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Xiaya stood at the former orbit of Planet Vegeta and stared for a while. The dark red planet in his memories had now already disappeared. It gave a kind of 'the scenery remains unchanged but the people are gone' feeling, making people feel sad. Heaving a sigh, he turned around and disappeared. He would have to find the location of Frieza's headquarters.

Frieza's headquarters was located somewhere in the southern part of the North Area. It was a technologically-transformed enormous planet. Rather than saying that it was a planet, it would be more appropriate to say that it was a moving space fortress; because it could constantly change its position, Frieza's headquarters location is always changing.

The coordinates known during Planet Vegeta's time were definitely no longer of any use, so in order to find out where Frieza's current headquarters was, Xiaya first had to start from some important subordinates of Frieza and get the location of Frieza headquarters from them.

Unfortunately, he didn't obtain any useful information from the Ginyu Force before, and Frieza's real-time location was also not found in their spaceship! However, Xiaya wasn't bothered by it. Ginyu Force is busy fighting outside all year round, it was normal to not know the real-time position of Frieza. So, he continued to search throughout the North Area.

His next target was Frieza's first Corp. As Frieza's most skilled corp, their individual fighting force may not reach the level of Ginyu Force, but they had quite an impressive group advantage, and Frieza heavily relied upon them. Therefore, they were often assigned by Frieza to carry out some short-duration and large-scale missions. He could definitely obtain Frieza's position from them.

Frieza's headquarters planet, inside a very large working area.

Various species of aliens were conscientiously staying at their own station, working hard. They were the technology talents that Frieza had gathered from all over the North Area. They were usually responsible for moving the headquarters and tasked with outside communication.

The entire working area was in a ladder distribution. The more than 100m tall working station was divided into dozens of floors from top to bottom. Each floor was stationed with various species of aliens. There was a several hundred square meters ring-shaped display screen at the center, and it displayed densely packed signals which were scattered like a vast sky full of stars.

Each signal corresponded to an important fighting squad, and they had to constantly pay attention to them.

The work of these aliens was to closely monitor the status of these signals. If there was any change, then it needed to be reported to higher-ups immediately, so that if there is any situation, it could be controlled in time.

At this time, one of the aliens, a yellow-skinned one, suddenly noticed that apparently there was a problem with the signals on the screen. He said to the companion next to him, "Hey, look, have the signals of the Ginyu Force disappeared?"

"It may be a communication problem, this is quite common," Another pterosaur-mouth alien glanced at him and said.

North Area's starfield was extremely vast, and a vast majority of the planets had not been clearedyet. There were often times when the signals would be interrupted, but they would generally be restored quickly, and not to mention that the planet Ginyu Force had gone to was at the periphery of the North Area, almost bordering East Area. Signals being bad was quite normal.

The yellow-skinned alien didn't put much thought into it after he heard him. He continued to pay attention to the signals of the Ginyu Force, but even after a long time, Ginyu Force's signal still did not appear on the big screen. At this time, the alien began to get nervous, because King Frieza had told them to always pay attention to all the signals on the big screen. Now, the signals had disappeared for so long, so he must report it immediately according to the work manual.

"Not good, Ginyu Force may really have gotten into an accident!" The yellow-skin alien's face began to sweat, and the pterosaur-mouth alien on the side also panicked. They quickly got up and reported the news. If they delayed, and King Frieza blames them, they wouldn't be able to shoulder the responsibility.

As they remembered King Frieza's unequalled and powerful appearance; they became silent out of fear and quickly transmitted the news level by level upwards.

King Frieza had always been an invincible existence. He could destroy planets with just a wave of his hands. Weren't those Saiyans, who had always thought too highly of themselves, annihilated by King Frieza? Such strength was beyond their understanding, and they couldn't imagine anyone else who could be compared with King Frieza. He was indeed worthy to be known as the king of the universe!

Their hearts were full of reverence as they thought of King Frieza.

At this time, inside Frieza's palace.

Frieza was sitting on a small egg-shaped hover pod, with his tail hanging down, and standing next to him was a frog-faced alien. Frieza's hover pod floated over to the front of the transparent glass of the palace as a bright and dazzling star flashed by outside, like a dazzling meteor.

"King Frieza, in a few years, the majority of the northern part of the North Area can be completely controlled, but forgive this subordinate for speaking bluntly. Does your majesty really want to hand over those Forces of the eastern part? Subordinate thinks that your majesty can absolutely rule them yourself," The frog-face alien said.

Frieza laughed. "This king will not be like my stupid brother. Father has been very good to me; thus, Father will naturally return those territories to this king when this king gets stronger in the future."

There was no familial love in the Frost Demon race. Anyone could be betrayed for profits. Perhaps because Frieza was still regarded as young in the Frost Demon race, he was still very dependent on King Cold.

However, with the growth of strength and age, this dependence would reduce little by little until he turned completely antagonistic.

The sound of rushed footsteps was heard.

"Mr. Dodoria, what's making you so anxious?"

"King Frieza, this subordinate has just received a news. We have lost contact with the Ginyu Force at the common border of the North and East Area!" The pink flesh on Dodoria's head trembled. This scene reminded him of the time when Mr. Zarbon died.

Frieza Corp's communication system was so powerful that even if there was a short interruption in communication, it would soon again get connected, and now the news had already been transmitted to him.

The Ginyu Force will not follow the footsteps of Mr. Zarbon, right?

"Oh? To think that we lost contact with the Ginyu Force." Frieza had his eyes and a faint smile on his face, but in an instant, his body erupted out with a suffocating and frigid aura. An endlessly dark and disgusting demonic aura assaulted Dodoria's face. He felt a chill run all over his body, but the gloomy feeling went away as soon as it appeared.

Frieza's stern face was suffused with ferociousness, as he inwardly thought. "It's the East Area again! What kind of dangerous place is that East Area? Everyone died there! This king's vanguard died there, and then Cooler and his Armored Squadron also died there. Now, even the Ginyu Force had gone missing there, and most likely they would not be coming back."

"King Frieza…"

"Withdraw, this king is now aware of this matter. If even Captain Ginyu with his strength has lost contact, then he must have met a mishap. It's hard to imagine that even Captain Ginyu couldn't get away!"

Hearing him, Dodoria looked at the frog-face alien on the side and nodded at him to withdrew. The pressure a person feels when staying beside King Frieza is too huge.

"Balfe, you said that there is someone hidden in the East Area. If you don't find out who it is, this king will not be able to rest in peace!" Frieza said with seriousness.

Cooler's death had already raised an alarm in him. It was like a foreboding feeling that the East Area was not something he could touch, at least not until he was powerful to the extent of Cooler's level so he should stay far away from the East Area. However, he doesn't know why but he had been feeling inexplicable palpitations in his heart, as if something bad was going to happen.

Frieza did not like the feeling of being manipulated like a puppet. It makes him feel somewhat shackled, and for Frieza, who had always been unrestrained and spoiled, it was like someone was strangling his neck.

The frog-face alien didn't answer.

Frieza also didn't paid it any mind: "It seems that this king has to increase his strength. This king's talent is very good, so this king didn't properly train before. But now, Cooler's death has made this king realize that there many other strong experts!"

The increase in the Frost Demon race's strength depends mainly on talent. After the birth of a Frost Demon infant, it would be frozen over in a cold place, absorbing the cold energy to increase its strength. After awakening, it cannot train, as its strength would naturally increase.

Since Frieza's talent was too outstanding, he could not even control his own excessively strong strength and had to transform to suppress the strength that he couldn't control. Now the successive deaths of his subordinates and Cooler had caused him to feel an urgency in his heart. If there was not enough power, the next one to die may be he himself.

At that time, loud rumbling sounds of explosions rang throughout the headquarters, followed by fierce vibrations. A huge mushroom cloud rose from the ground in the distance, as if a blazing star had struck the ground. The violent and tyrannical energy surged out like a tsunami, drowning everything in the surrounding.

"What's going on?" Frieza's pondering expression immediately turned gloomy, and a frigid light like that of a ravenous wolf erupted in his scarlet pupils.

This was the headquarters of the universe emperor, Frieza. Which bastard had such big guts, daring to attack this place! Of course, from the frightening scene in front of them, the strength of the attacking person was not weak, at least not inferior to Captain Ginyu!

"Ho ho ho, there are always some ignorant people in the universe. Just as this king was feeling bored and itching to do something, someone came over so that I can exercise!"

Frieza laughed and twisted his neck, immediately making a series of "cracking" sounds as if beans were being fried. Then, the egg-shaped small hover pod suddenly flashed with a bright light, and then accelerated to the extreme, carrying Frieza quickly towards the place where the explosion sounds originated from.

"Hehe, who knows which insect it is that has made King Frieza so angry!"

The frog-face alien laughed and quickly followed. As a trusted adviser, Balfe did not need to be powerful but was required to have a pair of discerning eyes to give adequate advice at critical moments. Of course, the specific decisions still needed to be made by the great King Frieza.

King Frieza was personally taking action, so there was naturally no need to worry.

At this time, two thousand kilometers from Frieza's temporary palace.

From the ground, frightening energies shot out to the sky. Instantly, shock waves brushed past the dark clouds thousands of meters in the clear blue sky. The frightening shock waves that could be seen with the naked eyes distorted the light, illuminating every inch of the planet.

Frieza's headquarters was built on an extremely solid planet, and a simple attack certainly couldn't completely destroy it.

"Oh? Just a human, but you dared to barge into this king's headquarters alone," Frieza's rough and icy voice sounded. Soon, a figure riding on a small hover pod appeared in the sky at the where explosion occurred.


Seeing the appearance of the person who had arrived, Xiaya's lips slightly curled upwards and he spoke in a calm voice.

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