," Gohan laughed heartily as he said.

Hearing that, Xiaya couldn't help but look at the middle-aged woman in the distance who was guiding young boys and girls in training. The ups and downs of life could really change a person. The Android crisis had also changed Chi-Chi's thinking.

Xiaya nodded and said, "Remember, you can stay in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber for only a year. If you exceed it, you will never be able to come out."

"Mhm, I know!" Gohan nodded, then took Trunks and headed for the Lookout.

"Hehe, everything is changing!"

Xiaya's face was full of smiles. He intended to go to North Kai's Planet next.

When he found the others, he saw that they were staring blankly at seven rough stones, which were the stones that the dragon balls had turned into. Not long after the Androids appeared, they gathered the seven dragon balls, but they weren't able to make a wish as Kami and Piccolo had died. The dragon balls had lost their function and turned into stone, but these seven stones had always been kept by them.

Compared to the dragon balls made by Xiaya with the trunk of Lafuli's mother goddess, earth's dragon balls, after turning into stone looks quite ugly.

"You are all here… I'm here to tell you that I am going to look for North Kai right now," Xiaya said his thoughts.


Master Roshi was surprised.

"Yes! You people should wait for a short while. After I get the address of the new Planet Namek from North Kai, you will follow me to the new Planet Namek to look for the dragon balls!"

"Mr. Xiaya, thank you for everything!" Led by Master Roshi, everyone present sincerely bowed towards Xiaya.

At the moment, they were completely surrounded by feelings of happiness.

As long as they could obtain the coordinates of the new Planet Namek, then they could use Planet Namek's dragon balls to resurrect the people killed by the Androids. Piccolo and Kami will also be resurrected, and by then, Earth's dragon balls could be reused and rebuilding of Earth would become even easier. However, the adverse impact of Androids, for more than a decade, wasn't something that could be eliminated in a short while. The mentality of earthlings would require a long period of time to adapt.

"No problem, I'll go now," Xiaya said lightly.

Then he launched Instant Transmission and disappeared, instantly arriving on North Kai's Planet in a higher dimension.

Higher dimension, North Kai's Planet…

This place was pervaded with golden magical clouds. A green and dwarfish planet was floating in the space filled with magical clouds. Not far away, the rear part of the blue Snake Way was faintly visible amidst the magical clouds.

Xiaya teleported directly on North Kai's Planet. Compared to North Kai's Planet of Universe 6 that he had once been to, the god planet here was much smaller, not even one percent of Universe 6's.

This was the masterpiece of the God of Destruction, Beerus, and also what brought North Kai pain!

A cool breeze was swaying the soft grass, and the golden magical clouds were drifting about in the blue sky. North Kai's Planet was not big, except for a small cabin and a small road circling around the planet, there were only two or three saplings scattered here and there. The simple and crude environment made one want to sigh.

It's really a pity to be a Kai like North Kai. It's no wonder that East Kai always laughs at North Kai. 

After lightly landing on the ground, Xiaya headed towards North Kai's cabin. When Xiaya arrived in front of the cabin, he saw a strange gorilla staring at him with its eyes wide open, and then, it crooked its head and cried out loudly.

"Ohh! Ohh! Ohh!"

"Hello, Bubbles," Xiaya waved his hand and said, but regrettably, this Bubbles was slow-witted and didn't understand him. Bubbles was only wildly gesturing and screaming towards him.

North Kai's Planet was uninhabited, and there was no guarantee that someone would come here for hundreds of years. In order to pass time, North Kai had raised a gorilla called "Bubbles" and a cricket called "Gregory".

"Forget it, I should first look for North Kai!" Xiaya stopped paying attention to Bubbles and began to search for North Kai on the planet. He finally found North Kai in a sports car at the edge of the god planet.

At this time, North Kai was lying down on the seat of the sports car, sleeping. He seemed to be living his life very well, but without understanding why, Xiaya felt that he was a little pitiful.

He looked quietly at North Kai while standing in front of his car, and before Xiaya could wake up North Kai, Bubbles jumped up and flop down on North Kai's face.

"Heyyy!" North Kai screamed, and the sunglasses he was wearing fell to the ground. "Bubbles, you naughty thing!" While cursing, North Kai picked up the sunglasses and put them on, and saw Xiaya who had appeared in front of him.

North Kai straightened up the sunglasses and muttered to himself, "How can a human arrive on Kai's Planet? Didn't I tell King Yemma to not to bother me for a few years?"

So, it was North Kai's instructions. No wonder Piccolo, Vegeta, and others did not come to see him after they died. Perhaps North Kai thought that Goku and others were there in the mortal world, so he had set his mind at ease!

"Human, why did you come to Kai's Planet? Hmm, you can easily handle the ten times gravity of Kai's Planet; your skills are not bad," North Kai said as he pretended to be learned and profound.

Xiaya looked at North Kai speechlessly and frowned as he said, "North Kai, don't you know that something big happened on Earth in the mortal world?"

North Kai waved his hand with a laugh and said, "What could happen to earth? Aren't Goku and the others there! Huh? You are from earth?" North Kai carefully seized up Xiaya and thought, hmm… he really looks like a human. 

"Goku is dead," Xiaya said.

"What? Goku is dead?!" North Kai was astonished. He didn't dare to believe it. Goku is a Golden Flame Warrior, and even Frieza was not his opponent. How could he die? 

Xiaya said, "Goku died from illness, and after that, two demons appeared on earth, who were much more frightening than Frieza. Even though Vegeta transformed into a Golden Flame Warrior, he was not their match."

"Ahhhh, is what you said really true?"

North Kai was shocked by Xiaya's words. Not waiting for Xiaya's confirmation, he immediately jumped off from the car, his forehead sweating, and then he hurriedly rushed to the position of Earth; he then used the antennas on his head to investigate the events that transpired on Earth.

"How could this happen! Why were the Androids so powerful?"

After some scouting around, he showed an incredulous expression. Android 17 and 18 were so strong that even Frieza, King Cold, and others were far too inferior to them. This was really frightening! Naturally, through the investigation, he also discovered Xiaya's origins. He looked at Xiaya and said with astonishment, "You are actually a Saiyan from a different world?!"

Surprised, Xiaya raised his eyebrows. 'To think that North Kai learned all that transpired on Earth in recent years just by investigating for a while through his antennas. It seems that the Kais, these "lifeforms", are not ordinary.'


"Amazing…Even the Androids were not your opponents. Perhaps no one in the entire North Area can defeat you," North Kai praised. He was extremely glad that someone like Xiaya had appeared at the crucial moment, or else once the Androids left Earth, North Area would have suffered a calamity.

"Kai should know the purpose of my visit, right?" Xiaya asked directly.

North Kai nodded. He didn't mind Xiaya's impolite language. The strong have strong's dignity and rules. A Golden Flame Warrior like Xiaya was already qualified to be on equal footing with him. To some extent, even if Xiaya was rude to him, he couldn't show hostile attitude.

For Xiaya, North Kai completely lowered his attitude. He nodded and said, "Then, I will give you the coordinates of the new Planet Namek. Uhh… would you like me to contact the Great Elder of the new Planet Namek?"

"That would be best!" Xiaya laughed. With Kai personally coordinating, it would no doubt save him time persuading them, which was naturally for the best.

Therefore, North Kai nodded and searched for the location of the new Planet Namek. After giving the coordinates of the new Planet Namek to Xiaya, North Kai set out to contact the Great Elder.

Having done that, the purpose of Xiaya's trip was also accomplished. He waved to North Kai and said goodbye, and then, he immediately used Instant Transmission and returned to earth.


"Oh? This magical skill… is it Instant Transmission of Planet Yardrat? It's really convenient!" North Kai sighed. The crisis that might have affected the entire galaxy had been dissolved, making him feel very happy.


In a simply constructed lab, Bulma had buried herself in studying the information left by Dr. Tokunoshin Omori. A lot of Dr. Tokunoshin Omori's data appeared to be incomplete. If she intends to gradually review and emulate it, it would prove to be a cumbersome and boring process.

Fortunately, Bulma had the good qualities of a scientist, and she had enough patience with these boring scientific technologies.

At this time, Xiaya had returned from North Kai's Planet. He successfully brought back the coordinates of the new Planet Namek, which pleased everyone on the small island. Next, he intended to go to the new Planet Namek to gather the Dragon Balls in order to make the wish. But before that, he remembered that in addition to Android 17 and 18, there was a more dangerous guy in Dr. Gero's base — Android Cell!

"According to the storyline, Trunks should notify Goku and others about the Androids three years later by traveling via time machine, that is when he turns seventeen years old. Afterward, he returned to the future using the fuel accumulated in the time machine for three years. After that, he again went to Goku's world and came back after he became strong and killed 17 and 18 of the future world. Then, he again prepared fuel and intended to tell Goku's side the good news; but when he was starting the time machine, he was killed by Cell who had suddenly popped out." [TN: This is from Timeline 3 in dbz]

"That is to say, the current Cell is only a larva, and it will wake up after nine years."

"I should kill Cell's larvae first, and wait until when Earth is completely free of danger, then use Planet Namek's Dragon Balls to resurrect everyone."

Xiaya made the decision and then told his thoughts to Bulma and others.

"What?! There are other Androids in Dr. Gero's base?" After learning about the situation, Bulma and the others were shocked.

Xiaya explained, "That is Dr. Gero's computer-manufactured Android. Currently, it should be just a larva. North Kai said that Android is formed from the cells of Saiyan, Namekian, Frost demon, and others. Once it grows up, it will be very dangerous."

Xiaya simply pushed all the excuses to North Kai. Anyway, North Kai was also not able to confirm the authenticity of the words that he said.

As Xiaya expected, when he told them about Cell, everyone couldn't help but tense up! Have Saiyan, Namekian, and Frost demon cells?

Each of these species was extremely frightening, and these three were combined into one. Just thinking of this made them feel numb! If they let that Android appear, perhaps Earth would fall into a greater crisis.

"It must be destroyed before it matures." Both Master Roshi and Bulma's thoughts were similar. None amongst them were addicted to fighting like the Saiyans. If they could eliminate the threat before it could sprout, they would naturally not hesitate to do so as soon as possible.

"Bulma, come with me to Dr. Gero's base!" Master Roshi was leaning on a cane, extremely cautious about Cell's larva.

"Um!" Bulma nodded hard. They absolutely couldn't lose the peace that they had obtained with great difficulty.

They carefully thought about it for a while and then decided to immediately leave for Dr. Gero's base.

Dr. Gero's base was located in the cold Chillin Mountain range in the north.

It was very close to the Arctic pole, and the temperature was extremely low, with pure white snow covering the mountains. From afar, it looked like a white area covered with heavy makeup and dressed in white. A draft of cold wind blew over, blowing away the few lumps of snow from above the green cedar tree.


Bulma flew her aircraft past the white mountain peaks as whirlwind rose in the wake of the aircraft, shaking the snow covering the mountains.

"Dr. Gero's base is in front. As many years have passed, the entrance may have collapsed." Landing the aircraft at the foot of a mountain, several people alighted from the aircraft and walked up the hill. Soon, they found Dr. Gero's base on a bare mountain and amidst rocks, a hidden research institute.

At this moment, the entrance of the base was blocked by greenish black rocks, and green moss was growing on it.

Chapter 280 Dr. Gero's research institute

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