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The next day, at the crack of dawn.

Xiaya got out from under the blanket and glanced at the girl who was sound asleep beside him on the bed, with her back to him. The girl was sleeping sideways with one arm stretched out as her beautiful black hair were scattered over the pillow. A large part of the bedsheet had slid down, revealing the girl's slender arm, and the white skin on her back.

After living together for so many years, Xiling had finally been eaten by him; she was tormented endlessly during last night's intense activities, so she was tired to her bones.

Xiaya gently pulled the blanket and covered Xiling before walking out of the bedroom. He proceeded to the training room and did a simple workout.

The Gravity Machine in the training room was not switched on; keeping the planet's natural gravity.

Although this low-intensity workout wasn't of any help to him, he still did it out of habit. He had serious expression as he executed every movement, integrating training into life, and a kind of profound artistic ambience was produced naturally.

After two hours had passed, Xiaya stopped his workout and took a deep breath of air. His aura was smooth and steady, as if he hadn't done any intense exercises.

He walked out of the training room with a towel, entered the bathroom for a shower, and then came to the dining hall. At this time, Xiling had prepared a sumptuous breakfast, and Myers, who sat on the side, was already eating.

Upon smelling the sweet fragrance of the delicious food, Xiaya's appetite was roused. While eating, he asked: "Xiling, I haven't seen Uncle Adri these past two days!"

Xiling carried out a plate of food and said while faintly smiling: "Father encountered a bottleneck during his training. Since he hadn't broken through for a long time, he went out with Uncle Brook and the others to seek enlightenment for breakthrough."

"Oh." Xiaya nodded his head after listening to her, bowed his head and resumed eating.

After Adri and others broke through 100,000 Battle Power and became Super Warriors, the speed at which they advanced slowed down immensely— obviously not as good as before. Especially when their Battle Power got close to 150,000, they all encountered a bottleneck, and their power began to stagnate.

Xiaya knew that Adri and the others had reached their limits, thus, it was very difficult for them to make any more breakthroughs.

Before on Planet Vegta, most High-level Warriors had a limit of 8,000 to 9,000 Battle Power, and only a handful of High-level Warriors were able to break through to 10,000 Battle Power by chance; and even fewer of them were able to exceed 10,000 Battle Power.

After coming to Planet Hongshan, the overall level of the Saiyan's had greatly increased because Xiaya transmitted the Ki training method to them. Warriors who possessed 10,000 Battle Power or lower were referred to as Ordinary Warriors. However, Xiaya understood that the advantages and disadvantages of bloodline still existed, and it was only the level that had been increased by a lot.

This limit appeared again when the Saiyans reach the Elite Warrior and even Super Warrior levels. Adri and the others, who were originally High-level Warriors, encountered that bottleneck when they reached 150,000 Battle Power, and if they wanted to make a breakthrough, they would have to seek another opportunity.

Suddenly — "Ding dong!" "Ding dong!" — the doorbell rang consecutively.

When they opened the door, they saw two sneaky little Saiyans standing at the door.

"Laret, Elise, didn't you two go to participate in training? What are you doing here? Are you skipping classes?" Xiling said.

Surprisingly, the two little Saiyans at the door were; Xiling's younger brother, Laret, and Bardock's youngest daughter, Elise. They were already four years old.

At this age, on Planet Hongshan, Saiyans would begin to receive Ki training, and the sooner they learned it, the better they would be. All young Saiyans, after 3 years of age, on Planet Hongshan will begin learning to train Ki.

"Definitely not, sister. I am not skipping. Mom asked you and brother to go to Guardian Corps' observation center; it seems some guests are coming over." Laret pouted angrily and glared at Xiling.

Xiling froze for a while before she said with surprise: "Who is coming over to Planet Hongshan that warrants us to personally go?"

Xiaya and Xiling were the most distinguished people on Planet Hongshan. Usually, they didn't need to personally appear. The Guardian Corps' observation center and the Administration Office can naturally able to handle the visitors, properly.

"Uhh, it seems to be people from the Galactic… something organization…" Elise thought for a while and said.

"If it's someone from the Galactic Patrol Organization, then let's go over there." Xiaya, who had just received a notification from Charlene, said as he walked out with Myers.

The Guardian Corps' observation center was located on the other side of the city. There are 1,000 people in Planet Hongshan's Guardian Corp, who are in charge of Planet Hongshan's security.

With their speed, they arrived at the Guardian Corps observation center in the blink of an eye.

"Sir Xiaya, you are here!" Charlene, who had been anxiously waiting with a group of people, quickly rushed forward to receive Xiaya and the others.

"Why did the Galactic Patrol organization send people here?" Xiaya asked.

Charlene shook her head, "It's still unclear so far, but if it were an ordinary matter, they would have used a communication device. They didn't have to send someone in person. I think there may be something especially important."

Xiaya nodded and sat down on a stone bench with Xiling. Myers felt bored, so she secretly slipped away to the training ground, and looked for other Saiyans to compare notes. In fact, this was just an excuse for Myers to show off her strength.

Soon, a small spacecraft landed, and a purple-skinned alien climbed out; his clothes had the Galactic Patrol logo on it.

"Its Jaco!"

When he got a clear look at the person who had just arrived, Xiaya was surprised. He had last seen Jaco at the headquarters of the Galactic Patrol organization. At that time, Jaco had just returned from earth after carrying out a mission and was getting reprimanded by Galactic King, because it seems he hadn't completed the mission.

Speaking of Jaco, he had a somewhat strong supporting role in the later stages of the original work. He was good friends with Bulma's older sister, Tights, and also has a very good relationship with Dr. Brief's family.

He is clearly weak, but still thinks about upholding justice. He is just like a cockroach, hard to kill.

"Ah, Mr. Xiaya…" When he saw Xiaya from far away, Jaco immediately ran over to Xiaya's side, stood straight, and saluted.

Xiaya glanced at Jaco and nodded. "Why did Galactic Patrol send you over?"

"Well, something big has happened. I don't know why, but Slug, Cooler, and King Cold—together with their subordinates—have come over to the East Area. Right now, they have entered the East Area's area of influence. Sir East Kai has issued an order to the Galactic Patrol, asking all the experts to come forward and stop them…"

"Ah, I forgot to explain, Slug and the others are the overlords in the North Area—" Jaco thought that Xiaya and others didn't know the identities of Slug and the others, so he talked incessantly and stated their origins.

"Stop, you don't have to say anymore. I am very clear about those people's strength!" Xiaya interrupted Jaco, as his heart became unsettled.

Slug, Cooler, and King Cold; this three guys, who each dominates a region, had actually come to the East Area at the same time. It was no wonder that even East Kai himself had begun to worry. For the time being, he wasn't a match for Cooler and King Cold. Even if he became a Super Saiyan, he wouldn't be able to deal with them anytime soon.

There was also that Slug; he should be the evil Namekian that Xiaya knew. Although Slug's strength was no match for Frieza's, it was still enough to dominate a region in the galaxy.

Before Xiaya received a report from Feidaya people that a group of people had entered the East Area, he did not expect them to be Slug, Cooler, and King Cold. Moreover, they had personally brought their squads with them.

"Go back, and tell the Galactic King that we, the Saiyans, will not participate in this matter." Xiaya waved his hand and refused the request of the Galactic Patrol Organization.

Although Saiyans were war addicts, Xiaya also understood how to judge situations. Even if a lot of Saiyans went, they would still be unable to involve themselves with people of King Cold's level. Moreover, Saiyans couldn't survive in space, and this was an even bigger limitation.

As the leader of the Saiyans, Xiaya couldn't let his people suffer casualties for no reason.

Jaco opened his mouth to say something but held himself back in the end: "Oh, I have already conveyed the news. Since you are not willing to go, forget it. You really shouldn't get involved in the battle between those monsters."

After that, Jaco climbed into the spacecraft and was ready to leave.

"Jaco, if you have time, go to earth. Tights have been looking forward to the time when you would take her on tours to various planets!" Xiaya shouted towards Jaco.

When he heard Xiaya mention Tights, Jaco froze for a while before he remembered that he had such a friend on earth. He made an "OK" gesture with his fingers and left on his spacecraft.

Chapter 190 News brought by Jaco

"Do you really not intend to get involved in this matter? Slug, Cooler, and King Cold are well-known powerful experts in the North Area. They have mustered so many people and are poking their noses around in the East Area. I feel that something bad is surely going to happen."

After Jaco left, Xiling knitted her eyebrows and said to Xiaya.

"Something bad happening is a certainty. However, this time, the enemy is too strong, so it wouldn't be good to get involved." Xiaya replied in a serious tone as he watched Jaco's spaceship recede further into the horizon.

At the present stage, Xiaya still doesn't want Saiyans to get involved in Slug and others disputes so early on, because Saiyans' current weak physique couldn't stand the impact of such great storms.

The weak needs to recognize their own position. If they rashly got involved in the fights of powerful experts, the most likely outcome would an end to their lives! Saiyans still had to accumulate strength—and at least, wait until the emergence of a Super Saiyan, then they could confidently challenge Slug and the Frost Demon race.

After sending Jaco off, Xiaya was free, so he took a tour around every place on Planet Hongshan. As the lush forests and rolling hills rapidly flashed past his eyes, Xiaya's face donned a look of satisfaction. The natural environment on Planet Hongshan had always been protected, right from the start; thus, the original ecology remained as lush as it was before.

Living on such a planet made people feel extremely delighted!

The peaceful days passed by, and Saiyans continued to live intense and fulfilling days as usual. The disputes beneath the undercurrents of East Area hadn't affected Planet Hongshan at all, or to say that in the Saiyans' territory, no Force dared to act as they wish.

After Xiaya and Xiling made their relationship clear, their interactions became more and more frequent.

Especially Xiling. After she had gotten the delicious taste of s*x, it was as though she had became addicted. Almost every night, she would shamelessly climb into bed and tangle with Xiaya till late night. With the constitution that the Saiyans possessed, after the initial shyness had worn off, the intensity of the succeeding activities could be well imagined.

It was to the extent that it made Myers, whose room was next door, wasn't able to fall sleep every night, so next day, she would have bright red eyes and her spirits listless—like a tree without moisture.

Every time she looked at Xiaya and Xiling, her eyes contained a near substantial, dark resentment.

"You are like this every day; how can I still sleep?!" Myers was almost driven mad!

Day by day passed like this.

Until one day, another unexpected guest visited Planet Hongshan.

"Mr. Raiga, I really didn't expect you to come to Planet Hongshan. I don't know what you are here for?" Xiaya smiled at the yellow-skinned alien in front of him. This time, it was surprisingly Mr. Raiga—the guardian of the trading planet Bakuf—who had come to Planet Hongshan.

"Wait, if you have come to persuade me on behalf of the Galactic Patrol Organization, then it is not necessary." Xiaya was on good terms with Raiga, so he spoke politely.

However, it concerns the future and fate of Saiyans, so it was necessary to refuse.

Raiga laughed out loud and said: "To be honest, Mr. Xiaya, I had also received a message from the Galactic Patrol Organization, but I have not come here because Galactic Patrol Organization entrusted me to it."

"Then, why?" Xiaya became interested.

Raiga expression turned serious as he said: "Mr. Xiaya, you should have heard some rumors about me, right? I am originally from a uncivilized, low-level planet…"

Raiga spoke about his experience.

Xiaya listened attentively. Although he had long heard about Raiga's past, Xiaya felt it to be much more wonderful, hearing it directly from Raiga's mouth.

Raiga was originally an aboriginal from a low-level planet. When he was young, he had accidentally eaten a strange fruit which caused his strength to suddenly increase, creating a uproar in the nearby starfields. When they heard about Raiga's "legend", a large group of aliens rushed over to Raiga's homeworld to investigate.

Naturally, they found nothing when they came to investigate because Raiga's homeworld had long since somehow turned into a barren planet.

"In fact, they all thought I was lucky to pick up that fruit." Raiga gave a complicated smile.

"Is there some other secret?" Xiaya asked.

Raiga said, "It's more or less the same, but at that time, I didn't just find one fruit, but a lot of them. Also, I had no idea how an enormous, demonic tree had suddenly appeared on my homeworld, and because of that demonic tree, no sunlight shone upon my homeworld for many years."

"But I destroyed that demonic tree in the end, so the people who came afterward weren't able to find a trace of it."

"Before that, I had eaten a lot of fruits while thinking that they were a reward from god. But who would have thought that something worse had yet to come, my homeworld began to continuously appear more barren, and soon, not even a single blade of grass grew anymore. It was at that time I realized how evil that demonic tree was…"

"So, I destroyed it!"

At this point, Raiga's handsome face was suffused with complicated emotions. He loathed the demonic tree that destroyed his homeworld, but he was also grateful to the demonic tree for his life's achievements……

"Tree of Might's Fruit!" While he listened to Raiga's description, the image of the Tree of Might appeared in Xiaya's mind, and his expression couldn't help but become serious.

The demonic tree that Raiga had described was similar to the Tree of Might that Xiaya knew of; it would also turn an entire planet barren, resulting in a dead planet.

Raiga glanced at Xiaya with astonishment and nodded, "Yes, it was Tree of Might. Afterward, I went to Planet Bakuf and pored through a lot of information, until I finally found a document that recounted the origin of that demonic tree."

"Is Mr. Raiga's visit to Planet Hongshan because of the Tree of Might?"

"Yes, I went back to my homeworld a few years ago and found out that the Tree of Might's previous location had been upturned by someone. They had taken away the remaining Tree of Might's Fruits!"

"Do you still have those fruits?" Xiaya exclaimed.

Raiga sighed, "Maybe I wasn't too greedy at that time. After destroying the demonic tree, I only kept a few fruits… Now it seems like, I may have made a mistake—"

"You want us to help you locate the whereabouts of the Tree of Might?" Xiaya quickly understood Raiga's intentions.

Xiaya didn't understand why the other party would turn to the Saiyans for help, knowing their reputation. Wasn't he worried that Saiyan would turn on him and hog all the fruits of Tree of Might?

Raiga shook his head, "I already know the approximate position of that demonic tree. I secretly went over there to observe, and it seems that someone else had already again planted the tree there, but there are two very powerful experts guarding it. With my strength alone, it's difficult for me to beat them!"

"Therefore, I need your help. I can give you all those demonic fruits, as long as you help me destroy the demonic tree, and promise that it will not be re-planted in the future! This is my long-cherished wish to wash away the guilt towards my homeworld."

Xiaya lowered his head and pondered. He desired the fruits of the Tree of Might as they were formed from the lifeforce of a planet. After eaten it, there would surely be many benefits. Although it was unlikely that these fruits would cause Xiaya's strength to increase immensely, he would surely gain some benefits. Unlike other medicines or plants, the Tree of Might's Fruit was primarily made up of life force.

But there were two guardians next to the Tree of Might who even Raiga, whose Battle Power was close to 180,000, couldn't capture. They were most likely not weak.

"Well, I can promise you." Xiaya lifted his head and said with sincerity.

"Really?" Raiga asked, pleasantly surprised.

He knew that Xiaya, the leader of Planet Hongshan's Saiyans, was extremely strong—with over 700,000 Battle Power. As long as he is willing to help, destroying the demonic tree was a matter of course. Raiga had no idea that Xiaya's strength had increased rapidly in the past few years, and now it was completely beyond his imagination.

"We, Saiyans, can help you destroy the Tree of Might, but all its Fruits will be taken away by Saiyans according to my demand." Xiaya clearly specified the terms in order to prevent disagreements later on.

"Ok, I just want to destroy the demonic tree to fulfill my long cherished desire!" Raiga was in a good mood as he laughed.

"The demonic tree reappeared in the northwest region of the East Area; a place called Planet Bahert!"

"Planet Bahert, I will remember it. I will arrange personnel, and then we will immediately go over there." Xiaya said to Raiga.

Afterward, Xiaya had Charlene arrange a room for Raiga to rest, while he convened with all the higher-ups of Planet Hongshan.

As this was an important matter pertaining to the future of the Saiyans—aside from Adri, Brook and some others who had gone out to temper themselves—everyone showed up, including Bardoc, Alice, Lise, and others.

"This Tree of Might's Fruits must be obtained!"

After listening to Xiaya gave a general introduction of the Tree of Might's Fruit, Bardock spoke without hesitation. If they didn't take what heaven has given them, they would have to accept its punishment in turn. In his opinion, the Tree of Might's Fruits were a rare treasure, and there was no reason whatsoever to give it up.

Besides, Xiaya, the current leader of Saiyans, had power beyond the reach of ordinary people. If he and the other Saiyans also help from side, the probability of them obtaining the fruits would be really high. It would be a pity if they doesn't give it a try!

Xiaya also nodded. Naturally, he had considered other aspects. The Tree of Might's fruits may not be of much help to him, Xiling, and the others in improving their Battle Power; however, they could still provide immense benefits that'll aid them in training their bodies. For most Ordinary Warriors, Elite Warriors, and even Super Warriors on Planet Hongshan, the fruits would greatly improve their Battle Power or aid in training their bodies.

Moreover, if he didn't take it himself, then someone else would, and he wasn't willing to aid his enemies!

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