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"There's no time to lose, so let's hurry up. I have a feeling that this affair involving Tree of Might's Fruit will be quite big!" Xiaya has a faint premonition. Since Raiga could find traces of the Tree of Might, couldn't others do it too?

Such as Slug and the others?

Those overlords of North Area has rushed over to the East Area for no reason, no one would believe it that they haven't done it in order to obtain something. Their objective, most likely, is Tree of Might's fruits.

These are really strong experts ah! Just the mention of their names would scare people out of their wits.

However, as Planet Hongshan was located in the East Area, the Saiyans had the advantage of being in the right place at the right time, so they could compete with the them. At the very least, Xiaya believes that they would arrive at Planet Bahert before the others.

Additionally, at East Kai's request, the Galactic Patrol Organization recruited a large number of experts and tasked them with intercepting those overlords, which would buy enough time for Xiaya and his party to rush over to Planet Bahert and grab the fruits before the arrival of these experts. Really delightful!

"I will arrange it immediately. How many Saiyans are we sending?" Rebecca faced Xiaya and asked. Her daughter has changed in these past 2 days, and as an experienced person, she understood the reason why, and although that made her delighted, she also felt the need to remind them to refrain from overly indulging in that kind of thing.

Young people should have a bit of moderation, after all.

"I plan to take all one thousand members of the Guardian Corp along. Aunt Rebecca, you all will come as well. We must move quickly, so that we can deal with this matter as soon as possible, in order to avoid any unexpected trouble due to the delay!" Xiaya decided.

Everyone nodded. The Guardian Corps observation center worked at full speed, and soon, every member of the Guardian Corp, who stood guard on Planet Hongshan, were assembled.

Looking at the Guardian Corp members donning dark-red uniforms with black border below, Xiaya's heart was tranquil, yet he inevitably also felt a sense of pride.

These Guardian Corp members had been carefully selected from the most powerful people on Planet Hongshan. After training for many years, they had already become an invincible troop. The number of Elite Warriors among them accounted for more than half of all Elite Warriors on Planet Hongshan.

"Mr. Raiga, these are the people who will travel with us," Xiaya said to Raiga, who was stunned by the strength of the Planet Hongshan's warriors.

Raiga curbed his astonishment and sighed: " Saiyans really deserve to be called a Fighting Race. This small planet have so many warriors who has more than 10,000 Battle Power!"

If an ordinary high-level planet possessed four or five experts with Battle Powers higher than 10,000, it would be considered quite impressive. Although the number of Saiyans on Planet Hongshan wasn't too much, no one would have thought that there would be so many experts among them.

When he shifted his gaze from the dense crowd of Guardian Corp members to Bardock, Rebecca, and the others standing on a tall platform, Raiga's face twitched… experts—these were all great experts!

The aura emanating from these Saiyans was just as powerful as his, especially that middle-aged Saiyan named Bardock. The energy being exuded from his body made Raiga, who stood in front of him, tremble.

Frightening, really frightening. His Battle Power must be no less than 180,000, ah!

The Saiyans' high-end combat strength was unexpectedly so shocking!

This made Raiga rejoice that Planet Bakuf maintained a good business relationship with Planet Hongshan. It really was a wise move to invite the Saiyans to participate in this operation. The demonic tree would surely be eradicated, then he would be able to comfort the people from his homeworld.

This was a wish that Raiga had cherished for a long time.

When Raiga looked around and didn't see even the shadow of a spaceship, he was flabbergasted. Are they planning to fly with their individual strength? But I heard that Saiyans couldn't survive in the space for a long period of time.

Raiga's eyes flashed, and he spoke to Xiaya, who stood at his side: "Planet Bahert is located in the northwestern region of the East Area; it is extremely far away from Planet Hongshan. If there are no spaceships, it may be quite difficult to go there."

Xiaya smiled: "Rest assured Mr. Raiga, we have our own way."

Afterward, Xiaya gestured at Xiling and Myers with his eyes and on cue, the two ladies quickly rounded up the more than one thousand Saiyans and made them hold each other's hands.

"We will use Instant Transmission to directly reach Planet Bahert; this saves both time and effort!" Xiaya smiled faintly at the sight of Raiga's startled expression.

"Get ready to depart!"

Xiling and Myers also made preparations as to launch Planet Yardrat's Instant Transmission, they would need to sense the other side's aura; moreover, the aura being sensed also couldn't be too far away, or else, they wouldn't be able to sense it. Therefore, this time, they could only rely on Xiaya's Instant Transmission to go to Planet Bahert.

With a burst of flickering resplendent brilliance, the crowd in the square, who numbered more than one thousand, vanished into thin air, moving together to the other side of the distant starry sky.

Planet Bahert.

The sky covering enormous tree branches extended out of the atmosphere, and as the branches were spread out like a huge umbrella, it blocked the warm sunlight shining down from a star.

On a cold and dark tree branch, Madix and Duke were bored stiff from keeping watch. They yawned from time to time, as they tossed a pebble back and forth to each other.

"Hey, Duke, did you really not find anyone else in this godforsaken place? We have been here for so long and, there isn't even a fly to be seen, except for that Saiyan monkey at the beginning!"

Madix soon got tired of their stone tossing game; he floated over and leisurely circled around the trunk of the Tree of Might. He didn't find anything, so he again returned to the tree branch, and laid down on his back.

"Isn't it good that you haven't found anything, King Cooler had us guard the Tree of Might, and I don't want anything to go wrong!" Duke's eyelids slightly jiggled as he said those words, although he was also feeling very bored.

"Aiya, that's boring!" Madix shook his head, took off the energy detector on his ear and played with it—throwing it into sky again and again.

Suddenly, his energy detector began beeping non-stop. Beep! beep! beep! These beeps were accompanied by many numbers continuously flashing on the screen appeared in front of his eyes, before the energy detector exploded with a bang.

"What happened?! How could the detector suddenly explode?" Madix frowned, voicing the astonishment that he felt.

It must be known that these new types of energy detectors could calculate energy in several tens of thousands, so it was impossible for it to suddenly burn down like this.

"Did it break down because you tossed it?" Duke asked.

"Its quality wouldn't be so bad, right?"

"Who knows, let me check it out." Duke smiled and switched on his detector.

In order to save energy, they alternated the use of the detectors; Duke's detector had been turned off before. As soon as Duke pressed the switch on his detector, his expression turned grave because his detector burned down just like Madrix's did!

"How can this be!" They were shocked; the previous expressions of content and leisure that donned their faces had long since evaporated. Immediately, they stood up and paid attention to their surroundings with great vigilance.

Duke's ashen expression became grave as he said: "Two detectors have simultaneously burned down. The only logical explanation is that it has detected a strong energy signature on Planet Bahert! Damn it! King Cooler is about to arrive. We must protect the Tree of Might's fruits before King Cooler arrives!"

Madix nodded: "The probability of the detectors malfunctioning is very low. Since both energy detectors burned down, the opponent's Battle Power has to be at least 50,000. Didn't you notice, just now, before the energy detector had burned down, a series of numbers appeared…"

"It seems a lot of people have come!" Duke muttered icily, and a murderous aura erupted out from his body.

"Caution is never wrong. We should immediately inform King Cooler about this. I hope he can hurry over as quickly as possible!"


Madrix and Duke glanced at each other before jumping and rushing over to the place they had landed their spacecrafts. After they got there, they sent news of the new development on Planet Bahert to Cooler's headquarters in clear and simple words. Afterward, they waited near the Tree of Life in combat readiness.

Without a backup energy detector, they could not find the traces of the intruders.

On the other side of the planet, Xiaya arrived with a lot of Saiyans. When he appeared, he was shocked by the Tree of Might's body, which covered the sky and sun—like a huge lid covering the planet.

And when they spotted the red fruits amongst the mass of green fruits, which resembled apples, their eyes glowed with a crimson light.

"Hurry up and collect the red fruits. Don't bother with those green ones; just pick those crimson red fruits!" Xiaya hurriedly yelled at everyone without much hesitation. Those fruits were very useful, and represented everyone's future; thus, the more they pick up the better.

"Yes, Sir Xiaya!"

"Let's get moving! Don't bother with those half-green, unripened fruits. You, you, quickly open Hoi-Poi Capsules…"

Fervently shouting, the Saiyans stroked the crimson fruits with bloodshot eyes, just like they would a lover that they hadn't seen for a long time. Even Bardock and Rebecca had forsaken their usual calm and joined the fruit plucking frenzy.

"Mr. Raiga, two thousand kilometers away from here, in the southwest direction, there are two aliens with Battle Powers 170,000 and 130,000. Are those the aliens that you said to have seen?" Xiaya turned to ask Raiga once he had sensed the auras on Planet Bahert.

Raiga didn't understand how Xiaya discerned their location, but he nodded and said, "Yes, I had indeed discovered two aliens last time I got close. It should be them…"

After receiving confirmation, Xiaya pondered for a bit before yelling towards Xiling and Myers, who were both nearby moving back and forth among the tree's branches, plucking Tree of Might fruits: "Xiling, Myers, don't be in a hurry to pick the Tree of Might fruits. First, go and finish off those two aliens."

Xiaya was worried that the two aliens might try to destroy the Tree of Might if they were driven to desperate situation, so the safest method was to thunderously capture them before they could react.

Frankly, these "nobodies" like Madix and Duke, who only had a few hundred thousand Battle Power, could be handled by anyone of Xiling or Myers with just a casual attack; however, considering that Tree of Might was growing here, Xiaya decided to play it safe and assigned both of them to attack together.

When they heard Xiaya's instruction, Xiling and Myers cleverly understood his intentions. In fact, they also wanted to fight, so without speaking any nonsense, they immediately handed the Tree of Might's fruits in their hands to Rebecca. Afterward, they carefully tried to sense the location of the aliens' auras; this was a very simple thing for them.

After they discerned the locations of the aliens, they directly used Instant Transmission to teleport.

After Xiling and Myers left, Xiaya smiled and said to Raiga: "Should we also go over and have a look?"

"Okay!" Raiga readily agreed. Honestly, he did not feel relieved when those two girls were tasked with dealing with those two aliens by themselves. Hence, he stepped forward and touched Xiaya's shoulder, and both of them quickly disappeared from where they stood.

At this time, Xiling and Myers appeared two thousand kilometers away from where Saiyans had descended. When they suddenly appeared, Madix and Duke gazed at them with astonishment, as if they were facing a strong enemy.

The big girl and little girl who had just appeared were floating in the sky, and both girls exuded a valiant and heroic temperament. Madix and Duke felt pressure just from standing before these girls.

As they had just lost their energy detectors and had no understanding of 'Ki', Madix and Duke were blind to the level of strength, whether weak or strong, possessed by the two girls. Their habit of using energy detectors had led to their failure to adapt.

However, the strength disparity between both sides has to be very big. Even though Xiling and Myers, did not reveal their full strength, they still felt a sense of oppression similar to the one they would only feel when facing King Cooler.

When one became strong to a certain extent, their body could instinctively feel the danger.

"Are these two women as powerful as King Cooler?" Duke was slightly startled. He found the thought, which had just sprung up in his heart, really absurd.

But, how is that possible? He took a deep breath and drew closer to Madix, whispering: "It seems somewhat fishy. These two women are not simple!"

"They are really not easy; they can actually make this uncle feel the taste of fear."

Madix bared his teeth, and his face darkened like the bottom of a pot.

When Duke heard him, his face donned a surprised expression, and his heart tensed. Even Madix is having this feeling, so it seems like his intuition was right!

Not good, it meant that they weren't a match for these two women! When both aliens considered the demeanor of the two girls, they realized that those who'd come—came with bad intentions, as people with good intentions would never come! With these thoughts in mind, Duke began to consider the thoughts of retreating.

He was just about to share his thoughts with Madix, but he saw that Madix had already stepped forward and shouted at the two women in the sky.

"Who are you?" Madix shouted, his surging energy voicing his hostility to the two women more than his shout did.


Duke cursed in his heart. He really wanted to pry open Madix's head and examine what is inside— was it filled with straw? It was obvious that both women were much stronger than they were, so why is he showing hostility?!

Suddenly, he felt immense regret that he was associated with someone who seemed to have no brains whatsoever. In this situation, preserving their lives was the most important. After all, the Tree of Might's fruit was merely a worldly possession.

Suddenly, he noticed the tail behind Myers, and his expression abruptly changed, as he shouted: "Impossible, how can there be other Saiyans on Planet Bahert besides that little mouse from before?!"

Weren't the Saiyan race completely destroyed along with Planet Vegeta? How come they were now appearing one after another? Moreover, this soul oppressing feeling that was making him shudder couldn't be from Saiyans as they weren't this powerful.

"Madix!" he suddenly shouted.

"What?" Madix asked, baffled.

"Restrain your aura. We can't fight with them!"

"Why? If we don't fight, they will take away the Tree of Might's fruits, then no matter whether we obstructed them or not, King Cooler will not let us off!"

Duke was speechless for a while. Yeah, King Cooler wasn't a kind person; he wouldn't care if they had tried their best or not to stop the intruders. He only cared about the results…

Even if one knew they weren't a match for the enemy, Cooler would still prefer they died in battle. This was the only way they could prove their loyalty to him.

However, if they dared to abandon the fruits and escape, then Cooler had many ways to ensure they died!

Therefore, they weren't allowed to retreat, even if they faced a powerful enemy!

When he realized this, Duke turned silent, and his expression while looking at Madix changed. Sure enough, Madix's behavior, although rash, was more in line with Cooler's wishes.

Suddenly, his heart chilled, awash with an indescribable sorrow!

"What happened to them?" Myers rolled her eyes.

"Don't know." Xiling ignored the "internal strife" faced by the aliens, and she turned to Myers with a smile: "It just so happens that there two people here, so we'll have one each. That weak one is yours."

"All right!" Myers complied and looked at Madix in high spirits with a grin: "130,000 Battle Power, he is quite strong."

With her 500,000 Battle Power, Myers naturally held Madix with such weak strength in contempt, even though a person with 130,000 Battle Power was already considered quite strong enough, within the universe, to show off.

It seems that I am being despised by these people! Madix couldn't help but become very angry and immediately, his body erupted with an earth-shattering energy!

Battle Power of 130,000 was definitely not low. However, Madix knew that he couldn't hold back at this time, so he crazily urged the energy within his body to move and revealed his full strength all at once. As the energy within his body erupted out, the surrounding air seemed to freeze. With a huge bang, a sonic boom reverberated across the surroundings, accompanied by distorted ripples in the air.

The ground trembled and cracks appeared on it. A huge cloud of soil suddenly splashed out, and a light flashed, like an arrow swiftly shooting out. Madix's face was flushed with anger as he took the initiative to launch the offensive.


At the same time, Duke also took action. He knew that he couldn't retreat even if he wanted to. Despite the pressure, he had no choice but to throw caution to the wind! His light yellow erect pupils flashed with an icy cold light, as he charged at Xiling before indiscriminately launching attacks.

Perhaps it was the instincts of a warrior, but Duke understood the disparity between him and his opponent, so he did not choose close combat. Instead, he maintained his distance and bombarded his opponent with energy waves. This granted him the opportunity to advance and attack or retreat and defend at will.

For a moment, the huge flashes and the resounding explosions continued, and several tens of meters diameter branches of the Tree of Might, fiercely swayed in the wind, and the orange fruits continuously dropped down.

Several hundred meters above, Xiaya and Raiga hovered in the sky and quietly watched the fight below. No, it should be a one-sided slaughter.

"Miss Xiling and Miss Myers, they are—actually… so powerful?" Raiga watched the fight in amazement.

If the strength of the two aliens below was considered, then they are not the slightest bit inferior to him; their battle powers was at least several hundred thousands, yet from the direction that the battle below was heading to, Raiga could see that the aliens had no hope for victory.

In fact, Xiling and Myers seemed like they were only playing around. Their expressions were at ease, and it was obvious that they weren't using their full strength. This rendered Raiga speechless.

"Xiling's Battle Power is 750,000, and Myers's is 500,000!" Intentionally or unintentionally, Xiaya said to Raiga.

When Raiga heard this, he was so shocked that he couldn't help but suck in a breath of cold air.

Planet Hongshan's leader Xiaya's strength, he was aware of. However, he didn't expect that, in addition to Mr. Xiaya, Planet Hongshan still has such powerful warriors. Adding the powerful Saiyan warriors he saw before, the experts on Planet Hongshan were simply innumerable, ah! The depth of their foundation was too abundant!

Fortunately, such a powerful Force was cooperating with the Galactic Patrol Organization. Otherwise, if the Saiyans also contended for hegemony, he was afraid that no Force in the entire East Area would be able to compete with them! If that happens, the East Area would become even more chaotic.

Below, Myers and Xiling attacks were taking its toll on the surroundings, destroying many fruits on the Tree of Might. Seeing this, Xiaya felt pain in his heart.

Xaiya knitted his eyebrows and was about to instruct Xiling and Myers to end the battle quickly, and stop playing, when he noticed Xiling's body back up by ten meters.

It seemed like she had gotten serious. He saw Xiling hover in the sky with a calm expression on her face—and next second, her black long hair fluttered in the wind, and a powerful aura suddenly erupted out of her, without any warning. Swift and fierce winds whistled, as though a giant hammer was pummeling the hearts of everyone.

"Such a—a formidable oppressive feeling…" Raiga was speechless, and his forehead exuded beads of strength as he sensed the strength of the aura.

He had never imagined that someone could be so powerful in the universe. He had lived in the universe for hundreds of years, but he suddenly felt like he had lived all those years in vain.

On second thought, since the Saiyan race was so strong, why were they unable to save their homeworld?

The only plausible explanation was that their opponents were even more formidable than they were.

This conclusion rendered Raiga speechless. In the past, he believed that he was an expert. He protects Planet Bakuf and prevented robbers and thieves from acting unbridled. Naturally, he had nursed a feeling of complacency in his heart. However, it now seemed like he had been looking at the sky from the bottom of a well, despising everyone in the world.

Although Raiga's deduction seemed ridiculous, it was very close to the truth. The strength of the Frost Demon race was indeed something that the Saiyans couldn't compare with. However, Raiga's 180,000 Battle Power also couldn't be considered weak and was, in fact, very rare as a phoenix in the universe.

Beside him, Xiaya, hadn't been the least bit affected by the imposing aura from below, and remained the same, with a faint smile hanging on his face. Raiga took a deep breath and inwardly compared the disparity existed between them, and the result left him feeling extremely depressed.

The disparity between them was incomparable.

"Oh, why didn't you told me that you are going all-out!" A crisp voice echoed, and Myers glanced at Xiling with a dissatisfied look on her face. Suddenly, she forcefully swung her arm and used her signature move. Immediately, as if some switch had been turned on, an equally boundless and surging energy erupted out of Myers.

The imposing aura wasn't as strong as Xiling, but it still brought about changes to the heaven and earth. Snaking electric arcs fell from the sky, and the free electrons in air produced electric discharge.

As they faced the suddenly appearing two whirlpools of aura, which were like the bright moon hanging in the sky, the two members of Armored Squadron were scared witless, and beads of sweat dripped down from their foreheads. Their eyes were full of fear as they looked at Xiling and Myers.

We will die! we will die!

A nightmare-like voice echoed in their hearts. Thump! Thump! Thump! Their hearts beat violently as though it is going to jump out of their chests.

"These two Saiyans… How could they be so powerful?"

Madix's face was deathly pale, as his face was sweating bean-sized beads of sweat.

Duke had a worried look on his face as he prayed in his heart: "Why has King Cooler not arrived yet…" For the first time in his life, he felt that time was passing by so slowly.

Because of Xiling and Myer's full-strength energy eruption, the changes in environment were astonishing, and it was not only the few people present at the scene who were affected by it.

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