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Chapter 267


“Dr . Tokunoshin Omori?” Bulma thought for a while, but from her confused expression, Xiaya could discern that she doesn’t know about Dr . Tokunoshin Omori .

Xiaya nodded and said with a smile, “That’s all right; you were still young at that time, and you may have probably forgotten about it . ” After all, Bulma had just begun to remember things at that time . As so many years had passed, it was normal for her to not clearly remember things pertaining to her childhood . However, a young man in his early twenties calling a fifty-year-old “young” was really an awkward scene .

Bulma was actually not worried about this situation . Xiaya’s world Dr . Tokunoshin Omori was different from their Dr . Tokunoshin Omori, but Bulma could discern that their world’s Dr . Tokunoshin Omori was not alive from his obscure and unknown reputation; otherwise, she could have discussed science and technology with such a figure .

But for now, it would be enough as long as the data was made available to her . She looked at Gohan and Trunks and suddenly patted her head as she said, “Look at me, you have been back for so long, but I still haven’t prepared food yet!”

“Gohan, when you have time, go back and visit Chichi . Your mother must be very worried,” Bulma said to Gohan .

Regarding the young woman, Chichi, who she had known since her childhood and who ended up marrying Goku; Bulma admired her very much……and also feel sorry for her .

Reason being that ever since Chichi married Goku, she hadn’t been living a good life . Goku was an idiot who could only train martial arts . Everything regarding their livelihood was left to Chichi alone . Taking care of the various household chores had made her look slightly older . In the end, her child began to grow up and Goku then died due to an illness . After the Androids appeared, the peace was completely broken .

At that time, Chichi had to endure tremendous pressure .

“Okay, Aunt Bulma . I’ll go back and visit Grandpa Roshi, Videl, and everyone…” Gohan nodded warmly and responded to Bulma’s words .

Soon dinner was ready . In the narrow underground room, the place was not spacious, and the food was not sumptuous; the dim fluorescent lights were flashing, and there were only some steamed buns and vegetables on the table .

“These are the rations that have just been sent by the Defence Force . Saiyans have a big appetite, so Gohan, you should eat a little more,” Bulma sat beside them and said . Because Gohan and Trunks were the last hope of earth, the Defense Force gave more rations to the Bulma family .

“Umm!” Gohan didn’t complain about the lack of good food . Maybe he had already gotten used to it . He picked up a steamed bun and gobbled it .

“Mr . Xiaya, are you not eating?” Seeing that Xiaya hadn’t started eating, Trunks asked .

While looking at the spoiled dishes on the dining table, Xiaya sighed and fully realized the hardship of the Bulma family in this space-time continuum . Then he pointed his finger and drew a line in the void, and then, piping hot food immediately flew out of the dimensional space . Time was stagnant in the dimensional space .

“Here, eat this… I brought it from another world . ”

“Wow, fresh food… these are authentic dishes of Earth! It has already been many years since I’ve had some . ” Gohan and Bulma looked at the suddenly appearing meals . They stared blankly at them, and then their eyes immediately lit up . As for Trunks, he basically had never seen such an exquisite meal, so he was in a daze for a while .

“Bulma, come with me tomorrow to find the island where Dr . Tokunoshin Omori had lived in seclusion . Maybe you can find some useful data . ”

Looking at Gohan and the others as they ate with relish like they hadn’t done for such a long time, Xiaya suggested . After all, time is forever changing . As years have passed away, many things would have changed . Fortunately, the island where Dr . Tokunoshin Omori had lived in seclusion was an uninhabited island; perhaps it was still intact .

“Okay,” Bulma said earnestly .

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Early the next morning, the sky was dark, and the light of dawn had appeared on the horizon .

Xiaya and Bulma were sitting on an orange-colored aircraft . However, because they didn’t know the exact location of the island where Dr . Tokunoshin Omori had lived in seclusion, they could only search slowly by aircraft .

“Gohan, I’m going out with Mr . Xiaya . In the meantime, you should also go and visit Chichi,” Bulma told Gohan while leaving behind Trunks to look after the house .

“OK . ” Gohan nodded .

“Mr . Xiaya, let’s go!”

After that, the aircraft took off; the engine of the aircraft rumbled as it shot through the sky . The aircraft pierced through the clouds and turned into a small flash, disappearing from sight .

Seeing that Xiaya and Bulma were gone, Gohan came back to himself, and his expectant eyes were full of hope . It seemed that with Xiaya’s appearance, he felt that the world was no longer as dark as before; a world which they assumed was beyond saving! Yes, he was slightly exhilarated, as there was finally a little hope that the damned world could change .

Gohan clenched his fists hard and turned towards Trunks, saying, “Trunks, you wait here . After I come back, we will follow Mr . Xiaya to train . Do not whimsically go out during this time . ”

“Yes!” Trunks responded loudly . He was also exhilarated at Xiaya’s appearance .

Gohan nodded and called out lightly, beckoning over the golden Flying Nimbus . It was the last thing that Goku had left for him . He jumped on top of the Flying Nimbus and stuck out his thumb towards Trunks; then, he disappeared into the horizon .

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On the other side of the ocean .

Xiaya and Bulma searched around before finally arriving at the sea area, where Dr . Tokunoshin Omori had lived in seclusion .

This was a sea area

densely populated with a lot of islands and reefs . Brown reefs stuck out of the surface of the sea like bamboo shoots and collided with the incoming waves, splashing white foamy waves .

“The island where Dr . Tokunoshin Omori had lived in seclusion should be nearby . ”

Xiaya looked down . The islands were separated from each other by tens of kilometers . Many places had been developed into tourist areas, but of course, they were now abandoned . Xiaya regretted not going to Dr . Tokunoshin Omari’s island with Dr . Brief after he came to Earth; otherwise, he wouldn’t have been so unfamiliar with the surroundings, and not be able to find the island .

“Well, it seems I have been to this place before…” Bulma looked at the terrain below and felt it somewhat familiar .

“Mr . Xiaya, can you tell me about the situation on your side…” Bulma curiously asked while driving the aircraft . She was quite curious about the other space-time continuum .

Xiaya nodded and then told her the story of the other world .

“…At that time, I had come to Earth for the second time, and I bumped into your elder sister, Tights, on the street…” As he slowly told her about his world, the scenes from his world appeared in her mind .

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When he talked about Tights using Vegeta as a model to write a novel, Xiaya suddenly asked, “You and Goku used to be childhood friends; then, why didn’t you both get together in the end?”

From the point of view of others, Bulma was beautiful, and she had a cheerful and warm disposition; furthermore, there wasn’t much of an age difference between her and Goku . Moreover, Bulma was very adventurous . As the second girl to appear in the dragon ball, she had long and light-purple hair with beautiful eyes at that time . So, when Xiaya saw the dragon ball in his past life, he once thought that Goku would get together with Bulma in the end, but he didn’t expect a plot twist in the story later . Without knowing what he was doing, Goku married Chichi, and Bulma got together with Vegeta .

Sometimes, Xiaya wondered if it would have been more appropriate for Goku to get together with Bulma .


Bulma froze because she had never considered this before . She smiled and said, “At that time, Son Goku was still very young . I always regarded him as a younger brother and nothing more . ”

“Didn’t Goku grow up later? You didn’t love him then?” Xiaya asked .

Seeing that Bulma was silent, probably thinking of the past, Xiaya realized that she might really not have considered this before .

Goku was really small when he was a child, but after being trained by King Piccolo, Goku had actually grown taller . Furthermore, by the time of the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament, Goku had already turned into a handsome young man . In her heart, Bulma might have felt that Goku was changing .

The feeling that the little guy from before had already grown into a reliable man .

Unfortunately, at that time, Chichi suddenly appeared, and Goku had agreed to marry Chichi without even realizing what marriage was . So, her feelings fizzled out .

“Maybe!” Bulma sighed . It was all a thing of the past, and It was useless to think about it any more . Both Goku and Vegeta were now dead .

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