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"Not at all. Everything is thanks to Immortal Korin's teachings, and the great efforts of my other self." Launch, sure enough, wasn't a person who could accept someone praising her. As she listened to Xiaya praise her, she hurriedly waved her hand and pushed the credit to others. Her fair cheeks flushed bright red with embarrassment.

To be honest, Blue-haired Launch was much more like a kind and amiable cooking lady than a warrior. On the contrary, training the blonde-haired Launch was much more worthwhile.

Xiaya was very clear on Launch's position; it was a kind and amiable helper. He didn't have any demands regarding her Battle Power, whether low or high. He only want her to be able to protect herself.

Clearly, Launch's current strength was more than enough to protect herself on earth.

"Hahaha, Launch is still young, and she is a girl, so her regular training can't begin yet. But, I think that Launch could certainly become an outstanding martial artist in the future. Uhhhh, naturally, only on earth!" Immortal Korin spoke leisurely, albeit self-aware, as it thought of the terrifyingly powerful monster-like aliens situated outside earth.

However, there were only a few people on earth who could be trained by Korin personally.

"Well, Blue-haired Launch isn't suited for fighting, so train the Blonde-haired Launch well. Her personality is quite suited for training." Xiaya had planned the path that Blonde-haired Launch has to take with his words, "Oh, by the way, Launch, have you learned how to plant Senzu Beans?"

Xiaya hoped the expand the plantation of Senzu Beans in the future. However, before that, he had to learn their planting technique and find a place suitable to plant them.

"Learned it!" Launch vigorously nodded her head.

"Hahaha, Launch is indeed very hardworking. Now, she takes care of all the Senzu Beans on Korin Tower." Korin laughed out loud. He was very satisfied with Launch's performance in these past two years. In fact, fearing that she might feel lonely being in Korin Tower, Korin specially gave her the Flying Nimbus, so she can go sightseeing in the mortal world whenever she had free time.

And, as expected, Launch's pure heart allowed her to ride the Flying Nimbus.

"Immortal Korin, it seems you have been treating Launch as a servant!" Xiaya gave Korin a contemptuous glance, as soon as he noticed the fresh ingredients placed on the Flying Nimbus. It seems since Launch had been living on Korin Tower for two years, Korin was living quite comfortably!

"Cough, cough, how can you think like that? I have been teaching Launch very diligently. You really don't know how to appreciate kindness."

"Yeah, Korin Immortal has been very nice to me." Thinking that Xiaya was blaming Korin, Launch hurriedly spoke up on his behalf.

This made Xiaya despise Immortal Korin even more. He looked at the honest Launch and wondered how Korin doesn't feel shame in making her look after it.

"……" Immortal Korin.

"Oh, by the way, there are two girls who have also come with me to earth. I will take you to meet them in a while." Xiaya said.

Xiling and Myers already knew about Launch, so it wasn't a bad idea to let them meet. They would surely like Launch because of her gentle personality.


Laugh agreed in a gentle voice. She was already so gentle at such a young age, it wasn't a surprise that she would grown into a adorable and gentle girl in future. Xiaya thought while gazing at Launch.

Xiaya could recall that Launch's age wasn't disclosed in the original work; however, he did remember that she seemed to be around the same age as Bulma. It was only when he had asked Launch later that he discovered she was older than Bulma by two years.

She was only 10 years old this year!

No need to mention the exchange that occurred between Xiaya, Korin and Launch on the Korin Tower.

At this time, northern region of the North Area.

Cooler's face was gloomy and his complexion dreadful.

"Aiolos, haven't you found the whereabouts of the Tree of Might's fruit yet?" Cooler asked with an indifferent tone. He had looked for its whereabout for so many years but didn't find it yet, he can't wait any longer.

Aiolos lowered his head, his thoughts hidden as he replied in a dark tone: "This subordinate has already dispatched everyone, but the exact whereabouts of Tree of Might has not yet been discovered."

Watching Cooler's face turn even more unsightly, he quickly added: "But our exploration isn't completely without harvest; we have found a few locations where the Tree of Might may be."

"Oh?" Cooler became interested.

"Speak! what do you know?"


Aiolos raised his head and signalled two of his companions who stood at the side. These two were also members of the new Armored Squadron; Madix and Duke, and both had outstanding Battle Power as well. Their outstanding capabilities was evident from the fact that Cooler selected them to enter the Armored Squadron.

Madix and Duke nodded, took out a ball-shaped device from their arms, and threw them high up in the sky. Immediately, a helix-shaped galaxy's star chart appeared in the air. It shone in the void and the star chart gradually enlarged. Slowly, the center of the milky way galaxy and the four major galaxies in—the north, south, east and west directions—became clear.

Dozens of red little tiny dots became visible on the star chart.

"King Cooler, these thirty-two small dots are the places where the Tree of Might is most likely to be at." The smile on Aiolos' face vanished as he explained meticulously, "After inspection, 28 of these dots have been excluded, leaving only four locations to be inspected."

"Please have a look, King Cooler… "

Aiolos pointed at the four small dots that were specially marked. These dots were separately located in the southern and eastern region of the North Area, and two places in the East Area.

"This Planet Bahert, in the East Area, is the planet that is most likely to have the Tree of Might. This is because, three hundred years ago, a mysterious item similar to the Tree of Might's fruit had appeared on a low-level planet—not far from Planet Bahert,and, for a time, its emergence caused quite a steer in the surrounding starfields!"

"But, when the aliens in the vicinity rushed over to investigate, the low-level planet had turned desolate. All the signs were the same as those described in the records of the Tree of Might."

"There must have been a Tree of Might growing on that low-level planet!" Aiolos concluded confidently.

"So, you're saying that the Tree of Might's fruit is likely to be on that Planet Bahert?" Cooler asked as a hint of surprise broke through his indifferent mask. This was the best news he'd heard.


Cooler waved his arm and said, "What are you still waiting for then? Quickly, send someone to look into it. Nowadays, the pressure from my father's side is growing immensely ah! Oh, by the way, don't overlook the other three places; I don't want anything to go wrong!"

"Yes, King Cooler!"

Facing Cooler's threatening aura, everyone present looked apprehensive as responded loudly.

Aiolos was also inwardly startled. But as he had once seen King Cooler releasing his aura, he was much more calm compared to others.  The two new Armored Squadron members, Madix and Duke, somewhat couldn't endure Cooler's threatening aura. At this moment, they were sweating profusely, almost prostrating on the ground. Eyes filled with horror, they looked towards Cooler.

"King Cooler, there is one more thing," Aiolos hesitated for a while and said to Cooler.


Aiolos took a deep breath and said: "King Cooler, there are two target planets which are located in a starfield of the East Area, and they are a long way off from the North Area. Even with the fastest spaceship, I'm afraid that it will take more than a year!"

"In addition, there are two planets in the area that are under the influence of Mr. Frieza and King Cold…"

"Don't worry about it so much, and spare no effort to investigate. At this moment, your primary objective is to find the Tree of Might's fruit, understand?" Cooler's purple lips curled upwards into a cruel smile.

Now, he doesn't give a damn about anything as his conflict with King Cold has been intensifying. Don't know how King Cold found out that he was looking for Tree of Might's fruit! Recently, the conflict between the Eastern and Northern region's Forces had already become a lot more fierce than usual and it faintly seems his mighty father is losing patience.

However, these were all temporary. After he gets the Tree of Might's fruit, his strength would soar, and the entire North Area would be in his pocket!

"Everyone withdraw!"

Once he was done talking, Cooler waved them off and walked back to his throne.

"Yes!" Aiolos bowed and excused himself.

"Yes, Your Majesty!"

As if they had just received amnesty, the aliens while facing Cooler tremblingly withdrew from the hall.

Those without courage wouldn't be able to endure being in King Cooler's presence!

It wasn't until Madix and Duke, the new Armored Squadron members, left Cooler's palace and stepped outside to the fresh breeze, that the extreme pressure and suffocating feeling in their hearts disappeared.

Among the new Armored Squadron, only Captain Aiolos was able to maintain a calm demeanour around King Cooler.

"Captain Aiolos, how are we gonna select people who would go and scout out those four planets?" Madix asked Aiolos.

The four planets suspected of having Tree of Might were located in a special place. Two of the four planets were located within the sphere of influence of His Highness Frieza and King Cold. Presently, the Forces of several parties were in turmoil, and it was very likely that they would cause a misunderstanding if they recklessly rush over there.

This was the same way how no one dares to stroll around in front of a tiger's cave, let alone thinking of pulling a tooth from the tiger's mouth!

Madix and Duke weren't willing to go.

Aiolos glanced at his two companions, pondered for a while and said: "Although the two planets in the Eastern and Southern regions are within the range of the North Area, it was unlikely that Tree of Might was there, so sending warriors from the Corp to have a look should be fine. However, we should personally go to the two places in the East Area."

After that, Aiolos paused for a bit and continued: "But, the East Area isn't a starfield we are familiar with, and we also don't know the situation there. Therefore, just to be safe, it's better we move together. So, I will go to Planet Dongke, and you two will go to Planet Bahert."

"Remember, Planet Bahert is the top priority. This time, you both have been given an opportunity, and you must grasp it!" Aiolos warned.



Both Madix and Duke nodded, understanding.

They are more willing to go to the unfamiliar East Area than the southern and eastern region where the situation is unknown. At the same time, their eyes held a fiery look, because they could make a great contribution if they found the Tree of Might which was most likely located on Planet Bahert.

The thought of secretly hiding the Tree of Might's fruit, if they found it, never crossed their minds. After all, the horror of King Cooler was still deeply engraved in their heart. They didn't dare to have even a slightest bit of such a thought.

Captain Aiolos had given them the opportunity to scout Planet Behert—the planet most likely having the Tree of Might. This was a chance for them to render a meritorious service! So, both Madix and Duke nursed hearts full of gratitude.

Afterwards, the new Armored Squadron discussed and planned for a while, and transferred some experts from the Cooler Corps as the two targets in the North Area were also important. Moreover, that place was too much sensitive, so the aliens designated to execute the mission were all experts.

Soon, multiple beautiful rays of light rose from Cooler's planet and streaked off, deep into the universe.

Several days later, King Cold's palace.

In the middle of a magnificent hall, the tall and sturdy King Cold, was leisurely leaning on the throne, drinking from a wine glass in his hand with a satisfied expression.

"Fine wine is a true luxury, but it tastes best only when one drinks it while in a good mood. Right, what are the most recent movements at Cooler's place?"

King Cold asked without any warning.

The alien at his side froze for a moment and hurriedly replied: "Since Cooler's Corps clashed with Your Majesty's strongest battle squad at Planet Vedoya in the eastern region, Sir Cooler's Forces were laying low, and nothing has changed for the time being."

"That's good!"

King Cold took a sip of the red wine, straightened up the glass and stood up. "Hehe, Tree of Might's fruit—that thing from legend. How can it be found so easily?"

"Cooler boy, how hasn't he learned to be good like his younger brother Frieza yet? Now, he even wants to rebel against this king! Hehehe!" King Cold laughed as a frigid light flashed in his scarlet eyes.

"Since Cooler has pinned his hopes on that so-called Tree of Might's fruit, obviously, he has nursed the aim to surpass this king for a long time!"

Although he was cautious of Cooler, he definitely wasn't afraid at all!

He was furious when he first got the information that Cooler was looking for Tree of Might's fruit, from one of his spies at Cooler's place. But, after that, he sneered.

He considered Cooler's attempts to find the fruit and rebel against him, King Cold, futile and naive.

Although he doesn't believe in the Tree of Might's existence, however just to be safe, he still had people closely monitor every movement from Cooler's side.

Cooler's actions, the past few years, had gotten more and more unbridled. He didn't put his father in his eyes, at all. As the head of the Frost Demon race, King Cold felt very dissatisfied.

As he had suffered injuries in his fight against King Davidow, he had no choice but to hide behind the scenes, and divide his territory and leave the management to his two sons. Who would have thought that after many years, with the rise in his strength, Cooler's ambitions would begin to grow. Now, he even dared to rebel against his father openly.

These thoughts caused King Cold to radiate a cold and murderous aura, which made the surrounding temperature to fall below freezing point.

"Pay attention to Cooler's every movement, if there is anything unusual, report it to me immediately!" King Cold waved his hand and ordered in an indifferent voice.

"If the legendary Tree of Might does exist, I'll let that Cooler boy continue to look for it, and when he finds it, it will eventually fall into this king's hands!" King Cold sneered in his heart.

The Frost Demon race didn't have the so-called family love. Instead, the members of the race made use of each other without reservations.

"Yes, King Cold!"

That alien acknowledged in a loud voice and bowed, before withdrawing from the palace.

At the same time, in a starfield far from the Cooler headquarters.

Slug's Planet.

This was the headquarter of the Force of Slug, a generation's overlord.

Slug was originally a Namekian. He had just been born when Planet Namek experienced a major climate change. As a heavenly-gifted Super Namekian, Slug was born a lot stronger than an adult warrior of Planet Namek, making him one of the rare genius warrior of Planet Namek.

In order to let him survive, his parents had sent him to the unfamiliar Planet Slug to live.

But Slug was a different kind of Namekian. As a heavenly-gifted Super Namekian, Slug possessed a frightening Battle Power, and at the same time, had an extremely evil heart.

Speaking of natural disposition, Slug was very ruthless, and this treatment was extended to his subordinates as well. If someone displeased him, even a little bit, they would end up being killed.

In his youth, Slug, born with immense Battle Power, battled all the experts on Planet Slug and proclaimed himself the king. Self-proclaiming himself to be of Demon Clan, he gradually gathered many subordinates under him.

For many years, he and his subordinates ran amok in the universe, committing all kinds of crime. The evil in his heart and his battle power both grew alongside his age.

Slug only had a few opponents in the North Area, and was self-proclaimed as Universe Emperor for a time.

However, ever since he encountered King Cold and his sons, a huge shadow had been cast over his path of the "Universe Emperor".

The strength of the Frost Demon race was far beyond Slug's imagination. Even, as a rare Super Namekian, Slug was far from their match.

Particularly remembering his fight with Cooler in the past, the always arrogant Lord Slug, suffered the biggest trauma of his life.

Faced with Cooler's immense strength, Slug was easily defeated.

His territories, which were acquired from many years of campaigns, were completely divided up by the Frost Demon race. In order to survive, Slug could only hole up on this small Planet Slug.

This is the worst humiliation of Slug's life.

Slug wanted to take revenge, but he was denied by time—a very difficult enemy to defeat. Several hundreds years had passed, and he had already turned old. Although his appearance was that of a middle-aged person, his eyes carried hints of age and decay.

The Frost Demon race was powerful, while his body gradually got older;  this made it impossible for him to realize his dream.

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