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"Ha ha ha. Don't pressure Muying; his goal is to secure a place in the Martial Arts Assembly happening in ten years time. Nowadays, there are many Saiyans also working hard, so how would he dare to relax, ah!" An uncle spoke casually and bit off a chunk of pig's trotter.

"But, it won't be easy to secure a spot, so Muying still has to work hard!" Someone encouraged.

They were all part of the first group of Low-level Warriors who had been evacuated to Planet Hongshan. When they were young, they didn't possess good foundations, and they were currently way past their prime of Battle Power increasing; they couldn't improve much through training any longer. And it seems Muying, the younger generation, was close to catching up to their current level of strength.

"Ha ha ha. Don't say it, don't say it." Muying's father roared with laughter.

As Muying's father, he clearly knew what his son's goals were, and has always been supportive. And now that his son's Battle Power was quickly catching up to his, he felt even more satisfied.

It would be great if his son, Muying, could breakthrough 10,000 in the future and become an Elite Warrior. This would have him bragging rights when he was with his friends!

"Oh, by the way, how much longer before we arrive at our destination?" Muying's father turned around and asked.

"We still have to travel for three days. That place is very close to the North Area, and there are not many planets close to it." The Saiyan who was responsible for piloting the spaceship looked at the star chart and answered.

There was a very expansive void in the region bordering the North Area and East Area. It acted like an invisible ribbon and completely separated the two starfields. It would take several months of flying to cross such a void, even with the most advanced spaceship.

"Well, this time, the difficulty of the mission is not high, but you all must still brace up and keep your guards up at all times."

"That is only natural, after all, we are all seasoned warriors!"

Several middle-aged Saiyans chatting and drinking made for a bustling scene. Muying who was watching them laughed; such scenes were already common occurrences for him. Therefore, he got up and left the room, changed into his martial arts clothes, and began training.

A few days later, the spaceship arrived at their destination.

It was an average planet that was in the midst of civil war. Normally, Galactic Patrol Organization wouldn't intervene in civil wars that occurred on average planets; however, the Commerce Alliance's Forces seemed to have secretly meddled in this particular civil war.

Although Galactic Patrol Organization couldn't match the might of the Universe Commerce Alliance, they still had some power within the galaxy. Therefore, after this incident happened, they issued a mission to the mercenaries of the East Area: put down the rebellion. Ultimately, this mission was accepted by Planet Hongshan in the East Area.

Planet Aike was an average planet.Although its inhabitants possessed over 1000 Battle Power, their strength was limited, so when 'a strong side' Muying and the others intervened, they were quickly able to suppress the situation.

A few days later, after making sure the rebellion wouldn't happen again, Muying and the others began their journey back, as their mission had been completed.

They planned to return to Planet Hongshan to rest and reorganize; they doesn't plan to accept any mission any time soon. As their commision was enough to last them a while, they discussed and agreed to upgrade their spaceship and add a large Gravity Machine.

The plan seemed promising and everyone felt relaxed. But, halfway through their journey, sharp warning alarms from their ship's energy detection device jolted everyone from their rest. "Beep beep beep". It had detected an energy response ahead.

"What happened?" Everyone rushed to the pilot's cabin after been jolted awake by the alarm.

The spaceship's pilot pressed various buttons in the cockpit and said: "A lot of energy responses has been discovered ahead in the starry sky. It seems there are aliens fighting?"

"How much is their energy's strength?" Muying asked. As they were too far away, they couldn't sense the other sides' auras.

"Wait a minute! Its displaying … there are fifteen energy sources; Ten of them are emitting a Battle Power around 6000, and the other five… are above 10,000 Battle Power!" The Saiyan pilot wiped his sweat, and said with disbelief.

"What? 10,000 Battle Power?"

The expressions of Muying and others changed. They wouldn't have worried if the enemies were ordinary; however, they were at the Elite Warrior Level; they weren't the enemy's match at all.

"Is there any way to avoid them?" Muying's father asked with a grave expression.

"No, the other party has already found us. Oh no, they are approaching us—" The pilot suddenly shouted.

"Then, there is no other way. Everyone be quiet! Put on your gear and prepare to fight!"

After speaking, Muying's father headed towards the storage room. Upon seeing this, everyone's faces sank, and they quickly donned their Battle Armor. As they were in space, and with no planets nearby, they could only put on their small breathing apparatus to avoid suffocating.

The breathing apparatus was only the size of a mask and didn't impede during battle when worn.

Huu. The silvery-gray spaceship began to slow down and when it came to a complete stop, the several Saiyans floated out of it—after which the spaceship turned into a Hoi-Poi Capsule. Since they couldn't flee from aliens with Battle Powers above 10,000, they decided to put away their ship as soon as possible, as it was a conspicuous target.

"Everyone, be careful!" Muying's father shouted.

As the saying goes, the one who approaches surely has bad intentions, as no one with good intentions would come. As they didn't know who the approaching enemies were, the Saiyan Squad were prepared for the worst.

They acknowledged Muying's father's warning with a nod and entered battle mode, waiting.

"Muying, are you afraid?" His father asked.

"Not afraid!" Muying's face was slightly pale, but he clenched his teeth and answered.

"Good, that's my son!" Muying's father laughed heartily.

Soon, two figures flew over from the distance, and in the blink of an eye, suddenly arrived before them. It was a middle-aged burly man, who was more than two meters tall, and a green-haired alien. They donned a small breathing apparatus on their face.

However, the Saiyans cared more about the Battle Powers of the two figures than their appearance.

"How could it be possible—"

"Their Battle Powers are 18,000 and 14,000!"

Muying and the others cried out in alarm. Their hearts sunk, their faces were suffused with gloominess. The other side's Battle Power far exceeds them. It seemed that it would be difficult for them to even get a chance to flee.

"Boss Dudunjiya, these people, do they not look somewhat familiar?" Suddenly, the green-haired alien turned and reminded his companion.

"Oh, really!" The middle-aged burly man touched his head and pondered. Indeed, he did find them somewhat familiar but couldn't remember where he had seen them before.

"They seem to be Saiyans…"

"What, you are saying that they are Saiyans?!" Startled, the tall burly fellow, Dudunjiya, opened his eyes widely and carefully scrutinized them, and sure enough, he saw a tail coiled around their waists.

Um… they really are Saiyans!

Suddenly, Dudunjiya's face became cloudy, as though he had just recalled a painful memory. Suddenly, his body trembled, and he burst into laughter before flying over to Muying.

"Hey! It is Saiyan brothers, ah! It was a misunderstanding, misunderstanding. I thought you were the aliens that we had been teaching a lesson to!" Dudunjiya spoke in an amicable manner.

They may be forgiven as they were also warriors hired by the Galactic Patrol Organization. If the experts back on Planet Hongshan found out that they had bullied their people, they would most certainly not have a good time.

"You are?"

Muying was confused by Dudunjiya's 180-degree change in attitude. He thought that a fierce battle would erupt, but unexpectedly, the other person's attitude was good, so he carefully asked on the public channel via a portable communication device.

"Hahaha, we are the Dudunjiya battle squadron! You know… we had visited Planet Hongshan several years ago." Dudunjiya replied with a loud laughter, however his words contained a tinge of embarrassment. But, Muying and the others who were in a state of high tension missed it.

Muying doesn't know who Dudunjiya was, but his father pondered for a bit and recalled that the other side had really visited Planet Hongshan a few years ago. So, they are not enemies! Realizing this point, the several Saiyan's expression relaxed, as if a huge stone had been unloaded from their hearts.

"So Mister, what are you all doing? It seems that there are people fighting ahead?" Muying came to himself and asked in a serious tone.

"Oh, nothing. It's just some little guys who don't seem to have eyes on their head," Dudunjiya laughed heartily and said: "I don't know where they came from. I, Dudunjiya, am famous in the mercenary circle, yet they don't even know me!"

"Do you want to come and have a look? Those insects are so weak that they couldn't stand two to three hits before they collapsed." Duudunjiya's gong-like voice reverberated through the communication device as he extended an invitation.

Muying and the Saiyan crew glanced at each other. They were indeed interested in having a look, so they nodded.

"Hahaha, come with me."

Dudunjiya and green haired Seijin lead the way, while Muying and others followed. Soon, they arrived at an expanse of the starry sky and saw several damaged spherical spaceships floating around, and their fragmented parts floating in outer space.

After seeing these broken spherical spaceships, the Saiyan's faces suddenly changed. They were extremely familiar with these spaceships; after all, back then on Planet Vegeta, they each had one.

"What's wrong, do you know those people?"

Dudunijay's heart lurched when he noticed the Saiyan's expression change and he muttered to himself, " The people that I taught a lesson wouldn't happen to have any connection with Saiyans, right?"

Muying's father solemnly nodded: "These spherical spaceships probably belong to a Force that we know very well. Mr. Dudunjiya, can you bring me to look at those people? They may be the subordinates of the Saiyan's arch-enemy!"

It's fine if they weren't Saiyans' relatives!

Dudunjiya grinned and said, "OK, come with me."

Dudunjiya proceeded to lead them to look at the aliens captured by his Squadron. The aliens were all dressed in a brown Battle Armor, the Armor protruding from both shoulders.

This was similar to the design of Battle Armor of the North Area's Frost Demon race; there were no armors similar to it in the East Area.

When he saw the aliens who resembled dinosaurs, Muying's black eyes burned with hatred, and he spoke with a cold voice: "These people are most likely Frieza's subordinates. I didn't expect Frieza to have extended his claws to the East Area."

Frieza Force was located in the southern region of the North Area—which was very close to the center of the galaxy, and around a year's distance away from the East Area. If he was seeing the Frost Demon race-design Battle Armor in the East Area, then they are most likely to be Frieza's subordinates.

"You are Frieza's subordinates?" Muying stepped forward and asked coldly.

"If you know that we are King Frieza's people, then be sensible and quickly let us go!"

Those alien snorted as they talked tough. When they looked up and got a clear look at Muying and the others, their expressions turned to one of surprise, and they felt shocked in their hearts: "Ahh, its the Saiyans. Weren't they all destroyed by King Frieza?"

These aliens all have Battle Power around 6000 and were members of Frieza's First Corp. They had participated in the mission in which Planet Vegeta was destroyed. So, with just a glimpse, they realized that these people, standing before them, were Saiyans who should have long since been destroyed.

"This is bad. There are still Saiyans living in the East Area."

The aliens' hearts thumped. Things weren't looking good.

As they were quite high-level among Frieza's subordinates, they could have easily remained safe if they had kept a low profile; however, they were used to being rampant in the North Area and failed to exercise restraint on their temperaments when they arrived at the East Area—recklessly killing and burning. Unfortunately, they had run into Dudunjiya's Squad and were captured.

"Hehehe, it seems they really are Frieza's subordinates!" Killing intent erupted out of several Saiyans as though they had seen their prey.

Dudunjiya frowned and asked, "They are Frieza's subordinates?"

The reputation of the Frost Demon race's in the galaxy was quite resounding. Dudunjiya who was from the mercenary circle had also heard of Frieza's name.

"Yes, they are Frieza's subordinates!"

"Hold on, since you know King Frieza's name then quickly let us go; otherwise, King Frieza will not let you off." Their eyes turning around, the First Corp aliens shouted, seemingly having found their confidence.

Yes, King Frieza's name is enough to guarantee their safety. When they noticed Dudunjiya's expression change slightly, they believed that they had found something to rely on!

At this time, shouting King Frieza's name, they could definitely save their lives! At least, they were certain that this tall and burly man wouldn't dare act rashly against them.


They hadn't thought that Dudunjiya would suddenly slap them in the face—his eyes flashing with a cold light.

Suddenly getting hit made the aliens feel confused. What's going on? Was this tall and burly man not afraid of the mighty King Frieza? How could he hit them?

They didn't know that they were better off without mentioning Frieza; the moment they did, Dudunjuya became even angrier!

After all, this was the East Area!

Frieza's influence would have been somewhat effective in the North Area but it wasn't much in the East Area. Using Frieza's name to try and scare him… Just who did they think Dudunjiya is!

The tall and burly man, Dudunjiya, also had a violent temper. He walked towards the aliens and ruthlessly beat them up, dispelling the resentment in his heart.

"Since they have an enmity with you Saiyans, I will hand them over to you." Dudunjiya smiled and said to Muying and others. He waved his hand to gesture to his squad members to break the hands and feet of the aliens and then hand them over to Muying and others.

Dudunija felt that it was worth it to make connections with Planet Hongshan, using these aliens.

"Thank you!"

Muying's father sincerely thanked him on behalf of the squad. Then, he took out the Hoi-Poi Capsule, transformed it back into a silvery-gray spaceship, and locked up the First Corp's aliens inside. These hostages would be transported to Planet Hongshan.

"It's all right. I, Dudunjiya, am a person of character!"

Dudunjiya waved and bid farewell to Muying and the others, before immediately leaving together with the rest of his squad: Jack, Afude, Seijin, Weiss.

After Dudunjiya left, Muying's father said: "We should also hurry back, and notify Planet Hongshan's Administration Office, and have them make preparations. I didn't expect Frieza to also extend his claws to the East Area."


At this time, in the distant North Area.

Frieza's headquarters.

Communication with the First Corp members was lost after they were captured by Muying and others.

This time, in order to expand the East Area's Force, Frieza had sent more than 100 aliens from the First Corp to the East Area. But, except for the 10 aliens who were captured by Muying; a large number of them weren't lucky and ran into some big Forces headquarters who annihilated them.

Only a few scattered people were left wandering around in the East Area.

"King Frieza, we have lost contact with a majority of the First Corp members, who were sent to the East Area!" Dodoria complexion was somewhat ugly.

"Crash!" The sound of a wine glass shattering by hand resounded, and a blood-red liquid spilled on to the ground. Frieza sneered, and a suffocating, chilly aura erupted out from his body—which gathered into aura waves and spread out in all directions—forming an oppressive domain.

A long time later, he restrained his aura.

"Snort, Mr. Dodoria, it seems that it isn't the time to advance towards the East Area, huh!" Frieza's face was cold, and was speaking very politely; but Dodoria knew that, at this time, King Frieza was certainly enraged in his heart.

If he wasn't able to gather information about the situation in the East Area, then he certainly can't rashly send troops there.

"By the way, didn't those dead good-for-nothings send back any useful information?" Frieza leisurely walked over.

Dodoria swallowed and laughed awkwardly: "The people of the First Corp were killed by some mysterious experts as soon as they entered the East Area, so—"


Naturally, the aliens who were able to join the First Corp weren't useless, however, they had been completely wiped out so quickly. This made evident that East Area's Forces were very powerful, or the First Corp aliens were unlucky and were unbridled in their actions.

In fact, Frieza could inquire about the East Area's concrete situation from the Universe Commerce Alliance, but he would have to pay a huge price, which couldn't be offset completely without conquering a few planets.

"Forget it, put the matter of conquering East Area to the side. And once more, send someone to scout out the situation. But, remember to send an expert this time!" Frieza pondered for a while and said.

"Yes, King Frieza!"

Dodoria's shuddered and wiped off the sweat on his head. This time, he had to supervise properly. It was best to send someone with a Battle Power above 10,000; Otherwise, if there is another mishap, then he will not be able to shirk the responsibility.

"King Frieza, some time ago, there was someone from Sir Cooler's side who secretly entered into Your Majesty's area of influence, and that guy from Planet Slug has also extended his tentacles here." Dodoria reported.

"Oh, what's the movements at Cooler's side?"

"There isn't much. They seem to be only looking for a certain planet and will soon go back, however, that old guy from Planet Slug is becoming gutsier."

Frieza nodded and looked into the distance with a smile yet not a smile: "Since everything is okay, forget it. That Cooler guy even dared to go against father's orders. This king will eventually let him know how powerful I am. As for that old guy Slug, I don't think he has many days left to live."

Frieza doesn't know why Namekians have a different kind of people, like Slug, but he knew that after living for so many years, that Namekian's lifespan should be quickly coming to an end.

"Zeze, they are all weak races. How can they be equal to my noble Frost Demon race!"

Frieza thought happily. If there was no comparison, then there would be no harm; similarly, if there was no comparison, then there would be no superiority!

Every time he saw those races struggling between life and death—he feels very happy.

Chapter 185 Frieza's subordinates

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