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"So… Gine, I'd like to ask you to pick a few Saiyans with gentle personalities, and go with them to the floating island to help Launch manage the Senzu Beans plantation," Xiaya voiced his idea to Bardock's wife, upon arriving at Bardock's home.

The floating island was located in a higher dimensional space of Planet Hongshan. There was no one on it, so Xiaya intends to find a few Saiyan women as companions for Launch, and the first woman he considered was Bardock's wife, Gine.

"OK, leave it to me. Oh, by the way, how many people do you need on the floating island?"

Gine nodded in understanding. On Planet Hongshan, she is originally responsible for logistics. The importance of Senzu Beans was also very clear to her. The female Saiyans who were to be picked for the Senzu Beans plantation had to undergo rigorous tests.

"Besides you, select eight more!" Xiaya said after pondering for a bit. Considering the size of the floating island, including Launch, ten people should be enough.

Gine nodded, then she looked at the unruly Blonde-haired Launch, who was standing on the side, and inwardly thought, 'It seems she is the girl, Launch, that Sir Xiaya spoke about. She has quite a personality.

Blonde-haired Launch's rude attitude was no big deal in Gine's eyes. In the universe, Saiyans used to be synonymous with uncivilized and rude. Although it had curbed somewhat after they came to Planet Hongshan, the Saiyans still couldn't change their "bold and unrestrained" nature.

Blonde-haired Launch's temper was nothing when compared with a Saiyan's temper.

"Oh, by the way, where did Bardock go?" Xiaya asked, seeing as he hadn't seen Bardock for ages.

Gine laughed. "Elise and Laret are already five years old; they are now at the age where they have to go out to carry out missions, so Bardock secretly followed to protect them."

Xiaya was stunned. In the blink of an eye, Son Goku's younger sister Elise was already five years old. Then, he laughed. At her age, according to the rules of Planet Hongshan, it was compulsory to go out and carry out missions.

"Bardock is secretly protecting them, so there is no need to worry about the safety of the two children." Xiaya smiled.

Soon after, Xiaya left with Blonde-haired Launch, while Gine headed for the Administration Office of Planet Hongshan's Saiyans, where the information of all Saiyans on Planet Hongshan was kept. The people Gine wanted to pick did not need to be too strong. What was important was that they were diligent.

Back in Xiaya's home, Myers excitedly went out again, taking Launch along with her to shop on Planet Hongshan. Naturally, Blonde-haired Launch was reluctant, but she wasn't able to dissuade the enthusiastic Myers.

However, in Xiaya's view, Myers was simply going to show off.

The following days were very peaceful; they were not as troublesome as one would frequently come across in an epic novel. Three days later, Gine finished selecting all the personnel who would be responsible for taking care of Senzu Beans plantation. She had selected eight Saiyan women who all had beautiful figures and petite bodies.

"Launch, take them to the Senzu Beans Plantation!" Xiaya came over and said to Launch.

"Yes!" Launch nodded slightly. As the person in charge of the Senzu Bean plantation, she already knew what to do. So, she mounted the Flying Nimbus and took the Saiyan women away, arriving in the sky above a primeval forest of Planet Hongshan.

Her small hand made a gesture in the sky, and the sky suddenly cracked like a mirror. The zigzagging line of the crack rapidly extended, and the passage leading into the high-level dimension appeared. A huge mountain-like island could faintly be seen from outside.

After Launch and others left, Xiaya sat down. He picked up a cup of tea and took a sip. At this time, Charlene, who was responsible for daily management of Planet Hongshan, came in with a stack of information: "Sir Xiaya, there is a person, Boss Karuk, claiming to be an agent of the Commerce Alliance, who has come to Planet Hongshan; he says that he would like to see the leader!"

"Commerce Alliance agent?" Xiaya put down the teacup in his hand, his eyebrows slightly wrinkling.

The title of Commerce Alliance agent reminded him of the Universe 6's Universe Commerce Alliance. Is there also a similar organization in Universe 7? Because of Xiaya's experience in Universe 6, he did not have a favorable impression of the so-called Commerce Alliance.

After thinking for a little bit, Xiaya said to Charlene, "Since he is here, then I will see him!" I hope that the Commerce Alliance is not a completely unreasonable organization like that in Universe 6.

As for why Boss Karuk came to Planet Hongshan, it would be obvious if anyone thought about it a little. He must have come because of the business of Hoi-Poi Capsules. Now that the Hoi-Poi Capsule's business in the East Area was successfully booming, it was like a bucket of gold which had finally caused some people to be covetous of the rich profits.

"Don't know what kind of conditions this Boss Karuk will propose! " Xiaya smiled.

If the other party is sincere in doing business, Planet Hongshan will naturally welcome them. But, if they are thinking of having a share of the profits, then I am sorry, now Planet Hongshan isn't afraid of them at all.

Now, Planet Hongshan Saiyans were not the same as when they had fled from Planet Vegeta in a sorry state. Their strength had already undergone earth-shaking changes after developing for several years. Moreover, as Xiaya who was a Super Saiyan had personally assumed command, Planet Hongshan did not fear any Force.

After a short while, Xiaya came to the guest hall of the Saiyan headquarters, where he saw the so-called Boss Karuk.

"Boss Karuk, what matter brought you over here?" The people who have come are the guests! Xiaya smiled and said to the big-bellied, purple alien in front of him.

Karuk had brought a total of four bodyguards along with him. Xiaya looked at them briefly; their Battle Powers were between twenty thousand and thirty thousand. In the universe, they would be considered to be 'not bad' experts. Even Frieza's right-hand man, Dodoria, have less than 20,000 Battle Power.

Karuk took a long pull on a cigarette and sat down on the sofa with a swagger. "Leader of Planet Hongshan, the purpose of my arrival is very simple, I hope to acquire the Hoi-Poi Capsule's distribution business in East Area from your hands."

"Haha, to tell you the truth, in this East Area, my Karuk's business channel is quite vast. Handing over the Hoi-Poi Capsule's business to me is definitely better than your Planet Hongshan placing it on the small Planet Bakuf!"

As soon as Karuk opened his mouth, his attitude was like that of a male lion, extremely arrogant.

In his view, because Planet Hongshan's Force limited the business of Hoi-Poi Capsules to Planet Bakuf, the profits generated were very sparse. This was equivalent to guarding a gold mountain, but not knowing how to excavate it. How could business be done this way? Aye, these Saiyans are just an uncivilized race as expected! They don't have any business mind at all!

"So what price is Boss Karuk willing to pay?" Xiaya asked with deep interest.

"Price? No, no, no. I think you have misunderstood me, Mr. Leader. What I mean is, you give the entire Hoi-Poi Capsule's technology to me, and in return, I will give you 30% of the profits for free."

Karuk said proudly.

30% profit is not low.

Only by handing over Hoi-Poi Capsule's business to Karuk, which would then function through Karuk's channels, and increase profits. In East Area's Commerce Alliance, whatever Karuk says was useful.

As long as he got his hands on the technology of Hoi-Poi Capsules, his position in the Universe Commerce Alliance would improve greatly. At that time, he would no longer be a simple and insignificant agent of the East Area. His goal is to become the agent of an entire galaxy.

"He he, Boss Karuk's thoughts are really good, but I refuse!" Xiaya smiled.

"What? Do you dislike that the offered profits are not enough? You have to know that after handing over Hoi-Poi Capsule to me, the 30% profits that I am offering you would be much more than your current total profit." Karuk frowned.

"We, Planet Hongshan, are only acting as a distributor of Hoi-Poi Capsules for others, so we have no rights to transfer Hoi-Poi Capsule's technology!" Xiaya said.

"Hehe, don't think I don't know. My investigation yielded very clear results. You have no cooperative partner outside Planet Hongshan. Hoi-Poi Capsule is a technology that you developed!" Karuk's tone turned unkind. Since Planet Hongshan were not willing to hand over the business and its profits to him, then they are his enemy.

"Hehe, I can't do anything if you don't believe me. "

Xiaya spread out his hands, then immediately, he ordered, "Charlene, show Mr. Karuk out!"


Karuk got angry and waved his hand, and his four bodyguards stepped forward, blocking Charlene's way.

"Boss Karuk, our leader has asked you to leave!"

But, Karuk did not move even a little bit from his place, sitting arrogantly on the sofa.

"What, you want us to do it?" Charlene frowned, her complexion sinking.

She snapped her fingers and a large group of Planet Hongshan's Guardian Corp members rushed into the guest hall.

"Miss Charlene, what can I do for you?"

"Melos, leader has asked these people to leave Planet Hongshan, but they are not willing… Do you know what to do?" Charlene glanced at the young Saiyan named Melos and said.

"What, they dared to go against leader's orders. Brothers, help them out of here!!"

Upon hearing Charlene's order, the Saiyan who was called Melos' revealed an ominous glint on his face. He eagerly shouted at the other Saiyans next to him. Immediately, the Guardian Corp members surrounded Karuk and his bodyguards.

"Boss, the situation is not looking good, do we leave first?" A bodyguard's countenance suddenly changed, and he said to Karuk.

"Even you are not their match?" Karuk first was dumbfounded, then he asked with a calm face.


Seeing his four bodyguards nod, Karuk's countenance turned ugly, and his purple skin trembled. He dropped his cigarette to the floor and stamped his foot on it, extinguishing the cigarette, then he turned to Xiaya and said, "Planet Hongshan's Leader, it's fine if you don't want to cooperate. Just remember that you have really missed an excellent opportunity!"

After saying his piece, Karuk shook his head with bitterness.

"Let's go!"

After issuing an order in a cold voice, Karuk took the lead and walked out of the guest hall.

After Karuk and his four bodyguards left, Melos, Charlene, and the other Saiyans laughed disdainfully. This merchant wants to rob benefits from Saiyan's hand. He really is an idiot!

"Sir Xiaya, why didn't you allow us to make them stay behind? " Melos smirked and asked.

Xiaya shook his head. "Commerce Alliance is not simple. Although Karuk is only one of the agent in the East Area, before beating a dog you must see who its owner is. Hence, it's better not to kill if there isn't too big of a conflict. "

"Of course, if that Karuk isn't tactful, then he shouldn't blame us for being rude!"

Who would have thought that the profits from Hoi-Poi Capsule would attract the attention of others so quickly… Karuk is first, but he wouldn't be the last. Letting Karuk go was because there is no harm in giving a warning.

Looking at Karuk's receding figure, Xiaya's eyes flickered with cold light.

"Leo, what was all that about just now? You really were not their match?" Karuk turned towards his bodyguard and asked, right after their spaceship left Planet Hongshan.

These bodyguards were all hired from within the Commerce Alliance for huge prices, and each one of them had extraordinary strength.

The bodyguard, Leo, replied, "Yes boss; those Saiyans are not simple. Boss, you know that I have the superpower to discern the energy of others. I discovered that the Battle Power of those Saiyans were above 10,000. If we had fought them, we would have suffered great losses. "

"Saiyans are that powerful?" Karuk was also frightened. As one of the agents of the Commerce Alliance in the East Area, his personal Battle Power was nothing much. He relied on the Forces of his family and the many resources he controlled. When he heard that the Saiyans had Battle Powers as high as 10,000, he was frightened.

"Boss, that Planet Hongshan is not simple. Besides those Saiyans who had come in, I also discovered countless high-intensity energies spread out in our surrounding, so I didn't dare to act rashly."

"What about the strength of Planet Hongshan's leader?" Frowning, Karuk changed the topic and asked.

Leo shook his head and said, "That is also what I find strange. I couldn't make out the strength of their leader. He seems to be just an ordinary person."

"No, the leader of the Saiyans can never be an ordinary person! His strength must have been concealed, so even you couldn't discern it! Forget it, forget it; this Planet Hongshan is really not simple! It's unfortunate about the profits from Hoi-Poi Capsule. It's really a pity to lose them in those short-sighted people.," Karuk said, shaking his head regretfully.

"Boss, aren't you an agent of the Commerce Alliance? Why not ask the people of the Commerce Alliance to take action?" another bodyguard said. They were all from the Commerce Alliance, so they clearly understood how frightening an existence the Commerce Alliance was; especially those overlords who rule over an area of a starfield. Before the Commerce Alliance, everyone else had to bow their arrogant heads.

"But, if we did this, the profits will have to be divided among many people." Karuk was hesitating, but after some serious thought, he still painfully made a decision. "Forget it, let it be divided a little bit. It's better than not getting anything at all. Let the people of Commerce Alliance take action!"

"Doesn't King Davidow of the West Area want to extend his reach to other galaxies. Contact King Davidow using the connections of Commerce Alliance. Tell him that I want to cooperate with him on a big business!" Karuk hardened his heart and said.

"King Davidow? That's a generation overlord!" All of his bodyguards showed admiration.

"Heh heh, this time, its Planet Hongshan who would be humiliated."

It is said that King Davidow is able to vie for territories with King Cold of the North Area. He is currently the supreme overlord ruling over the entire West Area. If he is willing to take action, then would those Saiyans on Planet Hongshan still refuse to obediently offer the technology of Hoi-Poi Capsule?

At this time, on an unfamiliar planet in the northwest of the East Area, the orange-haired Zangya was hugging her knees while sitting bored on a huge tree that was tens of meters tall.

After leaving Planet Bahert, Zangya traveled throughout the universe, trying to find her forgotten memories. Her 200,000-year-old sleep had taken so long, there now appeared to be a gap in her memory, but as time passed, she was finally able to recall something.

First, her name is Zangya—a very powerful Super Soldier.

As for her origins, Zangya could only hazily remember a little; it seemed to be related to a planet called Feidaya.

As Zangya was sitting on the tree, a chilly wind caused her beautiful hair to flutter, and the pendant on her chest kept swaying and making jingling sounds. "Planet Feidaya, what kind of planet could that be? Is it my parent star?" "

At that moment, the energy-sensing device in her body detected three extremely powerful energy signatures approaching her; the owners of these energy signatures were not inferior to her at all.

"Who could they be? They have such power… and what is this familiar feeling?" Zangya's attractive eyebrows slightly wrinkled, then she stood up and looked straight ahead in the distance.

Soon, three deep-blue brilliant glows arrived from far away, and in the blink of an eye, three figures appeared in front of Zangya.

"Hey, Zangya; long time no see!" Among those three new arrivals, a short figure shouted at Zangya.

"You are… Bujin…Bido, and Kogu?" Zangya looked at the three people in front of her, and after a while, she reacted and spoke with surprise.

"Hahaha, you still remember us!" The alien called Bujin said with a hearty laughter.

"Zangya, you have been asleep for 200,000 years! If it was not for the fact that the communication devices in our bodies sensed that you had awakened, how many years would we have to wait?"

"How is Boss Bojack?" Zangya recovered a little of her memory. She could remember that these three were her companions from 200,000 years ago; she could also remember that she had a boss called 'Bojack'.

"Sigh! After you had fallen asleep because you were seriously injured by a red-haired Saiyan in a fight, Boss Bojack was also defeated by the red-haired Saiyan very quickly. Later, he then ran into a golden-haired Super Saiyan. In the end, although he luckily didn't die, the four Kais, who rushed over afterward, sealed him in an unknown place!"

"Bido and I searched for many years, but we still haven't found him!" Bujin shook his head as he recounted what had happened in the past thousands of years.

When Zangya was seriously injured by the red-haired Saiyan, their boss, Bojack, was also quickly defeated. Then, he was seriously injured by a Super Saiyan who had suddenly appeared. So, they don't know where he was sealed.

Their search did not yield results, so they left the Milky Way Galaxy, only returning in recent years.

"Red-hair Saiyan…" After listening to Bujin's description, Zangya lowered her head and muttered to herself. A fierce headache suddenly struck, and she finally remembered something.

"Yes; it's all because of that damn red-haired Saiyan. If it were not for him, I wouldn't sleep for so long, and that Super Saiyan…!"

Zangya remembered a lot of things.

"But, Zangya, you can rest assured; the Saiyan race has already been destroyed by someone, along with their parent star. Now there are no Saiyans left in the universe," Bido laughingly said in order to comfort Zangya. When he mentioned 'Saiyan', his expression looked extremely disdainful.

"There are no Saiyans? Impossible, I saw a Super Saiyan recently…" Zangya shook her head with surprise.

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