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Returning to his villa, he opened the door and saw that the huge villa was spotless. Even though more than a year had passed, there was no dust. This was thanks to a hemisphere-shaped cleaning robot which frequently did the cleaning.

"Feidaya people's cleaning robot is really useful!"

Xiaya smiled and opened the window to let in some fresh air into the room. The gentle breeze brought along the smell of the sea. Although it was a sea breeze, there were no traces of the sea's fishy smell in the breeze. Instead, it felt cool and comfortable.

Xiaya didn’t plan to stay on earth for long. After looking at the villa's condition, he was ready to go back, but at that time, the roar of an airplane's engine came from far away in the sky. In this remote peninsula city, airplanes were still seldomly seen.

The roaring sound arrived from far away, and soon it was above Xiaya’s villa. Followed by a warm cyclone, the airplane stopped in mid-air.

Looking up, Xiaya saw three concentric circles logo emblazoned on the airplane.

That was the logo of the Capsule Corporation.

“The Capsule Corporation's airplane? Who could have come?”

Xiaya glanced at it and wondered why the people of the Capsule Corporation would come at this time. He wasn’t in a hurry to go back anymore. After all, Hoi-Poi Capsule had a business partnership with Planet Hongshan and knew that he had a villa here. It should be someone at the top level of the Capsule Corporation. So he needed to see who it was.

Soon, the airplane landed and a young and beautiful woman jumped out from inside. The woman had the same golden hair as Blonde-haired Launch. Her hair was soft and smooth, not like the curly hair of the blonde-haired Launch.

Xiaya recognized the identity of her at a glance and muttered, “Tights, why did she come?”

It had been a long time since he last saw Tights, and the current her was much more mature compared to then.

“Ah, Xiaya, you are here!” Tights ran over with a look of surprise.

Even though so many years had passed, Tights didn’t act unfamiliarly and ran over to Xiaya, as if she was meeting an old friend.

“Tights, long time no see, did you come to find me for something?” Xiaya asked.

Tights hurriedly nodded and took out a finely wrapped book from a bag. It seemed to be a novel. “Xiaya, look at the novel I wrote.” Then, she handed over the novel.

Tights’ dream was to be an outstanding SF novelist. ‘Had her dream been fulfilled?’

Xiaya was feeling doubtful as he took the novel and looked at its title.

‘The struggles of the Dark Prince! The name is quite artistic.’

Xiaya thought to himself. After flipping through a few pages and looking at the contents of the novel, Xiaya’s expression became a little strange. He briefly glanced at the story by reading ten lines at a time. Xiaya had a feeling of deja vu when reading the content of the story.

Tights’ novel was mainly about the struggle between good and evil. It told the story of an alien prince whose homeworld was destroyed, and was forced to join a dark force, and then under the arrangements of the organization, he committed many evils. The weak are regarded as nobodies, but the heart still struggled to keep the conscience. Of course, it had mixed in many sci-fi elements.

If it was just that alone then it wouldn’t have been enough to attract Xiaya's attention. What surprised him was the prince's setting, spiky black hair, and a brown tail behind him.

Isn’t this talking about Vegeta?

Even more strange was that there was actually a setting about Battle Power in the novel.

“Tights, how did you think of such a setting for the male lead?” Xiaya raised his head and asked Tights with a serious look on his face.

Tights arranged her beautiful hair which was blowing from the wind and smiled. “Didn’t I beg you to get me a few spaceships from the Feidaya people before? I took the spaceship and left earth two years ago…”

Tights gradually spoke about what she saw and heard in the universe, and then talked about colliding with a sphere-shaped spacecraft as she was approaching Planet Jishui.

“So you met Vegeta?” Hearing up to here, Xiaya was already certain that the sphere-shaped spacecraft that Tights' spaceship collided with belonged to Vegeta.

“Hm? How do you know that he was called Vegeta? Do you know him too?” Tights loudly cried out in surprise.

Xiaya raised his eyebrows, wondering if Tights really met Vegeta. If so, then why wasn’t she killed?

“That Vegeta is a Saiyan?”

“Yeah, he had a tail, and is just like Saiyans that Jaco spoke about.” Tights nodded.

Xiaya massaged his temple and said with a serious tone, “Miss Tights, if the person you met is really a Saiyan called Vegeta, then how are you still alive?”

With Vegeta’s cold-hearted, ruthless and trampling-on-the-weak personality, how could Tights still be alive? Was it because Vegeta was young and he still wasn’t cold-hearted? No, Saiyans always matures very early. So, it made no sense to let Tights off.

“Hey, how can you speak about others like this? Vegeta, that child though is cold on the outside, but I know that he is actually very kind-hearted,” displeased, Tights put both hands on her hips and said, as if he was bullying her brother.



Xiaya stumbled, almost falling down. These were obviously two words that were not related in any way. How big was this Miss Tights imagination that she could think Vegeta was kind-hearted?

“Please tell me what happened after you met Vegeta.”


Tights nodded and spoke about how she met Vegeta on Planet Jishui and what happened afterward. As he kept listening to her, Xiaya spat out. She was really fortunate. According to what she said, Vegeta, in fact, wanted to kill her a lot of times.

“Because you broke his spacecraft, you foolishly sent Vegeta to Frieza’s colonial planet? Say, Miss Tights, how big are your nerves? It was obviously fire, but you were thinking of jumping inside, and what surprises me is that Vegeta actually kept his promise and let you go,” Xiaya said in astonishment.

This Tights is so clueless, she could do just about anything.

And Vegeta, who was humiliated so much by her, and was also photographed, unexpectedly did not kill her afterward. Could it be that this Vegeta’s personality has changed?

Just listening to it was not the same. Xiaya couldn’t understand, so he just stopped thinking about it.

“I will get angry if you speak like this!” Tights said, her cheeks bulging.

Xiaya smiled apologetically and asked Tights, “Tights, did you look for me to show me this book?”

Tights lightly shook her head and said, “My book has already been published, and the result is not bad, at least more interesting than the previous story where I used Jaco as the model.”

In fact, it’s not that it was more interesting, rather the story of using Jaco as a model before was simply not well-received.

“I think that a story of using Vegeta as a model has a deep potential to dig, but I don’t know much about the strength of the people in the universe. Although I heard Vegeta talk about Frieza, I was always puzzled. Xiaya, isn’t your Planet Hongshan's civilization very powerful in the universe?”

“Would you give me some references? Right, how do you know about Vegeta, you have seen him?” At this time, Tights suddenly remembered Xiaya’s reaction from before and asked somewhat doubtfully.

"Didn’t I tell you before? Planet Hongshan is a Saiyan Force." Xiaya was surprised.

“What, Planet Hongshan is also a Saiyan Force?! You didn’t say it ah! Before didn’t Jaco say that the Saiyans had almost all died? Vegeta also said the same thing.” Tights seemed to have discovered a new world, her eyes glowing.

Xiaya shook his head. “Because we moved out of Planet Vegeta very early on, Vegeta naturally doesn’t know. Well, you want some setting about Frieza?”

“Right, right, of course, the more detailed the better. I want to write a grand universe epic with real characters as a model, and add some settings of Frieza, Saiyans, and aliens. It can definitely be a big hit.” Tights said, her passion was ignited.

Xiaya thought for a second and said, “Fine, I will tell the Feidaya people to give you the detailed situation of North Area.”

“Thank you!”

Tights had attained her wish, so she thanked him with great satisfaction.

“It’s nothing!”

Xiaya waved his hand. Anyway, the forces in the North Area had already been messed up by him. The information about the previous Forces’ can basically only be used for writing novels.

If Tights really wrote a novel about the events of North Area, wouldn’t it be very interesting?

But Xiaya didn’t know that on an unknown planet, Frieza, who he thought had died, was currently training like he had almost never done before. That time’s crushing defeat where his life was threatened gave Frieza a strong feeling of urgency.

While, in an even farther away place, a black fleet emitting a sinister and cold light, speedily passed through the center of the galaxy where the Galactic Patrol Organization was located, heading for East Area.

Facing the overbearing black fleet, the people of the Galactic Patrol organization, which had always boasted of maintaining the universe's order, could only look from far away, not daring to step forward and stop it.

Like the fine sand in an hourglass, time slowly passed, and in the blink of an eye, half a year had gone by.


On a plain that had almost been desertified.

There was not much vegetation on the plain. As far as the eyes could see, except for the billowing yellow sand, only towering stone pillars standing erect on the ground like bodyguards could be seen, and they were surrounded by some spherical sea buckthorns.

The environment on earth was extremely strange. There were many bleak and boundless deserts with stone pillars like these. As the wind blew, tumbleweed fluttered amidst the yellow sand.

Because it was the only road that was connecting two cities, many merchant groups and travelers passed through here, which gave many opportunities for desert robbers to take advantage of. These robbers were usually in groups of three or more, and many a time also in dozens. They rode jeeps, carried broadswords and machine guns, and as the sand rose, they robbed the merchants and travelers along the way.

"Du du du." Fierce sounds of shooting resounded.

As thick smoke rose, the band of robbers once again successfully robbed, after which together with the stolen belongings, happily headed back to their den.

"Hehe, boss, this time's harvest was pretty good, enough for the brothers to live unrestrainedly for a while." In the jeep, the robber in the driver's seat held a cigarette in his mouth as he smoked in satisfaction and said to their boss on the side.

Their boss laughed heartily, poured a mouthful of liquor into his mouth, and indifferently said, "Brothers, you can live happily for a while, and then we will again do a big robbery."

"If we follow the boss, it would definitely not go wrong."

"Hehe, those police officers are really useless, yet they still want to catch us, it's simply a dream."

A group of younger brothers laughed merrily, making fun of the police. To them, as long as they could go out every month to rob just like this, then they could live unrestrainedly for a while, while police couldn't do anything to them. It wasn't needed to be mentioned how comfortable such a life was.

Just as the robbers were laughing and having fun, a few hundred meters away from them, there was a spacious and shady place which was surrounded by towering stone pillars. Compared to the blistering hot outside, it was much cooler here.

At this time, a person in cowboy clothes was laying down in the shady place. A gentle wind blew in, blowing the person's golden beautiful hairs. The person's face was covered by a cowboy hat, making it difficult to discern the person's appearance, but from the person's graceful and delicate curves, it should be a woman.

The sound of the jeep's rumbling sound arrived from far away, and the ground slightly trembled, causing the blonde-haired woman to wake up and straighten up the brim of her hat. She then shot up and shouted with excitement, her dark eyes sparkling like stars, "I have been waiting for so long; finally a prey has come!"

The blonde woman was surprisingly blonde-haired Launch.

After returning to Earth, she wandered outside alone, visiting various scenic spots to properly relax, but as time passed, the rare fresh feeling gradually subsided. She had nothing more to do until the day she saw the scene of a robbery. Suddenly, it seemed that good luck had arrived, as she was finally enlightened.




This is the life she wanted!

"I should become a robber as that is my inborn nature, and my other self can be the good and obedient girl." Blonde-haired Launch was suddenly enlightened.

At this moment she seemed to understand why God let her come to this world; it was in order to be a robber.

Of course, she won't do low-grade things like stealing or robbing banks, because it will pull down her martial artists status, and if Xiaya learned about it, she would definitely be scolded.

Well, she was deeply terrified of Xiaya. She wants to be a wanderer, walking on the borders of the desert, which was both cool and pizazz. Moreover, she also wouldn't be lectured by Xiaya.

Since she had made the decision, she quickly turned her sight to the desert's merchant road. She would not start with the ordinary merchant groups, so her target naturally shifted to the robbers.

Fighting evil with evil, that's how she could prove her value! She thought delightfully, and then picked up a big hammer and walked out of the stone forest.

"Screech!" The jeep braked suddenly. One of the robbers on the jeep lost his balance and almost fell down.

"Bastard, don't you know how to drive?" The robber's boss roared at the driver furiously.

The robber driving the jeep held the steering wheel and pointed at the figure that had appeared in front. "Boss, look, there is a woman blocking the way ahead!"


The robbers followed his line of sight and looked in front, and they really saw a blonde-haired girl wearing a scarf coming towards them. Although, due to blowing sand, their line of sight was somewhat unclear, the girl's graceful steps shows that she must be a beautiful woman.

However, what made people feel uncomfortable was that the girl was not carrying any luggage in her hand. Instead, she had a big hammer that was completely disproportionate to her physique.

"Wow, such a beautiful girl!"

"Boss, we are in luck." One of the robbers wiped his drool, his face revealing a lewd smile.

"Go away, this woman is mine." The robbers' boss glared angrily before excitedly lowering his hand, pouring alcohol into his mouth, and then picked up the machine gun and jumped down from the vehicle.

Upon seeing this, the rest of the robbers also one by one jumped down from the vehicle. Six to seven desert robbers gathered around the blonde-haired Launch. They simply wouldn't have thought that what they thought of as a little sheep was actually a huge fierce lion.

Not waiting for the robbers to open their mouths, blonde-haired Launch boldly shouted, "If you want to live, hand over all the belongings on you!"

The robbers were startled, but then they burst into laughter. "Ha ha ha! Boss, did you hear her, this little girl wants to rob us."

"She doesn't know that this occupation is our profession!"

"Little girl, you should obediently come with us and become our boss' wife!"

The robbers rocked back and forth with laughter. To think that this petite little girl wanted to rob them. Didn't she know that they were robbers? Which distinguished family had this miss come from? Had she seen movies and ran out to imitate them? She simply didn't understand the rules of survival.

However, this was also good, as it was convenient for them. They evilly laughed and approached blonde-haired Launch step by step.

Upon seeing this, Blonde-haired Launch puckered her pretty nose. How could she not see the obscenity in the eyes of these robbers? Suddenly, those bandits that she had killed in the mountain village when she was young flashed across her mind, and her eyes flashed with icy killing intent.

"Fools!" Blonde-haired Launch coldly snorted, then she raised the big hammer in her hand and rushed forward. Her pretty figure suddenly disappeared from their sight.

The laughter of the several robbers abruptly stopped; they rubbed their eyes hard as if they had seen a ghost. How did she suddenly disappear?


The sound of the hammer smashing down resounded, followed by a heart-rending scream. They turned their heads towards the direction where the scream came from and found that the blonde-haired girl had appeared behind them, and had already smashed unconscious one of their comrades using the hammer.

"Ahhhh, what happened, how did Benny faint?"

"Not good, we have bumped into a tough crop!"

Seeing their comrade inexplicably collapse, the robbers' hearts trembled, and their brain nerves were stretched taut. They quickly moved and picked up their weapons before aiming at the girl in front of them.

"At first, I only wanted to rob some money, but when I saw your eyes, I couldn't help but want to kill you all. I really hate robbers," Blonde-haired Launch said tyrannically and walked forward step by step.

"Don't come!"

The robbers aimed the machine guns at Launch, but she was not at all shaken and still kept walking forward calmly.

"Quickly shoot and kill this woman!" The robbers' boss panicked, and his eyes flashed with anger, as he quickly ordered while his finger had already taken the initiative and pressed down the gun's trigger.

"Du du du," half-inch flame snakes spurted out from the gun barrel. If an ordinary person got hit by such an attack, then they would have long ago turned into a sieve, but unfortunately, they have encountered Launch. With Blonde-haired Launch's current 200 Battle Power, she was almost unbeatable on earth; so, how could she be afraid of mere bullets.

"Courting death!"

Launch said coldly, her attractive face showing anger. She waved the big hammer in her hand, and a series of metal striking sounds appeared, changing the direction of the dark red flame snakes. All the bullets were shot away by the iron hammer.

"Crackle!" Sparks flew in all directions, and in an instant, numerous tiny holes appeared on the ground.

"Are you a person or a ghost?" A robber asked in trembling voice.

They were afraid.

Blonde-haired Launch adjusted the cowboy hat on her head, her cold voice echoed in the air and sentenced them to death: "You don't have to know, I am very upset right now. You all can obediently go see the King of Hell."

"Brothers, fight it out with her!"

Since it was impossible to flee, the robbers became determined, their blood boiling. However, they had no idea of the kind of person they were facing. With blonde-haired Launch's strength today, even if she faced the aged King Piccolo, he may not have the strength to fight her. These robbers were doomed to have no good outcome.

Sure enough, in just the blink of an eye, a sparkling and translucent glow had quickly moved back and forth in the air.

"Bang, bang, bang." A series of bang sounds were heard, and the eyes of several robbers rolled over as they fell to the ground, dead.

Chapter 250 Female Robber

TL Note: Sorry I forgot to write a author's note on Chapter 234

Author ( PS: Frieza achieved Golden Frieza Form in four months, this setting is too much of a BUG. So, I will reduce Frieza's training speed in this book. Its impossible for Frieza to reach that realm in a few decades.)

"These guys were really troublesome, wasting so much of my time." Blonde-haired Launch arrived before the robbers and squatted down, searching their bodies for loot. Finally, she took out a bag of gold coins and the vehicle's key.

After weighing the gold coins in her hand, she curled her lips in disdain. "Tch, paupers. It's even less than my pocket money."

Although it was usually boring working on Planet Hongshan, at least Xiaya gave her a good salary, and just like this time, as she came back to Earth, he gave her a large amount of pocket money.

"Forget it, I will make do with these." Blonde-haired Launch carefreely smiled, then drove the jeep of the robbers, the smoke disappearing amidst the vast desert.

On the Korin Tower.

Korin stood in front of a water vat, looking at the scenes inside. His face full of helplessness. The scene displayed in the water vat was, astonishingly, of blonde-haired Launch robbing the robbers. To think a great martial arts master went to rob others. Perhaps only she would do it.

"Launch, this kid's character is getting worse, but her strength has grown a lot by following Xiaya. If only her character can change, I can then recommend her to Kami so that she could be groomed as a backup Kami."

Korin thought while stroking his beard, but then he immediately recalled how Launch had followed Xiaya to Planet Hongshan and now rarely comes back. Such a person who was only going to leave earth would inevitably not be able to become Earth's Kami.

"What a pity! If Launch didn't go to Planet Hongshan, she could have definitely become the Guardian of Earth."

Of course, this was only if blonde-haired Launch could get rid of that rude character.

However, Korin knew that his idea was just wishful thinking. Let's not say if Launch will agree or not, even if she agreed, Xiaya wouldn't let her leave. At present, she was very important to Planet Hongshan.

Korin couldn't help but think of the times when Launch was still on Korin Tower. At that time, she prepared all his meals, but now, he had to eat simple and plain food.

"Hmm, should I look for someone else?" Korin suddenly had this thought.

Speaking of this, it had already been more than three hundred years since someone climbed the Korin Tower, let alone to the Heavenly Realm. Now that Kami was old, his time on his position might not last long. Should he bring up a few pure earthlings so that they could be groomed for this position?

Once this thought came to his mind, it was like innumerable ants crawling at the bottom of his heart, making it throb.

Mortal World.

Blonde-haired Launch was still doing the shady work of robbing the robbers in the vicinity of the bleak and boundless desert until Xiaya found her one day.

"Are we going back to Planet Hongshan so soon?" Blonde-haired Launch's carefree life was very enjoyable. When she saw Xiaya coming over to pick her up, she immediately became dejected, looking listless.

Her good and carefree days were coming to an end so soon.

Xiaya jokingly scolded, "Is staying on earth for half a year still not enough for you? You are going to become a bandit boss if you continue on." Looking at her in a cowboy dress, Xiaya somewhat wanted to laugh.

He personally groomed her from childhood into a martial artist, but in the end, she still ran over to be a robber. However, unlike the hijacking and bank robbery in the original work, the current blonde-haired Launch was just focused on robbing the robbers of things that they themselves had robbed. Xiaya doesn't think that it is anything great.

"Let's go!" Blonde-haired Launch carefully put away her outfit into the Hoi-Poi Capsule.

"Launch, where did this big hammer come from?" Xiaya asked.

He had long noticed Launch's big hammer. Her 1.6m height

matched with such a big hammer was really somewhat out of sorts.

She froze for a while before indifferently saying, "I looked for someone to make this hammer. Its weight is three tons. Originally, I wanted to use a gun, but I discovered that those guns don't have even a little bit of power. They are not even as strong as my fists."

Xiaya laughed. "You are now a martial artist with more than 200 Battle Power, and those firearms are only useful in the hands of ordinary people. Of course, they wouldn't be of any use for you."

"Oh, by the way, are you able to use energy wave?"

Xiaya suddenly asked. He remembered that Launch was not just normal stupid in the use of Ki. Like the Flying Technique that others with 100 Battle Power could easily learn, she took a long time to learn.

Blonde-haired Launch was quite dissatisfied with Xiaya's suspicion and loudly shouted with a pout, "It's just a trifling energy wave. I've long learned it!"


"Tch, I have learned to use both of my hands to release energy wave at the same time. Aunt Gine taught me." Blonde-haired Launch clicked her tongue, a blush appearing on her beautiful face. Only God knows why she still hadn't been able to learn it.

"OK." Xiaya nodded, not caring about it. Then, he grabbed Launch's shoulder and launched Instant Transmission, instantly returning to the far-away Planet Hongshan.

Sending Launch back to the floating island, Xiaya returned home but was surprised to find that there was an unexpected visitor on Planet Hongshan.

"Jaco, why are you here?" Xiaya asked in surprise.

As a member of the Galactic Patrol, Jaco came over last time because of King Cold and Cooler. Although it couldn't be said that Xiaya knew Jaco well, he still understood something must have happened; otherwise, Jaco won't run all over to Planet Hongshan.

Sure enough, Jaco bowed to Xiaya and then anxiously said, "Mr. Xiaya, something terrible has happened. An extremely evil guy is coming to Planet Hongshan."

"What happened?" Xiaya asked with a "sure enough, it was like that" expression.

Before Jaco could answer, Xiling next to him had already spoken, "According to the news, King Davidow of the West Area is coming here. When he passed through the center of the universe, the Galactic Patrol organization did not dare to stop him, so they had no choice but to contact Jaco who was in the East Area for official business. They sent him over to inform us."

"King Davidow… why does this name sound so familiar?" Xiaya muttered to himself, "King Davidow… King Davidow… Isn't that the name King Cold said just before he died?"

Xiaya suddenly remembered.

"This Davidow is also a Frost Demon?"

Xiaya stared at Jaco, and the look in his eyes suddenly became sharp.

Jaco was surprised and honestly replied, "That's right, King Davidow is a Frost Demon, but he is not from the same bloodline as King Cold of the North Area. Four hundred years ago, both King Davidow and King Cold got injured because they were fighting over a territory. In the end, King Davidow went into seclusion in West Area to recover from the injuries."

"The reason why King Davidow is coming to Planet Hongshan should be because of that previous Frost Demon!" Xiling was referring to the Frost Demon, Luther. At that time, because of him, Meiling successfully broke through to Super Saiyan. But it was also because of his death that King Davidow was coming to Planet Hongshan.

"Umm, that should be true."

Xiaya slightly nodded. From that Luther's skin color, he realized that Luther was from a different bloodline than Frieza and the others. It means Luther and King Davidow are together, and if he was not mistaken, this King Davidow should be the final Frost Demon in the entire universe.

Thinking of this, Xiaya was silent as killing intent flashed in his eyes.

"Who cares? If that mysterious King Davidow dares to come to Planet Hongshan, then just kill him!" Myers waved her fist and said with a ruthless expression. She does not believe that two Super Saiyans, Xiaya and Meiling, wouldn't be able to deal with a mere King Davidow.

"That's right, as Xiaya always says, when cutting down weeds, you must also get rid of the roots. Otherwise, the weeds will return with the spring breeze." Xiling's face also flashed with a murderous look.

"No, No, you have to be careful. King Davidow is much more powerful than King Cold. The great Galactic King said that even if North Area's King Cold, Cooler, and Frieza acted together, they would not be a match for King Davidow."

Jaco became anxious and hurriedly said.

Myers rolled her black and bright eyes, somewhat skeptical. "Is that Frost Demon so powerful? Then, why could he only fight equally with King Cold before?"

"Didn't Jaco say that King Davidow was injured four hundred years ago, so he must have been training hard all this time. Moreover, from the Galactic King's tone, this King Davidow must have learned some tricks." Xiaya stroked Myers' head, faintly smiling.

"But since the opponent has already reached Planet Hongshan, yielding is not an option. Instead of waiting for him to come to our door, it is better for us to take the initiative and attack!"

Xiaya said coldly, and suddenly, his body erupted out with an earth-shattering aura. The tempestuous aura instantly transformed into substance and then turned into a swift and fierce storm like the turbulent waves on the sea; rising and falling, again and again, and surging forward without stop.

As Planet Hongshan was their headquarters, although it had been strengthened by the golden-flame Shenron, Xiaya does not want to fight on it, unless it becomes the battlefield.

"Yes! We should take the initiative and attack."

Xiling and Myers glanced at each other, and also followed Xiaya's rhythm, erupting out with a suffocating and awe-inspiring aura.

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