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On the other side of the Planet Bahert, Saiyans who had been busy picking the Tree of Might’s fruits came to an abrupt stop when they felt the rising auras of Xiling and Myers.

The earth-shaking auras greatly startled them.

After a long silence, heated discussion suddenly broke out among the crowd.

“These auras belong to Madam Xiling and Madam Myers—so strong…”

“It’s so stifling that I can’t breathe.”

“Amazing! So Saiyans can also become this powerful?! ”

“Their strength is really formidable!”

“Long live!”

Everyone from the Guardian Corps cheered! They all looked elated, and their eyes glowed with a fervent blaze. They had all experienced the destruction of their home planet, Planet Vegeta, so they understood that the current auras of Miss Xiling and Miss Myers were not any weaker than the aura that Frieza emitted back then!

This revelation boosted their confidence and they were hopeful regarding their vengeance!

“Xiling, this child, she always loves to show off…” Rebecca joked, feeling gratified. However, her voice didn’t contain any traces of scolding. Her daughter’s current achievements had completely exceeded her imagination, and there wasn’t any miracle she had not yet seen because of them…

“This time, Xiling and Myers are going to be in limelight!” Alice lowered her head with a few fruits cradled in her arms, as her bright eyes sparkled.

“Xiling has really grown up!”

Lise said in a hoarse voice. Her delicate face was like a young girl’s, without the slightest traces of years. She had seen Xiling grow up little-by-little, but she hadn’t expected Xiling to surpass her so quickly by so much. It was really unimaginable.

Not far away from them, Bardock also looked up, his eyes shining. Suddenly, he had a vision, and fragmented scenes flashed through his minds.


An azure planet revolved around a huge burning fireball, closely followed by an icy blue planet.

Suddenly, the surface of the azure planet trembled, and a large cloud of dust covered the sky—like a black curtain— blocking the sunlight. The dim colour was as if ink had sprinkled all over the ground.

Huo! Huo! Huo! He saw two figures rapidly moving like flashes of lightning in the sky. They collided with each other multiple times, and then separated right after, before beginning their battle anew. One figure was male, and the other was female.

The male was an alien whose body was covered in white leather; he was short, and had devil-like purple pupils; the female had blonde hair and blue eyes. Her hair fluttered wildly upwards to the sky, and her body was shrouded in golden flames.

The face of the female was somewhat blurry, but from her graceful and exquisite figure, she seemed no older than twenty years old.


Suddenly, the scene changed.


This new scene showcased another battle, and one of its participants was the beautiful female from before; but her opponent, this time, was a petite woman who had orange hair and cyan skin.

The beautiful female was still shrouded in golden flames, and her body exuded an awe-inspiring aura, but her opponent, the petite woman, who has orange coloured curly hair which were fluttering in the sky, seemed just as powerful as she was. The golden-flame female seemed to be at a disadvantage.


“Is this a vision of the future, but who are the people in it?” Bardock massaged his temples when he came back to himself. The scenes only flashed briefly, like passing clouds, and vanished quickly.

The only figure that Bardock could remember, from his vision — albeit vaguely, was the blond female with blue eyes.

“That woman was a Super Saiyan?”

Bardock furrowed his eyebrows. He had seen how a Super Saiyan looks like on Planet Kanassa; the scenes of fight between Kakarrot and Frieza. Although he doesn’t know why that scene had changed later this on, he could clearly recall what a Super Saiyan looks like.

Golden hair, dark green pupils, and violent burning golden flames.


Back on the battlefield on the other side of Planet Bahert, as their two female opponents emitted majestic auras, Madix and Duke both became spiritless and felt the call of impending death.

“Xiling, Myers, don’t waste any more time and quickly finish them off!” Xiaya’s shout in a low voice suddenly echoed from high above in the sky.

Madix and Duke froze. They both looked up and found that there were unexpectedly two people watching them from a few hundred meters above in the sky. Upon seeing them, their hearts sank into the abyss.

“Oh, no. There are more people in the sky, and it seems that these two women take their orders from that person.” Duke’s heart thumped, turning even more cold.

With this discovery, Duke knew that their fates were sealed. Why hasn’t King Cooler arrived yet? With a heart filled with anxiety, Duke hollered at Xiaya, “This friend, we are members of Cooler’s Armored Squadron. Please give King Cooler some face; he will be arriving here soon—”

“Armored Squadron?” Xiaya’s expression suddenly changed when Cooler’s name was mentioned.

Wasn’t that the squad that I wiped out? I didn’t expect it to be reestablished so soon!

Moreover, from Duke’s words, it seemed that Cooler was on his way here. It seems Slug, Cooler, and King Cold’s objective was indeed the Tree of Might’s fruits!

When he saw the change in Xiaya’s expression, Duke felt elation in his heart. He thought that Xiaya was awed by King Cooler’s reputation, so he felt more confident in his survival.

But, who would have thought that Xiaya’s expression would immediately turn into a sneer: “Heh heh, so it turns out to be Cooler’s Armored Squadron. I destroyed the Armored Squadron led by Saiza. Who would have thought that Cooler would re-establish it so soon!”

“Kill them!” Xiaya ordered coldly.


“Right away!”

Xiling and Myers immediately acknowledged. They had grasped the deeper meaning of the situation. A strong opponent would soon arrive at Planet Bahert, so the Saiyans couldn’t afford to stay here for too long. They would have to pluck the fruits from the Tree of Might as soon as possible and leave.

“Xiu! Xiu! Xiu!”

They curbed their earlier playful attitude and used their killing moves! Wind blades that flickered with cold lights rained down. Everything in the vicinity—rocks and soil included— was sliced into pieces. Huahua! A blinding crystal brilliance glowed, accompanied by tyrannical bursts of energy that surged like a storm, turning the space into a lump of paste.

Under the overwhelming surges of energy, Madix and Duke couldn’t put up any form of resistance and were promptly sliced into smithereens, with shock being the final expressions on their faces.

At this time, the raindrops that were slowly and continuously falling down gave off a multi-colored sparkling and translucent glow. They were like bright crystals, that were gradually scattered onto Mount Sumeru.


Not far away from Planet Bahert, in the universe’s starry sky.

Rows of disc-shaped spaceships were flying rapidly. Each spaceship had a gear-shaped symbol on them; the symbol of Cooler’s Armored Corps.

“How much longer until we reach Planet Bahert?!” Cooler asked coldly, with a darkened face. The last update from Madix and Duke had made his joy completely evaporate.

A huge number of energy signals has appeared on Planet Bahert, which means that the Tree of Might’s fruits has been discovered by someone.

I thought that I could exclusively enjoy the treasure. It might be picked up by someone else before he had arrived their. No wonder Cooler’s complexion wasn’t good.

“Your Majesty, it would still take one more hour before we reach Planet Bahert.” Aiolos bowed and replied.

“Half an hour! I want to be there in half an hour, no matter how!” Cooler shouted coldly, his unquestionable attitude making Aiolos tremble. King Cooler is really angry!

“Additionally, let the other Corps spaceships spread out and surround Planet Bahert. Make sure that the people on it are unable to escape!”


Aiolos replied loudly and immediately made the arrangements.

After receiving their orders, the aliens in the pilot’s cabin wiped their sweat and inputted a command into the main control screen. Disregarding the consequences, the spaceships began to accelerate, having increased their flight speed to the maximum.

Cooler sat on the main seat of the spaceship, and his fingers tapped on the armrest, making “tap tap tap” sounds. Every tap made the hearts of everyone in the pilot’s cabin tremble.

In another location, Slug’s army was getting closer to Planet Bahert. As Planet Slug was closer to the East Area, Slug would arrive at the planet earlier than Cooler’s army.

“King Slug, we will enter the starfield of Planet Bahert in fifteen minutes.” A cyan-skinned alien standing on the side reported.

“Oh, this is great!”

Slug sat on a golden chair while donning a purple headgear. When his subordinate was done with its report, Slug asked with a smile, “How long would it take for Cooler and his army to arrive at the planet?”

“At least one hour, and if they advance at full speed, maybe half an hour!” After careful calculation, his subordinate replied honestly.

“Half an hour?” Slug suddenly stood up and cackled, “Ha ha ha, it is already sufficient. After arriving from so far away, what expression will Cooler have once he discovers that the Tree of Might’s fruits has already been plucked clean by someone else?”

“Have the army prepare; the window of time that we’ll have to pick up all the fruits, before Cooler arrives, is not much!”

Slug’s voice was low yet filled with enthusiasm, which made evident that this aged expert’s mood was good. His elation was filled with lofty spirits!

Slug reined in his elation and sneered. He had decided to avoid the Frost Demon Race as much as possible until he regained his youth. As for the future… Slug smiled sinisterly, “A Super Namekian isn’t someone mediocre.”

“Yes, Your Majesty!”

His alien subordinates quickly carried out their duties as they made their final preparations.

However, both Slug and Cooler wouldn’t have imagined that, not far away, a small army has been trailing behind them. It only consists of three disc-shaped spaceships.

In order to avoid to escape the detection of the fleet in front, King Cold’s spaceships had been travelling slowly all along the way, only content with following from not far behind.

“Hehehe, say… when Cooler obtains the Tree of Might’s fruits, and this King suddenly appears, would he be shocked? At that time, what choice would he make?”

King Cold was sitting on a throne, shaking the cup of crimson red wine in his hand, and asked leisurely, “Would he obediently offer the Tree of Might’s fruits, or…. would he stubbornly resist?”

No one answered him.

No one dared to answer him!

King Cold snorted, and a cold light flashed in his eyes; it looked capable of completely freezing the soul.

Familial love was non-existent in the Frost Demon Race. As Cooler’s strength continued to grow, and his Force gradually became stronger, he dared to openly defy King Cold’s orders.

In his heart, King Cold dreads his son, Cooler. If Cooler was as obedient as Frieza, not only would King Cold have to be afraid, but he could also happily continue to grow stronger.

But, unfortunately, Cooler was not as obedient as Frieza!

The incident of the Tree of Might’s fruits was the fuse that completely ignited a full-blown conflict between the Eastern and Northern Forces. King Cold is already prepared to turn hostile, after all, he can no longer allow Cooler to grow stronger!

“King Cold, we are done with our preparations and can attack any time!” His subordinate reported in a loud voice.

King Cold nodded and drank the rippling blood-red liquid in his cup. Then his tall figure stood up, as his long, dark-red cape dragged on the ground, “Everyone, listen carefully, if any conflict arises, completely destroy your opponents, and spare no one. My, Cold’s, strongest army shouldn’t be worse than Cooler’s Armored Corp, right?”

“Of course, please rest assure, Your Majesty!”

“Destroy! Destroy!”

Hearing King Cole’s order, the strongest corps formed of the North Area’s elite warriors, who were gathered below, burst into loud cheers, their blood boiling.

As he watched his valiant and battle-ready subordinates, King Cold had a pleased expression on his face while the corners of his mouth curled up into a faint cruel smile.

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