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Chapter 265

“My ability is called Instant Transmission . It can be used to lock onto space around a target and teleport anywhere . “Seeing Gohan’s astonished expression, Xiaya smiled and patiently explained . In this world, Goku hadn’t stayed on Planet Yardrat, so Gohan had no knowledge about the ability, Instant Transmission . “As for why I have Senzu Beans, they did originate from Earth, but I also have them planted on the planet I live on . ”

“Mr . Xiaya is not a human from Earth?” Trunks showed a surprised expression .

“I am not an earthling… I am a Saiyan just like your father!” Xiaya said .

Hearing this, Gohan was absent-minded for a while before he said in disbelief, “You’re a Saiyan? But… Vegeta said that he and my dad were the only Saiyans in the universe . ” There used to be Nappa and Raditz, but they died when the Saiyans invaded earth 18 years ago .

Xiaya raised his eyebrows and smiled . “What Vegeta said wasn’t wrong . In this universe, there are really only two Saiyans, he and Goku . However, now there are none left . But, did I say that I was a Saiyan of this space-time continuum?”

When Gohan heard Xiaya say that there were no Saiyans in the universe, his countenance couldn’t help but turn dark; but then, he heard the latter half of Xiaya’s sentence and was stupefied . “Mr . Xiaya, what do you mean by, not from this space-time continuum? Could it be that there is another parallel universe?”

Soon, Gohan revealed disbelief on his face . When he was young, he was determined to become a scholar, so he knows some relevant information regarding this . In addition, he had interacted with Bulma for a long time and gained a lot of knowledge .

Xiaya shrugged . “It means literally what I said . I’m not a Saiyan from your space-time continuum . Because of an accident, I am stranded here . In my original world, the course of time hasn’t yet developed to this year . Well, your grandfather, Bardock, is working for me, and your father, Goku, is still only nine years old . ”

Listening to him, Gohan was speechless .

Mr . Xiaya has come from the past, and my father is still only nine years old?

After a good while, Gohan reacted . If this was really the case, then the past could still be saved! Gohan hurriedly said, ” Mr . Xiaya, you have just seen the strength of those Androids . Their power is far beyond our imagination . If you can return to your original world, please stop them from appearing!”

He understood that there was already not much hope for this world, but at least the past, in Xiaya’s original world, could still be saved!

Xiaya glanced at Gohan with amazement .  This kid’s brain moves very fast . “If I go back, then you can rest assured concerning this . ”

“Right, I just saw that your Super Saiyan state is not sufficiently stable; otherwise, with your Battle Power, at least you wouldn’t be in such a difficult situation even if you can’t defeat the Androids!”

Xiaya had previously observed Gohan’s Battle Power with “Spirit Eye secret skill” . Clearly, Gohan had a Battle Power of almost 500 million in his Super Saiyan state . Although there was still a gap between him and the Androids, 500 million was in fact not weak . It could be regarded as a peak fighting force in the storyline of dragon ball Z . However, it wasn’t clear why whenever Gohan exhibited his power, it would always disperse, giving a false feeling!

In the original work’s world, with Gohan’s latent talent, it shouldn’t be so . Is it because there is no one to give him pointers?

“Super Saiyan? Mr . Xiaya, what are you talking about?” Gohan asked with puzzlement . It was the first time that he had heard this name: Super Saiyan .

“You don’t know about Super Saiyan? It’s the state you were in when you were fighting before!”

Xiaya was startled and immediately thought of something . He suddenly transformed into the blond-haired and green-eyed Super Saiyan form . A vigorous and vast aura rushed in and raised a thick layer of Ki wall .

Gohan pressed his hand on his forehead, withstanding the Ki wall; his eyes widened with shock .  After Mr . Xiaya transformed into Golden Flame state, his Ki rose much higher than mine . Of course, more importantly, Mr . Xiaya’s Ki is thicker, and his temperament is much more awe-inspiring than mine!

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“Such powerful Ki . ” Trunks was already stunned .

“This imposing aura is as deep and strong as Dad and Vegeta; no, it is even stronger by a little bit,” Gohan muttered in a low voice, surprise on his face .

Androids may not be Mr . Xiaya’s match .

“Mr . Xiaya, so you are also a Golden Flame Warrior!” Gohan shouted excitedly .

This time it was Xiaya’s turn to be stunned .  What the hell is a Golden Flame Warrior? I just transformed into Super Saiyan . Can it be that it is not addressed as Super Saiyan in this world?

“Wait, Gohan, you just called this state of mine as ‘Golden Flame Warrior’ . Can it be that you haven’t heard of Super Saiyan?” Xiaya asked .

Gohan froze . “Super Saiyan?”

Xiaya rolled his eyes . It was clear that Gohan didn’t know what Super Saiyan was .

Xiaya rubbed his temple and asked, “Is there no legend of Super Saiyans among the Saiyan race? Then, who is the first person to transform into the so-called Golden Flame Warrior?”

“Of course, it was my father, Goku! On Planet Namek, because of Uncle Krillin’s death, father transformed into a blonde-haired ‘Golden Flame Warrior’ in a state of anger . Because his body was surrounded by golden energy, he was named Golden Flame warrior,” Gohan said confidently .

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Then, he spoke about what he had experienced .

After listening to Gohan’s description, Xiaya more or less found the source of the problem .

“It seems that the problem is here . To think that you don’t even have the legend of Super Saiyans here!” Xiaya understood .

But, if there is no legend of Super Saiyan in this world, then, why did the Frieza in this world want to destroy Planet Vegeta? Why is there still a storyline afterward?

Xiaya thought for a moment and suddenly reacted . He seemed to have heard about it before . When Frieza destroyed Planet Vegeta, it seemed that he had been instructed by the God of Destruction, Beerus . Then, it made sense now . Whether there was a legend of Super Saiyan or not, Planet Vegeta would still have been destroyed .

Wait, this space-time doesn’t have the legend of Super Saiyans, that is to say, Bardock didn’t travel to the past?

Xiaya’s expression became odd .  Is the reason for this parallel world’s existence because I saved Bardock when Planet Vegeta was destroyed? So this parallel world was the closest to his original world, and that’s why he first arrived here when he passed through the space-time crack .

He had thought about it before . If he saved Bardock and not let him time travel to the past, then would it produce a world without the Super Saiyan legend? And quite clearly that parallel world had been created .

And it turned out to be this world in which he was now in .

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When he crossed to the Dragon Ball world, it caused the original work’s world to create an original world “where he lived” . Later, because he saved Bardock, again a world of “Golden Flame Warrior” was created .

So excluding those parallel worlds in the original work, there were three parallel universes that he knew about .

“Gohan, why is your Super Saiyan state so weak? According to your Normal State’s Battle Power, you shouldn’t be so weak after transforming into Super Saiyan . It may be beyond your power to deal with both the Androids, but at least you can fight for a while!”

Androids of this space-time continuum were a lot weaker than in the original work’s world, and with his strength, he could deal with one of them . Although Gohan couldn’t be compared to him, he still shouldn’t be so useless .

Gohan smiled bitterly . “Although I had experienced some battles when I was young, I did not accept systematic training . My foundation is not good . Later, because of Uncle Piccolo, Vegeta, and the others’ deaths, I explored everything related to training by myself . ”

Xiaya finally understood . Goku and Vegeta also explored the road of Super Saiyans by themselves, but unlike Gohan, they both had a good martial arts foundation . They could be said to be people who had steadily progressed .

And Gohan, except for one year in his childhood when he followed Piccolo’s training, he basically had not trained properly the rest of the time . When the Great Elder of Planet Namek suddenly increased his strength by too much, although enhancing potential was not harmful, it was not still good for Gohan whose foundation was too weak; then later, because the dragon ball warriors died one after the other, only a few people were able to give him pointers .

Such that he has now diverged from the correct path, and wasted so many years for no reason .

If he followed the original path, Gohan would eventually be killed by the Androids; which would be a waste of such good talent .

Chapter 265  What the hell is a Golden Flame Warrior? 

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