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"Planet Leydon is a colonial planet under Frieza Force, and the people from Frieza Corp are deployed here. These people don't give face even to me. If you want to die, I won't stop you," Vegeta said coldly.

"Then, forget about it." Upon hearing that people from Frieza Corp were on the planet, she shook her head like a rattle-drum.

During this time of three months, she had heard about Frieza from Vegeta. The former seemed to be a big shot that rules the entire universe, and Vegeta was one of his subordinates. She also tried to persuade Vegeta to leave with her, or at least he shouldn't work for this demon again, but Vegeta refused her without hesitation.

"Hey, this is for you!" Tights handed him a stack of photos.

"What are these?"

"Our group photos!" Tights said with a smile.

Vegeta took a look at the photos, and his entire face turned dark. In the pictures, Tights was wrapped around him like a zongzi when he was seriously injured. Tights was making a big V-character sign with her hand while directly facing the camera lens, and there were other embarrassing photos too; a lot of them.

"Sooner or later, I will kill you, woman!" With a cold face, Vegeta received the photo, placed it inside a capsule, then put it into his pocket.

"Then, goodbye!"

He opened the spaceship's hatch, and the vacuum outside immediately sucked out all the air within the ship. Tights placed both her hands on the side of her mouth and shouted towards Vegeta.

Vegeta, who had a cloak draped over his shoulder, walked to the hatch, raised his hands

—with his back towards her—and bright light rays erupted out of his body; soon, he disappeared into space.

"This Vegeta has quite a character."

Tights couldn't help but smile. However, since he was only eleven years old, Tights did not think much of him, only considering him a child with an odd personality.

On planet Leydon, inside a Space Port which has undergone huge transformations via technology; the tall buildings, which were everywhere, resembled lighthouses. An urgent alarm resounded, and a tiny shadow flew down from the sky.

"Ah, Sir Vegeta!" A red skinned alien greeted.

"I heard that your spaceship crashed on a low-level planet, and I was about to send someone over; I didn't expect you to be back so soon."

Every warrior under Frieza was equipped with an energy detector. Besides using it to detect the energy intensity of the enemy, it could also be used as a communicator. Of course, it also included a monitoring function.

"If you were sincerely looking for me, you wouldn't wait until now!" Vegeta's voice was cold, and he released an overbearing aura, immediately scaring the red-skinned alien, causing its countenance to greatly change.

"Oh, by the way, where are others? What about Nappa and Raditz?"

When it came to the other two Saiyans who followed him, Vegeta was not completely indifferent; seeing that, at least, they could reproduce the Saiyan bloodline in the future.

Back when Planet Vegeta was destroyed, Vegeta, Nappa, and Raditz were carrying out a mission outside. Although they received Frieza's call-back, they did not return to Planet Vegeta as was ordered.

Instead, they remained outside, and thus, were able to keep their lives; and later on, they continued to stay in Frieza's troops.

"The two sirs are safe and sound. Right now, they have returned to King Frieza's headquarters," the red-skinned alien replied, dripping with cold sweat.

"Well, arrange a new spacecraft for me. I want to go back immediately." Vegeta haughtily nodded and instructed the red-skinned to arrange a new spaceship as he walked over to the winding corridor of the Space Port.


The red skinned alien acknowledged in a loud voice, then it turned and left.

However, it hadn't walked far, when another alien came running over, "Manager Chalmi, earlier, an unfamiliar spaceship was detected by the detector which is being used to keep watch. The spaceship may be trying to spy on the planet. Do we… destroy it?"

Having heard the newly-arrived alien's words, Vegeta stopped walking. A brutal cold light flashed, and Vegeta appeared beside the red-skinned alien; he hurled a light blue energy wave at the newly-arrived alien, blasting it into powder.

Afterward, Vegeta coldly said, "You don't have to worry about this matter, understand?"

"Yes, yes!"

The red-skinned alien, who was called Chalmi, was suddenly scared out of his wits, and it repeatedly nodded while trembling with fear.

Watching Chalmi's back as it was running away hastily, Vegeta snorted coldly. After living with that stupid human for a while, Vegeta had almost become unlike himself. The dignified Prince Vegeta has always killed with decisiveness.

"Oh, isn't this Prince Vegeta? What has happened that has caused you to get into a fight?" Vegeta had only walked a few steps when an annoying voice suddenly rang from not far behind him.

Vegeta turned around with an ugly countenance and expressionlessly said," Cui, you are here too?"

Behind him was an indigo-skin alien with two feelers at the corner of his mouth. There was a vent-like tubular piece on both the left and right side of its head. His Battle Power is about 7000.

This alien was called Cui. Since he joined Frieza Corp, Cui didn't like Vegeta very much.

"The dignified Prince Vegeta actually got in such dire straits that even your spacecraft was destroyed. Tsk tsk, I heard that your group was completely annihilated while carrying out a mission!" Cui said very arrogantly.

Seeing that Vegeta didn't respond, Cui laughed out loud and shook his head. "Really useless people, getting completely annihilated on a remote planet."

Vegeta's face was cold, and the bones of his fingers made 'ka ka' sounds. If Vegeta was not clear on the fact that he was currently not Cui's opponent, he would have already attacked Cui—and killed him. Snorting coldly, Vegeta left the scene with a livid face.

"Ha ha ha!" Cui arrogantly laughed. He spat and disdainfully said, "You are nothing but a scared Saiyan prince. Why are you putting on airs? If it weren't for your Saiyan identity, I'd really surprised if you could get King Frieza's interest!"

"You are very pleased with yourself, ah! Sooner or later, you will die in my hands…" Vegeta sneered.

On Planet Metamor, Xiaya continues to temper Meiling's combat skills, and thanks to this, both Xiling's and Myers' strengths were advancing by leaps and bounds.

A few months later, Xiling's Battle Power reached 850,000, and Myers' increased to 620,000. It could be said that they had reached new heights. However, as their strengths improved, their training gradually began to stagnate. It seemed they had encountered a bottleneck.

Thus, Xiaya shifted his target and focused on training Meiling, hoping that both of them could break through their limits if he tempered Meiling, who was a fusion of both girls.

Additionally, after training for a few months, Xiaya had also made great achievements; his "Vacuum Technique" had begun to produce results, and now, it was possible for him to stay in outer space for a long time. Once the "Vacuum Technique" was used, the vacuum environment could no longer bring harm to his body.

Whether it was for him or other Saiyans, it was of great importance.

"Clang!" "Clang!" "Clang!"

Xiaya and Xiling were training by punching and kicking; however, rather than calling their session 'training', it was more of a frolicking between a man and woman. Xiling was dodging and having fun when a light dot flashed, and Myers flew over from the horizon.

As soon as Myers landed on the ground, with a long scroll clasped in her hand, she shouted, "Xiaya, look, this is a picture book I bought in the market. There are a lot of martial arts skills inside it. Come and have a look."

Xiaya took the scroll and looked at it for a while. "These are very basic stuff, but they are also considered a system of training. How much did you spend?"

"Not much, not much; only three energy stones!" Myers giggled.

In the East Area, a popular and common currency was the energy stone. Energy stones had various specifications, based on the amount of each the stone contained. Therefore, the three energy stones that Myers spent should be energy stones of quite a high value.

However, for the current Planet Hongshan, money was only an issue of amount. The daily circulations, undersupply of Hoi-Poi Capsule trade, and the mission rewards of Galactic Patrol Organization has caused Planet Hongshan to have innumerable wealth.

Planet Metamor's training system was more valuable than the inexhaustible wealth.

However, because Planet Metamor's martial arts were more suitable for the human race, whenever non-humans trained in them, the effects would be greatly reduced, or even completely ineffective. So, Planet Metamor's training system had only spread at a small scale within the universe.

"It may be worthwhile to spread these foundational martial arts…"

As Planet Hongshan's strength grows, Xiaya, as the leader, would also be able to get more benefits.

After saying goodbye to Mr. Rade, they returned to Planet Hongshan, and when they arrived, they began to spread the basic martial arts, which they brought back from Planet Metamor, across Planet Hongshan. The learning process took several months, especially the "Vacuum Technique" and "Fusion Technique" which required long periods of training.

The Vacuum Technique was a skill that every Saiyan was required to learn, but the Fusion Technique was made optional by Xiaya.

Perhaps because the Fusion Technique's set of actions were too weird, the Saiyans who chose to practice it were very few; however, the "feint skill" of Martial Immortal Rade was sought after by countless people.

Although Xiaya understood that Feint Skill actually exhibited limited effects in a high-level fight, considering the fact most of Planet Hongshan's Saiyans wouldn't be able to reach the high level, there was not much to say.

Thus, after combining Planet Metamor's magical martial arts and earth's strange martial arts, Planet Hongshan Saiyans gradually walked on an alternate path. Xiaya does not know whether this road would lead to success or not; after all, everything had their strong and weak points. But, after taking the strong points from both types of martial arts and thoroughly understanding them, Xiaya believed that there would be unexpected results; at least, Xiaya, himself had benefited a lot.

"Xiaya, how many Senzu Beans are left?" Lying in pajamas on the bed at night, Xiling turned over and faced Xiaya.

Xiaya smiled: "The consumption of Senzu Beans in the past two years was not very large. There are probably around 50,000 left."

Back then, Xiaya had brought more than 70,000 Senzu Beans from Korin. After so many years of consumption, there were still about 50,000 left. It has only been ten years. If he did not find the method to grow Senzu Beans, it wouldn't take long before they were all used up.

"Hasn't Launch been learning how to plant Senzu Beans all this time? She should have already learned it, right?" Xiling asked.

"Yeah." Xiaya nodded. "Actually, the process of planting Senzu Beans is not difficult. What is difficult, however, is using Ultra Divine Water to irrigate them. Ultra Divine Water is an extremely poisonous medicinal water. If one is not careful even for a tiny moment, the Senzu Beans might turn poisonous; moreover, the condensation of Ultra Divine Water is also a big problem."

"The reason why Immortal Korin was unable to grow Senzu Beans on a large scale is because of the limited yield of Ultra Divine Water."

Xiling smiled and asked, "Ultra Divine Water… is it the same thing as Fountain of Youth? Is it quite rare?"

"There is no comparison between them. Ultra Divine Water is different from the Fountain of Youth. Fountain of Youth is the essence of a world that has been condensed in the depths of the Underworld's yellow spring. Ultra Divine Water is much worse. If a place is inhabited by gods, it would naturally be contaminated from the energy of gods which will condense a liquid—that is Ultra Divine Water."

Xiaya explained slowly.

Ultra Divine Water may be a magical thing for mortals, and there is a probability that it could unlock potential, but for Kami, King of Hell, and even higher Kai's, it was just a common spring water.

"Without Ultra Divine Water, Senzu Beans cannot be grown? Don't you have dragon balls? Why don't you have a try with dragon balls…" Xiling asked, feeling confused. The effects of Senzu Beans was unquestionable. It was viewed as a strategic reserve, and its demands on Planet Hongshan was great.

Xiaya was dumbfounded. "Crystal dragon balls can naturally make Ultra Divine Water… Uhh, this is actually also a way, it's worth a try."

He hadn't thought about using dragon balls before. After he created the dragon balls, his identity as the creator of dragon balls made him consciously reduce the frequency at which he used dragon balls.

The crystal dragon balls have only been used for Lafuli in Universe 6, so far.

"How about you gave it a try? I still haven't seen the Shenron you made!" Xiling said with interest.

Planet Namek's Shenron Porunga, was muscular and huge. Its sturdy muscles had a strong and explosive power, but Porunga's outward appearance fall short of Xiling's taste. Xiaya had once described the appearance of the five-clawed golden dragon to her.

Therefore, Xiling was filled with expectations for the sacred and noble golden dragon.

"You will definitely not be disappointed."

'At that time, you will definitely be surprised.' Xiaya snickered in his heart. The golden flame Shenron's body that he created was so large, it could wrap around an entire planet.

The next day, early morning. The early sun of rosy dawn had just risen. Xiaya arrived on Earth with Xiling and Myers.

At this time, the northern hemisphere of earth was still dark. Launch was very happy with the arrival of Xiaya and the girls. Although Launch should have been resting, seeing as it was already late in the night, she appeared full of energy and wasn't feeling tired even a little bit.

She was chatting with Xiling and the others non-stop.

It was also thanks to the martial arts of the martial artist, blonde-haired Launch; otherwise, the next day, her spirits would definitely be listless.

They don't usually live in Xiaya's villa within the peninsula city much, so it was handed over to Launch to manage. Since Launch had a Flying Nimbus, going back and forth between Korin Tower and the villa only took her half an hour.

Xiling only comes to the villa once in a few months, mostly for vacations and enjoying earth's delicious food. The villa was Xiling's, but she did not live in it much. So, it was looked after by Launch the entire time.

"Are you going to stay on earth for several days?" Launch turned on the TV, which was broadcasting the latest news.

Xiling smiled and said, "We will stay here for two to three days, just like before. Right, i will take you to Planet Hongshan to have a look around. I will also take you to Planet Meishan, where their humans are exactly the same as earthlings, except they have a crystal on their forehead."

Xiling gradually described the situation of Planet Hongshan to Launch. Launch carefully listened, exclaiming from time to time.

Launch was just an ordinary human girl. Although she has come into contact with a "big shot" like Korin, she was still curious about the planets outside earth.

While Xiling and Launch were chatting, Myers was also not idle. She was rummaging through the kitchen, searching for any food that was left; she intentionally didn't have breakfast before she came. In the end, Xiaya couldn't stand it, and forcibly stuffed a senzu bean into her mouth.

Myers immediately calmed down and glared at Xiaya with watery eyes. She puffed up her cheeks, displeased.

"Launch, if I could provide you a plantation of Senzu Beans, what type would you want?" Xiaya walked over and asked.

If he wanted to use Shenron's wish to get a place suitable for planting Senzu Beans, then there was a question to consider. Where to place the plantation?

It was reasonable to say that this plantation was for the purpose of providing Senzu Beans to Planet Hongshan. So, it should be placed on Planet Hongshan; however, Launch was an earthling, and it is impossible for her to live on Planet Hongshan. If the plantation was placed on earth, it would also be somewhat inappropriate.

"If you can, it would be best if its a place like Korin Tower!" Launch said after pondering for a moment.

Xiaya understood that the plantation must not be placed on the land of Planet Hongshan due to Senzu Beans uniqueness. Preferably, it had to be a suspended building like Korin Tower. Therefore, Xiaya nodded, respecting Launch's choice.

The gravity on both Planet Hongshan and Planet Meishan were not suitable for Launch to live in; so, after pondering for a while, Xiaya chose to create a place like Korin Tower on Planet Hongshan.

The next day, after a brief stay on earth, Xiaya and the girls arrived at a planet not far from the Earth. Launch had also come with them. Xiaya will use the crystal dragon balls here.

Seven transparent crystal dragon balls rolled out of the dimensional space and landed on the ground, immediately flickering with a bright golden radiance.

"Launch, you are going to summon Shenron. I have already told you the incantation." After instructing Launch, Xiaya and the girls retreated to the side.

Launch lightly nodded with curiosity, then she walked to the front of dragon balls and shouted the incantation that Xiaya taught her, "Come out, Shenron!"

Her voice had just fallen when the seven crystal dragon balls began to flicker fiercely, and a golden glow began to float everywhere in the sky. Soon, the entire planet was shrouded in a golden ocean, like a divine paradise.

"Yi, when Shenron is summoned by crystal dragon balls, the floating clouds are golden. They seemed to be dark back then on Planet Namek!" Xiling looked around and said to Xiaya.

"Yeah, yeah. And, the golden clouds look much better." Myers repeatedly nodded.

When the Planet Namek dragon balls were used, dark clouds had shrouded the sky as if it was the end of the world. But when the crystal dragon balls were used, it was like they had arrived in heaven.

Xiaya also smiled faintly. "Shenron is powerful to a level that it already has a little divinity. The Shenron summoned by the crystal dragon balls is similar to one summoned by Super Dragon Balls; it can be considered as a Dragon God."

The Shenron summoned by Super Dragon Balls created by Dragon God Zalama was a universe-level Shenron, whose personality was also like that of Dragon God's. The body of the golden-flame Shenron summoned by crystal dragon balls was an imitation of a five-clawed golden dragon. Since its ability was quite strong, it was comparable to Dragon God among Shenron's.

On the other hand, the earth-shaking scene caused by the crystal dragon ball was still going on. Soon, intertwining golden light rays soared into the sky. The sacred and mighty golden-flame Shenron took form in outer space, its body circling around the planet.

Then, a huge head appeared from the atmospheric layer.

The dragon's head was extremely huge, and like a mountain range continuously pressed down on the world, overlooking it from high in the sky. Its golden scales were huge like mountain peaks.

Looking towards the sky, the giant Shenron was burning with Ki flame just like a Super Saiyan. The sacred, mighty aura assaulted their faces; Xiling and Myers couldn't help but feel terrified, staring blankly.

"Xiaya, this Shenron seems to be quite… big!" Xiling swallowed a mouthful of saliva, with a stiff expression.

The golden-flame Shenron's physique wasn't as simple as just big, its every scale was also huge and looked like a mountain peak, especially the huge head. Its two blood-red eyes were like suns suspended in the sky, shining with sparkling light.

"Yeah, in comparison, the size of Planet Namek's Shenron is not even equal to the size of this Shenron's finger!" Myers was also surprised.

"Heh heh, the bigger the Shenron, the stronger it's power. You haven't seen Super Shenron's size. There isn't anything in the entire galaxy that is big as its scales, and that is really shocking."

Upon remembering about the Super Shenron's huge body, which was beyond the norm, Xiaya was still very surprised.

At this time, the golden-flame Shenron in the sky lowered its head, and its giant mouth spurted out a stream of air. Then, a booming voice resounded, "People who have gathered the seven dragon balls, speak thy wish; no matter what thy wish is, there can only be one!"

Launch looked at the huge Shenron in the sky, which looked like a behemoth from primeval times and swallowed. Thinking of Xiaya's instructions, she spoke in the language that Xiaya taught her, "Shenron, please build a place suitable for planting Senzu Beans… "

Launch mentioned the specific requirements of Senzu Bean plantation and then waited quietly.

"Thy wish is easy!"

The golden-flame Shenron opened its blood-red dragon eyes, which immediately gave a red glow.

As the Shenron's huge, bright eyes glowed with a horrifying red light, far above the atmosphere of Planet Hongshan—in a dimension outside the space of Planet Hongshan—a huge, peculiar mountain-like island appeared; the island had fragrant flowers, singing birds and murmuring clear springs. A small spring was flowing at the center.

"Thy wish has been fulfilled!"

After the golden-flame Shenron finished speaking, it left immediately. The huge dragon body transformed back into seven transparent crystals, and then they slowly rose into the sky. Once they dispersed, they would scatter throughout the galaxy.

"Come back!" Xiaya shouted and collected all seven dragon balls just as they were about to fly away. Then, he opened the dimensional space and placed the seven dragon balls, which had changed into emerald stones, into it. Later, he plans to return to Planet Hongshan, take them out, and let them absorb the energy on the planet.

After dealing with everything, Xiaya smiled and said to Xiling and other two, "Then, shall we return to Planet Hongshan and look at the Senzu Beans plantation?"


The girls nodded, and he used Instant Transmission, returning to Planet Hongshan.

At this time, in the sky above a certain primeval forest on Planet Hongshan—in an infinitely distant, yet infinitely close place—a mountain-like island was suspended.

This place has murmuring streams, thick forest, and tall bamboos. It was completely like a paradise in the human world, which makes people feel happy.

Because this place was similar to the top of the Korin Tower, it was situated in another dimension, so it can't be reached with any technology or equipment; it could only be reached using real effort and a Flying Nimbus.

"Such a beautiful island!" Xiling laughed happily, and he then looked around, from east to west of the entire island, admiring the beautiful scenery.

Xiaya also took a look and nodded with satisfaction.

The scenery on the floating island was beautiful and colorful, similar to the quiet and elegance normally on Lookout of Universe 6. Between the pine trees at the foot of the mountain, there were several simple bamboo buildings, and there was a small spring at the center of the island, which was continuously gushing out cool water.

The flow of spring water was not fast, so it was taking a lot of time to gather in a ceramic canal on the side, filling it with a small amount of liquid.

"Such a small amount, it would take several days just to fill a small bottle!" Myers frowned, apparently dissatisfied with the production speed of the Ultra Divine Water.

"Hehe, it's already very good. On the Korin Tower, only a small amount is condensed in a year. The quantity here is already several times that of Korin Tower!"

Xiaya said with a smile.

On the third floor of Korin Tower, Korin plowed a small plantation of Senzu Beans. The annual output was only one hundred beans which were still a good harvest. Speaking badly about it may cause the harvest to decrease. Regarding the conditions here, Xiaya was already quite satisfied.

"Launch, I will trouble you in the future!"

"Hee hee, leave it to me!"

Launch laughed and replied.

Xiaya nodded and looked around. It was such a big island. If Launch was by herself here, wouldn't it be too lonely? Should I find someone to accompany her? Xiaya pondered for a moment and decided to bring over few Saiyan women from Planet Hongshan.

'Oh, that's right; Bardock's wife, Gine, seems to be in charge of logistics. Should I tell her to come here?'

After a brief look at the floating island, Launch waved her hand and hid it in a higher dimension. Apart from Xiaya, Launch, Xiling, and Myers, no one else could find the traces of the floating island.

Planet Hongshan.

After passing through the clear blue atmosphere, a reddish black ocean appeared in their line of sight. Xiaya and the girls flew high up in the sky, savoring the cool and refreshing light breeze from the ocean. Launch was riding her soft Flying Nimbus. She had also come to Planet Hongshan with them.

The gravity above Planet Hongshan was twelve times that of Earth's gravity. An ordinary earthling would not be able to endure such gravity. Thus, naturally, Launch also could not. So, before returning to Planet Hongshan's land, Xiaya first found Duokela and let him develop it. A device that reduces gravity.

This was really quite simple for the Feidaya people. They had experience with the Gravity Machine. Developing an anti-gravity equipment was like creating an imitation. They completed it in just a little time.

With a bracelet-type gravity reducing device, Launch followed Xiaya and arrived at Planet Hongshan, but she did not expect Xiaya's Instant Transmission to bring her Flying Nimbus along too.

As it was her first time leaving earth, everything on Planet Hongshan was full of novelty to her, like the reddish black ocean. She didn't know that oceans, except for sky blue color, could even be of reddish black color. Of course, oceans don't possess colors; this reddish black color she could see is the color that was revealed after the light was absorbed.

"Ahead is the city where Saiyan lives!" Myers pointed at the blurry background that was appearing in the distance. She was energetic and became a tour guide. She introduced every scenery of Planet Hongshan to Launch. In fact, even Myers herself had not been to many of these places.

"Mhm mhm!" Launch nodded like a curious baby.

Suddenly, Launch's hair touched her own nose. "Achoo". The blue-haired Launch turned into the blonde-haired Launch, who has a nasty personality. Flying Nimbus could not bear blonde-haired Launch's weight, so with a scream, blonde-haired Launch fell from the Flying Nimbus.

"Waaaa, help, help!!"

The blonde-haired Launch shouted for help. Suddenly, a powerful arm held her.

"After all this time, you still haven't learned the Flying Technique?" Xiaya's clear voice sounded.

Nearly three years had passed, and the blonde-haired Launch's Battle Power had grown from 40 points to 112 points. Normally, this Battle Power should be enough to master the Flying Technique, but the blonde-haired Launch seems to quite stupid in this aspect. Up until now, she unexpectedly still hadn't learned it.

"Ahhh, how it is you again…" Blonde-haired Launch pouted, somewhat angry.

"I will drop you down if you show this kind of attitude again!"

"Don't, don't!"

The blonde-haired Launch panicked and quickly changed her tone, afraid that Xiaya would throw her down.

She had learned a lesson from her past mistake. In the past, Xiaya had thrown her down from high in the sky, so blonde-haired Launch didn't dare to be reckless again, for fear that he would let go.

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