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Chapter 170

“Sir Xiaya, welcome back . ” Lafuli raised the corners of her mouth in a smile and said .

“Mhm . ” Xiaya calmly nodded and looked at the girl in front of him, “I will stay here and make preparations for a few days, after that, I will have a way to help you rescue all your sisters!”

Before creating the dragon balls, he needs to prepare well .

“Thank you, Sir Xiaya, we really appreciate your help!”

Lafuli’s voice couldn’t help but choke with emotion as she was touched that Xiaya still remembered her sisters who were scattered outside and suffering . He not only helped them find a new home, but also remembered to help them in saving their sisters .

Xiaya waved his hand, saying: “Prepare a room for me first . Oh, by the way, also get me some wood and clay!”

He remembered that before creating the dragon balls, he had to first prepare Shenron’s Model . Earth’s Shenron was created by Mr . Popo using clay, and Planet Namek’s Shenron was also similarly made .

After getting the ability to create dragon balls, he knows that it is indeed a necessary preparation . First, carve a model as it will be the carrier that will bear Shenron’s power in future!



Lafuli was perplexed, but she still cleverly nodded and have someone prepare these materials .

Before long, all the materials were ready . In a beautiful room, Xiaya had his eyes closed, pondering . To the side, Lafuli propped up her chin and quietly leaned on the table . Her pair of beautiful eyes stared at Xiaya while lost in thought . Who knows what she was thinking about?

“First prepare Shenron’s model . ” Xiaya imagined Shenron’s appearance in his mind, and immediately picked up a lump of soft clay to start . He wants to make a five-clawed golden dragon, as it should be the most beautiful of all dragons . But, even after trying many times, Shenron made from clay was not right . It was not like a divine dragon, but more like a python and earthworm .

After several failures, Xiaya put down the work in his hands, “It seems that I don’t have a talent for making clay figurines . The five-clawed golden dragon has to be sacred and noble . Shenron would be seen by people in future . Then, how could I dare to take it out when it has such an ugly appearance!” ”

Thinking of this, Xiaya gave up on the idea of

using clay to make Shenron, and picked up a block of wood to carve . Really, even though he has not much talent in creating clay figurines, he could carve quite decently .

Sparkling and translucent bright lights vibrated between his fingers . With every vibration, there would be tiny wood shavings falling down . Soon, the prototype of Shenron had taken form, and then it was finely carved . After one hour, a mighty and sacred five-clawed golden dragon, emitting incomparably noble aura was formed .

After that, he picked up another piece of wood and continued to carve . Its appearance becoming more and more lifelike .

“Sir Xiaya, what is this creature you have carved? It looks so noble!” Lafuli asked in a delicate voice, he felt comfortable as it was transmitted into his ears .

“This is a five-clawed golden dragon . Unfortunately, the material of the woods is not good enough to embody the mighty and majestic feeling of a five-clawed golden dragon . ” Xiaya stopped his hands and said with a sigh .

The materials that are used to create Shenron naturally has to be as good as possible, so that they can withstand even more strong power .

After the dragon balls are made, they can display miraculous powers to destroy the negative energy in the universe, but they need a bridge, just like the snake path connecting Underworld and Kai’s Planet in the higher dimension . The better the material is, the more strong powers it can withstand .

Dragon Balls power is limited by the two factors; materials used for creating them and the creator’s ability . After use, dragon balls had to go through a certain period of adjustment . During this time, dragon balls will turn into stone, and after they have absorbed enough energy, they will again turn back into dragon ball .

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The adjustment period for Planet Namek’s dragon balls is 130 days . After 130 days, the three wishes can again be fulfilled; The adjustment period of earth’s dragon balls is one year, after which, one wish can be fulfilled .

However, the creator is also very important . Later in the original work, Namekian Dende was from the outstanding Dragon Clan . So, dragon balls created by him could fulfill two wishes at once, and he can resurrect much more people at the same time .

Xiaya’s ability to create dragon balls was bestowed by Super Shenron and is second only to Dragon God Zalama’s, and was much better than Dende’s who had inherited it from the bloodline . Therefore, if Xiaya is given enough good materials, he has the confidence to create much better dragon balls .

“Sir Xiaya, wait a minute, I will go and prepare better materials for you!” Lafuli stared at Xiaya and as if making up her mind, rushed out of the house .

Soon, Lafuli came back while panting, holding a chunk of emerald green wood with a diameter of 50 cm . Under the bright rays of light, flowing radiance can be seen on top flickering like stars .

“This is…” Xiaya looked at it with astonishment . From this small chunk of wood, he could feel an exceptional life aura .

“This is a piece of divine wood from Mother Goddess divine tree . We cut it off with mother goddess’ consent . ” Lafuli gave a knowing smile, her smile was like hundred flowers in bloom, having infinite temptations .

“Your mother goddess has already grown so big?” Xiaya was somewhat surprised . He remembered that seed of the divine tree was planted just about half a year ago . It has already grown so big?

“En, mother goddess’ growth is very fast, and now it is dozens of meters high!” Lafuli was somewhat proud as she spoke .

Xiaya nodded and took the piece of divine wood from Lafuli’s hand, “Give my thanks to your mother goddess . With this divine wood, I can create a much better Shenron!” Then, he began to wield a glistening knife blade, carving the emerald green divine wood little by little .

Three hours later, an emerald green lifelike five-clawed golden dragon was completed . It has rabbit eyes, deer horns, cow’s mouth, camel’s head, and a belly like a clam… Looking noble and sacred, it was as if it wants to soar into the sky! Its every scale was full of vitality, and huge dragon eyes revealed shocking majesty!

“Such… . such a beautiful divine dragon!” Lafuli said, shocked .

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Laughing, he picked up a glass cover and placed the Shenron carved from divine wood inside . Next, he is going to breathe life into Shenron .

“Come, let’s go outside . Now, I will let you witness a miracle . ” Smiling, the corners of Xiaya’s mouth slightly rose, and holding the glass cover with the five-clawed golden dragon in it, he went to the square outside .

Lafuli also followed with a curious look on her pretty face .

Soon, all the beautiful and lovely young girls had gathered on the large and flat square . High-spirited, all of them looked at Xiaya and Lafuli in the square with curious look on their faces .

Placing the five-clawed golden dragon at the center of the square, Xiaya stepped back by a distance of four or five meters .

Under the sunlight, the emerald green Shenron glimmered with sparkling lusters, like a dazzling beautiful jade .

“Now, the next step is to breathe life into Shenron, but before that, I have to first set the incantation to summon Shenron!” Xiaya’s thoughts turned, he already has an idea in his heart .

It was not surprising that Shenron’s summoning incantation is “Come forth, Shenron!” . These few words were also used for Earth and Planet Namek’s dragon balls . Even if another alien language is used, as long as that race’s everyday used other words are known . Then, using a language translation device, incantations can also be translated .

Divine Language is relatively safe, but there are still many people who know it . Thus, Xiaya does not intend to use it!

So he was planning to use a language that Dragon Ball World does not have! So even if someone gets the dragon balls that he created, there would be no way to summon Shenron .

Xiaya brought two of his fingers together, and vertically placed them between his eyebrows . The peculiar ability given to him by Super-Shenron was triggered . Pfff, sparkling electric rays flashed between his fingers, like several vibrating chords, looking particularly enchanting .

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As more and more energy gathered, the bright white electric rays became more and more dazzling . The dazzling lights forced Lafuli and other girls to close their eyes .


With a low roar, the light rays containing miraculous power went toward Shenron’s sculpture at the center of the square .

Huala! The light rays suddenly shook .

A new sun has risen on the ground, suddenly surpassing the radiance of the blazing sun .

Boom! With deafening dull reverberations, a beam of energy went straight into the sky and then split into seven, as if ready to fly into outer space at any moment .

Dragon Balls created by Xiaya were so powerful that a trivial planet wasn’t able to restrict them . In future, after fulfilling the wish, they will disperse into the universe . The range is probably the size of a galaxy .

“If I let you fly away, wouldn’t the time I had spent be in vain?” The corners of Xiaya’s mouth were slightly curved . Seven illusory afterimages suddenly appeared, before turning into seven arcs, and immediately catching the seven dragon balls that were about to fly away .

Lightly grasping them his hand, Xiaya took a look and discovered that the dragon balls he created, although have seven stars inside, their color was not red .

Ordinary dragon balls, whether they were earth’s dragon balls or Planet Namek’s dragon balls, or even the super dragon balls, they were more or less all dark orange transparent crystals with gilded crimson stars inlaid at the middle .

But these dragon balls of Xiaya were completely transparent crystal balls, they have no color, and the stars in the middle were actually bright white, just like the color of platinum!

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