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After experiencing Slug’s real strength, Xiaya focused and quickly suppressed his battle intent. Now, he had to delay as long as possible so that Xiling can take away all the members of the Guardian Corp from Planet Bahert.

However, this was clearly Xiaya’s wishful thinking. Slug, who was greedy for the Tree of Might’s fruits, had no desire to expend energy on such trivial matters.

Because Slug was aware that Cooler’s army was behind him and he didn’t have much time left; besides he was itching to taste the Tree of Might’s fruits.

He waved his hand, beckoning a subordinate over, and gave him an order: “You, go and finish off that boy, while others should come with me to collect the Tree of Might’s fruits.”

It was a cyan-skinned, crocodile-shaped alien. It had been following Slug for many years and was deeply trusted by him. Its Battle Power was close to 20,000, more than enough to deal with the human in front of him.

“Yes, Your Majesty!”

The cyan-faced alien responded in a loud voice, then stepped forward, standing between Xiaya and Slug while the other aliens followed Slug and went ahead to pick up the Tree of Might’s fruits.

Xiaya naturally wouldn’t allow them to do what they wants, as he still needed to delay them for a while. Though, he didn’t expect Slug to be so impatient.

Xiaya sighed, he realized that he had underestimated Slug’s greed for the Tree of Might’s fruits and the fear the other had of Cooler. Also, the strength he was currently revealing was perhaps too low, and could not attract Slug’s attention!

How much ability and destructiveness he had will naturally cause the opponent to pay more attention to him. Right now, he can only rely on strength to delay Slug.

After thinking about it, Xiaya flexed his muscles, and with a light shout, a vigorous and boundless imposing aura emanated from him. The aura stirred the surrounding air before turning into Ki waves, whistling in all directions.

Rustle, the cyclone began to rotate, suddenly producing violent and powerful waves, like a giant wall being pushed. A short distance away, the alien blocking his path shrieked and was sent flying away.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Slug and his subordinates’ energy detectors, worn on their hands, burned down because they had exceeded their measuring range.

“Hm? The energy detectors actually burned down?” Slug turned around, showing a little bit of surprise on his rugged face.

Because Slug’s real Battle Power was much higher than what Xiaya currently revealed, the force when Xiaya used his full strength does not pose much of a threat to Slug and as such it was naturally impossible to tell whether Xiaya’s current strength was strong or weak. He only felt that it was much more powerful than before.

However, he was, after all, an overlord who has lived for many years, so he only felt a slight discomfort in his heart.

Although Slug wasn’t affected, his subordinates, however, were on the verge of dying. When Xiaya’s aura erupted out, it was as though their bodies were being crushed by an enormous mountain, and they were unable to breathe under the powerful pressure.

“King Slug…” The cyan-faced alien that had been sent flying in the distance again arrived before Slug and cried out while trembling. Under the huge pressure, his badly battered face was oozing with beads of sweat.

“Good for nothing!” Slug furiously cursed at his subordinate, turned around and said to the aliens near the spaceship: “Isn’t there a large detector on the spaceship, use it to check his Battle Power!”

“Yes, yes…” After receiving the order, the aliens immediately reacted and rushed into the spaceship while rolling and crawling. They then turned on the giant energy detector mounted on the spaceship.

The detector which was mounted on the spaceship had an enormous output that could be used to detect large-range and high-intensity energy fluctuations. There hadn’t been any need to use it in the past, causing many people to feel that it was useless, but they didn’t expect it would be used on Planet Bahert.

Xiaya was quietly watching, while secretly checking the auras on the planet. Xiling was quickly moving, and almost every ten seconds or less, there were more than a dozen Saiyan’s auras disappearing from Planet Bahert, which meant that it would take nearly ten minutes to evacuate all the people.

“There is no hurry; you can take your time!” Xiaya said inwardly.

At the same time, seeing that Slug didn’t directly take action, he realized that Slug’s body had probably aged to a very serious extent. Otherwise, he wouldn’t sit back and watch him show off his strength like this.

In fact, Xiaya’s guess wasn’t wrong. At this time, Slug was waiting for his subordinates to report the data. If this person was weak, Slug was prepared to let his subordinates deal with him, but if Xiaya was strong, then he could only take action personally.

Sigh… If it wasn’t because he was getting old, he would have directly finished off the person in front of him. Thinking of this, his desire for the fruits of the Tree of Might became even stronger.

“How about it? what is this human’s Battle Power?” Slug impatiently asked.

“King…Slug, the detector is showing… human’s Battle Power to be …7.54 million!” The aliens shuddered and having said the number, their whole body felt cold.

“What! 7.54 million?!” Slug was dumbfounded, and his complexion darkened, black like the bottom of a pot.

This small amount of Battle Power naturally didn’t scare Slug, who was the hegemon of a region, but he was thinking of something else. Humanity, this weak race certainly can’t have such large Battle Power, but here is Planet Bahert which has the magical Tree of Might’s fruits.

The only explanation is that this human had eaten the Tree of Might’s fruit, moreover their number should be quite a lot!

“Damn, these are all this king’s things.” Slug cursed with a black face while feeling pain in his heart.

At the same time, he was also looking forward to the effect of the Tree of Might’s fruits, because even a puny human could become so strong, what then will happen after I consume it, perhaps even that Cooler wouldn’t be my opponent!

Slug was satisfyingly fantasizing.

“Human, you really made this king look at you with new eyes. If it were another time, then maybe this king could have recruited you.”

Slug said, before his tone suddenly became full of murderous intentions: “But you really shouldn’t have stolen this king’s Tree of Might’s fruits!”

Slug stepped forward, he was not fast, but with every step, his aura went through earth-shattering changes. Slug walked leisurely, and quickly covered the few meters distance, arriving in front of Xiaya, and his overwhelming energy completely erupted out.

Affected by this, a swift and fierce storm spread across all parts of Planet Bahert, and the sky became dark as if the end of the world was nigh.

“Because I ate the Tree of Might’s fruit?” The corners of Xiaya’s mouth were slightly raised. Looking at the two meters tall Slug, he sneered.

“Is that so?”

Xiaya shook his head and suddenly loudly shouted. His energy which was already at the peak, once again erupted further. The surging energy was as if the gate of a reservoir that had been accumulating for a long time suddenly opened, and the vast waves found the mouth of a drain as everything began to crazily gush out….

At this moment, Xiaya launched the Pseudo Super Saiyan mode.

Not far away, above the spaceship, the energy detector began to beep with electronic sounds “beep! beep! beep!” and the data began to jump rapidly.

7.6 million!

8.74 million!

10 million!


The continuously spiking numbers frightened the aliens on the side, their eyes were opened wide, and they sunk into a state of listlessness, extremely frightened! The human’s Battle Power was still skyrocketing, which was beyond their range of understanding.

They looked up and saw a black cloud in the sky which was pressing down upon them, while sound of thunder boomed among the clouds.

There were continuous tremors beneath them on the ground, while tiny particles of dust floated above the ground.

15 million!

17 million!


Planet Bahert began to shake violently, and the ground cracked open. With the irregular cracks as the boundary, the ground trembled and began to sink. The large spaceship tilted…

28 million!

30 million!

The numbers finally stopped at 30 million Battle Power.

This was Xiaya’s final Battle Power in Pseudo Super Saiyan mode.

Although it was not as good and frightening as Slug’s 36 million, considering that Xiaya was young while Slug was old, it was not that difficult to bridge this small amount of difference.

Looking at the young man in front of him who was shining, while his hair had risen into the sky, Slug’s face was dark. This various kinds of abnormal phenomena showed that the young man was not ordinary. At this time, Slug understood that the young man’s strength was not at all beneath him.

“What is the opponent’s Battle Power?” Slug’s voice was cold while his whole body was emitting disgusting darkness.

“3…30 million Battle Power.”

Slug’s subordinates said in a stammering voice. Affected by the two powerful energies, even breathing had become extremely difficult.

“30 million Battle Power!!”

After listening, Slug’s face turned stiff, and suddenly awe-inspiring killing intent erupted from his eyes. If the killing intent could turn into substance, it would have penetrated a dozen meters of steel plate.

“Ah, dammit! How much of my Tree of Might’s fruits have you eaten!” Slug shouted as he felt pain, “You must die to dispel my anger!!”

The leaves in the surroundings which were slowly falling down were crushed by the frightening aura.

The fight commenced immediately.

Bang! Slug was full of anger, as he punched at Xiaya. However, Xiaya had long noticed, and at the moment of attack, he suddenly laid down and immediately shifted his position, launching a counterattack against Slug from an unimaginable angle.

Bang bang bang! Punching each other and counter attacking each other. Countless afterimages appeared in the sky before they appeared everywhere on the ground, and then very quickly disappeared.

The golden aura collided with Slug’s energy, and the two awe-inspiring storms pressed against each other, the air making ear-piercing exploding sounds.

Xiaya and Slug fighting quickly turned into a gold and white light rays. They sometimes collided with each other before quickly separating; They sometimes even swooped down together from the sky to hundreds of meters below the ground, the frightening air streams wreaking havoc.

It seemed as if doomsday had arrived on the whole Planet Bahert as all kinds of natural disasters continuously appeared in various regions of the planet.

The aliens who came with Slug were shivering, scared by the frightening powers revealed by Xiaya and Slug, and even the mission of picking Tree of Might’s fruits given by Slug was forgotten.

“Oh, my god, where the hell did that human monster come from? He is almost on par with King Slug!”

Both people fighting were extremely fast, and dozens or even hundreds of collisions would occur almost every second. Such speed had long exceeded the observative ability of these aliens. They could only rely on the naked eye to see everything and instinctively react.

Living creatures are all like this. They have the inherent weakness of avoiding the important and dwell on the trivial, but they often had a strange mentality of liking fearful and rotten things.

Just like some of the rumors that humans often spread that could scare themselves to death, these aliens were also continuously imagining, causing them all to be scared paralyzed on the ground.

“Not good, the whole planet is about to break apart. That human has almost the same Battle Power as King Slug, more than 30 million…”

“Oh no, I remember that Cooler’s army will also arrive here in a few minutes. Our situation would be bad by then.”

“Yeah, what should we do? Can King Slug kill this human before they arrive?”

“Not… not sure!”

They suddenly remembered that there was also Cooler’s army behind them, and their complexion turned deathly pale, their foreheads oozing bean-sized beads of sweat. If Cooler’s army arrives here, then it will be a situation of being attacked from both sides, and it would be difficult to run away.

At this time, Slug’s subordinates completely forgot the heroicness and passion when they set off from Planet Slug. Why did the matter of picking the Tree of Might’s fruits, which was easy, become like this?

They couldn’t understand.

Of course, it wasn’t only Slug’s subordinates who reacted to Xiaya and Slug’s fierce fight, but also Saiyans, who were scattered around various parts of Planet Bahert, busy picking the Tree of Might’s fruits.

It should be said that when Slug came to Planet Bahert, they had already sensed him, but they did not expect him to be so powerful.

“Sir Xiaya’s aura is so powerful.”

“There is also that sinister aura, it is also very powerful, my spirit almost froze…”

These Guardian Corps members Battle Power was generally around 10,000, as high as 30,000 to 40,000. Suddenly sensing the fight between experts of Battle Power above 30 million, they seem to have opened to a completely new horizon. They all stood there dumbfounded and didn’t even notice the fruits of Tree of Might in their hands fall.

“Not good, this place will soon be affected by Sir Xiaya’s fight!” Suddenly sensing the aura of the people fighting approaching, a Saiyan, who was slightly stronger, shouted.

Hearing him, these Saiyans all showed a startled expression. Yes, Sir Xiaya’s aura is coming towards them.

“Hurry up everyone, leave!”

“Hey, everyone, gather together!” Following a crisp female voice, they saw Xiling’s graceful figure suddenly appear in the air.

“Ah, Madam Xiling!”

“Quickly gather up, I am going to use Instant Transmission!” Another voice was heard, the voice was exactly the same as Xiling’s. They saw another girl who looked exactly like Xiling appear out of thin air.

“Ah! There are two Madam Xiling’s?” A female Saiyan cried out, but her collar was quickly grabbed by the just appeared Xiling, and along with the launch of Instant Transmission, quickly disappeared before the eyes of everyone.

In order to speed up the evacuation, and not put a greater burden on Xiaya, Xiling tried her best to use the “Cloning Secret Skill” she learned from Planet Yardrat. As another Xiling had simultaneously appeared, the speed of evacuation became faster by a lot.

“Myers, you should also come over and help.” Finding Myers who had sent off Rebecca, Bardock and others, Xiling told her.


Myers quickly nodded and then evacuated the people with Xiling.

As “Three people” simultaneously used Instant Transmission, the efficiency of evacuation greatly improved. Before it would take almost one second to evacuate one person, but now it changed to evacuating a few people a second, suddenly improving by a lot…


“Good, Xiling and Myers have evacuated all the people in front!”

Xiaya fought with Slug while observing the situation ahead. When Slug forced him to move the battlefield near the Tree of Might, Xiaya was nervous, but as Xiling and Myers had evacuated the Saiyans ahead, Xiaya could finally fight without any worries.

Huh, the fierce fight stirred the air, because their speed was extremely fast, the air partially turned into a vacuum, producing sonic booms. A strong arm penetrated the air and grabbed Slug’s wrist.

Immediately, Slug’s pupils contracted, and the muscles on his head twisted, revealing blue veins. He suddenly turned his body and attacked.


Awe-inspiring Ki blade turned into substance, and a crystal clear half-inch light ray flashed past. Ssss… the Battle Armor on Xiaya’s upper body could not withstand the impacts of the powerful energy and was ripped apart into thin strips…

Seeing that his first attack failed, Xiaya urged his power and once again attacked, but he was one step late. Slug snorted and seized the opportunity to attack. Slug’s Battle Power was above Xiaya’s, and the gap of 6 million in their eyes may not be as huge as in the eyes of low-level people.

But the gap was still a gap, although Slug was getting older, and he couldn’t use his strength at his peak, it was still a lot higher than Xiaya’s.

Bang, a muffled sound!

Immense force burst out of the claws, hitting Xiaya’s chest.

Pff! Spurting out blood from his mouth, Xiaya’s body shot backward like an artillery shell, as a golden ray drew a line across the sky.

At this time, Slug once again moved, directly appearing next to Xiaya, like two parallel lines, flying along with Xiaya.

Then, he cupped his fists and lifted them up.


The powerful fist heavily struck down, like a ten thousand jin tremendous force erupting out in a flash, and the straight light bent at 90 degrees as Xiaya was sent flying straight down towards the ground.

“Stop!” Xiaya’s heart moved, trying to stop his body, but Slug’s strength was so great that he couldn’t stop.

Huala, his body rapidly flew, getting closer and closer to the ground, a violent friction happening against the surrounding air, produced buzzing sounds.

A loud rumble occurred!

A huge crater of unknown depth and one kilometer in diameter appeared on the ground. The splashing sand turned into a shock waves and wherever they passed, the mountains and rivers were destroyed, and countless trees and branches broke from the middle and were swept into the sky.

Suddenly, a deep abyss appeared on the ground.

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