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“King Frieza!!”

“Quick, turn on the energy detector and check out how strong the human’s Battle Power!”

In the distance, Balfe recovered from his astonishment and angrily issued instructions.

“Yes, yes!”

The aliens under him also recovered and hurriedly operated the large device on the planet.

Looking at the boundless land that had already turned into scorched land, Balfe felt unusual restlessness in his heart.

In just a twinkling of an eye, the great King Frieza was ruthlessly trampled upon by his opponent. This was something he never dared to imagine. It’s like a god who is sincerely revered has been suddenly struck down from their altar. For the faithful believers of the god, it was like a catastrophic blow.

Could it be that the average looking human was more formidable than King Frieza?

“No, no, the formidable King Frieza is invincible throughout the universe. How can a trifling human be a match for King Frieza?”

However, everything in front of him made Balfe feel doubtful.

“Mr. Dodoria, what should we do next? That human’s strength seems to be above King Frieza’s,” Balfe asked Dodoria who was next to him.

Dodoria was also utterly shocked, but he pretended to be calm. “Don’t worry, it would be fine. Until now, King Frieza has still not used his full strength. I have heard that King Frieza has a total of three transformations, and so far he hasn’t used it once.”

“As long as King Frieza uses his full strength, then that human will be nothing to worry about!”

Wiping the beads of sweat from his forehead, Dodoria was full of nonsense. Although he knew that Frieza can transform, he was not certain exactly how much Battle Power he will have eventually after using it.

The strength of an individual from the Frost Demon race was not something that ordinary aliens could come in contact with, because once they take action, the damage would be astonishing. Few people could survive under their destructive power. People who know their strength were naturally very few due to this reason.

“Yeah!” Balfe nodded.

Mr. Dodoria had stayed by King Frieza’s side longer than him. Since Mr. Dodoria had said such, then he must have some certainty. Therefore, he urged his subordinate aliens with a stern countenance. “Isn’t it ready yet, quickly start the energy detector!”

“Sir Balfe, it will be ready in just a moment!”

After a round of rushed operations, the energy detector at Frieza’s headquarters was finally prepared.


The power of the large equipment darkened the entire working hall as it was started.

“Quick, check the human’s Battle Power!”

Electricity flashed for a few times, and the energy of Frieza and Xiaya, who were “fighting” in the distance, showed up on the big screen.

“That human’s Battle Power…is 9.6 million!” The alien, who was operating the energy detector, suddenly felt his soul tremble and reported in a shaking voice.

“9.6 million, how could it be so high…”

Looking at the number being displayed on the screen, both Dodoria and Balfe didn’t know how to describe their feelings at the moment.

“It is said that the powerful Ginyu Force only had Battle Power in several tens of thousands. How could this human have such a Battle Power!”

“It is said that King Frieza’s Battle Power is only 530,000!!” Balfe’s eyes were open very wide.

The other aliens also acted similarly. They all stayed still for a moment when they saw this incredible data. The place suddenly fell into a deathly silence. After a long time, the sounds of discussions rang out. Everyone’s heart was filled with depression.

“Quick … check out how much King Frieza’s Battle Power is!” Dodoria shouted hurriedly.

When energy detector was built, Frieza had once used his full strength. At that time, Frieza unlocked two transformations, and Dodoria and Zarbon were fortunate to see King Frieza’s super-strength.

After unlocking the restriction on two transformations, King Frieza’s Battle Power had been above 4 million!

“At that time, it was not King Frieza’s full strength. If his majesty had used his full strength, he would definitely be much stronger.” Dodoria looked at the big screen and prayed in his heart.

A clever bird chooses its tree when it nests. King Frieza was powerful enough to make Dodoria and Zarbon wholeheartedly follow him.

[TL: A talented person chooses to be the subordinate of a great person.]

“Right, look at how much King Frieza’s Battle Power is!”


A technical staff quickly shifted the detection target, and soon a string of fiercely fluctuating numbers appeared on the big screen. The numbers were rapidly changing from low to high, which meant that Frieza’s Battle Power was continuously increasing.

“1.5 million!”

“2 million!”

“4.5 million!”

Frieza’s Battle Power was rising as fast as a rocket. As Frieza’s Battle Power had always been compressed, the speed of release was also very fast.

In the blink of an eye, Frieza’s Battle power had risen above 10 million, and it was still rising.

“20 million!”


“60 million!”

On the big screen, Frieza’s Battle Power was temporarily fixed at 60 million. This change happened in mere two or three seconds. At this moment, all the aliens felt as if they were riding a roller coaster, suddenly rising from bottom to top.

The undulations in their heart could be described as being intense.

“Great, King Frieza’s Battle Power is 60 million. This time, that human is dead.”

Frieza’s subordinates cheered because if King Frieza had lost, they were afraid that they wouldn’t be able to protect themselves. Only if King Frieza is powerful, it would guarantee their survival, even though he was a ruthless tyrant.

Dodoria looked on with shining eyes, it was also his first time seeing King Frieza’s full strength.

“Heh heh! It’s not who has King Frieza lost as he is so powerful that it makes people tremble.”


In the distant battlefield, Xiaya was hovering in midair, looking at the huge crater of unknown depth far away on the ground, and sensing the aura around Frieza that kept increasing. He had stopped his attacks, and instead gave Frieza time to use his full strength.

“Frieza is almost finished transforming!”

“When a person falls from heaven into hell, how would they feel?”

Xiaya licked his lips and thought. It was not enough to only physically trample on the evil Frost Demon race. He had to destroy Frieza both physically and mentally.

Under the deep cracked abyss, Frieza’s dark face was continuously undergoing transformations. Frieza was afraid that his opponent would attack again, so he transformed hastily. As the process of removing transformation was not complete, it caused a large portion of the energy to not be released.

But it doesn’t matter!

With a powerful explosive shout, Frieza quickly undid the transformation on his body.

At this moment, the dense energy dissipated the smoke. After the energy dissipated, a young figure having white-as-snow and slightly-purple skin appeared in front of Xiaya.

The Final Form of Frieza suddenly appeared.

However, because he had transformed hastily, Frieza’s power at this time had not been completely opened; he only have 50% Battle Power in his prime, but he believes that 50% of his own Battle Power which was about 60 million, was enough to kill the enemy in front of him.

“Sure enough, he is as petite as in the original work!” Looking at Frieza’s white body, Xiaya laughed. Frieza was probably still underage within the Frost Demon race, right?

“Human, you gave me time to transform; it would be your biggest mistake!” Frieza laughed maniacally. Probably because his strength had increased, Frieza’s tone became calm and elegant again, without the previous angry or panicked tone.

“You don’t want to continue transforming? This doesn’t seem to be your full strength,” Xiaya said.

“It is enough to deal with you, human!”

Frieza spoke with a confident tone.

“Sure enough, too arrogant. You people from the Frost Demon race don’t seem to be capable of changing this bad habit ever.” Xiaya shook his head. This same sentence also applied to Saiyans. It seemed that every powerful race of the Dragon Ball World would more or less have this kind of bad habit.

Frieza didn’t reply; instead, he turned to face his subordinate and said, “Balfe, how much Battle Power does this human have?” Frieza was floating in the sky with his arms folded across his chest, his bearing graceful and calm, and his attitude of a ‘strong expert despising common people’couldn’t be more obvious.

“King Frieza, the human’s Battle Power is 9.6 million!”

“9.6 million. Well, that’s not a small number. No wonder this king in Normal State is not his match, but you will soon pay for your stupidity.” Frieza extended out a hand and rubbed his chin. His scarlet eyes opened, and a disgusting dark aura exuded out from his whole body.

Xiaya frowned. He didn’t like the aura that Frieza was emitting. “Indeed, if the upper beam is not straight, the lower beam will be crooked. You are just like Zarbon. Both of you obviously nurse evil in your heart, but you two pretend to be elegant and amiable. Your behavior, which is similar to a contemptible scoundrel’s, is really disgusting. Forget it; I am going to kill you, anyways, and I will not give you time to show off.”

After he said this, Xiaya prepared to attack.

“Don’t tell me you were the one who killed Mr. Zarbon? Then, are you the ancient warrior of the Feidaya people?” Frieza was stunned for a moment, but he quickly reacted.

Frieza’s scarlet eyes narrowed as he pondered: ‘No wonder this human came to my headquarters. It was to take revenge for the Feidaya people. Ten years ago, I sent Zarbon to destroy Planet Feidaya, but it seems ancient warriors created by Feidaya people killed Zarbon when they found out about it. Now, they have found his headquarters in ten years.

In that case, it makes sense.

Frieza assumed that he had “understood” the cause and effect of this matter!

“Ancient warrior of Feidaya people?”

Xiaya expression was odd. He obviously did not know why would Frieza would come to that conclusion, but he was too lazy to explain. Like the Saiyans, the Feidaya people also had a bitter and deep-seated hatred towards Frieza. As the leader of the two races, it was only reasonable that he enacts revenge on behalf of both.

“Indeed, Planet Feidaya was destroyed by Zarbon, but the instigator behind the scenes was you, Frieza. So, I have another reason to kill you!”

Frieza burst into laughter when he heard that before sighing mournfully at Xiaya’s ignorance. “It seems that you ancient warriors have been sleeping for too long. Don’t tell me that you still can’t see the situation clearly? This king’s Battle Power is far above yours. Today, it’s only you who will die!”

Frieza loudly shouted, and his energy continued to rise, as the time used to have their conversation was enough for him to undo all the shackles on his body.

Rumble! Lightning flashed, and thunder rolled.

In the blink of an eye, up to 120 million energy was unleashed. A vast and icy aura instantly enveloped the entire planet. The deep blue sky turned dark instantly, and a sparkling electric arc traversed through the clouds, after which it struck downward. Frieza’s planet seemed to have entered the countdown to doomsday.

Seeing that Frieza has completely released his power, Xiaya was silent. After a long time, he shouted loudly, and immediately, a formidable golden aura erupted from his body, which made him seem as if he was on fire.

Super Saiyan transformation!

In the twinkle of an eye, his black hair turned golden, and his pair of dark eyes turned calm and green. His calm and collected eyes didn’t seem to hold the slightest of emotions. They were as cold as a green, serene lake. As Xiaya transformed into a Super Saiyan, his Battle Power also underwent earth-shaking changes.

Lightning tore through the skies, and the weather changed.

The majestic energy was like a huge mountain pressing down on Frieza’s body. Frieza once again felt uneasy.

“Why did his hair turned golden? Is there any connection between the ancient warrior of Feidaya people and Super Saiyan?”

Frieza pondered for a brief moment and immediately abandoned this idea, for the Saiyans had already been completely annihilated by him. Even those Saiyans who were able to slip through the net had been killed by the members of his Corp that he sent out. The only Saiyans left alive were those few who are right under his nose: Vegeta, Nappa, and the others. They were all under his strict monitoring.

Although this person before him looks extremely similar to the legendary Super Saiyan, races with a similar appearance in the universe were as numerous as carps in the river. Thus, this may just be a coincidence.

Besides, deep down, Frieza did not think that the “Super Saiyan” legend which was mentioned by his ancestor would really threaten his life. The abstract and vague legend couldn’t be trusted; on the contrary, the technologically advanced Feidaya people really could create enough Bio-warriors that could threaten him. The first impression has caused Frieza to firmly believe that Xiaya was the ancient warrior of Feidaya people.

“Balfe, how strong is this ancient warrior!” Frieza asked anxiously.

“King Frieza, the detector shows that… the other side’s energy is … 480 million!!” Balfe’s trembling voice came from the radio.


Upon hearing Balfe’s reply, Frieza froze; his pupils violently contracted, and a biting chill rushed straight from the soles of his feet to his brain. Frieza looked at Xiaya as his eyes flickered, fear deep within his eyes.

480 million Battle Power! That is not something that he could resist.

Frieza rapidly rolled his eyes, and for the first time, he understood the taste of fear.

“No; I have to get away from here immediately. I must go to father’s place. Now, only father can protect me.” Frieza’s thoughts changed instantly. When he realized that it was absolutely impossible for him to be a match of his opponent, Frieza’s thoughts were already fixed on running away.

So, Frieza raised his hands and pretended to attack. His finger twirled in the air, creating crimson energy balls out of thin air. The energy balls shone with dazzling lusters, and they were arranged in a ring-like area, spread out everywhere in the sky.

The light dots were bright and dazzling, like stars.

“Death Beam!”

With a loud explosive shout, Frieza pushed forward both of his palms forward forcefully, and in an instant, innumerable crimson energy balls shot out like stray arrows, followed by a long trail of flames, surging towards Xiaya not far away.

At the same time, Frieza quickly turned into a beam of light, flying away in the opposite direction of Xiaya.

Since most of the living beings in the universe were unable to survive in a vacuum, as long as Frieza entered space, his hope for survival would greatly increase. This was Frieza’s purpose.

Passing through the thin atmosphere, Frieza quickly turned on the space forts scattered nearby the headquarter planet. Instantly, numerous crystal-clear energy beams intertwined together to form a closed up tight defense network.

Looking in the distance, at the headquarters planet which was slowly getting smaller, Frieza smiled coldly and continued to fly further away.

“When I arrive at father’s place, this king must train properly. Then, no one will be this king’s opponent,” Frieza slightly narrowed his eyes and muttered to himself.

Frieza’s talent was above his brother, Cooler, yet Cooler could reach 470 million Battle Power. Frieza believes that with his talent, he will only become stronger than Cooler.

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