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Chapter 169

After Xiaya and Vados were swallowed by Shenron’s Heaven Swallowing Mouth, they arrived inside Super Shenron’s body . Here, both space and dimensions have lost their meaning .

Carefully seizing everything up, what entered their eyes were magnificent and brightly colored scenes filled with dreamy colors, and a golden ocean flowing under the feet . The galaxy that was swallowed by Super Shenron also seems to have shrunk by many times . Each and every planet was like glass marbles that people have played with in their childhood . They can be pushed away with just a light touch .

Just when Xiaya was immersed in the incredibly unique feeling, the aura emitting divine radiance suddenly converged together and turned into golden Super Shenron .

Although it can’t be compared with the size of the main body outside, it was still incomparably huge .

Roar! Super Shenron loudly roared and lowered its enormous head, both of its scarlet eyes looking down . It was like a God looking down upon the masses, full of oppression .

“Human, speak thy wish!” The booming voice of the Golden Shenron was deafening .

Xiaya took a deep breath to calm down before saying in the Divine Language: “Great Super Shenron, please grant me the ability to make dragon balls!”

Finished speaking, he quietly waited for Super Shenron’s response, while Vados standing to the side with the scepter in her hands like a bystander, only glanced at him with bright eyes, saying nothing .

Planet Namek’s Shenron Porunga had said that if mortals want to get the ability to create dragon balls, there are only two ways:

First is to obtain Dragon God Zalama’s permission, and get the ability granted by the Dragon God, just like the ancient Namekians; and second is to collect the seven super dragon balls scattered in the Universe 6 and Universe 7, and make a wish to Super Shenron .

There seems to have a rule in the Dragon Ball World: The bigger the dragon ball, the stronger Shenron’s power will be . Hence, Xiaya knows that Super Shenron should be able to fulfill his wish .

Sure enough, after a short period of silence, golden Super Shenron opened its huge mouth and said: “This wish is very easy!”

Buzzz! Super Shenron’s big dragon eyes suddenly flashed with a crimson light . As the crimson light shone, Xiaya’s spirit abruptly shook as if an icy aura had gushed into his body . He quickly closed his eyes and focused, assimilating the coming cold feeling .

After a while, Xiaya opened his eyes . At this time, an entirely new ability has flowed into his body . At the same time, lot of details about how to create the dragon balls appeared in his mind .

Just as if it was an innate ability .

Super Shenron’s ability was much stronger than Porunga and Earth’s Shenron . This kind of wish to alter the constitution can be easily fulfilled .

“Human, thy wish has been granted!”

Super Shenron’s voice again resounded . Like a machine executing a programmed procedure, after finishing speaking its programmed words, it suddenly turned into sparkling and translucent lights, and like an illusion disappeared in front of Xiaya’s eyes! Huala, the dazzling golden space collapsed with a loud rumble and all the galaxies returned to their original position as if all along they hadn’t been swallowed by Shenron .

The seven giant super dragon balls floated in the quiet universe before they quickly dispersed and flew away in different directions . Three of the seven passed through the universe barrier to Universe 7, while the other four remained in Universe 6 .

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Looking at the seven glittering and crystal-clear super dragon balls scatter after completing their mission, Xiaya recalled everything that had happened when collecting the super dragon balls, especially the fight at Bofei Trading Center and Tempering Altar’s test and smiled with satisfaction . They were really precious memories .

“Youngster, since your wish has been fulfilled, leave Universe 6 as soon as possible . Staying in other universes for a long time is not a good thing for gods who maintains order!” At this time, Vados, who had one hand behind her back slowly floated over to Xiaya’s side .

“Yes, Miss Vados, I will leave as soon as possible . ” Xiaya nodded, agreeing .


Vados leisurely glanced at the vast and endless universe and says: “In this universe, a crisis may break out at any time . But many times when the crisis breaks out, we couldn’t deal with it in time . So, Dragon God Zalama would bestow the wishing beads which have the power to create miracles . I hope you would use this power properly . ”

After speaking and not waiting for Xiaya to respond, Vados glanced at him with a profound meaning, and then disappeared, turning into glimmering lights, and returning to God of Destruction’s planet .

Xiaya was stunned for a while and looked at the place where she had disappeared, carefully pondering over the meaning of Vados’ words .

There are indeed too many unexpected events in the universe, and sometimes even existences such as God of Destruction will suffer a disaster when a crisis breaks out .

Of course, it’s not to say that God of Destruction’s strength is not enough .

To be honest, there are basically only a few people in the universe that are God of Destruction’s opponent . However, because of the special link between God of Destruction and Supreme Kai, there are times when God of Destruction could disappear due to Supreme Kais death if they don’t have the time to intervene and fulfill their role . Regarding the procedure of how a God of Destruction is born, there is no need to go into unnecessary details here . Although the probability of such an “exceptional thing” to happen is minuscule, it is not impossible .

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Moreover, many times, chaos can occur in the universe’s functioning itself, and chaotic order can produce a lot of dark forces . Eliminating such negative energy by only relying on God of Destruction and Supreme Kai is quite difficult . Unless someone like Zeno directly reset or erase the entire universe .

However, such a price is too high!

So, Dragon God Zalama gave the miraculous power, and dragon balls are the items used for protection and creating miracles . Using the power of dragon balls to wipe out those negative energies, relatively speaking, the price is much lighter .

But the existence of dragon balls in itself does not conform with the laws of order . Even though Shenron has to abide by certain natural laws when fulfilling a wish, but causing miracles in itself belongs to unnatural, and more or less causes some damage to the universe and even order .

Just like when resurrecting dead people . From a natural point of view, it is impossible for the dead to be revived, but the dragon balls can . As long as it is not a natural death that is in accordance with the most basic order of the universe, it can be reversed by the power of dragon balls, distorting Underworld’s order to a certain degree .

So you need super dragon balls and even Dragon God itself to control it .

“What is there to be so concerned about? After I’ve created the dragon balls, can’t I just use them less? Umm, right, I still have to first create the dragon balls!” Xiaya doesn’t care about so many complicated things . Anyway, he is creating dragon balls just to provide a convenience to himself and others, and will not use it often .

Shua, a light flashed, Xiaya launched Instant Transmission and disappeared from the space, appearing a few seconds later in the far-away eastern part of the North Area .

Planet Yedola! The early morning rain and dew, bathed in the light of the morning sun, disappeared little by little . After passing through the dense mist in the forest, the light rays shone on the land while reflecting bright and gorgeous colors midway .

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At the dawn of a new day, pretty girls with alluring figure stepped out of their rooms and traveled back and forth in nature’s embrace . They held clay pots and banana leaves to collect the gifts from nature . Soon the clay pots and banana leaves were filled with clear mountain water and various wild fruits .

Between the green leaves of the forest, the thin silk-like light mist gradually dissipated, and the girls while happily laughing and talking left .

More than six months have already passed since they were rescued by Xiaya and brought to this planet . Time is the best healing medicine . The grief of the past has gradually dissipated along with the passage of time, and especially seeing the enormous Mother Goddess’ Tree that has grown to a height of several tens of meters, a peaceful feeling comes deep from their heart .

Huala, sparkling lights dispersed, and a figure appeared in front of these girls .

“Ahh, it’s Sir Xiaya, you have come back!” a young girl cried out in surprise as she looked at the person who had appeared before her .

“Sir Xiaya has really come back . ”

“Great, Princess Lafuli will surely be very happy . ”

Voices filled with laughter rang in his ears . Xiaya looked at the young girls who were gorgeously dressed and brimming with youthfulness, and his mood suddenly became happy . He laughed and said, “Take me to see Lafuli . I have come over because I have a method to rescue all of your sisters!”

“Really?” The girls trembled with excitement, their fair cheeks turning bright red .

Soon, after hearing the news, Lafuli dressed in an emerald green dress rushed over and seeing Xiaya, she ran over with excitement .

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