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Meanwhile, when Xiaya was killing the Frost Demons of the North Area, far away from Planet Hongshan in the East Area, a flat large spaceship was passing through the void of the dark starry sky. It was advancing at a very high speed; moreover, it was moving towards the direction of Planet Hongshan.

Not long after, the spaceship entered the galaxy where Planet Hongshan was located. The two intertwined binary stars were in sight.

At this time, the Saiyans, who were far away in different places of Planet Hongshan, stopped what they were doing. Sensing with rapt attention for a moment, their countenance rapidly changed. Many unfamiliar and evil auras had appeared outside Planet Hongshan. These people were all without a doubt, intruders.

"Someone dares to invade Planet Hongshan?"

They all found it hard to believe. With Planet Hongshan's current strength, it was already very good that they didn't invade others. Instead, there was someone who was invading Planet Hongshan.

Over the city where the Saiyans were located, a warning signal soared into the sky, and immediately a series of shrill alarms resounded one after another. Every Saiyan, who were on Planet Hongshan immediately understood, and without any exception rushed in the direction of the Guardian and Investigation Hall. Luckily, the Saiyans were all scattered over a small area. Soon, nearly 20,000 Saiyan had gathered here.

Prior to this, more than one thousand Guardian Corps members had long arrived here, and they were waiting in a formation in the Guardian Hall.

"Sir Luther, we have arrived at Planet Hongshan," As the spaceship gradually slowed down and came to a stop, an alien stood straight and said.

Through the transparent glass of the spaceship, two beautiful planets, one reddish-black and one blue, could be seen not far away.

"OK." Luther slightly nodded, and his purple eyes shone with bloodthirst. He looked at Planet Hongshan in the distance and said, "It's really a beautiful planet. That guy Karuk said that the strength of the aboriginals of Planet Hongshan seems to be ranked first among the several nearby starfields. I hope they don't disappoint me."

Hearing his words, his subordinates stepped forward one by one and bootlicked him with a smile. "Sir Luther speaks too highly of them. How can these trifling aboriginals be compared with Sir Luther!"

Luther laughed and waved his hand. "Land the spaceship on Planet Hongshan. If these aboriginals are sensible, there may be no harm in accepting them as subordinates. Father's Forces will sooner or later march into the East Area. As Planet Hongshan is at the periphery of the west of East Area, it could serve as the forward position when the battle breaks out."

"I'm afraid that these aboriginals will not surrender without resistance!"

The generals of the corp led by Luther stood up and laughed.

These people had followed Sir Luther to battle everywhere and were already used to seeing the destruction of planets and genocide. Facing the invasion of foreign enemies, the races that were somewhat intelligent will generally choose to resist; which in their view, is foolishness and courting death.

"Won't surrender? Then, beat them till they surrender." Luther stood up gracefully and walked over to the front of the hall. "Everyone, listen to my orders. After the spaceship lands, beat those aboriginals until they surrender."


"Understood, Sir Luther!"

The dense crowd of people in the spaceship shouted in unison, and then they started warming up. They were waiting for the spaceship to stop, after which they will carry out a crazy massacre.

These various kinds of aliens were part of the main army of King Davidow when he went to war in the West Area. King Davidow sent them to follow Luther to Planet Hongshan. They were to pay attention to Luther's trip this time.

Of course, King Davidow did not send these subordinates because of the importance of Planet Hongshan, because a trivial Planet Hongshan was not worth mentioning in his eyes. The main reason for sending these subordinates was to establish a base which could be used when conquering the East Area in future. It was in preparation to contend for hegemony over East Area in the future.

Suddenly, trajectories of close and numerous bullets which were like a giant net appeared on the huge screen, trying to wrap around Luther's spaceship.

Those aliens were startled, but then they immediately roared with laughter. "These aboriginals of Planet Hongshan, don't they know that their weapons have no effect on us?"

Beams of red lasers shot from the surface of the spaceship, and the targets that were hit were instantly shot down one by one. However, there were still a lot which penetrated the spaceship's defensive net.

Rumble, there was a huge tremor which lasted for a while. Luther reached out his hand to a fence to support himself, his complexion ugly.

"Sir Luther, let us go out and destroy their space-based weapons!" Seeing Luther's face change, several aliens hurriedly stood up and requested.

Luther waved his hand with an ugly complexion as the corners of his mouth were slightly curved. "It seems that the technology of Planet Hongshan is pretty good. To think that it isn't much different from the highest technology of our West Area…"

When they got the order, they immediately turned around, went outside the spaceship, and then looked in the direction of the attack's source. They went all out and threw out numerous blade-like energy bullets. After a short time, the sound of the attacks came to an abrupt end.

"Ha ha ha, their attacks are so useless!"

At this time, in Planet Hongshan's guardian hall.

"Sir Adri, the space-based weapons we deployed outside the Binary Star system were destroyed by the other side," A young Feidaya officer said with a grave expression.

Adri nodded and looked at the big screen while lost in thought for a moment; finally, he turned towards the Feidaya person on the side, saying, "Immediately report where they will land."

A Feidaya person operated the computer for a while and immediately replied, "The landing site is calculated. They will land in the western hemisphere, on the Kamei Forest!"

Adri nodded and immediately looked at Bardock on the side.

"The enemies this time are very formidable!" Adri's face was very solemn.

"Indeed, the small fries are not much to fear, but there is a much more formidable aura among them. This dark and bloody aura that makes people tremble reminds me of Frieza."

Bardock looked serious.

"This is probably the most formidable enemy that Planet Hongshan has encountered. Unfortunately, Little Ya is not on the planet right now. Otherwise, that enemy wouldn't have been much to fear." Rebecca heaved a sigh, as worry was strewn between her beautiful eyebrows.

It's really unfortunate that an enemy had come just when the only Super Saiyan on Planet Hongshan was not there.

"Sir Xiaya can't stay on Planet Hongshan at all times. Saiyans must improve their overall strength." Bardock's eyes flashed with a strong fighting spirit. Saiyans were a Fighting Race. They were born for fighting, and are not afraid of dying while fighting.

The strength of an individual cannot represent the strength of an entire race. Although Sir Xiaya was a Super Saiyan, it was impossible for him to watch over the race at all times and all places. Also, as a Fighting Race, if there was still a need for their leader to protect them all the time; Then, what was the meaning of their existence?

"Just to be on the safe side, let the Feidaya people inform Little Ya!" Rebecca suggested.


"In a while, I will fuse with Myers and go block him, and you'll take care of those small fries."

Xiling was silent for a while before she suddenly revealed a brilliant smile. The smile was like cherry blossoms blooming in spring, sweeping away the worries in their hearts.

Yes, in addition to the mighty Xiaya, there were also Xiling and Myers on Planet Hongshan. The two could definitely defeat the enemy after fusing.

Chapter 235 Planet Hongshan in danger

"No, you two are still too weak to fight alone. So, let the Guardian Corp warriors and other Saiyans deal with those small fries; while, I, Bardock, Brook, and the others will help you," Adri said as he struck the table.

Although their strength had not reached the level of 'unrivalled in the whole world', they were much stronger than other Saiyans.



"Right, there are also Saiyan youngsters and Saiyans who have weak Battle Power. Have them leave from here as soon as possible," Myers suddenly said.

Xiling glanced at her and said to Bardock's wife, "Gine, immediately take Elise and the others to Launch's place. Once the war starts, there would be no safe place on the whole planet. As Launch's floating island is located in another dimension, it could be used as a temporary refuge."

Once the war breaks out here, no one would be able to take care of the children. If they had their hands tied, it may add variables to the battle. Moreover, with their current energy intensity, the remnants of power that erupted out during the fight might even seriously destroy the planet.

"Okay!" Gine replied quickly, then went out to organize the evacuating personnel.

Looking at Gine's departing figure, Xiling firmly gazed at her for a moment, before she turned around and said, "Everyone, go out with me to drive out all the invaders!"

"Yes, Madam Xiling!"

"Drive them out, drive them out!!"

The more than a thousand Guardian Corp warriors raised their heads and loudly shouted, seemingly venting the gloominess in their hearts, before following Xiling and the others to leave. The Saiyans outside also followed after them while shouting loudly. Soon, nearly 20,000 figures soared into the sky and rushed toward the enemy.

Western Hemisphere, Kamei Forest.

This was a tectonic plate peninsula that was half surrounded by the ocean. The forest above was lush and full of vitality.

At this moment, a huge shadow was projected on the lush forest, and a violent tremble was followed by fierce winds. A colossus that blotted out the sky and sun, passed through the sky-blue and clear atmosphere and landed on the ground.


A large area of verdant and lush forest wood was crushed by its weight, and the hard ground collapsed under its enormous weight, sinking by a few meters. Several huge steel claws protruded from the bottom of the spaceship. The land was soft like tofu, as the huge steel giant claws penetrated deep into the ground.

After the spaceship stopped and stabilized, the door slowly opened, and a dense crowd of aliens, which were holding energy cannons and wearing similar Battle Armor, swarmed out of the door. Soon, with the spaceship as the center, the area within few hundred meters became like a beehive. All the small black dots surrounded around it. The ground and in the sky, it was full of black silhouettes, which looked dazzling.

There were at least several thousand people. These people were all experts from King Davidow's Corp, and they had Battle Power that was above 3000.

At the back, Luther, in a white dress, stepped out of the spaceship in a relaxed and leisurely manner and gazed at the beautiful scenery around him which makes people feel refreshed and happy. Luther's mouth twisted. "Children, fight to your heart's content, kill the aboriginals of Planet Hongshan until they submit!"

"Kill, kill!"

"Yes, Sir!"

The several thousand aliens shouted loudly, and a savage and dark aura quickly spread out with the spaceship as the center.

In the sea around the Kamei Forest, small ripples were raised in the azure blue sea along with the winds.

The aliens of King Davidow's Corp led by Luther and the Saiyan army led by Xiling and others met here. For a time, the calm azure waves suddenly raised great surging waves. The surging waves splashed out a white spray of water, and the powerful and imposing aura collided in midair. The sky seemed to instantly split into two halves as the two group's formidable aura pressed against each other, making "zi zi" sounds.

"Hm? The aboriginals on Planet Hongshan are Saiyans?"

Luther was very surprised.

Logically, all the Saiyans in the universe should have been killed by Frieza. Could it be that in addition to Planet Vegeta, there was more than one Saiyan nation in the universe?

After laughing for a while, Luther clenched his fists. What does it matter? No matter how many Saiyans there are, according to the instructions passed down by the ancestors, had to be killed without exception. Luther wouldn't play the game of 'rearing livestock in a shed' like Frieza. As long as there was someone that was even a little bit threatening, it was better to eradicate them as soon as possible.

"At first, I was still thinking about whether to accept them as subordinates. Now it seems that I don't have to think about it. According to the legend passed down by the ancestors, Saiyans are an extremely dangerous race. Although he couldn't tell how these wild monkeys were dangerous, it was better not to keep them alive."

Luther carefully pondered in his heart and he quickly made a decision.

When Luther was observing the Saiyans, Xiling and others were also watching them. When she saw Luther's appearance, Xiling's face slightly changed.

"It's really Frost Demon Race!"

The hearts of Xiling and others suddenly pounded.

The person in front of them, whether his aura or appearance, looked extremely like Cooler that they saw on Planet Bahert. Although Luther looks somewhat different from Cooler—one had purple skin with blood-red pupils, and the person in front of them had blue skin with purple pupils—he still looked extremely similar to Cooler in his Normal State. There was no doubt that this person was a Frost Demon!

"I didn't expect it to be Frieza's race that was invading Planet Hongshan. Could it be that Saiyans and the Frost Demon race are really destined to be sworn enemies?"

At this time, the Saiyan's most powerful Super Saiyan was attacking the headquarters of North Area's Frieza and King Cold; while, here at the base of Saiyans, another Frost Demon had come. This situation was really too weird.

"Xiling, the enemy is the same as Frieza, a Frost Demon. Be careful when fighting!" Rebecca quietly arrived beside her daughter and advised.

"M-hm!" Xiling nodded and glanced at Myers.

Myers's small face was tense, and also understandingly nodded. Then, she followed Xiling and separated from the troop to fly towards a hidden place. However, because the poses of Metamoran's Fusion Technique were too embarrassing, they were not willing to perform them in front of others. Thus, they looked for a place which was well hidden and prepared to transform.

Luther didn't care about the two people leaving from amongst the tens of thousands of Saiyans, and instead, his purple pupils seized up the large group of Saiyans opposite him with interest.

"Tsk tsk, so many Saiyans!" Luther folded his arms across his chest as the corners of his mouth crooked into a cruel expression, and he said to his subordinates in a cold voice, "Kill all these Saiyans!"


The thousands of aliens behind Luther roared and immediately rushed towards Adri and the others!

Adri waved his hand. "Guardian Corps warriors and other Saiyans, attack. Don't show any mercy, and annihilate all these invaders!"

"Kill, kill!!"

With one order, all the Saiyans raised their aura to the max with red eyes. In an instant, a surging and fierce energy soared into the sky. Following countless electric rays ripping through the sky, nearly 20,000 Saiyans attacked at the same time. The electric lights instantly covered the line of sight, and every huge fireball was like a slowly rising sun.


Waves continuously appeared, and the calm atmosphere was broken. Numerous people were killed, but only a one-sided massacre could be seen. Although the aliens of King Davidow's Corp were veterans, their opponents' strength vastly surpassed them. Moreover, the Battle Power of almost all the Guardian Corps member was above ten thousand, and even those ordinary Saiyan warrior's Battle Power was around five to six thousand.

Coupled with the difference in the number of people, several thousand people to several ten thousand people, which was almost one to ten ratio. The absolute advantage from the beginning was on Planet Hongshan's side.

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