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Above the Holy Tower, the sky was empty and quiet.

Here, the air was unusually thin, and with blue sky for thousands of miles, even a single cloud was very rare. In the vast and clear sky, an enormous inverted conical mountain peak was suspended amidst the blue sky, and has been for countless years.

Xiaya found that Universe 6's Holy tower and Lookout were not like Universe 7 which prefer "ordinary" smooth and round style. They instead have polygonal style with comparatively hard edges and corners. They may be a little more forceful and have a little less leeway in style causing universe 6 earth's martial arts to become more ruthless and tyrannical, and disputes even fiercer.

The saying that different environment nurtures different traits in its residents is usually not wrong.

Inside the giant floating mountain, there were magnificent buildings built at the foot of a hill and beside a lake. These buildings were built at the foot of the hill while towering divine palaces stood tall and upright at the top of the hill. Underneath the divine palaces, the group of magnificent jade buildings appeared even more gorgeous under the sunshine.

At the foot of the mountain, there was a spring flowing with crystal clear gurgling water. Between lush green pine trees on the mountain forest, many elegant and ancient buildings were spread out, forming a clear contrast with the towering divine palaces.

At this time, a group of human martial artists living on the Lookout was arguing about the differences in the theories of martial arts. Every one of them was arguing with red faces, almost about to fight.

Just when they were arguing with each other, suddenly, a frightening imposing aura brazenly swept through the entire Heavenly Realm. The aura was serene and far-away, unprecedentedly powerful, as it pressed down on them, making it difficult for them to breathe.

"Such a frightening aura, who the hell is it?"

"There is still such an expert on Earth!"

Those martial artists, each and every one was shocked beyond description.

"Sss!" They sucked in a mouthful of chilly air. The scene was extremely silent. Without caring about their little arguments, they arrived on the square at the center of the Lookout.

At the center of the Lookout, a young man dressed in white training clothes was leisurely standing tall and upright. He looked around in all directions before walking towards them.

These group of martial artists living in the heavenly realm's Lookout was the most outstanding group of people in the human race. Even though they endlessly argue with each other because of martial arts theories, such that even large-scale conflicts would break out from time to time. They, however, still have some ability to make discerning judgments. The moment they saw Xiaya, they knew that they were definitely not the young man's opponent.

This made the self-proclaimed experts' faces burn.

"Who is this young man?" They were puzzled in their hearts, but they dared not be neglectful and hurriedly welcomed him.

"Sen……. senior….." As they do not know how to address the young man, they could only use "senior" after thinking for a long time.

"How could there be so many people training in the heavenly realm?" Xiaya asked in surprise.

Lookout, this kind of place which purifies one's heart and reduces people's desires shouldn't have so many people. Just like Lookout of Universe 7 where besides Mr. Popo and Kami, it's usually rare to have martial artists climb up there. However, there were so many people living here that it was just like a small town.

Looking at the strength of these people, he could see that it was just so-so, but their realms were not very high. Just now, they were apparently arguing for some reason, turning the entire Heavenly Realm chaotic, and affected by these martial arts leaders, even the order of the lower realm became a complete mess.

"Which one of you is Kami?" Xiaya asked.

"Kami?" The human martial artists all stared blankly for a while, and looked at each other before asking: "What's Kami?"

"You don't even know Kami. How did you come here to train?" Xiaya spoke in astonishment.

One of them stepped forward and said: "This city in the air was accidentally discovered several hundred years ago by older generation martial artists while training. Then seeing that the environment here was beautiful and helpful for training, one by one expert came up here to live. We don't know who built this place, maybe it was the so-called Kami that senior mentioned!"

Even Kami's inheritance has been cut off?

Xiaya was really surprised, immediately nodding. He had even lost his interest in this place. These people with six or seven hundred battle powers lacked Kami's guidance. It's no wonder that they had only trained their strength and not the realm. In creativity, always feeling something lacking.

Compared with Universe 7's earth, the human martial artists here were contaminated with even more secular aura!

What kind of sacred place is the heavenly realm, can just anyone casually come up here?

In Universe 7, if someone wants to ascend to the heavenly realm and receive Kami's pointers, which one of them is not outstanding, and had passed through layers upon layers of tests to obtain Korin permission. Moreover, never have any martial artist lived in Lookout for a long time. Unlike here, which has simply become a small city

Forget it, I should go back. Xiaya had initially wanted to see what kind of magical place Universe 6's Holy tower and heavenly realm is! Now, it seems to have completely transformed into a secular place.

Seeing Xiaya turn around and leave, those martial artists who live in the heavenly realm looked at each other, but they didn't go and stop him, even feeling relieved because of him leaving. Its good that this young man is leaving. If he stays, who knows if he decides to become the owner of the Heavenly Realm?

Xiaya flew down the heavenly realm. He felt dispirited while rushing back as he heard those martial artists quarreling. This earth's martial arts had disappointed him somewhat. Despite being strong, it has already gone astray. These ambitious and aggressive human race will sooner or later be destroyed in their hands.

Just as Xiaya was about to return to the forest where he was living temporarily, a deep voice suddenly came to his ears:

"Mysterious human expert, listen to my words."

"Who?" Xiaya paused and asked with a doubtful expression.

"I'm King Kai who is in charge of the entire North Area. Right now, I'm talking to you via thoughts." That voice continued speaking.

"North Kai!"

This name flashed through Xiaya's mind like a flash of lightning. It seemed that his existence has finally been noticed by King Kai. Hence, he was calm and collected as he asked, "I wonder why King Kai is looking for me."

As the Kai who is in charge of one-fourth of the galaxy, North Kai's status can be said to be aloof and remote, and similar to Kami, people have no chance to meet King Kai throughout their life. Xiaya does not believe that King Kai will talk to him without any reason.

"Hehe, young man, I had started to pay attention to you from the time you fought with Bofei. After observing, I discovered that you are not an evil person. I have the information that you need and want to make a deal with you. You know Planet Veyado's Instant Transmission ability. Why don't you make a trip to this King Kai's planet? We will then properly talk!"

North Kai issued an invitation to Xiaya.

Planet Veyado?

Xiaya was surprised at this unfamiliar planet, but he soon understood that this should be a place similar to Planet Yardrat. Anyway, North Kai is saying that he has information I need! Is it the whereabouts of the last super dragon ball? Whether it is or not, Xiaya intends to take a look at King Kai's Planet.

"Okay, I'll come at once!"

After finished talking with King Kai, Xiaya began to look for the location of Planet Kai, and soon he locked onto King Kai's position. Then with an Instant Transmission, he directly moved.

At the same time, in a higher dimension connected together with Underworld.

In the endless blue sky, golden clouds were floating like a golden ocean, leisurely floating with the subtle waves. North Kai's Planet was surrounded by these golden clouds. Its environment was permeated with a serene and sacred atmosphere.

King Kai ended his conversation with Xiaya and quietly waited. About a few seconds later, he saw a brilliant flash of light flickering on King Kai's Planet, following which he saw Xiaya's figure appear in front of him.

"So fast!" King Kai was surprised. He initially thought it would take a while to launch Planet Beiyado's Instant Transmission. He didn't expect it to be so fast.

Xiaya appeared on King Kai's Planet and immediately felt an enormous natural gravitational pull on his body. His body slightly shook but very quickly, his footsteps stabilized without the slightest bit of stagnation.

"30x gravity!"

This was the gravity of King Kai's Planet!

This small amount of gravity has no burden on him at all. Just like how Son Goku in the original work could endure 100x gravity after reaching 90,000 Battle Power. At this time, Xiaya who has more than one million Battle Power could easily endure 500x gravity.

Bringing up this subject, 500x gravity training room built by Feidaya people had lost its use to the present Xiaya.

Now, if he wants to train, either build a much larger Gravity Machine or look for a super-gravity planet in the universe. For Xiaya, who has the star chart of the universe in his hands, it is clear that the second option is more feasible.

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