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Chapter 263

“You want to fight the two of us by yourself, does your brain have a problem?” 17 leisurely stopped his movements, glanced at 18, and then stepped forward in front of Gohan, quietly sizing him up . A silent breeze blew on his face which revealed traces of coldness . The smile on 17’s face suddenly disappeared, and his expression became cold and dark .

Although he can’t feel the Android’s aura, Gohan’s expression became grave . An invisible pressure was pushing down on his heart making him unable to breathe .

“Ha!” He loudly shouted in a muffled voice, and a vigorous golden flame began burning . Gohan transformed into Super Saiyan . As his combat state changed, the energy spreading out immediately caused the whole planet to tremble .

“This is… Gohan’s aura, is he fighting the Androids again?”

On the island surrounded by sea, Chichi and Videl felt the energy that was transmitted over from the other side of the planet, and they suddenly felt nervous .

Chichi walked round and round anxiously while grumbling, “Gohan, this brat always makes others worry . He should have trained more for a while!”

“It’s okay, Aunt Chichi . He is so powerful;  he will definitely not be in danger . ” Videl quickly stepped forward to comfort her, but her delicate face had “worry” written all over as she inwardly prayed; Gohan, please be safe!

On the other side, the city had already transformed into ruins .

On a dilapidated street, a light breeze blew across the roadside causing the scraps of posters that had long ago rotted to fly high in the air . After circling around a few times, the scraps of posters, which had lost their upward support, were like drunkards as they fell down again and lightly stuck to the dilapidated buildings . A vast, desolate aura spread throughout the city .

Inside an underground refugee cave, a drunk, short and stout middle-aged man was lying on a makeshift bed made of cardboard . The beard and mustache on his face were not trimmed, and his hair was messy, even somewhat split .

Sensing the suddenly rising aura in the distance, the short and stout middle-aged man closed his eyes, rolled over and continued to sleep .

“Gohan…he is again looking for trouble . ”

Touching the katana in his arms, Yajirobe yawned and stared blankly at the bottle of alcohol in the corner . Originally, as the martial artists on earth were scarce, he should have stepped forward bravely, but he was afraid; he had been living in fear for more than a decade .

“Goku is dead, no one on earth can take down the Androids,” Yajirobe muttered to himself .

Since Goku defeated King Piccolo decades ago, Yajirobe believed that Goku was the savior of earth, and Goku lived up to people’s expectations too; he later successively defeated 2nd generation Piccolo, Raditz, and Vegeta . He saved Earth many times, but afterward, Goku died due to an illness . Not killed by a powerful enemy, but died of heart disease . After that, the Androids appeared, and Piccolo, Vegeta, and the others died one after another .

At that time, he knew that no one could defeat the Androids .

As for him, he chose to escape and had never thought about taking responsibility . From the beginning of King Piccolo’s era, he had always been a bystander . Now he had escaped, hiding in the underground refugee cave and relying on emergency relief to survive .

“Kami is dead…what else can we do?”


Near the cold polar region .

A bubble-like brilliance suddenly appeared in the air, and following a flash of dazzling light, a young man’s figure appeared on earth .

The young man was lean and tall . It was surprisingly Xiaya that had been swallowed by the space-time crack .

After struggling for a long time in the space-time crack, Xiaya finally rushed out from a weak point in space . Immediately after returning to outer space, he hurriedly rushed over to Planet Hongshan . He wanted to inform Xiling and the others that he was safe, but after arriving at Planet Hongshan, what he saw was beyond his expectations . There were no traces of the existence of Saiyans on Planet Hongshan . It was still an ancient jungle and wasteland .

“Did I traverse through space-time like Bardock?”

Xiaya was shocked and thought of this possibility . It was not impossible, so in order to determine the year, he again quickly rushed over to earth . But after arriving on earth, he saw a scene of destruction and desolateness .

“What the hell happened here?”

Xiaya was sure that there were very few such catastrophes that had happened on earth . At this time, he sensed a powerful aura in another part of the northern hemisphere gradually weakening . His mind moved and he went looking for that aura .


The cold wind was whistling, bringing icy moisture from the north .

Near an enormous ring-shaped crater, Gohan had transformed into Super Saiyan and was confronting 17;  while Android 18 was yawning with boredom, her fingers curling the blonde-hair beside her ear and playing with them .

“It’s this form again . It seems the strength of the Saiyans increases by a few dozen times in this form . ” 18’s blue eyes narrowed, and her voice, which was cold and full of killing intent came to 17’s ears, “17, don’t play around and quickly finish off Gohan . ”

“Yes, yes, yes, right away!”

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17 lazily responded and twisted his neck, producing “kaka” sound . Suddenly, 17 put away his indifferent attitude and became serious . He bent his body, and then quickly stepped forward .


17 instantly appeared on the right side of Gohan, leaving behind an afterimage in his place!

Even Gohan, at his level, could only capture 17’s afterimage! 17 hooked the corners of his mouth, revealing a grim smile . He then extended his palm forward, which within one feet away from Gohan, quickly turned into a fist . With a “pfff” sound of air splitting open, it directly penetrated through the air .

Fast! This thought flashed through his head like lightning .

Gohan was shocked, and his expression suddenly became even more grave . His eyes burst out with a bright light, and then, he hurriedly and skillfully moved, instantly flashing away by a few hundred meters in such a dire situation .

Boom! The ground trembled .

After 17’s fist swiftly passed through Gohan’s original position, the wind pressure generated by the fist continued on, smashing into the ground . Large spiderweb-like cracks instantly appeared on the ground, and the immense fist energy poured 100 meters into the ground .


Waves of sand and clouds of dust soared into in the air, and a reverse cone-shaped depression suddenly appeared on the ground .

“Your reaction is very fast!”

An indifferent voice sounded beside his ear . Suddenly, a blur appeared in front of his eyes, and 17, who was originally close to the ground, flew over; his beautiful face was full of ridicule . His body seemed to flicker, and he disappeared from Gohan’s sight .

Upon seeing this, Gohan revealed a shocked expression . Although he had jumped to dodge 17’s attack, his eyes were paying attention to 17’s position from beginning to end, and after seeing 17 suddenly appear and disappear, he was greatly shocked .

“What should I do? Who would have thought that 17 was so powerful! Did he really use his full-strength before?” His eyes rotated in all directions, continuously looking for 17 . As the Androids have no human aura, he could only rely on his eyes to capture 17’s figure . If he lost 17’s traces, it would become very troublesome .

“There!” Gohan shouted and immediately adjusted his posture; he clenched his fist and swung his elbow to the side .

The fist and elbow were the hardest parts of the human arm, and they were also the most commonly used parts when fighting . He knew that only by successfully attacking, could he take the next step, or everything would be in vain, not worth mentioning .

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Bang bang bang!

Gohan and 17 attacked back and forth . Sometimes Gohan succeeded, and sometimes 17 succeeded, but more often not, it was 17 who gained the upper hand . Because both sides were afraid that their attacks would destroy the planet too much, they controlled their power when attacking to a small range . This not only would not destroy the structure of the planet but it also made their attacks even more concentrated .

Generally, at Gohan’s level, each and every of his move had a lot of power, if he was even a little careless, a fragile planet like earth would very likely be reduced to ashes in the aftermath of his attacks .

Gohan was concerned about earthlings and did not dare to wantonly attack, and 17, because he had still not found a spaceship to leave Earth, also wasn’t willing to destroy Earth so soon .

However, Gohan did not know that the biggest difference between the Saiyans and Androids lie in the physical strength of the Androids being unlimited, while the Super Saiyan form was a short-term eruption; especially in the absence of the guidance of a master, Gohan’s Super Saiyan was more like wildly burning energy, the useless waste was too much .

Gradually, Gohan began to be at a disadvantage, while 17 had a smile on his face from the beginning to the end, sneering!


Two fists collided, and a violent shock wave erupted out in the air .

Cough! Gohan spat out a mouthful of blood, and he became listless . At this time, 17’s attack came again, and towards Gohan’s arm, his hand-knife chopped down . Kacha! The sound of bone breaking was heard .

“Ahhhhh!” Gohan gave a heartrending scream .

Bean-size beads of sweat oozed out from Gohan’s forehead, and he became dazed . The light in Gohan’s eyes dispersed, and his Super Saiyan state was instantly canceled .

“Big brother Gohan!” Seeing that Gohan had lost, Trunks immediately shouted in worry .

At this time, 18, who had been watching from the side for a long time with her hands folded across her chest, sneered and walked over in front of Trunks and kicked .


A huge force hit Trunks, who crashed into a wall a few hundred meters away, breaking the wall .

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The sound of air “breaking” was just heard, and 18 had already arrived in front of Trunks . Arranging her beautiful hair, she lowered her head and said indifferently, “Who allowed you to make a fuss?”

Then, she grabbed the light purple hair of Trunks and dragged his whole body up .

“17, he seems to be Vegeta’s son, right?” 18 turned around and asked 17 who was preparing to kill Gohan .

17 glanced over and gave her an answer in affirmative, “Yes, he is Vegeta’s son, and his mother, Bulma, is said to be a genius scientist . ”

“Heh! What luck, we can use this kid’s life to have Bulma create a spaceship for us!” 18 suddenly smiled . It was a seemingly innocent smile, but the cruelty on her face was like a colorful and beautiful poppy flower, causing people to shudder .

“You… Don’t even think about threatening my mother…” Trunks said with a stammer, while he kept struggling .

“Shut up!”

18 expression was cold as she lifted Trunks and kicked Trunks in the stomach with her knee . Spitting out gastric juices, Trunks eyes turned over, and he directly fainted .

“Trunks!” Gohan struggled to stand up with his arm powerlessly hanging down .

Like throwing away garbage, she casually threw down Trunks on the ground, and said to 17, “Just keep Trunks, and kill Goku’s son . This kid’s progress is a bit fast, and sooner or later, he will be a disaster one day!”

“All right!” Receiving his sister’s order, 17 laughed out loud and walked over to Gohan . “Your father didn’t die in our hands . It’s a bit regrettable, but it doesn’t matter, as Goku’s son, you dying by our hands will also suffice . ”

Saying this, 17 raised his arm, and a sparkling and flashy energy ball was formed in his palm .

But at this time…

“Solar Flare!”

A deep and resounding yell was heard, and in a flash, another sun suddenly seemed to appear in the sky . The dazzling light scorched the ground . The dazzling light rays shone brightly, causing 17 and 18 to close their eyes from the pain and loudly cry out . The pain in their eyes made them temporarily lose their sight .

When everything was restored, 17 and 18 opened their eyes and were shocked to find that the place was empty . Gohan and Trunks had been saved by someone .

“Ahhh, who the hell was that bastard!” 18’s face was cold as she unwillingly stomped her foot .

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